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Big Brother

The day before

"Your last night of freedom!" said Steve, filling up Alex's glass with more Scotch.

"It's quite scary, I've no idea what's going to happen in there," Alex replied, knocking back half the glass.

"You've nothing to worry about, it's only a game show. What's the worst that could happen?"

"I could get evicted after the first week, if everyone in the house hates me. Or I could say something stupid and be damned by the press - those cameras are on all the time, you know! Or I could get together with a nice girl but have my 'performance' broadcast to the world!"

Steve laughed. "I don't know, you're complaining because you're going to be stuck in a house for up to 10 weeks with a bunch of sexy girls and almost limitless sex - you're a hard man to please."

Alex stared into his now empty glass. "Not sure why I'm bothering, I don't have any chance of winning."

"Don't worry, you'll win."

"Do you think so? I've got nothing going for me."

Steve filled Alex's glass again. "Just have another drink, get into the house tomorrow, and remember me while you're spending your winnings."

Alex knocked back the scotch again, and was going to complain some more when the world started spinning...

Day Zero

Never mind the mother of all hangovers, Alex had to get to the studio on time! He jumped out of Steve's car almost before it had stopped, and dashed past the security guard, then had to go back to the car for his suitcase and pass.

Soon he was standing in front of Devine, the glamourous host of the show (pregnant again) while the flashbulbs of a dozen newspapers popped at him. "What's going to be your game plan?" she asked.

He was feeling far too ill for this. "Well, er, I hadn't thought, er I guess, to be nice to people, I think."

And in he went, through the crowds and into the silence of the house, where he would remain until he became evictee or winner.

Day One, 2:14pm

The empty house was now crowded with new people - a bodyguard, twin ballerinas, a footballer, an artist, and many other types. Alex had already taken a shine to Emily, a history student, though he wasn't sure she'd noticed him.

They'd all started out with a party and, despite the night before, Alex had a few drinks and felt better.

After a while, he had to go to the toilet. Cameras were everywhere in the house, even there, and as he stood in front of the bowl and dropped his trousers, he saw one staring at him - fortunately, at head height.

And it must have got a good picture! Just as he reached into his underwear to pull out his cock, he felt something hard he wasn't expecting. He pulled it out, to find it was a long smooth metal tube, but it was where his cock was supposed to be. And when he pulled on it, he felt it pulling on his body.

He dropped his underwear to have a closer look. His cock had somehow become stuck in steel cylinder, which was attached tightly around the top of his ball sack. He thought perhaps he could unscrew the device, but he found what looked like a keyhole, keeping the device in place. And he was stuck in it - his balls weren't going to slip through the gap and he couldn't see any other way to get it off.

Fortunately, his immediate need could be handled by the small hole at the end of the tube. He relaxed, and piss started to dribble out of the end. Once he was done, he took a shower head and tried as best he could to clean up.

How could this have happend? Perhaps all the house mates had one of these? He couldn't understand it, so he pulled up his trousers and went back to the group.

Day 2, 10:05am

No, not all the house mates had one. He knew that because already the bodyguard was boasting about having had both the twin ballerinas in his bed last night, and from the sounds they were making at the time, he wasn't restrained at all.

But Alex had not had such a good night. He had spent a while trying to pull the tube off (that must have looked interesting for the cameras) and failed, then tried to sleep, but woke up when a sex dream had made him hard - the tube was not quite long enough for him to get fully hard in, so it got painful if he tried.

Meanwhile, Emily had come over to chat to him. She was a pretty girl, normally way out of his league, but things were different in the house. He got to thinking how he'd like to slip into her bed that night, but then got a painful reminder that he couldn't do anything more with her if he did.

Day Two, 4:13pm

"This is Big Brother. The jacuzzi has started, and will run for one hour."

All the housemates dashed to the bedrooms and changed into swimwear to go into the huge party size jacuzzi in the garden. Alex did too, knowing that he had a pair of baggy swim shorts that would hide any odd bulges.

But when he rummaged through his suitcase, he couldn't find them! All he could find were a pair of tight swim trunks that he was sure he hadn't packed. And when he put them on, he found they were actually a thong!

Well, why not? He put them on and went out to the jacuzzi, to sounds of wolf whistles - not only for his bare ass showing but also the buge in the tight thong.

Emily sat next to him in the jacuzzi, and as they chatted, she 'accidentally' brushed her hand past his bulge, then 'accidentally' did it again. She said, "That feels interesting. Perhaps I'll come over to your bed tonight and find out more!"

That was going to be an interesting conversation...

Day Two, 9:48pm

It must have been Steve that had put the device onto Alex's cock. No-one else would have had access to his suitcase and himself. But what could he do about it?

Alex went into the Diary Room to talk to Big Brother.

He said, "I think my friend might have left something for me, a small key or a spanner or something."

A disembodied voice said, "Alex, you know that contact with the outside world is not allowed while you are in the Big Brother house."

"Would it help if I said 'please'?"

"What is it that you want, Alex?"

"It's really important!"

"Perhaps if you explain the nature ofthe emergency, Big Brother can help."

This conversation was being recorded, and could be broadact to millions of people! Reluctantly, Alex said, "Don't worry, it's nothing."

Day Three, 1:17am

Alex was lying in his bed, failing to sleep. He saw a shadow moving towards his bed, and soon Emily was lying on top of him on his bedding.

"Hi, sexy," she whispered. "You want to carry on where we left off earlier?"

"Um, yea," he said, unsure what was going to happen.

"After you saw me in my bikini, the bulge in your thong said plenty - I can't wait to get a closer look!"

He couldn't avoid it, he'd just have to tell her before she found out. "Look, there's something..."

But she was too quick, she was already under the covers. "Wow, you're hard as steel already, you must have been thinking about me. Hey, what's going on here?"

She pulled back the covers. He was naked except for the steel tube, which was pointing straight up because the cock inside it was ready for action. She ran her hands over the tube, which he couldn't feel, and over his balls, which he could.

He prepared for either laughter or lots of questions, but she only said, "There's some writing on it..." She leaned down and somehow in the dim light managed to read it, and said, "Ah, I see now!"

Without asking any other questions, she shuffled up the bed, and sat on his chest with her knees either side of his head. She said, "Well then, you'd better get to work!"

She lowered her pussy over his face, at just the right level that his tongue could lap her clit. She pulled his head in towards her and started moaning as he tongued her. He moaned too, from the pain that his cock was experiencing in its prison. She panted harder as he tickled her clit lightly, then flicked it hard. Soon she barely muffled a scream, then collapsed down beside him in bed.

With her hand grasping his steel appendage, they fell to sleep in each others arms.

Day Three, 8:21am

What did it say? He knew there was some writing on his cock shield, and it would explain Emily's reaction last night, but it was on the underside and he couldn't read it.

As far as he knew, every mirror in the building had a camera behind it. If he used one to read the writing, then every viewer of the TV show would be able to read it too, and he couldn't let that happen.

Meanwhile, he had noticed that several times Emily had been chatting to the twin ballerinas. Each time she'd pointed to him and said something to them, and the three of them had giggled, but he couldn't hear what they were talking about.

Day Four, 1:49am

Alex was woken up by the twins pulling the covers off his bed. They were both wearing identical sexy little nightdresses. They didn't say a word to him, they just grabbed his steel cock then giggled to each other in whatever Eastern European language they both speak.

They both put their heads up by his head, and started speaking very sternly to him. He had no idea what they were saying, but it sounded very commanding. Then, one of them straddled his head and thrust her hairless pussy into his face. He obediently started licking anything he could reach.

Meanwhile he felt the other girl moving aroung his imprisoned cock, then felt a hard pressure down on it. She squealed, and moaned rhythmically as he felt his cock being moved up and down.

Suddenly the one on his face got up, and then he got to see what had been happening - his cock tube was all the way up inside the girl's pussy, and she was fucking it while straddling him. But, of course, he could watch the fun, but he couldn't feel a thing!

They exchanged some words, then exchanged places - he felt one lower onto his trapped cock as the other smothered his face.

This went on for what seemed like hours when, somehow, simultaneously, both of them started breathing heavily and then screamed out in orgasmic pleasure, probably waking all the housemates in the process. They kissed each other, then climbed off him and walked away without a word.

Frustrated as hell, he spent the next 20 minutes trying to cum, but failed.

Day Four, 10:13am

Alex couldn't use any mirror in the house to find out what was written on the underside of his cock prison, but he had a plan. For the last 15 minutes he'd been washing up, and specifically polishing a spoon, while wearing only a towel around his waist.

He innocently carried the spoon to the bathroom, where, as casually as possible, he dropped the spoon, and let the towel fall off as he bent to pick it up. In fact, he spent some time crouched on the floor, squinting at the spoon trying to read the reflection of his metal member.

Finally he worked out that the inscription along his shaft read: "Only to serve"

So Emily had read that and assumed he was in the house only to serve the girls and not for his own pleasure! That's why the twins had been using him like a sex slave!

Well, there was nothing he could do about it now, so he might as well enjoy it as much as possible.

Day 8, 11:03pm

The housemates were sitting around, drinking and playing "Truth or Dare". Li, a gay chinese boy, asked Alex, "What's it to be?"

Alex didn't really like the game, it stressed him out. He particularly didn't like dares, so he answered, "I'll take a truth."

Li smiled, like he knew something that Alex wasn't going to like. He said, "Do you have a metal penis?"

This was what Alex had been fearing, and now that he was asked a direct question in front of everyone, he couldn't duck out of it like he had a few times before. He had rehearsed what he was going to say, and it was the only thing he could say without looking too foolish, but he only hoped he could pull it off without sounding rediculous.

He took a deep breath, and said, "Yes. Well, my cock isn't metal, but it's inside a metal tube. " He continued before he was barraged with questions. "I feel it's important to put the needs of a sexual partner before my own, and this tube ensures that."

For a moment, there was silence, everyone staring at him open-mouthed. Then Li asked the question Alex hadn't expected: "Can I see?"

Before long, all the housemates were crowded around a naked Alex. They'd asked all the usual questions: Does it hurt, How long have you had it, How can you take it off, Can you go to toilet, Where did you get it, What's that writing on it? To each of them, Alex had given an answer, and some of them were even truthful.

For a while, he was the focus of everyone's attention, but, to Alex's great relief, finally the game continued. But he still got asked for truths or dares, and he never got any of his clothes back.

Half the country would have been watching that game on live TV, and on re-runs, and in the newspapers, and everywhere else. Everyone would have an opinion about him, but he had no idea whether the general public would think him a hero or a weirdo.

Day 9, 3:31am

Alex was woken by the soft whisper of a Chinese voice, saying, "I need servicing." Li slipped into his bed beside him. Li was naked, and his cock was hard.

Alex was straight, and had only ever had sexual contact with women up to now, but at the moment he was feeling so horny that he felt that maybe giving an orgasm to another guy would be the closest he could get to having one himself. So he let Li do what he was going to do.

Li put himself into the 69 position, pushing his cock into Alex's mouth while Li stared at Alex's cock, not quite knowing what to do with it. Li took Alex's balls into his mouth as Alex worked on Li's hard meat.

Alex was surprised by how turned on he was getting at the idea that he was going to make this cock shoot its sperm load into him, and sucked at it with vigour. The feeling of his balls being sucked only added to his extreme horniness and the agony of the tube crushing his cock.

Li pulled out, then said to Alex, "Can you cum with this tube on?"

He replied, "No, but I'm horny as hell, I'd give anything to shoot my load if I could."

Li said, "Maybe I can help you. Turn over."

Alex had laughed in the past at the idea of gay guys 'taking it up the arse', but now that's just what was going to happen to him, and if it would make him cum then he didn't care.

He crouched on his bed, knees up to his chest and silver cock hanging between his ankles, as Li positioned himself behind, and said, "Just try to relax." Alex felt a pressure on his arse, and his instinct was to clench, but he let it in, and soon lubricated, condom-covered man-meat was inside him.

It just made it worse. Li pumped away, and then criex out in climax, while Alex got more and more turned on with the constant stimulation, but nowhere near an orgasm. He found a sticky mess dripping out from the tube, which may well have been the fuid he was trying to expel, but there was no orgasmic crechendo associated with it.

Li fell alseep with his arms around Alex, and Alex, as ever, slept horny.

Day 69, 9:2pm

Over the days and weeks in the house, Alex had given hundreds of sexual experiences to the housemates, sometimes individually and sometimes as an orgy, but he never once obtained a climax himself. His raging horniness became an insessant background emotion, and he almost forgot that sex usually pleasured both partners.

Nominations and evictions came and went, but the housemates never nominated him for public voting - he was too useful in the house. It was perhaps that, perhaps his selfless service to others, and perhaps just his character, that caused him to be popular with the public too.

So much so, that now Alex and Emily were standing alone in the house, listening to the hostess Devine announcing, "And the winner of Big Brother is..."

Not a sound was heard as the pair waited tensely for what seemed like hours for Devine's next word.


They screamed and they hugged. When Alex entered the house, he never even though that he might win. And probably, without the chastity cock tube, he never would have.

Devine said, "Alex, as the winner of Big Brother you get to spend all the prize money in any way you choose. This year a second prize has been donated from an anonymous source, but it's only a small key. Emily, it's yours when you come out."

Alex looked shocked, but Emily looked delighted. She said to him, "You might have won, but I don't think your ordeal is over, slave-boy!"

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