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I tried to move my arm to relieve the stress in my shoulders, but my wrists were firmly secured behind my back to the top of the cage, and there they would be staying for a while. I would love to be able to stretch out my legs, but my knees were pressed tightly up against my naked breasts, and with the bottom of the cage under my folded up legs there was no room for any movement.

Janet had said it was easy. She said that she had spent a few hours in it last night, and she'd had a great time, with Tom fucking her every available orifice and her loving being helpless, trapped in this contraption.

I felt another one go in. No formal introduction, no first date or bunch of flowers, the guy just slipped his cock into my ready cunt. You couldn't get to very much of me through the narrow holes of the cage walls, but there were some convenient holes for the important bits. Not that I could even see who if was. The harness part of the cage had leather straps all around my head, holding it in place and stopping me looking behind me.

So, he was pumping away into me, and it was turning me on just like all the others. But none of the bastards would touch my clit! I was getting juicy from the cock, but not stimulated enough to cum from it!

This could have been Janet. The plan was that, after her test run last night, she was going to stay in the cage for the party and get used by all the guys who wanted to cum. Apparently, after she was secured, Tom was going to roll two dice, and she would have to get fucked by the number of guys shown on the dice before she’d be released.

I felt the cock pull out, but then the guy walked around to the front of the cage and pushed his condomed shaft into my mouth. No choice for me - the gag in my mouth stopped me resisting anything coming in to it and stopped me biting into it, but let my lips and tongue help it out.

A grunt, and he was gone. Well at least that was one more done. I was keeping careful track of how many had cum into me - I had agreed to the roll of a pair of dice too!

Once Janet and Tom had tightened the last strap holding me into the cage, they had gone over to a table and rolled some dice, then looked over and grinned at me. I wanted to ask what the roll was, but with this gag in I had no chance, and they weren't telling.

I looked over at Tom - specifically at the bulge in his trousers, but not in the usual way. Before Janet had left us to join the party, she said to me, "Don't think you'll be getting a fuck from Tom. Tonight he's a eunuch!" And she dropped his trousers to show me the small plastic cage padlocked around his cock.

I would so love to be able to slip my hand down between my legs and flick my clit right now - but the way I was trussed up right now, I had no chance.

There had been 11 guys already, and I knew they were only using 2 dice so I must have been really unlucky and rolled 2 6's - only one more to go!

Another guy was just about to thrust his naked cock into my mouth when Tom stopped him and told him to put on a condom. So he did, and was pumping into me when I felt something going on behind me, in my behind!

I squeezed hard on the switch in my hand. They gave me this panic switch so that if I was ever in trouble or pain I would let go of it, and that would make an alarm sound, and they would let me out. Squeezing it didn't sound the alarm, but knowing it was there made me feel safer.

After some painful sensations, I worked out that someone behind me had just succeeded in pulling out the buttplug that had been in me since I'd been put in the cage - Janet's idea of an 'extra treat'. And now the plug was being replaced by something much more human!

The two guys thrust into me from front and rear. This was one of my great fantasies, getting poked by two guys while I was in bondage, and it was getting me very turned on, even though neither of them were touching my clit or cunt.

They achieved simultaneous orgasm together, and then left.

13 guys. Two dice. My time was up, and I waited for Tom to release me. But he just smiled, and said, "You said you wanted to stay caged until you were fucked by the number of guys shown on 2 dice. Well, we decided to use 20-sided dice - you're not half way there yet!"

20-sided dice! I was well and truly fucked! I could always let go of the panic switch, set the alarm off, and I trusted Tom to release me. But I couldn't give up now - I'd never given up on a group fuck before!

So I stayed safely caged, as dozens of guys abused my body and emptied their loads into condoms with my assistance.

Finally, Janet told me that most people had gone from the party, and since I wasn't going to get fucked any more I might as well give up, release the panic switch and get free. My jaw was sore from being clamped open, my arms were twisted in their sockets and my cunt was raw from being fucked so much, but there was no way I was giving up now. I shook my head as much as the harness would allow.

Tom whispered something into Janet's ear, which made her giggle. Then she said to me, "You can carry this on at a party we're having next week if you like, so then you won't have to admit defeat. But we'll need to take out a small insurance policy to make sure you come back." I nodded vigerously. I had no idea what she meant by an insurance policy, but there was no way I way giving up.

I felt someone pulling at the piercing rings I have in my pussy lips, then Tom said, "Janet has these piercing holes too. Any time I want to keep her under control when I'm away, I take the jewellery out and replace it with a little padlock."

Then I heard a click, and Janet said, "Right, now nothing's going into you until you're back here and in the cage ready for next week's party!"

Fuck me! I hadn't gone for a week without getting fucked since I was in school! But, as a fan of bondage, it was an incredibly sexy feeling to know that now I had no choice.

I tried to speak, but it was garbled by the gag. Janet leaned down to loosen my harness, saying, "I guess you want to beg for mercy?"

As soon as I could move my jaw, speaking for the first time in hours, I said, "No, but before you release me, please let me cum!"

She said, "Ha! Well I guess you're still allowed that. I think I can let Tom take care of it - between your padlock and his cock cage, I think I'm safe to leave you alone together."

She left, and as soon as the door closed, Tom dropped his trousers and thrust his caged cock into my mouth. He said, "I want to know if I can cum locked into this thing, so if you can make me cum, you can too." This was so frustrating! With aching limbs and aching to cum, I set my sore tongue to the job.

After ten minutes, I was still lapping away at his hard cock, as it tried to burst its way out of the cage and causing its owner a lot of pain, when Janet came back in and cried, "What the hell’s going on here!"

A week later, visitors to the party saw Tom and I naked, strapped up and exposed inside identical cages...

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