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The BJ Boys

Billy called out to Jonny, "Are you ready to go yet?"

Jonny came into the bedroom, "Yea sexy, all set. Get your clothes on and let's go."

"Um," Billy said, "you're forgetting something, aren't you?"

Billy tapped on his underwear. He could tap on it because it was fibreglass. Moulded to his body, a perfect fit and staying where it was put until a key opened the securing mechanism.

Jonny, "Oh, that... well, I meant it last week when I said you should keep your chastity belt on when you swim."

Billy's jaw dropped. "You're kidding! You going to keep me in this?"

Jonny said, "Yea, I am. Don't worry, it's not nearly as visible as you think it is. It will be an experience. And it's not the only experience we'll have, but I'll tell you about that later."

Billy knew to trust Jonny. They'd been going out for three years, and Jonny had kept Billy in chastity off and on for the last year. He knew that when Jonny said they were going to do something, they would do it, and it would usually be an adventure worth doing, however bizarre it sounded in the beginning. So Billy pulled on his jeans and off they went.

They arrived at the swimming pool. Fortunately, the changing rooms were empty, since Billy felt very self-concious about exposing his chastity belt.

He took his jeans off and rummaged in the bag they had for his swim shorts. "Hey, where's my shorts?"

Jonny replied, "You don't need them. I said you were going to swim in your chastity belt, and I meant it."

"You're kidding! Let everyone see it? They'll think I'm mad."

Jonny said, "Look in the mirror. You glance at it, and it just looks like Speedo's or something. There's nothing that gives away the fact that it's fetish-wear. Just think how kinky it would be, being out in public in bondage and no-one knowing. And I'll be reminding you all about the experience when I unlock you tonight!"

Billy looked in the mirror, and he was right, it did look quite innocent. It was black, with the same coverage as normal swim trunks, and the keyhole was covered with a rubber bung to protect and hide it. He instantly got hard, knowing that he was going to be wearing it in the pool, but his hardness just hit against the confinement that the chastity belt imposed on him - it just got him frustrated and more horny.

Jonny said, "There's one bit I have to deal with. Bend over, the arse hole of your belt needs covering."

Jonny looked around to make sure there was no-one else in the changing room, then squirted some lube onto a large dildo. He put one hand on Billy's shoulder for leaverage as he quickly pushed the dildo up his arse. Once it was all in, the base of the dildo perfectly matched the hole in the chastity belt. He quickly turned and removed the key in the base of the dildo.

Billy said, "Fuck! What was that! It's huge!"

Jonny smiled, "Oh, didn't I mention, I bought the next size up for you. Hope it's comfortable."

Billy said, "well, I sure know it's in there! And I guess it's locked in now, is it?"

"Yep, you're doing your hour's swim with that in you."

"Just as well I'm in chastity now, because I'm fucking hard in here!"

Jonny said, "You're not the only one. Take a look at this." Jonny unbuttoned his jeans and slipped them off. "What do you think?"

Billy saw the big cock bulge well defined in his swim shorts. "Mm tasty!"

"Touch it."

That was an unusual request for a swimming pool changing room, but Billy complied. When he felt it, he realised it was rubber! Jonny was wearing rubber shorts, and was going to swim in them in public!

Jonny said, "That's not all, these are the rubber shorts with the built in buttplug! I'm going to have the same size dildo up my arse as you've got while we're out there swimming."

Billy grinned. "You sure know how to kink up a boring afternoon!"

They locked up their gear in a locker and went to the pool for their swim.

An hour later, they returned to the locker. Neither of them could believe they'd been out there in public, both with their arses filled and wearing kinky clothing, and no-one noticed or said a thing.

Jonny took the locker key clipped on his shorts and opened their locker. But it was empty!

Empty except for a note, which read: "Got all your stuff. Got Billy's buttplug key, and Jonny will be naked if he takes his plug shorts off. Get your filled arses over to the sports hall. Love and hugs."

It was unsigned. Jonny said, "Who the hell would do something like this? It's not just theft, it must be someone who knows us and knows what we're doing. I think it must be one of our mates having some fun. But we've not go choice, we've got no way to get home without my bag and keys."

Billy looked strangely at Jonny. "Is this some sort of kinky scene you've organised?"

Jonny stared back. "No! I was with you all the time, how would I have got stuff out of our locker?"

Billy said, "I guess so. We'd better go to the sports hall then, as it says."

Jonny said, "You know this means we have to go outside, wearing nothing but our fetish gear!"

They made it to the sports hall. They had to walk barefoot along gravel paths, and say 'Hi' to people they passed, while they were both wearing next to nothing.

One of the doors was left slightly open, and inside, right in the middle of the hall was a pile of clothes and a note.

Jonny examined the note while Billy checked out the clothes. The note read: "Hi boys! Get these suits on, use the padlocks, and get yourselves to this address" followed by an address they didn't know on a nearby street.

Billy found that the clothes were actually two suits. One of the suits was black rubber, the other was black shiny lycra. Both suits had feet and hoods, but the lycra one didn't have any arms.

Jonny said, "I guess we should choose who wears what then?"

Billy held up the rubber suit and said, "This might help." The rubber suit had a large dildo built into its arse. "My arse is still locked up so I can't get that in. You'll have to cope with this."

Jonny pulled off his rubber shorts, and pulled out the buttplug on the way. His cock immediately sprung into action. Billy grabbed hold of it and said, "Mmm nice! We must go swimming buttplugged more often!"

Jonny started putting the rubber suit on. It was tight, but it had some sort of libricant inside already so he was able to pull it on. The legs of the suit clung on tightly to his legs as he forced the new plug into his arse. This one seemed even bigger than the one in his shorts. As he pushed his arms into the sleeves of the suit, Billy admired the large bulge that Jonny's cock was making in the rubber.

They found that the hood of the suit had a gag in it - another large dildo.

Billy said, "You know you're making me very horny, clad in skintight rubber, and knowing you're going to be locked in, buttplugged and gagged. When your sucking on that dildo in your mouth, I want you to think that it's my cock!"

The boys kissed, long and deep and with a thrashing of tongues between them. Then Billy pulled the hood up, and Jonny had to take the dildo into his mouth - large enough to keep his jaw open wide and nearly hit the back of his throat.

But in a moment, Billy had closed the rear zip, picked up a padlock (they were left open, with no keys inside) and locked up the zip, securing Jonny in his suit with only eyeholes to give him access to the outside world.

Billy started getting his suit on. The legs were easy, but when he started pulling on the torso, he found there were sleeves attached inside the suit. Jonny helped him as Billy pushed his arms deep into the internal sleeves, where they'd be trapped until he was unzipped.

Billy was expecting the hood to be pulled over his head, but once Jonny had zipped him up to his neck, Jonny held his shoulders and pushed him down onto his knees.

Jonny fumbled as his crotch and pulled down a zip, allowing his throbbing cock to flop out of his rubber. Billy needed no explanation, and sucked it deep into his mouth.

Billy was thrusting back and forth on the man-meat. He was horny as hell, but his own cock was trapped very securely inside the chastity belt, encouraged to expand by the plug in his arse. Billy would have grabbed and groped Jonny's cock, but his arms were trapped inside the suit.

As he sucked, he listened to Jonny's noises. He was very used to the sort of sounds Jonny made when he was near cumming, but this time they were muffled by the gag in his mouth. Billy was turned on by the thought that his lover had his mouth and arse filled with no way to escape from them.

There was a muffled noise, and Billy felt Jonny's seed splash against the back of his throat. He slurped it all up.

Jonny zipped up his crotch, zipped up Billy's hood, checked the address, then off they went.

Last time they were nearly naked while on the way to the sports hall, but this time they were quite the opposite - both fully covered in skin-tight shiny black, but in different fabrics. It didn't take long for them to find the address, but they had dozens of comments from onlookers and hoots from car horns on the way.

Eventually they arrived at the address, which was a sex shop! They went in and didn't know what to do next, so just looked around. A man behind the counter seemed to recogise them, and called out, "Hey guys, I think you want booth number three. Ignore the sign."

They walked through to the back of the shop, where there were a number of small booths used to watch porn movies. Number three had a "wet paint" sign on the door, but they went in.

There was a movie playing, showing two men fucking. Both of them were in severe rope bondage and could hardly move, but a third man was telling them what to do, encouraging them with a cane.

Jonny was staring at the movie - one of the horniest things he'd ever seen - but Billy was more interested in an envelope he found with "B & J" witten on it. He grabbed it with his teeth and gave it to Jonny, who opened it to find only a key inside.

Jonny tried the key in the lock securing Billy's suit, but it didn't fit, nor in the lock securing his own suit. Then Jonny realised it was exactly what he needed. He grabbed Billy by the shoulders, turned him around and pushed him down so his head was down between his knees in the tight booth. Jonny unzipped Billy's crotch and put the key into a small hole in the base of Billy's buttplug. With a turn, the plug slipped out, and Jonny put his hard cock in its place.

Jonny stared at the horny movie while thrusting in and out of Billy's arse. Billy was getting pushed around in the tiny booth while his arse was being pummelled, but he loved the rough play.

Another muffled cry out, and Jonny withdrew, replacing Billy's buttplug to keep the cum inside him.

They left the booth.

"Hey!" said a voice. "You're the BJ boys!"

Billy saw that the man was talking to him and Jonny. "What do you mean?" he said.

"I've just been watching your new DVD. It's great, man! I loved it when the guy shot his load into you then put your dildo back in." He pointed at a screen showing a film which was showing a frozen image of Billy and Jonny in the booth.

"No," Billy said, "that wasn't a DVD, that was live."

"No, man, I've been watching the whole thing. I saw the bit where you got into your gear and then blew him off in the sports centre. That was horny, man!"

Jonny went over the the counter, and saw there was a stack of DVDs next to a sign saying, "New in today! The BJ Boys' new movie, 'Covered and Cumming'." He realised that whoever had taken the stuff from their locker had been recording them the whole time and was making a profit. He didn't mind as long as he got a cut of the money.

He had to find out who had made the DVD and bought it into the shop. The gag was going to be a problem, so he tried to ask the man behind the counter by pointing to the DVD, and to the front door, and a map, and the clock.

The man looked dumb at him. Billy said, "Do you think he's trying to tell us something?"

Jonny gave up with the charades, then turned over the DVD to see who made it. "Flash Frank's Flesh Flicks" - it was Frank Williams who had set them up!

Just then, the front door opened and Frank walked in with a box of DVDs. "Hi boys, I guess you've heard about the film you made. It's great, we must do another one soon!"

Jonny cursed and swore at Frank, but only a garbled murmur came out.

Frank said, "Don't worry, boys, you'll get your cut of the money. I think you're going to be popular, you might have a new career. And I guess you want to get out of your fetish gear now? Here's the key."

Frank gave Jonny a small, round key. Jonny knew straight away that it was the wrong shape to fit into the padlocks securing them into their suits.

Frank said, "I put everything back how it was for you. All your gear is back in your locker at the swimming pool along with the keys to your suits. That's the locker key. Have fun!"

So Jonny and Billy had to trek through the streets back to the pool changing rooms before they could get their freedom back. But the whole experience had been so horny for both of them, they were going to have great sex that evening. If, that is, they could find Billy's chastity belt keys in the locker.

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