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Chastity Slave

You've been wearing a secure chastity belt for the past year. Once a month, at an appointed date and time, you come to me in the hope of relief from the belt, if only for a short period. You were and hour late last month, through no fault of your own, but you forfeited the chance to get out of the belt, so this month you're feeling even more horny than usual.

You come to my door, and strip down naked (except for the belt) before knocking. I let you in, leaving your clothes outside. I can tell you're horny, because you're acting very submissive, terrified that you might say something to annoy me. Of course I know that, in your current state, you'll do anything commanded of you.

I decide to test this. I drop my trousers, turn around, bend over, and shout, "Lick, slave!" This disgusts you, but you know you have no choice, so you bend over and tentatively poke my arse with your tongue. "Harder," I say, and you plunge right in, licking around and hoping not to find anything unpleasant.

Satisfied that you're appropriately disgusted, I stand and walk over to the kitchen to make some coffee, for myself only. I say nothing to you as I walk with it into the lounge, but you know what's expected of you. I sit, and start to put my coffee cup down beside me, as though there were a table there. Scampering through, you just manage to crouch down where the table would be, so my coffee cup lands on your back. It's hot, and burns your back, but this only reminds you of the half an hour of ball stretching you had to endure last time you spilt some of the coffee, so you stay motionless despite the pain.

I put on the television as I sip my coffee. You can hear me laughing at the programme, but daren't look up to see what it is.

After a time, I walk out of the room, shouting "Heel!" You know this is an order for you to follow after in the style of a dog, and that until you receive a command suitable for a human, you must act like a dog in all ways, or risk offending me and so damage your chance of release from the chastity belt which has held you captive these last few months.

In the kitchen, I show you a bowl of chopped up brown substance, which is probably the same as the foul tasting food you were given last month, but you know you have to look excited about lapping it all up. I take some of it in my hand, the take off my top and smear it over my chest. I lie down, and you know this is your cue to come over and lick it all up - and you guess what follows as I take off my trousers and rub more into my cock and balls.

You scamper over, and start sucking away at my cock, while feeling me rhythmically pushing my cock into your mouth. This goes on for a long time, before my hand pushes your head off my cock as a white stream of cum shoots across the kitchen floor.

And then I just lie there, for quite a while, and you hope that this is going to be your chance to get out of the belt and do exactly the same.

But then I shout "Stand", and you do, knowing this is no longer a dog order, but a slave one. I walk away, and return with a large leather hood which you have come to know well. I put it over your head, ensuring the inflatable gag fits into your mouth, then tightly lace it. Once the gag is inflated, you can neither speak nor see, since there aren't any eye holes, so feel vulnerable more than at any other time.

A poke in your back tells you to walk forwards, and you try to navigate yourself to the bedroom. You are pushed down onto the bed, where first your arms are pulled up to the headboard, and leather cuffs fastened around them, then your legs are pulled down hard, then cuffed again, so you are spread-eagled and even more vulnerable than before.

Silence for a while, then you feel the belt at last being unlocked and removed from your body, your cock at last free to move around outside it's steel tube. You feel the routine checks I do to make sure there are no severe rubbing marks on your body, then the usual devices are added - cock ring, ball parachute fastened tightly to the end of the bed, and cock cage to ensure that, even in freedom, there are still restraints on you.

Then the all important moment - you hear the tumble of a die, and my evil snigger. You know that a 5 or a 6 on the fall of the die means you'll be allowed to orgasm, whereas any other number means the torture of being worked up to it, but then not allowed the release.

Next comes the gently lubrication and massaging of your cock. Even though it is caged, this is the first stimulation it's had for two months, and the gentle rubbing through the cage bars are enough to send it as hard as it's ever been.

The rubbing continues, getting harder now, you getting more and more turned on by it. You don't know what's causing the rubbing, whether it's a hand, a glove, or something else, but you don't care because the feeling is euphoric - you can't see, speak or move, every ounce of your consciousness is focused on your cock.

As it continues, you feel your balls filling up with cum, getting ready to fire the load any moment. The feeling is so intense, you can think of nothing else. About to burst your balls at any moment.

But then you hear the word "Two", and the feeling in your cock stops. The dice were against you. You're not going to be allowed to orgasm. Not this month.

And already, before the belt has even been replaced, you are waiting eagerly for next month, and the chance to cum again.

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