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Anna's Toy

This is a story written by 'vickie'

It all began in a chatroom and the conversation started the same way as so many do in every chatroom.

“Hello everyone,” said Paul.

At first there were no replies and he sat looking at the screen hoping that someone, just anyone would at least chat to him about chastity belts. Paul had a plastic device called a cb3000 but he longed for a really serious steel belt and most of all someone to hold onto his keys while he wore it. He looked up and down the list looking for likely candidates. He saw what he guessed were many others like himself, just wannabes.

Paul was still considering if he dare try and send a private message to someone and hope they would reply when he heard a sound and a private message appeared in the bottom left hand corner of his screen.

“Hello, hope you don’t mind me sending you a private message,” it said.

Paul looked and saw it came from someone called Anna. This raised his hopes a little and also the excitement level so he quickly replied.

“No at all, I’m a male submissive from the UK in a cb3000. Would you like to talk for a while?”

Talk they did for about an hour discovering that they lived in the same town as one another and that they both had a strong interest in secure chastity belts. Anna it seemed like nothing better than locking a belt on a male submissive and teasing him to distraction, Paul couldn’t help but lick his lips at the thought of her doing that to him. He was trying to work out a way to meet her and take this chance meeting a little further when he received a surprise.

“Paul I would like to meet you, it could be that I may have something here that I wish to sell that may fit you and also interest you greatly,” she said.

“Wow that would be great. When and where would you like to meet Anna?” he asked.

It went very quiet for a few minutes, he wondered if he had pushed a little too hard, too fast, then decided that perhaps she was trying to think of a good place to meet for the first time.

“Do you know Fagan’s restaurant?” she asked.

“Yes I do off Canterbury Street I think,” he said.

“Good then you may take me to lunch tomorrow at 1.30 if you wish.”

“Yes that would be nice. Tell me Anna what is it that you have to sell please?” he asked.

“I will tell you tomorrow if I think it would fit you, all I can say is it is just a bit special for there is not another one like it,” she said.

Paul questioned her but she refused to give any more information away and eventually they both left the chatroom, both excited at the thought of what may be about to happen.

Sunday came and Paul was up early, after breakfast he bathed and shaved then got dressed. Needing some cash he left his house and went to the cash point and withdrew some money then drove back home to finish getting ready.

Paul arrived a few minutes early feeling very nervous and wondering what his date was like. He found the table she had told him about and sat down. Seconds later a waitress appeared and gave him a menu, he thanked her and ordered a glass of wine and said he was waiting for someone and would order the food when they arrived. Paul sipped the wine and soon the glass was empty and still no Anna. He looked at his watch, it was just after two o’clock and he was beginning to think she had decided against it when the door opened and a tall woman strode in. She stopped at the door and looked around then strode towards Paul.

“Hello you must be Paul, I’m Anna. Sorry I’m late but I had a little matter to deal with and it took a tad longer than I expected. Let’s look at the menu and we can order,” she said taking control of the situation as if it was the most natural thing to do.

She glanced over the menu then called for the waitress and ordered the food and wine for both of them without asking what Paul would like.

“Stand up Paul I want to look at you please,” she said.

Paul slid his chair back and stood while she looked carefully.

“OK sit down I think you’ll do. What waist are you?” she asked.

“36 inches Anna,” he said.

“Good that should be about right then. Maybe a tad tight but it needs to be.”

“Are we talking about a chastity belt that you wish to sell me Anna?” Asked Paul.

“Yes but not just any chastity belt, this a very special,” she said smiling for the first time.

Paul smiled, he thought she should smile more often for when she did so her face seemed to light up and she became even prettier than before.

“I see, in what ways is it so special Anna?” he asked.

“After we have eaten I’ll take you to my place and show it to you. It is expensive though, I want £500 for it,” she said

“Wow that is expensive, it must be very special at that price. I could buy a new Tollyboy or even maybe a Neosteel belt for less than you are selling this one for,” he said.

She said nothing, just smiled and began eating.

The meal was pleasant; Paul ended up drinking most of the bottle of wine and so felt nicely relaxed as they left the restaurant. They walked over to Anna’s car, a black Merc with tinted glass. Once belted in they left the car park and were soon travelling across the city in total comfort. Paul noticed they were going towards the better half of the city, the larger houses and wondered what type of house Anna had. They pulled in a driveway and followed the tarmac road down for a hundred yards; Paul liked the tall trees that lined the driveway and how it shaded the house from being seen from the road. Anna pulled to a stop in front of the house and switched off the ignition.

“Well Paul this is my little house, the one that daddy left me last year. Come follow me and I’ll show you around a little,” she said.

Paul was impressed; it was large and well furnished. The grounds were huge; he could fit his own house in a corner with no trouble at all.

“It does me Paul, I have a playroom in the cellar but that is still being worked on. Perhaps next time, if there is a next time I’ll show you round that. Anyway for now I have to get the chastity belt and explain a little about it,” she said.

Paul followed her to a workshop and there on a bench was a steel chastity belt, like a Tollyboy or Neosteel belt but not quiet the same.

“Right Paul this belt cost me over a thousand pound when I had it made for a submissive I once had. In the end I allowed him to leave for I could see it getting very messy and he really didn’t want to be here. Looking at the belt you may think it is stainless steel, which as I am sure you know is a very hard metal. Well Paul it is not, well not totally. I had it made and it is a mixture of medical grade stainless steel and titanium making it so hard it has to be heated up to be cut and then only with a special laser. Pick it up Paul, you’ll be surprised at the weight of it,” she said.

Paul picked the belt up, feeling the thick padded waistband and was amazed at the weight. It felt like aluminium it was so light.

“It is so light, is it really as hard and strong as you say?” he asked.

Anna smiled, she had expected doubts and was ready to deal with them.

“Follow me to the workbench,” she said

“Paul put the belt in the vice on the bench and clamp it in tight,” she said.

She watched as Paul did as she said then handed him a hacksaw.

“Paul there is a new blade in this saw and I want you to try and scratch the surface of the belt. If you can do so I’ll give you a thousand pounds and the belt,” she said.

Paul took the saw and started to try and cut through the belt. After ten minutes the blade was blunt but the belt was still in pristine condition. Not a single scratch anywhere.

“I am impressed,” said Paul.

“Here try this electric tool, it is fitted with a slitting disc that is made to cut through stainless. Try that on the belt and see if you can cut it,” she said handing him the cutter.

“Are you sure Anna, you have proved your point to me,” he said.

“Do it, go on try and cut it. Pretend you are locked in and want out so much, try and cut yourself out of the belt Paul,” she said.

Paul started the machine then put the blade to the belt. It slid about at first until he found a slight ridge in the manufacture and was able to press down and keep it in the one place. After twenty minutes the disc was useless and the belt still practically unmarked.

“Hey that is serious metal, can anything cut it?” he asked.

“I understand if it is heated up so it is glowing red it can be cut with an industrial laser for I think that is what they had to do to make the belt in the first place. However, its Ok having a belt made from steel so hard it can’t be cut but that would be no good at all if the locking system wasn’t up to scratch.

Paul this is the locking system. It is similar to the Tollyboy system but it far more secure than even their system is. Firstly the locking block is solid stainless so you can forget about drilling it out, believe me it won’t ever happen. The lock screws down using a key and once tightened it can only be removed with a key. The key pushes down sixteen cylinder pins all at different depths inside the lock all at the same time and a special magnet in the key pulls up the pins that need to be pulled up so the lock can be undone. I gave it to a local locksmith and asked him to try and open it and so remove it from the belt. It was left with him for two weeks and when I went to collect it he said he gave up after the first week for in his opinion it was impossible to remove with out the keys. He tried drilling it, hitting it, cutting it, picking it and nothing made any difference.”

“That is one scary belt Anna, imagine being stuck in that and the lock failing,” said Paul.

“Well I have to admit that it could happen but it is unlikely as there is a small shutter that covers the lock and stops dirt and grit getting in side the lock. Now shall we try it on you to see if it fits and then you can tell me if you are interested in buying it from me,” she said.

“Well I’m not so sure, it may be a bit more than I was expecting,” he said.

“Don’t tell me you are going to chicken out after all your fine words the other night about wanting to be locked in a proper belt,” she teased. “Come on this is only a try on, it may not even fit you yet.”

Paul began to remove his trousers then his pants and finally his shirt.

“Good now hands high above your head for me and feet about two feet apart please,” she said.

First a steel sheath with small holes was slid onto his penis using a bandage to pull his penis through fully, it was quite tight even though he was still flaccid. Next he stepped into the belt. It had a strap of steel joining the back and front together and the locking system was at the back. He saw the pin on one side of the waistband and a hole on the other. Anna pulled the belt up, eased the sheath into the front shield and finished pulling the belt into place.

“Right breath in for me please,” she said.

Paul did and felt the belt tighten round his waist as she slipped the pin through the hole so it couldn’t loosen again. Seconds later he felt the waistband changing shape a little as the lock was tightened on and pulled the two thicknesses of belt together. It was certainly going to be tight he thought as she removed the key and told him to move around a little to get used to it.

He quickly found that it enclosed totally not only his penis but also his testicles and he couldn’t get a finger anywhere close to them. For a few minutes he struggled but soon satisfied himself that the belt was everything Anna had said it was. If he bought it he would have to be so careful who he gave the keys to he thought to himself.

“Once locked up no form of sexual satisfaction can be obtained, that I guarantee. You won’t even be able to touch anything but it is important to keep you healthy once locked up and so everything can be washed fairly easily with a shower hose, the belt is well padded with special foam rubber to make it comfortable and to seal you well in. There is no weight problem with it; in fact you will find that it becomes so comfortable you may even forget you are wearing it at times. Now I suggest you wear it for an hour or so to see how you get on with it and then we’ll talk about you buying it,” she said.

For the next hour Paul wore the belt and he had to say that it felt fine. It was tight but not so tight it hurt. He could do everything he tried to do with no problems and thought that if he had to he could easily wear it for a few days. All in all he was happy with it and thought he would buy it and perhaps then try and talk to Anna about playing with it in different scenarios he could dream up.

“Right then Paul I am going to unlock you now then I’ll show you one more feature of it you may like,” she said.

The belt away from his body, it had left its mark clearly all over. Anna looked closely and decided that the pressure was fairly equal and so no adjustment of shape would be necessary.

“Now Paul should your Mistress deem you require milking of your cum she can do so without giving you any enjoyment at all. It also means that you will stay very frustrated but that can’t be helped. At the back here is where you would normally poo through but this butt plug can be fitted in here and locked in place. Its very neat as you can see it is almost hollow and will open your anus up nicely. It also vibrates so milks the prostate and this can milk you so dry you would be unable to have an orgasm if given the chance for the next three days. If you were to wear the device you would also need to wear nappies or diapers and plastic pants for you would have little control of your ablutions and that would cause you extreme embarrassment,” she said and smiled broadly at the thought.

“That would be awful, I can’t see me using that thing but if it comes with the belt then so be it,” said Paul who was horrified at the thought of it.

“So Paul what do you think? Worth the money or are you going to pass and be a chicken again?” she asked.

“Yes Anna it is worth every penny of your asking price to someone who had a keyholder but I have not. However should you be willing to play with me sometimes using scenarios that I dream up then that becomes a different proposition all together. Then it would be well worth it,” he said.

“Paul I do not act out scenarios, that is not the way things are with me. I am the way I am and that is a Domme 24/7/365. If you wish to use the belt then yes come and see me but always I am in control do you understand?” she said.

Paul blushed slightly, he was slightly frightened by this lady, and he didn’t know quite what to make of her. One smile could put him at ease but then a sharp word and his nerves would jangle and he would feel worries about what was going to happen.

“Yes I understand Anna I didn’t mean to sound, well....” he drifted off not knowing quite what to say.

“So do you want to buy the belt from me or not Paul?” she asked firmly.

“Yes please, five hundred pounds you said?” he asked.

“Yes, you will bring me the cash on Wednesday evening at 7 o’clock. I will expect you then,” she said.

“Ok that gives me time to withdraw it from the bank. I’m sure I can find this address again but just in case will you write it down for me please?” he said.

Anna gave him a card that had her name and address plus the phone number on.

“If you have any problems then always give me a ring. It would NOT be wise to just not turn up as that would make me very angry and believe me you would pay for it,” she said.

A look of fear spread over Paul as he listened to her, then he saw the smile again and realised she was just joking, or was she...?

Anna gave him a lift back to his home and then sped off and disappeared quickly into the distance.

The next few days were a haze for Paul as he couldn’t take his mind off this wonderful belt that would soon be his. He had decided to wear it home from Anna’s house when he picked it up and then try to keep it on all night and if possible for the next day while at work. He wondered if he was being a bit over ambitious but thought it must be worth a try and providing he wasn’t in pain he would give it a go.

Wednesday came and he withdrew the money from the bank and that evening he drove over to Anna’s house and knocked on the door extremely excited. The door was soon opened and Anna ushered him inside.

“Good I am pleased you came; I was worried that I may have over sold the belt and frightened you off. Still better you know what you are buying than finding out afterwards. Come on through I have it in the living room waiting for you already boxed up,” she said.

Paul followed her through and sat down on the sofa with the box on a low table in front of him.

“Give me the cash and you can check the belt if you will please,” she said.

Paul handed over a large envelope full of notes then picked up the box, still amazed by the lack of any weight and opened it up. Inside was the belt and in a plastic bag were a key and the lock. Paul took them out and put the key inside the lock and it turned easily.

“Anna I was wondering if you would put the belt on me so I could travel home in it please? I want to try and wear it for the rest of the night and perhaps even tomorrow if I can,” he said.

“Ok but I would suggest that we don’t use the butt plug yet, we’ll leave that for another time when you are a little more used to the belt. Right you had better strip while I go and put this money in my safe,” she said.

When she returned Paul was holding the belt and sheath beaming and so excited he wondered if the sheath would fit. He had purposely not masturbated so far this week in readiness for this moment.

Anna used ice and a little lubrication and the bandage to get the sheath fitted then she carefully pulled the belt in place, located the sheath and then snapped the waistband together.

“Now the moment you have been waiting for, a locked up slave in total chastity,” she said.

Paul felt her start to turn the key and the belt began to tighten up as before. Soon it was done; he was locked up in a belt that was more secure than his house was. He was happy that he would have the key to start off with and was a little concerned that there was just the one key.

“Anna is there another spare key please?” he asked.

“Yes but I am not selling that key, I want it as a reminder of the belt. If you ever need it then I will be happy to use it as and when I see fit. However you do have one key and if you really want I am sure that a good locksmith maybe able to cut another key for you but I can’t see it ever being necessary,” she said.

Paul wasn’t too happy about it but had to accept that was how it was going to be and so started to get dressed again. It felt a little strange as he moved about and bent to put his clothes and shoes back on again.

“So are you happy with your belt Paul? You wanted to be secure and I promise you that no one is ever going to be more secure than you are right now,” she said.

“Yes very pleased, thank you for letting me put it on here, I’ll maybe take it off soon and then put it back on again to see how hard it is to do on my own. After all I can’t even see the lock,” he said.

“I shouldn’t worry too much about it you can always use a mirror to see what you are doing,” she said.

“Well I think I had better go, hope we can chat again very soon and perhaps meet again so I can tell you how I am getting on with the belt,” he said.

“Yes I would like that, but first I have this receipt for you to sign to say that you have the belt and that you also requested that I lock you in it. It’s not that I do not trust you Paul it is just to keep everything transparently clear and above board.” She said.

Paul quickly read through the document, but it was more of a scan to see where he had to sign than actually reading it, he took the offered pen and signed then printed his name and the date. Anne took the receipt back and photocopied it and handed a copy to Paul. Now I must go and put my key in my safe so I don’t lose it, that would be most unfortunate” she said chuckling softly.

Paul left the house and drove home feeling like life just couldn’t get any better than this. The belt was all his dreams come true and now he was wearing it. He got home and went inside and immediately he took off his clothes and looked at himself in the full-length mirror. It looked fantastic and was still comfortable even though he could feel his penis trying to erect inside its tube. He thought about taking it off and masturbating but decided to try and hold out for the night and then it would be even better tomorrow.

He took the box and checked the key and plug was still inside before he put it up on a shelf out of the way. He used the computer, went on line and even chatted to Anna for a short while. She was pleased he hadn’t decided to take the belt off and urged him to keep it on as long as he could. She teased him a little and this caused him to feel the urge to take the belt off and masturbate but he felt he would be letting her down if he did that and so sat and suffered.

Sleep was not easy and his early morning erection was hard to deal with but by now he was starting to get some confidence about wearing the belt. It still felt comfortable even though he had discovered eating too much would make it slightly less comfortable for a while. He would have to watch his weight he decided. He got up and showered the next morning, it wasn’t easy cleaning but he took his time and managed to get washed and dried then decided that he would stay locked up but take the key with him just in case he needed it.

It had now been five days since Paul had masturbated and he was finding it hard to concentrate when a pretty office girl walked by or stood by his desk and chatted. Even the smell of their perfume was enough to make his penis try and harden only to be thwarted by the steel tube. He found it difficult to concentrate and made a few mistakes but managed to get through the day and made his way back home.

Once home he had his dinner then went on line to look at some nude girls all tied up. Soon he was feeling the full effect of the belt as it denied him what would otherwise have been a full erection. Now wanting the belt off so he could masturbate he took the box down and removed the key. Standing by a mirror and so he could still see the slide show of girls on his screen he put the key in the lock and started to turn. The key turned easily but nothing seemed to be happening. His hands became hot and sweaty as he continued to turn the key waiting for the pressure to ease so he could undo the belt and remove it. Nothing was happening at all, he wondered if he had the key in fully so he pushed hard and tried again. The results were the same and by now he was starting to get very worried. Not sure what was going wrong he decided to ring Anna and ask her if she could help.

“Hello Anna its Paul I wonder if you could help me please?” he asked.

“Sure I’ll try, what’s the matter?”

“Well I have worn the belt all day and have decided to take it off but the key doesn’t seem to be working,” he said.

“I see and tell me is the belt still comfortable?” she asked.

“Yes it feels good but I just wanted it off for a little while if you know what I mean,” he said

“Well I am sorry but it appears you are not going to get it off tonight or tomorrow for that matter. You may come round and see me on Friday evening and we’ll make a weekend of it if you like. The belt will keep you nicely on the boil until then,” she said.

“No please, you don’t understand can you tell me what I am doing wrong? I put the key in and turn it clockwise and it just turns round and round but the lock doesn’t unscrew,” he said.

“It won’t undo it, no you have to understand that there is no point in owning the key to your own chastity belt. The key you have will only lock it up it’s the key that I have that will unlock it and that I put in the bank today so neither of us can get to it,” she said.

Paul went numb as he listened to her, he couldn’t believe that he was locked in the belt and at her mercy.

“But I want out, I need to get out of this right now,” he said a little louder than he had wanted to.

“Sorry but that is impossible, as I said the key is in my safe deposit box in the bank and I have no intention of going for it tomorrow and as for right now they are closed and unless you fancy breaking in the bank and getting it I think you are stuck secure in the belt for now. A good long spell of chastity is what you require and that is what you are going to have. If you are very good then I may fit the butt plug on during your stay with me at the weekend and milk you but you certainly won’t be enjoying an orgasm!”

Paul could feel tears close behind his eyes that would be running down his cheeks at any moment, he had never felt more helpless in his life before.

“Please I need the key to get out of this thing, I must have it off over the weekend, I haven’t cum now for days and I am used to doing it every day,” he said.

“Well you come and see me on Friday evening and we’ll see what can be done for you,” she said and the phone went dead.

Friday couldn’t come quick enough, the longer it went the more frustrated he became and when Friday did eventually come round he telephoned work say he was sick. By then he had tried every way he could think of it get to cum or even remove the belt but he had to admit that it was all Anna had claimed to it be and much more. It was reasonably comfortable to wear; sitting to urinate had already become second nature. It irritated him having to do so but he knew he had no choice.

He drove to Anna’s house and arrived early hoping she had collected the key from the bank and would be removing the belt but he did have his doubts. If only he could persuade her to remove it for ten minutes then she could lock him back up again for the rest of the weekend.

He got out of the car and walked to the front door where he saw a notice stuck on. It was addressed to him so he took it down and read it.

“Baby, you will put your car in the garage and lock it up. Then once inside you will see a steel box on the table at the back of the garage. I want you to strip off everything you can and put it in the box then close and lock the lid with the open padlock. That done you will see some handcuffs beside the box along with a hood.  You are to put the hood on and fasten it tightly round your neck and lock the strap with the small lock. Finally lock you hand together behind your back in the handcuffs and then kneel and wait for me to arrive.  I will be watching on CCTV and if you don’t do this you can forget about getting out of the chastity belt this year.”

Paul thought for a moment, he knew he had no choice while she had the key to the belt. Ten minutes later saw him kneeing in the garage unable to see anything and with his hands locked behind his back in some rather secure looking handcuffs.

Paul did not hear Anna enter the room, the first he knew she was there was when she clipped on a leash to the front of the hood collar.

“Come slave, I have things to do to you,” she said pulling on the lead.

Paul managed to scramble to his feet and followed the pull of the lead. She led him through the house a few times, up stairs then down again until he had no idea which room he was in. When they stopped he could feel a slight chill in the air. He felt the lead being tied to something in front of him then he heard a steel door being slid closed and heavy locks snapping into place.

“Baby, take one step round clockwise then one step straight ahead and I’ll remove the hood for you.”

Paul did as ordered and felt someone fumbling with the small lock until eventually he was hit by bright lights and had to close his eyes until they got used to it.


“Welcome baby to my dungeon. You are the first person to use this cell I hope you like it. Now you make yourself comfortable and I’ll go and fetch your dinner and a drink for you, don’t go away now,” she teased,

He looked around and through the thick steel bars and knew he was going no where until she said so. This woman was a control freak he decided and at the moment she must have been in heaven for she had total control.

He saw things scattered around the room that he recognised plus a few things he couldn’t imagine what they were for. The room he was in had been divided into two by the steel cage he as now standing in. The bars went right across the room, which gave him a fair amount of room to move about in. Three sides were solid concrete walls with no windows. The bars were at least an inch thick and the door he saw was locked using electric locks so no keys was needed. He couldn’t see the control panel so guessed it must be portable. He moved about the room and sat on the bed. It was not comfortable with a thin mattress and was bolted to the floor. At each corner he saw a steel shackle connected through a corner post of the frame and guessed how he would be spending the night. Anna returned with a tray full of food.

“Now then baby, stay back where you are and I’ll slide this through the floor slot like this. Good boy, now you enjoy your food and I’ve put a straw in the cup so you can drink OK. I’ll be back later on and perhaps we will talk a little,” she said.

“Please can you take off these handcuffs so I can eat? After all I am hardly going to cause you any problems locked in this cage am I?” he said with rather more sarcasm than he had wanted to show.

“The cuffs can stay and no you don’t pose a threat and that is the way it will stay. For that rudeness you’ll be punished. You can eat on your knees using your mouth, it shouldn’t be too difficult,” she said and began to walk off.

Paul made his way over to the food and dropped to his knees as she watched and began to lap it up as if he was an animal.

“There I told you it was easy, you enjoy then take a rest and I’ll be back soon,” she said.

The food tasted good and the drink was most welcome. Unable to clean all the food off his face he went over to the bed and lay down on his side. His arms ached a little as did his shoulders from the cuffs but he reminded himself that his first aim had to be to get the belt off and ease the frustration he was feeling. It was a long while before the door opened and Anna entered the dungeon. He was sitting on the toilet when she came in and could help but blush as she watched him sitting there. He saw her smile and knew she as enjoying every second of his humiliation.

“You have no idea how much this turns me on, seeing you have to perform the most basic of human needs right in front of me. I love control but this is so much more. Do you realise just what your position is?” she said.

“How do you mean?” he asked.

“Let me ask you a question. Tell me are you scared?” she asked.

“A little I suppose, more just uncomfortable and frustrated really,” he said.

“Then I can only surmise that you have not given your present position as much thought as you should have done. You have toilet facilities, a wash basin, room to move about in, all you need to exist really. Do you realise that I really have no reason to ever open this door again, life would go on?” she asked looking far more serious than she had ever done before.

A huge ball of pure fear formed in his stomach, fear of the like he had never felt before. She was right and what was worse no one even knew he was there. There was his computer than eventually someone may check and find some leads to her but that is all. He saw she was looking at him, no it was as if she was looking into him and seeing that fears he now felt and glowing at every tremble he made.

“I could clear your house, well the computer or anything else that may lead to me and no one would know where you are. There would be no connection between us. No baby, you are in one serious load of trouble,” she said.

Tears started to run down his cheeks, he dropped to his knees and started to babble pleas to be released.

“Oh Anna you are so bad, making your new toy cry like a baby,” she chided herself.

“However that is not my intention, well not this time anyway. You will be my guest for the weekend as agreed. On Monday morning providing you have behaved I will let you go back home,” she said smiling as she played a roller-coaster game with his emotions.

“Please, please stop this, I can’t take all this. The chastity belt, these handcuffs or being locked in this cage, please let me go now I beg you,” he cried still on his knees.

“I think you need something to take your mind of your present problem with the cuffs and cage. I know just how we will do that. I intend to make you more comfortable and providing you behave that will happen. You try anything and you’ll feel pain like you have never felt before,” she said.

She had an orgasm there and then just watching his reaction to her little speech. This was going to be so much fun she though to herself. Her panties were soaking wet from her juices but before she was done tonight she was sure they would be ever wetter.

“Come here I am going to lock your hood on you and you will follow my instructions,” she said.

She locked the hood in place then had him step away from the bars and kneel down facing the far wall. She used the controller to open the door of the cell and walked inside.

“Nose to the floor and bottom up as high as you can for me,” she demanded.

He did that quickly; she used some lube to lubricate his anus and a large butt plug that she had in her hand.

“I am going to fill your bottom with this plug, it is not the one that normally goes with the belt but I have a good reason for that. Now relax and it will be much easier on you,” she said.

It hurt like hell, he thought he would split in two at one stage then when over the widest part of the plug the aching muscle were allowed to return to a more reasonable shape. Inside the hood sweat was running off his face, he felt exhausted by it all.

“Good, now stand and I am going to help you lie on the bed. First I need to secure your ankles before I remove the cuffs. Now be a good boy and don’t even think of doing anything silly or you will get hurt,” she said.

Paul thought about trying to attack her and get the keys off her but he realised this was not the right time, there would be better times to try something like that if she refused to remove the belt.

Paul felt a steel collar going round his neck and heard the lock snap into place. Then he was led over to the bed on very shaky legs and found that sitting was not a good idea with the plug in place. Anna carefully positioned him as she wanted then locked a steel cuff round each ankle. The cuffs were about an inch wide but well padded and comfortable. Then at last the handcuffs were unlocked and he was able to bring his hand round to the front again. The ache in his shoulders eased but didn’t go away totally.

“Now lay back baby and we’ll soon get you comfortable and ready for a nice sleep,” she said.

Paul felt her take his right wrist and in seconds it was locked to the top corner secure in the cuff, seconds later his other wrist received the same treatment.

“Good, well done baby. I am so glad you were a good boy I really didn’t want to use that shock collar you are wearing and I hope I never do,” she said.

Paul had heard of them and knew that the pain they delivered was disabling and awful, he didn’t have any desire to feel it. The hood was removed leaving him to blink away the sweat in the bright light.

Anna went to each corner adjust the length of chin to each limb, he had quite a bit of movement but not enough to get off the bed.

“Right then baby, this is the plan for tonight, I am going to start a vibrator in your bottom before I leave and it will be running all night. It will be at just the right level, you won’t cum, but you will be thinking of little else long before I return in the morning. By then you will know what it means to feel horny and be unable to do anything about easing that pent up frustration. Now you have a good night, shout and scream all you want as no one can hear you, this place is totally sealed off and soundproofed. If I want a little entertainment I may tune in and have a listen or watch you on the monitor. Have a good night baby, enjoy,” she said

Paul felt the vibrator burst into life, at first he thought there was enough to make him have that much needed orgasm, soon he was to discover that was not the case. It was going to be a long, long night.

Just what had he got himself into here he wondered.





Paul squirmed, wriggled and struggled against the restraints and in desperation trying to have an orgasm or relief in any way at all but deep down he knew it was never going to happen. The restraints that held him firmly flat on the bed and the steel belt was inescapable without Anna’s help. The batteries in the toy she had locked in his anus were all but exhausted now; they had taken about five hours to wind down. Paul’s shoulders ached as did his arms and leg from being spread , it was all so unfair he thought to himself. His face was wet with tears, the frustration he felt was beyond description and he knew he would do anything when Anna finally set his arms and legs free to even have the chance of an orgasm. Sleep had just not happened that night, he had managed to doze a little once the device had died but lying in a pool of pre-cum was very uncomfortable. His penis and blue testicles ached, every slight movement he managed only made it worse. How he hated this belt and the woman who had the keys.

Anna also had not slept well, she had been so excited she couldn’t help but switch the CCTV screen on and watch her toy as it struggled. Her hand had spent most of the night massaging between her legs; she too had finally fallen to sleep exhausted. Her exhaustion however was caused by being satisfied like never before. Anna finally woke up, her bedding was damp from the night’s activities. She felt alive like never before and was excited thinking of her plans for the day ahead.

“Good morning slave, I trust you slept well,” she said smiling.

Paul’s first thoughts were to throw a whole lot of abuse at her but quickly he realised that it would not be wise to do this to the one woman who had such control over him at this time.

“It was an eventful night Mistress,” he said blinking away more tears that stung his eyes.

“Well slave I am about ready for my bath and you are going to be rewarded by being allowed to bathe me,” she said.

Paul could not prevent the soft groan as he thought of washing his naked Mistress after the night he had just had and still locked in the chastity belt. He knew however that this was not a request, it was an instruction and he would have to do it and do it well to have any chance of having the belt unlocked this weekend.

One by one the chains were unlocked and at last he was able to move his arms and legs. As he sat up he felt aches in the whole of his body.

“On your hands and knees slave, follow me to the bathroom,” she said clipping a lead onto a steel collar she had locked round his neck.

Once in the bathroom he put the stopper in the bath and turned on the taps. Anna watched and waited.

“Good now you may undress me slave,” she said.

Paul removed the robe she wore, this revealing a long silk white nightdress that he could see was stained by the night’s activities. His hands shook as he removed the nightdress and saw her beautiful naked body for the first time. His penis tried to erect immediately but was thwarted by the cruel tube and guard. Oh how he would have loved to have thrown her on her bed and emptied the hot cum from his blue bursting balls into her. His hands went down to the shield, feeling the steel and he gasped in pain as another attempted erection was squashed.

“What’s wrong slave, anyone would think you do not like your reward?” she said giggling.

“It’s the pain Mistress, this chastity belt allows me nothing but pain,” he said sobbing.

“Good that means it is doing the job it is supposed to do. Now using just your tongue pleasure me,” she demanded.

Still on his knees he crawled over to between her legs and started using his tongue to play with her special place. He heard her moan softly, he continued to work as his penis tried to erect once again. It hurt so badly he wanted to tear this cruel thing off but he knew he couldn’t. Paul continued until with his hair now firmly in her grasp she pulled him even harder into her until he was having trouble breathing, then she came. Her juice flooding over his face, running down and dripping onto his chest as he knelt trying to regain his breath again. Her taste was in his mouth, so sweet, if only he could get his penis free for just a few seconds. Anna let go of his hair as she came back down again, she smiled a very contented smile as she climbed into the bath and sat down.

Paul crawled to the bath and using a bar of soap and her washcloth he began to lather it up. Her juices dripped from his face, he licked all he could before they fell into the water, he liked her taste.

The soaped cloth went to her breasts as he gently washed them. He could feel the warmth of her breast and longed to be allowed to suck her nipples. More pain from the belt, would it never end? For the next thirty minutes he washed every inch of her flawless skin, it brought his frustration level to a point he never knew existed.

Anna climbed out of the bath and waited as Paul towelled her dry, she pointed to the bottle of body lotion. Paul knew what she wanted, no words were said as he took handful after handful of the lotion and massaged it gently into her skin.

“Now just a sprinkle of powder and you may dress me slave,” she said.

Anna had selected her outfit carefully, she wanted it to give Paul as many problems as was possible. Today he was going to learn what real denial and frustration was. Carefully Paul dressed Anna, first her white silk blouse, then some satin panties. Black silk stockings held up by a suspender belt. Paul felt more pre-cum drip from his belt and land on his leg. Next her boots, laced up to her knees, black and shiny with the four inch heel. The black leather skirt, just long enough to be decent but so very provocative.

“Thank you slave, now I am going to put my make upon and you will use the water in the bath for your wash and don’t take any longer than five minutes. I am hungry and you need to make my breakfast before I have finished this task,” she said.

The water was cold, he plunged in and it felt good. For the first time in ages his penis relaxed a little in the cool water. He washed himself as fast as he could, used the toilet and dried himself on the same towels he had used for Anna. Having put them in the hamper to be washed he emptied the bath and cleaned everything up. He knew he was late as he ran down stairs to the kitchen to start breakfast.

By the time he had cooked her meal Anna was sitting at the table and not looking happy.

“Slave I have been waiting now for five minutes,” she said angrily.

“I’m sorry Mistress but I had so little time,” he said.

“I do not take excuses slave, you will be punished in the most fitting way possible. I’ll keep you waiting before I unlock your belt, perhaps that will teach you to move yourself a bit quicker. Shall we say a further week?” she said smiling sweetly.

“No Mistress, please no not a week,” he said falling to his knees begging her.

“Ok then let’s make it two weeks.... Care to go for three slave?” she said smiling.

“No Mistress, your slave apologises for his slackness,” he said hating himself for having to grovel this way.

As Anna ate her breakfast Paul knelt by her side anxious to pass her anything she wanted. His stomach growled wanting food but he knew better than to ask.

“Thank you slave, I have eaten enough, you will finish what is on my plate after you have poured my coffee,” she said.

The plate was put on the floor; Paul crawled over on his knees to pour the coffee the crawl back again.

“Turn round and put your hands behind you slave,” she said.

Paul felt the chill of steel as she locked the handcuffs round his wrists, eating was not going to be made easy.

“Thank you slave, you may eat now,” she said.

It looked cold and he didn’t want it but to refuse would annoy her and he had quickly learnt that was not a good idea. Without hands he was forced to plunge his face into the food, he ate quickly and as he bent to eat off the floor so the waistband of the belt cut in. This was not going to be a good weekend and he briefly wondered just how many more there would be before she gave him the key to his freedom.

Once the plate was licked clean Anna clipped the lead onto his collar and led him back down to the cellar and to her cell. She removed the lead the locked the door of the small cell.

“I don’t need you for an hour or so and don’t want you getting in my way as I have a visitor coming.  I was speaking to him yesterday in a chatroom slave, he wants to buy a chastity belt from me,” she said and burst out laughing. “This one isn’t local like you are and has travelled over 150 miles.”

Paul stood there stunned, he couldn’t think of what to say as she left the room locking the cellar door behind her. With his hands still chained behind him and his face splattered with fried food that was drying and itching he could do nothing but wait in discomfort until her return. As he waited he thought about the poor unsuspecting fool that would soon be locked in a belt like his and at her mercy. Try as hard as he could Paul couldn’t understand what she really wanted out of all this. Ok the fun and games would be just that but eventually she would get fed up...he hoped. Then what?

He was lying on the bed trying to make up for some of the sleep he lost last night when the cellar door opened and Anna walked in.

“So how is my slave then?” she asked.

“Tired and very frustrated Mistress. My arms and shoulders ache from the cuffs and my face itches but I can’t clean it up,” he said feeling very sorry for himself.

“Oh poor diddums, well I think we can help you a little slave. I have a pile of sand that needs shifting from the front to the back yard. It shouldn’t take you long and the fresh air will do you good. First though we must get you ready as I can’t send you out naked except the belt can I?” she said.

“No Mistress,”

The cell door was unlocked and Anna walked in. She locked a pair of ankle cuffs on him that no more than fifteen inches of strong chain connecting them. She clipped the lead to his collar and pulled.

“Come slave, work to be done,” she said.

Paul looked down at his nakedness and hesitated, Anna stopped and glared angrily at him.

“Defy me again and I’ll fill those locks with cement,” she said.

Paul moved quickly, well as fast as the ankle restraints would allow. They reached the front door where she stopped.

“Wait I have to do something first or you will never make it through the doorway,” she said smiling.

Paul saw her go into another room, he waited helpless for her to return. When she did she was carrying some clothes that she threw onto the floor.

“You will wear these slave but don’t get any stupid ideas about absconding before I say so as I have reset your field as far as the gate. Try to go beyond that and the shock collar will hurt you,” she said.

Anna bent down and unlocked the cuffs round his ankles, then those on his wrists. Paul brought his hands back and rubbed his sore wrists with each hand. The clothes consisted of a pair of pink satin shorts, a pink T-shirt, and a pair of black ankle boots with three inch heels. It all fitted him much to his surprise, looking down at himself there was no way he would go too far dressed like this. Anna clipped on his lead and they went through the front doorway to the side of the house. There was a huge pile of sand, a wheelbarrow and shovel.

“Now slave, you will fill the barrow, wheel it round the back of the house to the far bottom right of the garden and tip it on the concrete base I have for it. It will all be done before dinner so you had better get started as soon as I lock your ankle cuffs on,” she said.

Once again the steel cuffs went round his ankles over the leather of the boots and were double locked to prevent them tightening any more. Anna stood up and smiled, she put an arm round him and kissed him gently on the cheek.

“Tonight I have a lovely surprise for you darling, you will really enjoy it providing you don’t mess up before then,” she said in a soft seductive voice.

Paul felt his penis being constricted by the steel tube as she spoke and he could smell her perfume, he knew then he had to finish this task.

It was a long and tiring job but he worked without rest. The cuffs slowed him down and he did get the chain tangled a few times and fall over. He was tired and the sweat was running off him as he scraped the last of the sand into the barrow. He was about to move off when Anna appeared at the door holding a broom and dustpan.

“Sweep the area and put your things away as soon as you are done,” she said.

Paul walked into the kitchen at the back of the house, his hands sore, his back aching and worn out.

“You have made me happy slave, I am pleased with you,” she said smiling.

“Thank you Mistress,” he said.

“Now go up and take a shower but be quick as I have dinner almost done and you may not like it cold,” she said.

Paul removed the boots with difficulty, as he had to slide the cuffs off the leather. He ran as fast as the cuffs would allow up the stairs and to the bathroom.

The shower did freshen him up but did little to ease the ache in his back. With no fresh clothes to wear except the wet shorts Paul went back downstairs in the shorts, cuffs, collar and chastity belt.

“Good, now turn round slave,” she said.

Paul felt the handcuffs circle round his wrists and knew that dinner was not going to be made easy for his to eat. The lead was clipped on his collar and Anna started towards the cellar. Once inside his cell and the door locked Anna removed the lead and went to fetch the meal. This she slid through the hatch by the floor on a tray.

“Now you enjoy slave then take a rest and I’ll be back later on for a little fun before bedtime,” she said.

Paul watched as she left the cellar before dropping to his knees to eat his meal.

It was some time before she returned and Paul was lying on the bed trying to get as comfortable as his restraints would l allow. As soon as he saw her he slid off the bed and onto his knees. Anna seemed pleased with his actions as she unlocked the cell door.

“Come slave I need a cock, a good hard cock,” she said giggling.

With the lead on his collar Paul followed as fast as he could up the stairs and to Anna’s bedroom. Anna removed the ankle cuffs at last, there was red rings left where they had been cutting into him. Then the damp shorts were also removed.

“I hope you are ready to give me pleasure slave,” she said.

“Yes Mistress, I can’t wait, I will do all I can to last long enough to give you lasting pleasure,” he said.

“Oh I know you will slave,” she said laughing.

Anna went to a cupboard and returned with a large strap-on penis attachment.

“This will ensure you retain control and give me pleasure slave,” she said as she strapped it in place over his chastity belt.

But..but.. I thought...” he stammered.

“You never thought I was going to unlock you did you slave? Even you can’t be that stupid,” she said laughing.

Tears ran down his cheeks as he looked down at the strap-on now attached to his chastity belt.

“You did didn’t you? You thought you were going to unload your nuts in me didn’t you slave? Well you have a lot to learn about me and your present status, an awful lot,” she said wiping away the wetness from his face.

Anna unlocked the cuffs then lay on the bed naked.

“Ok slave, I want to cum like never before and if I don’t you will pay for it during the rest of the night so think on,” she said.

Paul employed every little trick he knew with his mouth, fingers and strap-on. He lost count how many times she came, all were very noisy, messy and each one broke his heart as he saw what he was being denied. After several hours Anna had clearly had enough.

“You may remove the strap-on and put it in the basin over there,” she said.

Paul stood by the bed, his penis aching, as were his balls.

“Fetch me that harness slave,” she said.

The harness consisted of two straps and a lead. She took the straps and fastened them round her thighs fairly tightly, Anna looked up and smiled as she saw Paul realise what may be about to happen.

“As a reward for your hard work slave you are going to be permitted to share my bed with me tonight,” she said. “Now turn round so I can locks these cuffs in place.”

Knowing it would only make it worse if he hesitated Paul turned round and once again felt the hard steel as it encircled each wrist.

“Good now let me lock those cuffs on your ankles and then we can get comfortable,” she said.

Anna lay of the black satin sheet, her legs apart naked but for the two straps.

“Right now up you get slave and lay face down between my legs,” she said.

Once in position she clipped his collar to each of the thigh straps, pulled the lead and closed her thighs trapping his head between his legs.

“Good now let me just join your two sets of cuffs so your legs don’t stick out of the bed and get cold,” she said.

Now hog-tied, with his face pressed into her sex for the night and her thighs clamping his head tightly so she rolled over onto her side taking him with her and went to sleep.

Paul lay there not daring to move in case he woke her and that would only be bad news for him. Sleep didn’t come easy in his highly sexed state, he would feel, smell and even taste her sex and yet do nothing to relieve his ever-increasing frustration.

It was early morning and Anna was at last waking up, Paul was still attached between her legs, his penis painfully throbbing behind its shield of steel. Anna felt for the lead and gave it a sharp tug.

“Wake up slave, time for you to have your breakfast and don’t rush it we have plenty of time,” she said.

Paul knew what she meant and immediately adjusted his cramped position and working in the darkness of the duvet he began to use his tongue. For the next hour or so he licked, sucked and even gently nibbled Anna to four or five orgasms while all the time his frustration rose to new peaks. Suddenly the duvet was thrown to one side, he blinked in the sunlight as his eyes struggled to become accustomed to it. Anna unclipped her thigh bands and got out of bed. Looking at Paul she giggled and shook her head.

“I think you enjoyed that didn’t you slave? You certainly have a very messy face to show for it. Well I need a quick shower then we’ll see about you,” she said.

Totally beaten, Paul lay on the bed still chained in the hog-tie that he had been in for many hours. He listened as she sung happily in the shower, it would seem completely oblivious to his needs. Surely she would let him have one orgasm after all she had put him through, he was certain he wouldn’t be able to last another week without one.

Anna walked back intro her bedroom naked; she sat on the bed giggling happily.

“Poor baby, I guess you would like to stretch yourself and get cleaned up a little,” she said reaching over picking up some keys.

As she reached over her firm breast pressed against Paul’s face, he gave a soft groan as his penis tried to react accordingly.

Once unlocked, the cuffs removed, Anna still naked took hold of his lead and helped him stand. Paul was stiff and ached as he did so but he managed to stand and walk to the shower. Anna unclipped the lead and he was left alone to shower.

Breakfast was served in the cage as usual and while Anna prepared for the day ahead so Paul slumped on the bed desperate for the frustration to be eased enough so he could sleep.

Anna entered the cellar; she was wearing a leather corset, small leather panties, long gloves and the same boots from the previous day. She looked every inch a true dominatrix.

“Stand and move away from that door slave,” she demanded.

Paul stood, his hands still chained together behind him and walked as far from the door as he could then faced the wall.

The door opened and Anna walked in, seconds later she had his ankles in steel cuffs and a leather hood locked on his head.

“Come, follow,” she said as she pulled the lead.

Paul was taken upstairs, he went from room to room until he had lost all sense of direction.

“Stop and stand still slave,” she said.

Legs apart as far as you can,” she said.

Paul felt further chains being locked to the cuffs and pulled out sideways, now he couldn’t move his feet at all. Next a rope or chain was fastened to his collar and he felt the collar pull upwards until he was on his toes then it was relaxed a little.

“I’m going to remove your cuffs now slave and put some leather ones on you that will be far more comfortable.” She said.

The hated steel cuffs were unlocked and Paul felt a wide leather strap being buckled round each wrist, chains were clipped on and his arms pulled upwards and outwards so he ended up standing spread with little movement at all.

“Tell me slave, how does that feel? Comfortable?” she asked.

“Yes Mistress,” he said knowing any other reply could mean big trouble stretched the way he was.

“Good, now I know you have only been locked in that belt for a very short time and it is going to take time to get used to wearing it, however I feel I have a duty to ensure that it isn’t causing any serious problems down there. I am therefore going to remove it from you and we’ll take a look and see,” she said.

Paul heard her walk away, he was on his own and tested his restraints. They were totally effective in that he could not even move let alone work his way into a position to over power her while he was unlocked. Once again he cursed his own stupidity that had done this to him.

“Is the belt still comfortable slave?” she asked.

“Mistress please I am desperate to have an orgasm, just one Mistress please,” he begged.

“That does not answer my question slave,” she said sharply.

“The belt itself is wearable Mistress, steel can never be comfortable,” he said.

“No I guess not, now let us see if my keys works,” she said giggling.

Paul felt the key go into the lock then seconds later it turned a few times as it unscrewed. The lock came off easily in Anna’s hand, she put it on the floor with the key then pushed the joining pins free at the waistband. The belt was slid down his legs, his penis had to be helped out of the tiny tube until the belt lay on the floor at his feet. Paul still in darkness of the hood could only feel as Anna stroked her hands around the marks the belt had caused.

“A pretty pattern slave, still no undue pressure marks at all. This belt could well have been made just for you,” she said.

Paul’s penis was standing out proud, as hard as the steel that had enclosed it. He was sure that just one touch would be enough to shoot several huge loads of cum out of his congested balls.

“Well you are a randy sod slave, I think I’ll use a pair of latex gloves over my leather ones to touch that thing,” she said.

Paul gave a cry of shock more than anything else as a large bag of ice was pushed against his cock and balls and held in place.

“I think we need to get that down in size a little to take a look,” she said.

Five minutes later, tears running down his cheeks Paul’s penis had shrivelled up and as blue as his balls were.

“Excellent, now let me take a look,” said Anna.

She took his penis, checked for any bruising underneath, around his balls, then pulled back his foreskin and checked there too. It all looked fine, she was happy she could relock him again for another week. First though she would have a little fun she thought to herself.

“Well slave you will be delighted to know that everything looks fine down there before I lock you back up again I am going to give you a good wash and clean up,” she said.

For the next two or three hours Anna washed, oiled, powdered, and teased his penis so many times she lost count. Between his feet she saw a puddle of pre-cum, she congratulated herself that her skill had prevented the loss of even one tiny drop of cum. She was feeling tired and a little hungry so decided it was time to finish up here and press on with the day. Paul stood in his chains, he penis once again steel hard and twitching, he was thrusting into the air in a pathetic, desperate attempt to cum. So hard was he concentrating on what he was doing he had no idea what was about to happen. The large bag of ice was pushed cruelly hard against his throbbing penis and balls. He gave a howl of disbelief and pain as the coldness of the ice started to reduce his proud erection to nothing.

“It never stops surprising me just how effective a bag of ice is at taking a man down to his proper size again, so much fun,” said Anna.

Paul sobbed as the ice was taken away, he felt a lubricant being sprayed onto his penis then her fingers took his penis and fed it into that hated tube again. Holding onto to that she pulled the belt back up latching the tube into the front shield before engaging the pins at the back. Paul struggled in a vain attempt to prevent her from doing it but it caused her no trouble at all. The click of the lock sounded like a gun shot to Paul under that hood as it was pressed into place and the lock screwed down tight with the special key.

“Good that is all done then,” she said as if she had just given a baby a bath. It was really of no consequence to her at all.

Anna left the sobbing figure to lock the key away in her safe that was hidden in another room. She was happy with the way everything had gone and satisfied that she could leave her new slave for a week without anything nasty happening to him that was caused by the belt. The keys locked away she returned to her slave and started to remove his restraints.

It was early afternoon; Anna had a visitor due just after five o’clock and had no further use for Paul at present. She thought about locking him away in the cellar in case she required his services later on but then thought it may be better to take him back home so he could try and rest. Anna found his clothes and took then down to the cellar where he was in the cell. He was lying on the bed, she watched as he tried to get even a finger under the shield to touch his penis.

“It can’t be done slave, many have tried it and none had succeeded and you will not be the first I can assure you. Here are you clothes, get dressed and I am going to take you home,” she said.

Paul picked the clothes up off the floor and put them on, he wondered if he should try and force her to give him the key but then remembered the shock collar and decided it wasn’t a good idea. Once he was dressed Anna unlocked the cell door and together they left the cellar.

“Hold on slave, I need to disable the force field before we go outside. If however you are getting any stupid ideas I would suggest you don’t, I can still hurt you through the collar with just one press of my finger on this button,” she said.

Anna threw Paul the car keys and told him to get in and drive. They reached his house almost in silence, as he pulled up outside the house Anna reached over and gently kissed his cheek.

“It’s been fun this weekend slave, you will come and serve me again next weekend. I’ll expect you the same time on Friday. I have already returned your car as you can see while you were in my cell,” she said.

“Please Mistress will I be able to have an orgasm next week, I have never felt so frustrated,” he said

“I don’t know slave, perhaps but then I always find a slave with choked up balls is far better behaved. I think it is a case of being afraid what they may lose rather than being grateful for what they have just received,” she said.

“But Mistress I have to cum soon,” he begged.

Enough, now let me remove your collar and you are to go without saying any more or I’ll make sure you don’t cum before Christmas,” she said.

The steel collar was removed and Paul got out of the car and slowly walked back into his house a tired and desperate man. Anna giggled happily as she watched then slid over into the driving seat and off she went. She was happy he would soon be ready for the next part of her plan.

Paul sat at home feeling depressed and wondering what he was going to do to get himself out of this mess he was in. Using force was not the answer, he had no idea where the keys were and he knew she would never tell him. However he couldn’t stand many more weekends like that so something had to be done. He stripped off and went upstairs and lay down on the bed. At first he just thought about what had happened and how reality was so different from his fantasy had been. His hand went down to the chastity belt and felt the hard steel baring his way. He hit it hard with his fist, it hurt his hand but he felt nothing else. He turned on his side and eventually he cried himself to sleep.

Monday morning came and with it the inevitable morning erection. Pain and more pain came as his imprisoned penis tried to erect behind the steel. He phoned in sick to work, something had to be done as he showered he wasn’t sure what but he couldn’t go on like this. He washed and considered his option. As he ate his breakfast, it felt good to sit and eat and not have his hands chained together and have to eat off the floor. Paul wrote a list of ways he might be able to get the belt removed. With five ideas on the list he then set about crossing off those he thought were impossible or unlikely to succeed. Three lines went through three items leaving him just two. Both would be humiliating, but both could if things worked in his favour set him free. The first was a visit to a locksmith and see if the lock was all Anna had claimed it to be. He couldn’t go to a local one so he would drive out into the city. The other option was to go to the police and make a complaint against Anna and get them to force her to give him the key. He didn’t like the idea of going to the police so he picked up the telephone book and searched out a locksmith.

“Hello, I was wondering if you could help me. Now this may seem a bit of a strange story and I am embarrassed to have to tell you but I do need your help. My girlfriend and I have been playing with a chastity belt, she has this locked on me right now. However when she got home last night her boss had called and she had to fly out first thing this morning to a conference for two weeks and had taken the keys with her. If I come to see you do you think you could remove this for me?” he asked.

The sweat was running down his face, he was burning up he was so embarrassed as the guy listened in silence to his tale.

“Well I don’t know, never been asked to open a chastity belt that’s for sure. I suppose you could come in and I’ll try. Leave it until about one o’clock when I close for dinner and I can then work and give you a bit of privacy,” he said.

“Ok thanks, I do appreciate it. This thing is driving me nuts and I can’t stay in it until she gets back,” Paul said.

“Well I’ll do my best see you soon,” he said and put the phone down.

The locksmith shook his head in disbelief as he looked at the steel belt that Paul was wearing.

“Wow fella, she likes things secure that’s for sure. I have never seen anything like that, whatever does it feel like to wear?” he said.

“Uncomfortable and extremely frustrating,” said Paul.

“I bet, you wouldn’t catch me in one of them not for any girl. Well let’s take a look at the business end of this thing,” he said.

Paul stood holding his shirt up with his pants round his ankles as the locksmith sat on a chair and stared at the lock.

“My word I haven’t seen a lock like this before. I think there must be about twenty pins there,” he said.

“She said 16 but she could be wrong. Do you think you can undo it for me?” he asked.

“I doubt very much if anyone could without the keys mate. I’ll give it a go but I honestly think I’ll be wasting my time,” he said.

“Please do try, you are my last hope to get this thing off,” said Paul.

“Ok I’ll try, hold still,” said the locksmith.

The clock had moved round to two o’clock and Paul was still standing with his pants round his ankles and still the locksmith tried to undo the lock. He sat back and sighed deeply.

“It’s no good fella, there ain’t no way you are going to undo that lock without the right keys,” he said shaking his head sadly.

“Please keep on trying, please,” begged Paul.

“No sorry fella, I am as good as most locksmiths and I know when I am beaten. The only other way of getting out is to try and cut the metal and that I would say is very dangerous,” he said.

“She says it can’t be cut, she had the belt made specially for us to play with. It cost her a small fortune,” said Paul.

“I can imagine, well if it can’t be cut then I guess you are stuck in that thing until she unlocks you and I only hope she don’t lose the keys while she is away,” he said putting the chair away.

Paul got dressed and paid the locksmith his fee, thanked him for trying and left.

Well she was telling the truth, I should never have doubted her he thought to himself as he walked along the footpath. That leaves me with just one option and that is the police. He walked around the town centre for an hour or so trying to pluck up the courage to go in and talk to them. His stomach churned, he nerves felt so on edge they could snap at any time, he had to do something.

Sitting in a room he looked at the policeman sitting opposite to him as he made notes. Paul had told him everything about how he had bought the device from her and how she had not given him the keys to remove it. How he had just spent the whole weekend at her mercy and he begged him to go and get the key for him. The policeman asked to see the device, he smiled and shook his head wondering why anybody would allow themself to get locked in it. Paul explained about the locksmith and why in desperation he had been forced to seek the help of the police. The policeman left the room to consult with another officer as Paul got his clothes back on again.

A short while later on he returned and said he was going to visit Anna and would hear her side of the story and while he was gone Paul was to stay at the station and someone would be by soon with a cup of tea for him.

“Thank you very much officer, I don’t know how to thank you,” Paul said.

“Well don’t thank me yet, I haven’t got the keys and I am only going to see what the lady has to say. It will depend on that whether I return with the keys or not.

Anna was looking out of her window as the police car pulled up; she wondered what they wanted. She hurried to the front door to let them in.

“Excuse me Miss, we have had a complaint from a gentleman regarding the sale of a chastity belt and was wondering if we could come in and talk to you about it,” the officer said.

Anna smiled and stood aside.

“Come in officer, through to the lounge and take a seat. Would you care for a drink?” she asked.

“No thank you ma’am, I would like to get this sorted out quickly if I can,” he said.

“Yes certainly and I’ll do all I can to assist. Now what is it you want to know?” she said smiling.

The idea that Paul had been so desperate as to go to these lengths amused Anna immensely.

The officer outlined what Paul had said then waited for her to reply.

“Well officer what he says is certainly mainly true. I did sell him a chastity belt, however I never forced him to put it on, he asked me to put it on him. Also I never claimed that I was selling him the keys to remove it, it was up to him to make sure he had the right keys before he locked it on himself. As for this weekend, again yes he did spend it with me and certainly most people would think that I was cruel and unkind to him but this is the problem. You see officer he asked if he could visit me to play games, I agreed and told him to come on Friday and be prepared to stay the weekend. Never at any time did he offer a “stop word” or do anything other than play out the scene. His mouth was free almost all the time and he only had to say that he wanted the game to stop and it would. So you see officer I was only doing exactly as he had asked me to do. I also have this receipt signed and dated by him and if you care to read it then you can see it clearly verifies what I have said,” she said.

“I see so what about this key that you have of his to unlock this thing?” asked the officer.

“That is my key, I never offered that for sale. The key he bought enables him to lock the device on, whether he did or not was entirely up to him. As I said it was up to him to check he had everything before buying,  and then locking the belt in place. It was not my place to point out that I retained the only key to undo it. I did however tell him when he bought the belt that I was retaining a key and that one was not for sale. I would have thought that would have aroused suspicion enough to check the belt and key properly before buying and wearing it. After all officer what would you have done?” she asked.

Anna smiled as the policeman blushed slightly, he seemed uneasy in her presence as he wriggled on the chair.

“Well yes I can see you do make everything very clear in this receipt, I trust he has a copy of it.”

Anna nodded her head.

“So from that and from what you say, it would seem he has just made one mistake after another and no criminal offence has taken place. I’ll be going now Ma’am, I’ll get back and break the bad news to the gentleman,” he said.

“Thank you officer, perhaps you would tell him if he likes to visit me next Friday as arranged we could talk about him buying the key,” she said smiling.

“I’ll do that and I am sure he’ll be very interesting in buying it,” he said.

“Yes, I wonder if he can afford it though,” she said giggling happily.

The policeman left and drove back to the station and broke the news to Paul. He was devastated that the officer couldn’t help him, now he was totally at her mercy and knew he would pay dearly for this stunt. The news of what was written in the receipt he ha dsigned shocked him, he needed to read it through properly. The fact key may be for sale cheered him up and he hurried out of the police station and back home.

Once home he set to work doing anything to take his mind off the chastity belt and his pent up frustration. He had no idea how he managed to get through the week; he was ready to climb up walls by the time Friday evening came round. He didn’t know how but he knew he had to find enough money to buy that key and get himself out of this belt once and for all.

Paul drove out to Anna’s house and parked by the side. His knees were knocking with fear as he walked round to the front door and rang the bell. A stern looking Anna answered the door; Paul shook under her gaze.

“In and strip, we have business to take care of I think,” she said.

Paul hurried in and stripped off his clothes and knelt on the floor. Anna picked up her handcuffs and fastened them on his wrist behind his back. The she locked the collar on and pressed the shock button. Paul screamed in pain like he had never felt before.

“I owed you that one for the embarrassment you cause me last Monday,” she said angrily.

“I’m sorry Mistress but I am desperate, I had to try anything to get this belt off me,” he sobbed.

“Well in that case I may have some good news for you, come follow me to the cellar,” she said.

They reached the cellar where she locked him in the cell. Anna sat down and looked at Paul still on his knees the other side of the steel bars.

“So slave you had better tell me exactly what happened last Monday from the time you got up until you left the police station,” she said.

Paul explained about the locksmith, this made her laugh as she heard about his embarrassment and then the humiliation of having to tell his tale to the policeman. She found the fact he had to drop his pants to show the officer very funny and by the time he had finished his tale tears were running from her eyes she was laughing so much.

“Well slave you have cheered me up and I will not give you the thrashing you deserve. Now I understand you are prepared to buy my key from me is that true?” she asked.

“Yes Mistress gladly,” he said.

“Well I may be prepared to sell it but I don’t think you could afford it, you see I am rather attached to it,” she said.

“How much do you want for it?” he asked.

Well let us say I would consider an offer of £500,000,” she said smiling.

“But I don’t have that sort of money, how can you say the key is worth that much?” he said angrily.

“I sold you the belt cheaply as I didn’t want it but I knew you did. Now however I have the key and I do want to keep that and play some more for years to come and that is how much I value the entertainment I will lose,” she said.

“But Mistress I can’t pay you anything like that, even if I sold my house I still couldn’t get that much money,” he said.

“No slave I know it is a problem for you. Let me see, ok look I have another idea how about I buy the belt back off you with the promise I’ll remove it from you as soon as you agree,” she said.

“Really you would do that Mistress, buy the belt back and remove it then let me go from here a free man?” he asked.

“Yes slave I would do that, however you must realise that I am not keen to have back a belt I have just sold so I won’t be paying much for it,” she said.

“Yes Mistress I understand, how much did you think would be a fair price?” he asked.

“One penny slave, that is my offer,” she said firmly.

“But Mistress I paid you £500 for it just two weeks ago, it must be worth more than that,” he said.

“Ok then slave keep the belt, you have heard my offer so either accept it right now or it will be withdrawn for ever,” she said.

“Sorry Mistress I didn’t seem to sound ungrateful, of coarse I’ll be happy to accept your generous offer of one penny,” he said.

“Ok I thought you may see it my way, they all do,” she said undoing the door of the cell.

Anna unlocked the steel cuffs then the belt and removed it totally. Paul was free of it for the first time in two weeks and his penis stood hard and firm before him. Anna threw his clothes at him and told him to get dressed while she fetched his money.

He thought about masturbating right away but then fear hit him and he wanted to get out of this place before she changed her mind. He was still wearing the collar.

When she returned she gave him a penny and had him sign a receipt to say he was happy to sell the belt for that amount.

“Right then slave follow me,” she said.

They reached the front door before she unlocked the collar then pushed him out of the door.

“Excellent another £499.99 profit this week, this is turning into a very profitable business. With three belts that means I get almost £1000 every month and when that next belt is delivered I’ll be able to double that. Life is so sweet, so many fools out there who have fantasies that turn into nightmares, I wonder if they would pay more than £500 for the belt?” She said aloud.

Anna went into her office and switched on her computer then logged into a chat room.

“Hello I’m Anna I wonder if we could talk as I may have something that will interest you,” she typed.

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