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In the Chastity Dungeons

In the dungeons at the Master's castle, the chastity slave was responsible for taking all the new slaves that the Master's army captured and putting them into chastity. The Master believed slaves best serve him when they were prevented from serving themselves.

The chastity slave was himself kept in chastity almost all the time and, like all slaves in the castle, wore a leather hood tightly secured around his head to remind him of his status and hide his face from free people, and a tight leather body suit.

The Master's armies had caught a villager who was found too close to the castle walls, and had been condemned to slavery in the castle. He had been dressed to hide his identity, then hogtied and delivered to the chastity slave.

The chastity slave started to put the chastity device onto the captive.

The captive said, "Please don't secure me, or if you must then at least let me cum one last time before you do. I will do anything for you."

The chastity slaves knew he couldn't cum in his own chastity device, but it has been so long since he has been released that even being licked through the bars of the chastity device would be ecstasy.

He said, "Okay, but we have to be quick about it, we will get in trouble if we're caught."

First, he licked the captive's cock, as much as he could through the tight hood. Before long, the captive cried out as he shot his load of hot cum into the slave's mouth.

Then the captive tongued the chastity slave's cock through his chastity device. It was very pleasurable, but very frustrating.

Then the chastity slave secured the chastity device on the captive.

But the next day, the Master came down to see the chastity slave, and the slave knew he was in trouble for something.

The Master said, "We found a drop of cum on this chastity device. We suspect you have been assisting in unauthorised orgasms. You will regret this!"

He went on, "You will be stripped of your leather suit, and made to suffer just in hood and chastity, but I have an additional punishment for you."

The Master said, "First you won't be needing your hands for a while."

"I'm releasing your chastity device, but you won't like the alternative."

"This will keep you more secure than the old one."

"You're going to be incased in steel for the rest of your life."

"These keys are going into the moat when we're done here."

"Turn around, slave."

"That's not all, I'm going to sort out your arse too."

The chastity slave cried out as the rough rod was pushed into his arse.

The Master said, "This will be unlocked, but only once a day."

"You are also to be punished by one hour with the Torment Devil."

The Torment Devil used to be a chastity slave himself, and became so obsessed about sex that it drove him mad. Now, he will try to attack and abuse any sex organs that he can get his hands on.

It abused the slave's body, trying to get through the steel chastity belt.

It even tried to force it's way into the chastity slave's arse

Finally it made do with using the chastity slave's mouth

Eventually, the Torment Devil was put back into its cage, and the chastity slave, barely still alive, slept and tried to forget that he would spend rest of his life arse plugged and in steel chastity.

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