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The BJ Boys on Holiday

Billy and Jonny were having a great time on their gay resort holiday. They picked up cute guys most nights, and the guys were always surprised when Jonny took out a key, unlocked Billy's underwear and pulled a large buttplug out of Billy's arse, and sometimes one out of his own too.

When they woke up Thursday and their pick-up from the night before, Emilio, had left, Jonny said, "Lets go swimming today. I bought us some new swimwear, here you go."

Jonny threw a small bundle of black Lycra to Billy - it was a thong! Billy said, "You want me to wear this? It won't even cover my chastity belt."

"That's okay," he replied, "you can go out without being locked up today."

Billy knew there was something up - Jonny didn't often let him do that. He put on the thong and suddenly felt doubly naked - for not having his usually tight chastity belt and for wearing such skimpy swimwear showing off his arse so well. He'd somehow got more naked than before he put them on!

But he did think Jonny looked sexy in his thong.

They both felt self-concious, walking through the hotel in just thongs, although they weren't the only ones. They got to the beach, and into a speedboat that Billy thought Jonny had pre-arranged. The boat sped out to what seemed to be the middle of no-where then stopped. Then, Jonny dived off the boat! Billy, having no idea what was happening, dived off too.

Jonny swam towards a small cove with a small beach that was surrounded by rocks - swimming would be the only way to get there. Soon, they had both landed on the golden sand of the beach.

Jonny pulled his own thong off, then pulled Billy's off. "No-one to see us here!" They kissed, and hugged, and rolled along the sand together.

Billy grabbed Jonny's free and hard cock, and pulled it towards his mouth, but Jonny said, "Not yet, I have plans for you. Help me dig."

They both dug in the sand in the middle of the beach, and soon made a dip. Billy was suspicious as to why they were digging, but then not surprised when Jonny said, "Get in!"

Billy was able to sit in the hole with just his head poking out. He started to pull the sand in from the sided, but Jonny said, "No, sit on your hands."

Billy did so, and as the sand filled in the gaps around him, he found himself increasingly unable to move. Soon, he couldn't have pulled his hands out of the hole if his life depended on it. He wondered if the tide came in this far...

Jonny had filled in the hole and flattened the sand, so there was nothing left of Billy except a head. He asked, "How are you doing in there?"

"This is a very horny situation," he said. "I really can't move a muscle. I think I'm very hard down here, but it's tighter than my chastity belt, hard to tell what's going on."

"Well," Jonny said, "if you want me to go to all the trouble to dig you out of there, you know you're going to have to make it worth my effort."

Billy smiled. "I only have a head, but you can use that in any way that would give you pleasure."

"Don't worry, I intend to!"

Jonny walked around Billy's head a few times. Billy tried to watch him, but could only look in one direction.

Suddenly, something fell onto Billy and hit him in the face. It was Jonny, who had been standing behind him but dropped to his knees and fell forwards over Billy's head, knocking his nose with what was now a very hard cock in need of attention. In a moment, Billy twisted his head until he could suck the cock into his mouth. He slurped on it as it thrust its way into him.

Jonny moved around, presenting his cock to Billy at different angles, but Billy always satisfied. Soon Jonny was on his knees in front of Billy, putting all his effort into thrusting his cock right to the back of Billy's throat. Billy gasped for air as he worked his tongue on the head as it pushed in and out of his mouth.

Jonny pulled out just as he shot his load, and Billy's face became splattered with cum.

Jonny fell to the side, enhaused, spread out on the sand, naked, and asleep.

Some time later, Jonny had awoken and dug Billy free from the sand. Only when Billy was out of the hole could he clean the dried cum off his face.

They looked around the cove, still naked - the tide had washed their thongs out to sea. They found a box, and on the top was a map. It showed the cove, and an arrow pointing into a pool. It showed a channel down under the rocks and out at a cave hidden in the mountains.

On top of the box was a strange symbol which neither of the recognised - it was a series of ten circles arranged in a big circle, with each small circle joined to the next with a short line.

They opened the box to find two diving suits, complete with breathing apparatus and air tanks. They had been diving often before, so they knew how to use them.

They started to put the suits on. They were very tight neoprene, and lubricated inside to help them slip on. It was almost no surprise when they both found large buttplugs built into the suits, and external cock sheaths. They also found that, unlike any other diving suit they'd seen, they had built-in feet, hands and hoods - only eyeholes and mouth holes.

They slid themselves into the suits and zipped them up - the zip ran up their backs right up to the top of their heads, and made the whole suit, buttplug and all, so mugh tighter. After they were in, Jonny noticed that the zip wouldn't come down again, they were somehow sealed into the suits. What's more, the breathing regulators looked more like gasmasks, covering their whole heads, and once the straps were tightened to keep them in place, they couldn't be undone either. So they were effectively gagged as well as sealed into their tight suits.

Billy dove first into the pool, and Jonny followed. It was dark, but with occasional lights along the flooded passageway they were able to tell which way they should swim.

As Jonny was swimming along, admiring Billy's arse wrigging in its tight suit, he noticed that there was a loop on the base of the plug filling Billy's arse. He grabbed it and twised it. It turned around a few times before it came out, pulling a long dildo out with it! It looked like the dildo had been inside a lining that part of the suit, and was still inside Billy.

Billy stopped, wondering why his arse felt so empty all of a sudden. But it didn't last - Jonny pulled up behind him under the water and rammed his hard sheathed cock straight into the hole left in Billy. Jonny grabbed Billy's arms, stopping him from touching his cock and using it for leverage as Jonny pumped his own cock into Billy's arse. The sheath and Billy's arse both had plenty of lubricant to ease their play.

The who situation had Jonny so turn on - trapped inside tight rubber suits, trapped under water, fucking Billy - that he came in no time, making a huge flurry of bubbles from his air outlet valve as he screamed his climax.

He tried to pull out of Billy to swim on, but he couldn't - his cock was stuck! The two suits had become fused together and they couldn't pull themselves apart. They had no choice but to swim on as one.

Eventually, they got to a cave. It was full of air, but that didn't make much difference as they couldn't take their breathing apparatus off.

Inside the cave they found eight people, all dressed in identical diving suits and breathing gear. Or rather, they found four pairs of men - it looked like all of them had done the same as Billy and Jonny, and all of them had got a cock stuck up an arse. They were crawling around the cave, looking like eight legged crabs, trying to communicate with each other but not able to take their breathing gags out.

Jonny thought about their situation - why bring ten guys together in a cave in this strange way? Then he remembered the picture - ten circles joined by ten lines. He struggled over to one of the pairs and grabbed the cock of the front one. He unscrewed his own dildo and tried to push they guy's cock in. Then he pulled out the dildo from another guy and stuffed Billy's still hard cock into it.

All the other guy-pairs saw what he was doing, and joined in. Soon they had done it - ten guys standing in a circle, each with his cock up the next guy's arse. They jiggled about, trying to get some pumping action, but it took a while before the whole circle got into rhythm - one would push forward as they guy in front pushed back, then they would push the other way.

They kept it up for quite a while, this erotic pulse flowing around the circle. Eventually, one guy then another would give a muffled orgasmic cry, and before too long they had all cum and stopped thrusting. Of course, they were all still trapped there, each stuck inside the one in front.

Then it started raining. Or rather, some liquid started coming down from the ceiling somehow. Suddenly the circle was broken - one guy's cock sheath had come away from his suit and let him pull out of the guy in front. Then another's sheath came free, and another, and soon all the guys could walk independtly, their naked cocks exposed and some of them hard again.

They all dove back into the water and swam away. Billy and Jonny found their way back to the cove, and as they surfaced they saw the speedboat waiting for them out in the ocean. They swam out to it and got on board, and were sped back towards the mainland.

While travelling in the boat, they tried to get each other out of their suits, but they were locked up tight - they would have to hope to get some help on the mainland.

It was only once they climbed out of the boat that they realised their cocks were still exposed, so had to walk along the beach with their hands covering their crotches.

On the way they met Frank, who they'd met before as a film producer. He didn't look surprised to see them head-to-toe in tight diving gear on a hot beach, but just said, "Hi boys, if you need a hand getting out of those suits, I can see if I have some tools in the back of my shop."

And as they stood in the shop, which was a porn video shop, letting Frank use a key he 'found' to unlock their suits, they saw a poster for Flash Frank's new DVD release - "The BJ boys in rubber circle fuck" with a picture of the ten guys fucking each other and an inset picture of Jonny fucking Billy's head poking out of the sand.

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