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mrt3cocklock2 thewickedmaster says this lock I aprove off , ideal heavy training and for rest bite periods after 365 day chastity in conventional device.
I love this shot, the locks should be bigger!!
mrt2ful1 Wow! Looks very nice.
beautifull suit...would like to wear it!
jonas/Holland said the second line (by comments)
eddie says I'd like to try that
I want one!!!!!
the right suit for my husband to learn to respect that I am the boss
Looks like heaven
Now that's what I call Bondage
guld60 - Don't go a way
g.c.guy says I would die to go in that suit!!
Leo says who would like to get me in this ???
I need one too!!
Very nice I want some to would you put me in that suit
Would you put me in that suit?
morttierub5 Looks like a lot of fun....
MortApr05Leopard5 bottescaoutchouc says : I like it all (I would have prefered rubber suit)
mrt2div2 rubbergloves says
morteasterredhead mmmmmmm nice a cock gag would finish this outfit of a treet
mort where can i find a hood like this one no holes though so i can put own in. I would prefer suit with attached hood though. let me know Cliff
mortbed1 eddie says like the hardon
jeff says flogging session is order
Recipe: apply CBT until soft, caress until hard. Repeat as needed.
mrt2smp1 sooo rubberey
sos me some one rubberize and insulate me
MortColin1Gag3 jean says
wish it was me!
Kevin says oh so do i
Crimes against interior design! Horrid carpet...CARPETTED SKIRTING BOARD!!
so sexy
hot hot hot just look how tight and sweaty the rubber is...
mrt2div1 bondage
All the hair would be better
I want his pubic hair to be gently shaved
I love pubic hair, it is au natural!
Sevvere says clothing is power; hair is power- strip him of both.
MR. Waz says Trim that Dick
circumsize him
i love to suuck u. mail at
Yes, strip him and shave him.
...and pull those legs wide apart.
g.c.guy says he needs his legs spread and tied as well.
Put a cock up his ass
force him to stand with arms held up at the side for 30mins.
No, shaving too easy:- slowly singe his hairs off, & legs very wide apart.
han skarakas mycket
MortDungeon20 VERY lucky sub/bottom.
MortPlay3Chair1 hot position - just needs a dildo sticking sinking into the ass
Day out in Lycra why arent you hard ?
MortPlay1Suit6 sven says ; Nice and hot page
wats wrong with your dic
Very nice headcock to suck
Mort06Oct10 I prefer houdini chastity device
mortyellowchains1 Where's the yellowing skirting board? Would look good with the yellow hood.
paul says : Excellent!
firm tape gag under that?
MortApr05Balls2 wud luv to play with that
How nice to run my tongue over that cockhead
MortHerosOct05Purple10 BigQueen says sexy
mortremycock6 like the shaved look
maria says fine thing for slaves
MortDungeon19 The lucky bottom should have been fucked with that cock.
DisneyBlue3 Wish I'd been there! You'd have been followed for sure!!!
NewYear10_Mortice_Shorts_8 I also have this design - very comfortable and sexy for jogging.
RubberPaul5 fucking sick gimp
can i lick your face? :D:D::D
Children pwn j00 ;<
very horny - i'd like to try this! Ben
very horny - i'd like to try this! Ben
I just want to kiss him!!!!!!!!
MortHornyCurve5 Siegfried says
It is very nice . . . lovely balls and cock
tubeworn nice
MortCarrara10 love the butt plug!
Orac1Suit7 slaveboy says
MortHeros05NovLCaged12 nice!
mrt2tng6 *PUNCH!!* >;)
just let my tongue do the walking
morttube what is a paldock?
have nearly the same pic of me,hopefully the right keys to get it off?
MortPlaster1 is that chastity
oh yes would like that done to me and the padlock through pa without combination
waistworn thewickedmaster says this dick needs to grow to a sensible size, and training will do just that.
yes i agree streching and harsh traning would work well here
I'd like that
getting better
MortColin2Plastic2 rubbersexerhumpme101 says i wanna c u 2 do it with me
rubbersexerhumpme101 says plastic is sooo sexual
MortPlay2Spread4 Scrumptious :-)
he's ready for castration,then eating his own cock and balls
MortColin1Harness2 Nice tight collar!!!
Day out in Lycra Tourist attraction from outer space...
shieldpartial thewickedmaster says self handling not allowed
this belt looks so restrictive going on, I'd love to have it fastened on me for a few days - just to try it:) - curavon
now all you need is someone like me to play with your tits and ass so you can feel the benefits of this device!
harley says I'm glad I got the Carrara, since it has a penis tube with the only open end, where it meets the groin at the base of the penis, and allows ALMOST a full length, and ALMOST full girth engorgement, which is deliciously torturous
MortLori1_7 That hair will get to grow nicely around the steel
mortbedchain1 paul says : verrry nice!
mortringcock nakka_krakka says I wanna suck that cock
You are soo fucking sexy email me at
I am afraid . . . but good cock . . .
James2008dec03 I'd like to be in that position, but naked and with extra reastraints to my nipples and balls
morttiered7 good & secure m8
MortDay6Cafe4 says
MortHeros06aOct04 says
RubberPaulBond2 Big nice cock. But I want to shave it and suck it.
mortpinkshorts1 wonderfull pix,i have also lycra combi and would love to meet u for parties or outside walk Patrick from (pix on rubberzone or worldrubbermen) thanx very much
RubberPaulBond3 mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sexy
Tie him down spreadeagled, shave him, give him a fucking vibrating buttplug and leave to simmer fora few hours
I bet his pits smell and taste hot.
mortirn4 Excellent galleries, so much stuff that I would love to try in them!
Master, do I really need to wear these another 3 weeks?
bondagepup says You sure know how to make a guy's cock hard with a website!
Dont tell me this is something special, Every weekend I am in to the cellar,and been locked in a chastitybelt and a spread restrain with cuff's and a mouth gag, Then chained to the wall and the floor. I dont like it but I have no choice
didnt know bondage pup was still around?
hawt! makes me wish I had a social life instead of an internet connection
mortladdercock1 jacauf says You may climb the ladder, now.
g.c.guy says the ladder should be replaced with somthing that can't be moved.
Nice like to be peirced like that
great things you can do with PA I once had this done to me in cottage fixed to waterpipe for an hour. The guy left me and went for a walk
Mort2011JanCBWorn4 Two padlocks are better than one?
MortParty1_05 LateNitePoker says looking great
MortShave2 get those legs done too. Every single hair off you including eyebrows
its like a lubricant for ur dick! how sexuallllllll im naked and rubbin my dick up against the screen now
mortneowornplug eddie says NICE
controlled well
thewickedmaster says ready for the whip
Fucking hot man! wish i held the key
never mind the key - wish i was in the belt!
mrt2ful3 Ah perfect, silence at last!
bondagepup says fukkin horny!ove a good tight gag!
g.c.guy says where do you get the suit from I want one?
pigCanis says your HOT HORNEY OINK
MortApr05SJ4 Nice butt
MortApr05Black6 Another great pic of you with your cock locked up.
mrt2ful4 Bit of a mouthful? Just how I like it
rear every belt ned this
MortDec05Padlock2 What a suckable shiny head!
Jams says u can say that mite hert!!
You can at least suck his cock !
Bethany says I don't like that because he can still jack off!!! NOT GOOD!
MortCarrara07 Now,when may we expect to see some pics of it being used? Glen
MortComplicity1Snog1 I enjoy seeing guys kissing each other
MortApr05Balls1 glansboy says
glansboy says FUCK YEAH I just go crazy for cocks CIRCUMCISED tight like this baby
mrt3light2 thewickedmaster says ideal training mode.
glen0330 says I can hear the airport security sirens ringing loud and clear now. Oh what fun to explain this to them.
mrt2sit2 chris says my fave position too!
Daddys ready to slide into that hole any day
bump,pump den dump da bitch
Daddy wants to turn those cheeks red with his belt.
Rol says - I've got 5 stalions lined up to get in that inviting hole
Mort05Remy05 Schiefa says
MortJan06FullSuit06 mmmm hot i wanna lick it
MortPlay3Chair2 When my erected cock is impaling you, we have a lot of fun !
Caned and fucked - - you are now prepared for the following night
i shove can of bean in arse
MortHussar2Rubber13 123 says
Mort06Oct02 very sexy Mort
mortcagebits sensulo says 'tempting'
MortHeros05Dec06 be stil my throbbing cock!!!!!!!!!
DisneyBlue2 lame
MortApr05Red7 LOVE these close ups of your cock locked up. You are one hot guy and keep posting your pics.
Ditto on the other comment. Your pics wearing chastity devices are absolutely great.
tone says Ditto Ditto Thanks
MortColin1CB4 HOT HOT HOT. I love seeing that cock of yours locked up like this. Glen0330
Mardi Gras thong 3 Do you show your mom these? hahahaha I'll send the link to karen as well! I like it! Susan
MortFeb06Suit4 I want your spandex
MortDay3_39 don't look so suprised you sexy leopard you......
MortHussar1Partial01 says
morteasterdresscbfront Holy shit. If someone where to pull you in a bar, they'd be in for 2 surprises!
goddess says it looks like a clit under your dress, does it feel like one?
How does that pinched ball feel? Good I Bet!!!
i wish my wife would do this to me!!
AlexBreast1 masterhard says wip it
damn...i'm female and this woman is so unbelievably breathtaking
deserves a licking with a rough tongue
Harvey says would love her to use and dominate me and I am gay guy.
nipples clamps for me
Mort06Oct09 GREAT picture. Thanks for sharing
Very nice headcock to suck
Is that a two pice or a one piece device, and where might i find one for purchase, thanks, rick
wow that PA looks so good!!!
mrt2sit1 Heather says ooh I think I like you with pubic hair around your lovely long penis!
mortlegs FUCK ME NOW!!!
you have smoll one hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
MortLycraSteve02 Scott says I love this Pic Ms
Scott says Mr Im really sorry
MortApr05CB3 u would maybe like to wear that in 1 of my cages?
cumdump says now box it and ship it to the slave auction house
mortmummyrope4 Great but balls should be shaved
Peter says: Shaved balls, wide separated - will be the beginning of a painful session in sweat and hot tears
you can add more piercings and xl plug
mrt2chas Cute little boytoi to be led around on a leash. Assuming I would be able to keep my hands off you that long!
mortwanklie2 Lee says - That`s what i do !!!
dogshit60 My wife hasn't allowed me to wank for 3years
Very sexy, ...slow an' easy. Wish I was there ;->
fuck your hot. I had to wank off too. Luv Nigel
chris says nice one That is hot!
elizabeth says: oh! so pretty - you look adorable.
well done
now u cumshot
lets wank 2gether later on in life
Pete says WELL DONE . . . NICE BALLS
It's coming Mort keep on wanking
mortwhite1 That's terrific, where did you get it?
mortpvcblackstand u can't beat a tradition rubber suit
mortladdersit eddie says like this too. I'm wanking over it. have also removed rest of body hair to match. makes me fucking horny
goddess says, please cum over mine and help with the DIY.. have door which needs spraying xx
mortdog woof doggie
Nice dog, woulf like to have one.
visit and let me see what you can do
gagpup says you make cute puppy. wanna play?
mortwanklie1 this picture looks stunning. gives you a huge cock. body also looks very well balanced. just very sexy
eddie says
eddie says im at home wanking and looking T YOUR FUCKING BIG PRICK. By the way I've just stuffed a huge plug up my arse
i want a huge cock up my ars i want my brothers up it that pic is my bother
Goddess says gorgeous cock, gorgeous body, yum!
Nigel says - i wanna jump on that hot cock of urs. ur gonna make me cum!
thewickedmaster says how dare he wank himself, he needs immediate dungeon training.
a beautiful body beautiful cock perfect
svenskin says :wanna jump on that hot cock
Gorgeous, feel like cumming to the UK?
chris says how do you get a decent wank with those piercings?
Very hot
want to see that cock spurting boi
looks so innocent & sexy
hope this section shows cum shots
now cum boy
Pete says: " I would love to masturbate and suck it . . . "
MortDec05Shorts05 harnessedleather says I'd love to be the one to strap you in
mortcagetip I AM JEALOUS
I hope that's not pre-cum on the slit
would love to feel all that ironmongery on and in my dick!!
rearlocked grand- kh
bracedslave says I'd like to be locked like this
That is exatly how each man should be locked up
Nice legs
i want one- frankmurray
Orac1Suit4 ringged says - need tyo stay like that - Under foot
need sex in moto suit - help me !!!

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