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Her Secret

Julia was a sexy girl, and was always up for fun in the bedroom, but she always seemed to hold back on something.

When I first met her at a geology lecture, she looked like the sort of girl I could never get - her tight teeshirt showed her breasts off beautifully, her nipples teasingly hidden by the auburn hair flowing over her shoulders. I said "Hi", and to my surprise she didn't walk away like most girls do, but said, "Hi" back to me. We got chatting and she even agreed when I asked her out for a drink that evening.

She was the most beautiful girl in the student bar that night - just a tight red short dress and heels, showing off all her assets just right. I couldn't even see any telltale signs of underwear straps under the smooth fabric. We had a drink, and then another, and the conversation flowed freely and easily between us.

Julia was very flirty, so I thought I was in with a chance. I asked if she'd like to come back to my room. Her eyes lit up at the idea, but then she looked unsure, then said, "I have a better idea. I have to get up early in the morning so I can't come back, but we can have some fun another way. Come follow me."

She took my hand and we dashed away from our half finished drinks. She pushed the bar on a fire exit door and took me out to where the bins were kept behind the bar. She pushed me up against a wall, grabbed my groin, looked into my eyes, grinned from ear to ear and said, "Are you up for it?"

I had no time to answer as she pushed her lips on mine and threw her tongue into my mouth. She worked my tonsils as her hand squeezed and rubbed my cock, now hardening still in its underwear.

Then she stopped and dropped to her knees. Her hands pulled open my fly and pulled out my cock, and it was straight into her mouth. The stimulation was intense and I could hardly hold back as her tongue flicked my foreskin. In shameful but blissful seconds, I was crying out for all the bar to hear as my sperm hit her throat.

She buttoned my fly as I recovered, then kissed me and said, "Same time tomorrow?"

It carried on that way for a while, seeing each other evenings and weekends. Socially, we got on great, like perfect friends. Our sex life was more unusual - she liked doing things out of doors, but sometimes I managed to get her into my bed. She did wonderful things to my cock with her mouth, her breasts, her feel and all sorts of other parts I'd never think of using for sex. But she never let me touch her below the waist, and she never touched herself. Of all the orgasms she gave me, she never let me give her one. Not once.

It was after our final exams one evening when we were fooling around in bed. Julia kissed me and suddenly got serious. She said, "Look, David, I have something I need to show you. You've been very good about not touching my pussy, about not asking about it, and I thank you for that. Now I'm going to tell you why."

I thought, "This is it, this is when I'm going to find out she's really a guy!"

She got out of bed, still in her usual pjyamas, and switched the light off. I could see from the faint silouette that she took her pyjamas off. Then she just stood there, in the dark.

I watched and waited, knowing that she was working up to something but not understanding what. Then, as my eyes got accustomed to the light, I started to see a faint glowing. A small light radiating from what must be her groin. In time, I started to see clearer - it was a faint orange glowing vertical line, right over her pussy. I could only say, "What is that?"

She lay on the bed. "Don't touch it," she said, "it's very hot. It's some sort of mesh or it might be a force field or something, I don't know. What I do know is that it's not usually there, there's nothing visible most of the time. Except for any time I start to get horny - then, it gets very hot. I can't really feel it - at least, I guess I've got used to it - but it stops anything going in to it.

"So that means I can't get any sexual stimulation. Nothing. I've tried all sorts of things, but if I try to get anything into my pussy or touching my clit, as soon as it gets me even slightly horny, the heat starts and whatever I'm using burns up or gets too hot to be useful.

"I've never had an orgasm. I've heard all about them, and I get incredibly horny, but I just can't touch anything enough to get myself over the edge."

I was aghast, my jaw was dropped. I'd never heard anything like this before. I said, "How did this happen?"

"My uncle, who bought me up, was a very caring man, but very protective and had some strange ideas. He didn't trust the other kids or the teachers at my school, so once I started puberty he put this on me, saying he would remove it once I was 'a woman'. Well, he died a few years later, and I've never been able to find out what it is or how to remove it."

I was stumped for what to say. It was such a strange story - such as sad one.

She continued, "It's not so bad. I've learned to accept it, I just live with the limitations, like I have all my adult life. I'm more worried about how it will affect my relationships with men - with you."

I knew I had to be supportive of her 'disability'. I said, "That's okay, it's not a problem for me. I'm more than happy with the sex we have now. Of course, I'll do whatever I can to help you out."

She smiled, sweetly. "Thanks, but there's nothing that can be done. I've tried everything you could think of, and lots of things you couldn't."

I lay back, and she thanked me the way her lips were so expert at doing, but as she pleasured me, I wondered what sort of life we would have.

I had always been a fan of masturbation, and did it several times a day. Being in a relationship didn't change that - I always thought that the experience of orgasm by yourself was very different to the experience with a partner, and enjoying one didn't take away from the enjoyment of the other.

But Julia didn't see it that way. One Sunday morning, when we were lying in our bed in the flat we'd moved into together, she said to me, "David, do you ever... you know... play with yourself? When I'm not around?"

I thought it best to be honest, but I underplayed my habit. "Yes," I said, "I do sometimes."

She looked at me with an ernestness I'd not seen in a long time. "Don't. Please, don't. I want to have you all for myself. Would you mind just keeping yourself all for me?"

I kissed her. "Of course, if that's what you want, I'll do it for you."

The poor, naive girl. I could understand her romantic ideal of keeping each other just for ourselves, and if she wanted to believe that, then who was I to spoil her fantasy. But I saw no reason to stop my fun when she's not around.

My masturbation got, if anything, even more regular. Perhaps it was something about being told not to that spurned me on.

Or perhaps it was Sarah, the sexy young geologist who worked for the company I had joined. She became the focus of my wanking fantasies, and I would spend most lunchtimes at work in the toilets obsessing about the idea that if I were to get a peek under her short skirt, I would see her pussy. No underwear, and no strange electronic barrier, just pure flesh. I would shoot my load when thinking of shooting into her - something I could never do to Julia.

One evening, when Sarah and I were staying at a hotel during a three day site visit, after one too many tequilas in the bar, I spoke to her and told her how I felt about her. I don't remember the rest of the night very much, but I remember waking up in her hotel room and having the best pre-breakfast sex I've ever had - no sucking, just real fucking.

She asked me about Julia, who was my fiancee by then. I couldn't really explain much, so I just said that she was a sweet girl but not very adventurous in the bedroom.

Sarah didn't seem put off by that - in fact, she was even more adventurous the next night, when we spent most of the evening and some of the morning in my room.

I came to realise what I was missing by staying with Julia. I did love her, and I did want to marry her, but she would have to appreciate that I needed things from my sex life that she just couldn't give me.

Meanwhile she though I wasn't even jerking off any more!

Even after that site visit, I kept seeing Sarah. Sometimes it would be other site visits, sometimes evenings when I could sneak out of the house when Julia was busy with something else, and sometimes even at lunchtimes in the equipment cupboard.

But I was still going to go ahead with marrying Julia. After all, I was only fulfilling a need that Julia couldn't give me, and she was happy with everything she thought she knew, so why spoil a perfect arrangement?

And even with getting sucked off by my fiancee and fucking my mistress, I still found time for wanking.

Our marriage was perfect, Julia wore white, and the day passed without a problem. We both invited people they worked with, and Sarah caught the bouquet.

We both knew our wedding night would not be a traditional one, but we hired the honeymoon suite of a hotel.

Julia took her usual position, working on my cock with her mouth. She was very teasing, keeping me excited but not letting me get too far. Then she bought out some rope and, as we had done many times before, she tied me down to the bed. I loved my cock being tickled and teased, which made me want to just grab my cock and shoot, so I liked being tied down and giving her control.

After playing a while longer, getting me very hard and horny, she left my cock and brought her face up to my face.

She said to me, "Do you love me?"

I said, "Of course, my love."

"Would you do anything for me?"

"Yes, my sweetheart, anything."

"But really, anything?"

I was so close to cumming. "I would go to the ends of the earth for you, my lover."

Then she moved away. A moment later, she returned, kissed me, and said, "I'm so sorry."

She opened a dusty box and pulled out what looked like a square of wire mesh. She put it over my hard cock, and at first it just draped over it. But then, the wires seemed to melt into my body, and at the same time gently glowed red.

I shouted, "What is that? What are you doing?"

She didn't answer, she just stared at my now glowing shaft. She tried to touch it, but quickly pulled her finger away.

Without a moment's hesitation, she arranged her naked body over mine, and pushed herself downwards, pushing my glowing cock into her glowing pussy. She cried out at the same time as I did - somehow, for the first time ever, these organs were making contact, touching flesh, firing nerves, building orgasms.

She was screaming the hotel down and she flung her body around mine, letting herself be pumped for the first time ever, and reveling in every moment.

It took neither of us long - I cried as she screamed, and our orgasms came together.

Julia untied me as she kissed me gently, thanking me over and over again for the experience she'd received.

She explained that she had found another of the electronic meshes that her uncle had put onto her, and she knew the only thing that could safely push through the mesh without burning up was something that was covered in the mesh itself.

"Now it's sealed onto you, the way mine is sealed onto me," she said. "I wouldn't have done it to you unless I knew that you were committed to me for the rest of your life. I even trained you off masturbation. I knew I was your only sexual release, so now nothing changes except you can have my pussy now instead of my mouth."

I just didn't know what to say.

She said, "Do you still love me?"

Such an evil question. "Of course!" I said, not really knowing what I felt.

"You may have some problem with underwear though. You will be fine most of the time wearing your usual boxers, but if you ever start to get horny, the mesh will get hot and burn through your boxers and your trousers. You'll just have to be careful about that."

But I get horny all the time - a dozen times a day! That's what makes me have to jack off so much, even at work. But I guess there's no way I can do that any more.

So that was it. Now, I couldn't wank any more. I was useless to Sarah, she wouldn't want to know me if we couldn't have sex. I couldn't even think sexy thoughts in public. The only thing I could do was fuck my wife - what use was that!

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