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MortPlay3Chair1 hot position - just needs a dildo sticking sinking into the ass
MortLayers3_9 testa di cazzo
rearpartial nice butt.
eddie says
eddie says like to try this
wow! will try that
mistress will love that on me......Alice
i agree niec butt
chris says I'd like to try that too!
Nice Belt I would Try it for sure
yes i would have it on my slave but the plug would have to in a lot deeper
Alissa says, NICE ASS!!!
interesting wat to put out a candle!
deeper is not possible?
ouch gota hurt *_*
Soooooooo sexy!
lock me in for effer
Orac1Suit7 slaveboy says
MortDay5Cycle5 Hi webmaster!
mortchair Bastille says you should be blindfold too - locked on, of course
too easy for you to wank, boy!
I can show you daddy
yes hands cuffed behined him and nipple chains cliped to the cock
and the legs must wear some heavy irons too, and i will hope for him there is a big buttplug up his arse. so he will really be comfortable for a few days
you should have your leg irons on it would be a better photo
MortDay6Cafe1 This is totally in-appropriate in front of children - sick fucks
clearly, their parents don't mind
Orac1Suit4 ringged says - need tyo stay like that - Under foot
need sex in moto suit - help me !!!
MortApr05SJ4 Nice butt
MortHussar1Cock6 get raingear! its made of rubber!
and plus... whers the cumshiots?!?!?!
FullRubberSide nothing like a good lookin'suit to pass the time in!
sos me some one rubberize and insulate me
mortneoframeopen Where Can I BUY THIS???? I NEED one IMMEDIATELY!!!! with a 30 - 32" waist.
yes i want one immediately as well
MortPlaster4 like this efeect,would be nice in hole body??
MortColin1Hogtie1 Lotsa fun with those feet!
Mort2005Blue1 DUNGEONMASTER1 says It Looks Good
mortcageside you *paid* someone to do that to you?
goddess says your cock is too well behaved to be treated so harshly. Doesn't it hurt?
I hope it does hurt!
yummy ;)~~~~
It looks wonderful,wish mine looked like that :)
rub a lil longer. u might cum someday
ringged says where can i get one like that?
tubeworn nice
MortColin1Gag2 walter says
walter says great
MortRubberDress1 nice
MortDec05Padlock4 fantastic!
Mort2010Shorts_10 very nice
very hot
mortliecock The possibilities are devestating.
mrt2div2 rubbergloves says
morteasterplastichooded I would love to be tied up in that
MortPlay3PVC2 cock needs a chastity device on it
very very horny
MortHerosJan07cb1 Fetterer says
Fetterer says is this particularly heavy?
MortParty1_16 I really love it
pain and pleasure, great
..... w t f .... i realy gotta update my english.... this page is NOT what i was looking for... *freeeeaky*
MortDungeon14a Fetterer says even better.
the cuffs make it so complete.
NewYear10_KitSub_GBSuit_3 Like the way you see it while you cann't actually see it
mrt2smp1 sooo rubberey
sos me some one rubberize and insulate me
waistworn thewickedmaster says this dick needs to grow to a sensible size, and training will do just that.
yes i agree streching and harsh traning would work well here
I'd like that
getting better
rearlocked grand- kh
bracedslave says I'd like to be locked like this
That is exatly how each man should be locked up
Nice legs
i want one- frankmurray
rearlockedbehind better with a large plug
mortremycock8 ouch
Tailed One says that this would be serious if it were not for the poor quality of the lock.
just like me no hair
i have no hair anywhere and i love it when i wear lycra full catsuit with heels is a plus and im hard chicks dig it
MortJune05Gear05 ive got a boner now
ive got a bigger boner....
oh no my boner gonna explode with the fetish!!!!1
MortDec05Mesh1 I have a pair in this material and go out jogging in them. Mike Perrins.
MortDec05Padlock2 What a suckable shiny head!
Jams says u can say that mite hert!!
You can at least suck his cock !
Bethany says I don't like that because he can still jack off!!! NOT GOOD!
James2008dec01 sinnbori says
RubberPaulBond2 Big nice cock. But I want to shave it and suck it.
MortNov05Catsuit11 super pic
I've saved this one as my wallpaper, so I will turn on every time I switch on.
Heather says I love your firm beatiful dick it would fit in me so nice, are u sure youre gay,
semen eh? me wanna lick
MortCarrara24 Great fit!
mortchas thewickedmaster says not allowed to comfortable.
Mort05DecCB3000_3 ady says
RubberPaulBond3 mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sexy
Tie him down spreadeagled, shave him, give him a fucking vibrating buttplug and leave to simmer fora few hours
I bet his pits smell and taste hot.
Mort07MayLori11 fucken nice rings, and nice tight circ.
Day out in Lycra if i walked out like that i would be hard
mortgardencrouch Butch,vulnerable, powerful and sexy all-in-one!
Too clean!
MortJapanese2 Verrrrry nice. oh yes.
shieldpartial thewickedmaster says self handling not allowed
this belt looks so restrictive going on, I'd love to have it fastened on me for a few days - just to try it:) - curavon
now all you need is someone like me to play with your tits and ass so you can feel the benefits of this device!
harley says I'm glad I got the Carrara, since it has a penis tube with the only open end, where it meets the groin at the base of the penis, and allows ALMOST a full length, and ALMOST full girth engorgement, which is deliciously torturous
Mort06MarCB2 I wish I had me one of those ;)
God i need one of those, how much
MortPlaster5 wanker says
wanker says does nothing for me at all
mortdbrlie majitica says love the shot
mortice says sexy suit!
hairy cycling legs ... urgh! shave it off!
i fell asleep doing that once..
morteasterplasticup yea crotch up! mmhmm i wanna c more of those
MortRubberDress4 jerrynone says
jerrynone says : Great photo.
fucked up sick weirdo
nakka_krakka says i'd love to suck at that cock tip
I'm a girl and this gets me hot!
masterhard says mmmm i like it
Steven says: cute cock peaking out!
j'aimerai bien voir lmes anneaux ds ma bouche
Trem: Hey sweetie, your euhm, dress is riding up a bit ;) hehe, wouldn't mind licking that :D
Great site m8! Always wanted to get fucked by you, want to even more now Harri N London
morteasterredback hey mort me again this is suit im looking for only with feet attached. thanks again Cliff
All you need is a red rubber enema tube in you hot
MortJames1JamesMortice Very cute in pink
mortbed1 eddie says like the hardon
jeff says flogging session is order
Recipe: apply CBT until soft, caress until hard. Repeat as needed.
MortColin2Harness6 Pete says this is a nice cock to suck
mrt3cocklock1 sexy cock
just need this already have 8mm PA
Jams says , padlocked and lotes ofchain
nice sexy cockhead to suck !
mine needs to be locked like this permanently
Given a Punishment?
that's cool
mortcagebits sensulo says 'tempting'
Day out in Lycra lycraman and friend,u r sex on legs
sex in lycra
nice thong fatso
mortirn2 not touching anything
to much freedom. Able to see
hopefully sitting on a fat plug
Day out in Lycra Lovely pictures
Mort05Remy03 It's must be very fun and enjoyable if make it hard on. Would like to have a try on this if possible...
FullRubberFront Where can I bought this rubber clothe?
lovely, it really turns me on
i whish you could suck me
..and now two more suits!
The wire on the floor should be going to a switch to control a vibrator and switch it betweeen off, low and high...
How about a bondage scene in the rubber suit with a vibrator that comes on and off outside of your control but also a feeding tube that feeds you water. Lots of water. Some time you're going to have to piss. You know you will but try to resist it. The vibrator turns you on but distracts you. It's inevitable. It's happened. You're warm and wet inside. It spreads down your legs and you're worried about the mess maybe but restrained so it's not something you can do anything about. You scratched yourself and the piss - your piss - makes that itch. You can't rub it. It feels worse and concentrates your attention. The vibrator kicks in on full again and you cum involuntarily inside the rubber. You contract and flex like an animal. As you relax the tension in the rubber straightens your limbs but the bondage straps constrain you. Your top opens the mouth of the hood and you feel a warm, moist human tongue enter your world of rubber, piss and spunk. You are claimed.
rear every belt ned this
mortbibred2 love to smell ur pits mate x
RubberPaul1 rubber
RubberPaul5 fucking sick gimp
can i lick your face? :D:D::D
Children pwn j00 ;<
very horny - i'd like to try this! Ben
very horny - i'd like to try this! Ben
I just want to kiss him!!!!!!!!
NewYear10_KitSub_SJ_3 Straight jacket, hood, chastity....what a great way to start the new year. Have a GREAT one Mort
MortDay4_34a A friend of mine says that I should join you in my own lycra suit next time you visit the museum. Thanks for letting me spend some nice time visiting your gallery.
like to see more buldgeing perhaps a large cockring would do the trick
MortApr05Red5 Fetterer says getting better
morteasterpurplefront Love to wear my gear and rub myself all over you!!
i can clearly see your bulge and sooooooo want to lick it!!
morttieddown4 eddie says i would like to eat your cock
Peter says : My right hand to your right ball, my left hand to your left ball - we make a little dance
a nice rawhide tied to the top ring and yanked would be hot
on second thought a padlock of the top ring to the bottom ring would be even better
a padlock mmmmm now your talking
MortFeb06Purple7 love the colour!
MortJune08SJ7 Best way to keep a psycho like you. Well controled ;)
mortsleeplocks Liam_TheVoice says ... Hope you remembered the combinations !
Wouldn't matter anyway - 3 numbers, could open each in < 10 minutes without the combination being known. Lame.
cant open a lock without hands
like this idea very much and would have done to me but with key not combination and pref with a lot of distance involved
morthardcup1 Where Can I Purchase?????
MortHussar1Rope11 how long did you stay in it, wish it was me! coola.
All the hair would be better
I want his pubic hair to be gently shaved
I love pubic hair, it is au natural!
Sevvere says clothing is power; hair is power- strip him of both.
MR. Waz says Trim that Dick
circumsize him
i love to suuck u. mail at
Yes, strip him and shave him.
...and pull those legs wide apart.
g.c.guy says he needs his legs spread and tied as well.
Put a cock up his ass
force him to stand with arms held up at the side for 30mins.
No, shaving too easy:- slowly singe his hairs off, & legs very wide apart.
han skarakas mycket
MortApr05SJ6 Nice and tightly done up - helpless and arse at the ready! :)
The Curve nice
Jams says
MortDec05Shorts07 harnessedleather says you look stunning
mrt3harness3 your ass needs a good strapping
Peter says: First an upwarming spanking - then a nice beating - and at least a severe flogging. And after two hours, we will start again ...
MortPlaster6 Rol says - it is a hell of a good way to keep it hard for a long time
Day out in Lycra omg...
NewYear10_Mortice_Shorts_8 I also have this design - very comfortable and sexy for jogging.
MortParty1_08 I recognise that strait jacket. Heh, Heh, Heh.
mrt3weight Schiefa says
It must be a wonderful feeling
Cuffed and chastity Belted says OUCH
Day out in Lycra gr8 pic m8...
isnt that embarasing
Embarassing - have you looked at his pics - Mistress Max
MortHeros1 warren says fuck yeah
Gsta Lindberg says .Here wos something else.
mortpvcredbulgefront Let me kick your balls yaaah
mrt3light2 thewickedmaster says ideal training mode.
glen0330 says I can hear the airport security sirens ringing loud and clear now. Oh what fun to explain this to them.
mrt3secured goddess says this jewellry is not what I really want for my birthday. Prefer that little wrist silver number.. and a naked hard rod, no giftwrap ...
thewickedmaster says that my slaves all end up this way, the only sure way to prevent wanking, ideal to prostate milk them.
god what id give to be that slave right now
mortirn3 Isn't he cute ?
Bastille says I wonder how long he could stay like that
bondagepup says I wish someone would keep me bound and gagged like this for a very long time....
mrt2wnk1 bastille says update this!
thewickedmaster says this needs chopping off, or put into a permanent wax chastity cage.
i wish i was there to catch the juice on my tongue
bondagepup says wish I could be tied up and forced to suck that....
A master should sit on that sub's face and ensure that only a good rimming will allow the boy to hve an orgasm
need a release?
great! cant feel a thing?
wife put mine on friday to stop me wanking ball bag now full
mortpvcblackstand u can't beat a tradition rubber suit
mrt2sit2 chris says my fave position too!
Daddys ready to slide into that hole any day
bump,pump den dump da bitch
Daddy wants to turn those cheeks red with his belt.
Rol says - I've got 5 stalions lined up to get in that inviting hole

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