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Laura's keys

I'd been into chastity devices for a long time. I would lock up my cock into a little steel cage device I had, and go out without the keys, or leave them in work overnight or sometimes even post them to myself. But no-one knew about my chastity play, not even Laura.

She was my housemate. That is to say, we rented the house together and we were friends, but not partners. Not that I wouldn't like something to happen between us - she was a very sexy girl, but I don't think she was interested in me.

Saturday 6th May

I came into the lounge of the house and I saw her sitting on the sofa wearing a shirt and jeans, with the shirt unbuttoned so her bra was showing. As soon as she heard me come in, she quickly pulled her shirt around her and said, "Oh Robert, you surprised me!"

I said, "You really don't have to worry about buttoning your shirt up, you have a bra on underneath so you're not exposing anything."

"Well, yes," she said, "but I don't want to, like, lead you on, look like I'm flirting or anything. I know what you guys are like."

The sight of her sizeable breasts wrapped in black satin had got my cock throbbing, but this weekend it was locked up, and was only pushing against steel now. Under my breath I whispered, "Chance would be a fine thing." Then I realised I'd said it a little too loud.

Laura asked, "What do you mean?"

I panicked, and said, "Well, it's just that I'm not about to jump all over you just from a flash of flesh."

She looked disappointed. "Oh I see. So is that because... are you... gay?"

The irony! When she turned me on so much! "No I'm not, I like girls as much as the next guy."

"Oh, then I guess it must be me." She sighed.

I quickly responded, "No, Laura, don't think that. You're a very sexy girl."

"So if you feel like that, why did you say 'Chance would be a fine thing' Robert?"

I could see I'd have to give her some sort of explanation. "It's not that I wouldn't want to do anything with you, or to you, it's more that I can't."

"Is it to do with... that operation you had?"

"My appendix? No, nothing to do with that."

"Well, have you taken a vow of celebacy then?"

"That's kind of closer. At least, it's true to say I couldn't do anything sexual to you at the moment."

"Why not?"

I was going to have to explain it all. "You see, I sometimes like to go without... well, to show some will power with... to abstain from..."

She sounded interested. "From sex?"

"Yes, and..."

"Ah, from self-sex!"

"Yes, that's it."

She was smiling warmly now. This was the kinkiest conversation I've ever had with her. "So you just go without for a while?"

"Yes, but it's a bit more than that."

"What, you lock it up or something?" she said, sarcastically.

"Yea, that's about it."

"You're kidding! What do you do, like, put a big padlock around your cock or something?"

"It's a bit more sophisticated. It's a steel tube with, er, various attachments."

"Let's see!"

I wasn't expecting that! She actually wanted to see the chastity device that I'd been keeping secret for all these years! "Okay... You want me to just pull it out right here?"

She was looking quite excited about it now, not at all horrified like I'd expected. "Yea, unless you don't want me to see."

I never thought I'd be doing this, but I unzipped my trousers and pulled out my cock and balls, secured as they were. The chastity device consisted of a steel tube quite tight around my cock, with a wire mesh at the tip. There was a collection of steel bars which went around the base of my cock and split my balls, pushing each ball into its own steel cage on either side of the device. Right at the top there was a small hole where the key would fit.

Laura stared closely at the device, almost marvelling at it. She asked a few of the usual questions, like 'does it hurt' and 'how do you go to the toilet'. Then she asked, "So where's the key for it?"

"Well," I said, "actually they're probably in the post office sorting office at the moment. I posted them to myself."

"Wow, Robert, so you really are trapped in there then. When did you do that?"

"Thursday. I sent them second class post, and didn't include the postcode on the address, which slows down the delivery, so it won't be here until Monday."

"So you're quite well locked down for the weekend!"

Laura asked if she could touch the device, and when I said yes she gently turned it over, looking all around it.

"It's quite warm to touch," she said.

I smiled, "Yes well there's a lot of blood pumping through it at the moment!"

"Oh!" she said, "Are you 'hard' at the moment?"

"I would be hard if I could possibly get hard. But that should be no surprise to you, I have a beautiful girl almost handling my cock!"

"So you have all that horniness, and there's nothing you can do about it! I must say, it does make me feel safer knowing that I don't have to worry about anything you might be thinking of, and I don't need to cover myself up around you so much."

Sunday 7th May

When Laura came down to watch TV in the evening, she was wearing just a bra with her jeans, nothing on top of it. It was another black one, this time more lacy and showing a little more of her ample breasts.

She grinned at me and said, "I hope you don't mind, Robert, but I quite like to wear just a bra occasionally on hot days, and I know you're not going to get up to anything inappropriate."

"No I don't mind at all," I said, quite enjoying the firmness that had just developed inside my chastity device. I was definitely looking forward to getting the keys tomorrow!

Monday morning 8th May

While in bed, I heard the post drop onto the door mat, and I heard Laura dash down to collect it. I went downstairs and saw the pile of letters, but not the package with my chastity key in.

I said, "Laura, did anything come for me in the post this morning?"

She just smiled at me and said, "We'll discuss that this evening."

Monday evening 8th May

It had been a long day - I didn't often wear my chastity device to work, and didn't usually wear it for this long non-stop, and didn't know what Laura had in mind.

Eventually, after a long evening of trying not to talk about it, Laura said, "So, Robert, about those keys..."

I said, "Yes?", trying not to sound anxious and desperate.

"Well, I see it like this. You went to some trouble to post the keys on Thursday in a way so that you wouldn't get them until Monday, so it seems to me that you're quite into the idea of not having your keys for a while."

I hesistated, not being sure whether or not I liked where this was going. "...and...?"

"And I really quite like the idea that I can do what I like around the house because you're all locked up. Things like this for instance..." and Laura took off the tee-shirt she was wearing to reveal a sexy red half-cup bra, which was barely holding in her breasts. She smiled at me, seductively. "Do you like to see me in this?"

I gulped. "Yes!"

She said, "And I know you like being locked up without the keys, so it's a win-win situation!" She sat back, satisfied, and picked up the TV remote.

"Well, it's a nice idea, but... when am I going to get my keys back?"

She said, "Don't worry, I'm not going to keep you locked forever, I know you men can't cope without a bit of trouser-play once in a while. Shall we say, until the weekend?"

"Um, okay. It's a bit scary, not having my keys, I've never done it before. Not given them to someone else, I mean."

"You didn't give them to me, I took them. And I thought you'd enjoy not being in control, which is why I knew you'd agree to this."

Agony. It was agony. The flesh of my cock was forcing itself through every possible hole in the steel device, harder than it's ever tried before, and I could do nothing to rescue it from its imprisonment.

Wednesday 10th May

Tonight Laura was wearing a bikini. This sexy girl was now strutting around the house wearing nothing but a bikini that hardly covered her beautiful curves, and she was driving me as horny as hell, but she was stopping me from doing anything about it.

She said, "Can I take another look at your cock device thing?"

That was an unusal request, not one I was expecting. "Yes, okay," I said, and stood and dropped my trousers and underwear.

She knelt down in front of me, letting me see down her beautiful breast cleavage while her hands ran up and down the steel shaft of my cock. She seemed to think nothing of running her fingers over the small parts of flesh that were poking through holes in the device, or around my balls that were exposed but trapped at the sides. She even tugged at the shaft, gently at first but then quite hard, shaking and stimulating my cock.

She said, "I'm just checking that the device is properly secured, I don't want you sneaking out of it, do I, Robert? Looks like you're quite horny at the moment?"

"Yes, I am. This is about as tight as the steel gets around my cock, and that's because of your bikini!"

She looked up at me. "I'll take that as a complement. Bet you'd like to be free of it and have a good wank now?"

I sighed, "Yeeeesss!"

She stood up and sat on her chair. "Well, that's not happening until Sunday, so you've got something to look forward to!"

Sunday 14th May

She was wearing short jogging shorts and a tight teeshirt with nothing under it, making her nipples stand out beautifully. "It's freedom time!" she said to me.

Laura took me to my bedroom and told me to strip naked. I was much more horny than I was nervous about her seeing me naked, so in seconds I was down to nothing but my chastity device. My hand was tugging on the shaft already, but she said, "Not so fast, first lie down on your bed."

I did so, and she took my hand. Then she pulled a pair of handcuffs out of her pocket and cuffed my wrist to the headboard of my bed. "That's so you don't try to run off before I've locked you back up again afterwards."

"Afterwards? What do you mean?"

"You didn't think this was just a one-off thing, did you, Robert? I'm having much too much fun keeping you locked up. I don't mind giving you some freedom occasionally, but I don't want to go back to you being allowed to do whatever you want all the time. Well, if you prefer I can just take my keys away and we can forget about it." She started to walk out of the room.

"No!" I said. "Please, let's carry on." The idea of losing my release didn't bear thinking about.

"So you want me to lock you back up afterwards?"

I sighed, "Yes, okay."

A stern look came over her face. "Say it like you mean it!"

I said, "Please Laura, lock up my cock afterwards."

"Try again, and this time address me in a manner which befits my status over you."

I thought for a moment. "Please, Mistress Laura, I would crave nothing less than for you to secure my humble cock, as befits your amusement, after you have graciously allowed me the pleasure of release."

"Hmm, it's a bit patronising, but I'll allow it. I like that - you should call me Mistress Laura more often."

As I lay there, naked but with one hand secured to my headboard, she pulled a small key from her pocket and unlocked my chastity device. She slowly slid it off my throbbing cock, and for the first time was able to stand to attention unfettered.

She looked at my cock looking at her, and said, "How did you ever fit all that into this little device? No wonder it was painful!"

She stood back, then with one swift move, stripped off her teeshirt and for the first time I saw her breasts swinging freely. "Have fun! Call me when you're done", and she walked out.

I grasped my cock firmly with my free hand, and it fealt like heaven!

It was strange, wanking with one hand, since I usually groped my balls while working my shaft, but I was so horny, it didn't pose any problem. I knew I should make the most of the wank since I didn't know when my next one would be. I worked my shaft up and down, rolling my foreskin over my cockhead. My pent up horniness was so strong that I couldn't hold it back, and before too long I was shooting great streams of cum all over my chest.

Now I felt foolish - lying handcuffed to my bed, naked and covered in my own cum, and having to shout to my flatmate to set me free.

Laura came in, fully clothed this time, and tutted when she saw me and the mess I'd made. She put my limp cock back into the steel tube, and needed some help trapping my balls into the various steel bars of the device before turning the key to secure the device again.

"Well I hope it was all worth while," she said, "because it's going to be another week before you get to do that again. She unlocked the handcuffs, and left me to tidy myself up.

Wednesday 17th May

"Let me see it again," she said.

She was sitting in her chair, in tight cycle shorts and a bra again - she'd hardly worn much more for the last week.

I unzipped my trousers and pulled my steel cock out.

"No, get naked for me. Now."

She'd never asked that before in the lounge, but I hadn't recently denied anything to the girl who held my keys. I stripped, as naked as I could get.

"Stand here," she said, pointing right in front of her. So I did, putting my cock on her eye level as she sat there.

"So," she said, "what would happen if I were to do this..." and she took of her bra, then shook her body to jiggle her breasts. They were a sight to behold, and of course I reacted as any guy would. My cock twitched, and would have been pointing stright up if it could have.

I saw her hand slip down to between her legs, as she said, "Do you like what you see? Does this get you going? Go on, grab your cock now like you want to, and try to do what you'd like to do if I wasn't keeping it locked up."

I grabbed the metal shaft and stroked it up and down. I got a little sensation from the parts of my cock poking through holes in the shaft, but mostly it was just frustration at watching this horny and semi-naked girl getting herself off while I was unable to.

"Bet you'd like to rub your cock between my tits, wouldn't you?" she said. "Bet you wish you were free and able to splash your juices all over me."

By this time, I saw her eyes were shut and her hand was working hard on rubbing herself between her legs through her cycle shorts. "You should know, Robert," she whispered, "when you were upstairs last Sunday, getting yourself off, I was down here, doing the same myself and thinking about how horny you were and how horny you were going to be when I had you locked up again."

And that was the last she spoke, she went off into some fantasy land as her eyes screwed up and her fingers rubbed hard on her Lycra clad clit. She moaned, and shook her head, and gasped, and moaned some more, then her panting increased, she wailed, and she screamed as her hand thrashed around between her legs and she squirmed in her seat.

She slumped, then she opened her eyes and said, "You can put your clothes back on now."

I had never felt so in lust and so in need of sexual fulfillment as when I stood in front of Laura as she achieved such an intense arousal and orgasm while thinking of the bondage she had me in. But my lust had no way to be satisfied, and I knew it, and she knew it, and so I got dressed, sat down, and smouldered with frustration for the rest of the evening.

Sunday 21st May

My time for freedom had come again! If I thought the first week was difficult, the second week, after watching Laura cum, was next to impossible.

She took me upstairs, but instead of my bedroom she took me into her room. I saw two chains lying along the floor, each one padlocked around a radiator pipe in opposite corners of the room.

"Strip!" she said, and I did.

Then she opened a drawer and pulled out a leather hood. Without a word, she put it on my head. My first discovery was that there was a large wad of leather that was pushed into my mouth, and my second was that there were no eye holes. As I realised my blind dumbness, she tightened some straps around the back of the hood, and my fate was sealed.

The next think I heard was some noises which just might have been her taking her clothes off. I have no way to know, and I couldn't ask her, but I like to think she was naked after that.

She told me to lie on the ground, and I did, then she attached a chain around one of my ankles and another around one of my wrists. They were pulled quite tight and I could hardly move my body.

Then, nothing. She didn't unlock my device, and I felt around it with my free hand, getting semi-hard inside. I heard some creaking that may have been her bed, and some soft low moaning. I stroked my balls, but was frustratingly prevented from getting at my cock just yet.

And then, a slight clicking noise, and I felt the steel shaft being very slowly pulled off my cock. When it was half off, it was pushed on again, then off, in a slow, teasing action. But then, it was removed and nothing else was done to it.

I took my cock in my free hand, and felt the glorious sensation of the first touch. Once again I worked my cock as best I could single-handed. I still heard the occasional soft moaning noise.

I visualised Laura's naked breasts as she came last Wednesday, and imagined what she might be doing right now, and before too long I felt the hard flow of cum through my body and the rush through my cock head and onto my chest.

I lay there, panting and spent. I noticed the occasional moan sounds had now become more frequent and then became continuous. It turned into a scream, and then suddenly stopped.

Some minutes later, Laura said, "Right lets get you secured again. I've been investigating your device, and found the manufacturer's website. They have a nice range of additional features so I've bought one. I hope you enjoy it." I felt the device going on again and being locked up, but didn't notice any difference.

She unlocked my wrist and ankle, then gave me a tissue. As I cleaned up my mess, she unstrapped and removed the hood. As last, I got to see daylight and move my jaw.

She was now wearing a dressing gown. I had to know, so I asked, "What were you doing while I was lying there?"

She said, "I don't know what you mean," but her satisfied smile told a completely different story. The thought set me off again, and my cock grew hard. But then I felt a stinging pain on my cock head and put my hand down to find out what it was.

"Ah, that will be the new feature I added," she said. "There are spikes in the top of the tube to encourage you against rude thinking. Of course they're locked inside, so you'll have to cope with them until you're next released. And I've not decided when that will be."

Tuesday 23rd May

"Come, Robert, I want to see you again," Laura said as she sat in her chair wearing her dressing gown.

I stood in front of her. She said, "I meant all of you," and I stripped off.

"So," she asked, "how has it been with the spikes in the tube?"

"I've learned to cope," I replied. "It's not so bad in the day time, I can try to think of something else, but quite often I've woken up in agony, having a sex dream and trying to get hard in the night."

She was smiling as she was listening - she enjoyed hearing about my pain.

"Tell me more," she said, as she opened her dressing gown and was naked underneath. She stared at my cock device as her finger slid down to her pussy and her eager clit. Her fingers slipped between quite a few piercing rings she had around her pussy.

My eyes almost fell out as I watched her start to get herself going. I said, "Of course, the worst time is if I ever imagine you naked and playing with yourself." Then I bent over double with the pain struck into my tender cock by the evil spikes digging into it.

By the time I had recovered and the pain had started to subside, I was on my knees. I looked up to see she was well into herself, flicking and rubbing her clit while staring at me and probably enjoying the pain I was in.

Then she said, "Why am I doing all this. There must be some benefits to keeping a slave around the house." She grabbed my head and pulled it in between her legs.

I never imagined doing this to Laura, but my tongue went straight to work, lapping her clit as she moaned. But I couldn't fantasise about it - as sexy as this operation was, I had to think of it clinically, like licking an ice cream, or my cock would not forgive me.

I heard the familiar sequence of moaning, and panting, and then screaming, then she pushed my head away from her. A moment later, she kissed me on the lips, and said, "You're a good slave, I must keep you around and horny for a long while."

Monday 29th May

Over the next week, Laura had me lick her on several occasions. On the Sunday, she even had me lick her to orgasm after she chained me up and before she unlocked my cock.

But on Monday evening, even though she was in her dressing gown again, I sensed something different was going to happen.

She said to me, "Robert, I'm quite turned on by seeing you in your chastity device, but I've realised part of that is jealousy - I fantasise about being in that situation myself." She pulled out a small cardboard box, and opened it reveal a small curved piece of metal. "I bought this from the same company that you got your device from. Would you lock it onto me?"

How strange, the Mistress becoming the slave! I picked up the device and turned it over. It was like a pussy shield with a series of hooks on the sides. She said, "Those hooks will go into the piercing holes I have, and when the lock is turned, they will close up. I've tried it for a few hours and it's very effective, but now I need to 'lose' the key, just like you've done."

I said, "Of course I'll help you out. It will be very interesting to see how you cope with what you've been putting me through!"

She took off her robe, and I saw she had already taken out the rings that she had before. It left two holes in each of her labia lips and a hole in her clit hood. She handed the device to me and I put the five hooks on the device in through the piercing holes in her body. Once put in place, it looked like she had a shiny steel pussy, completely covering her labia and clit. I took a bunch of three keys out of the box and put one into the small hole in the centre of the device. When I turned it, the hooks closed up, trapping the flesh.

I took the keys and said, "That's the last you'll be seeing of these for a while."

Her hand took the familiar form of rubbing between her legs, but this time she only hit steel. She tried wriggling the device, then she tried pounding it, but she only got frustration. "I'm horny already!" she begged.

Sunday 4th June

It was a quiet week. There was much less sexual interplay between us compared to the previous week, since we were both locked up. I had wondered how our unlocking session was going to work on the Sunday.

She said, "This isn't working. If I want to have the same experience as you were having, then I can't be holding your keys as well as you holding mine. I'd like to give you your keys back, so I can experience the submission of being secured by someone over whom I have no control."

I replied, "Yes, I understand that. It's okay, I've liked being locked up a while, but it would be nice to have a period of freedom for a while too, so I don't mind just keeping your keys for you."

She smiled, "Thankyou," and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"So," she added, "what are we going to do today?"

"Well I'm the Master now, so I'll tell you want's going to happen. If you want to get your freedom any time soon, you had better do what you're told. And your first task is going to be to get this chastity device off me."

She took the key from a drawer.

I said, "I want you to kneel down and unlock it. It's been locked up so long, it will be in great need of attention, and remember that your freedom will depend on what you decide to do with my newly released cock."

My cock was getting quite painful from the spikes, as Laura kneeled down, eye-level with my cock and inserted the key. I felt a wave of pleasure as the steel shaft was immediately replaced by the damp warmth of Laura's mouth. She slid her lips up and down as her tongue played with the tip, and before long she was treated to a salty splash which she drank up.

Later in the day, I sat her in a chair and tied her hands behind her back to prevent her escaping. Then I unlocked the device that had been securing her pussy for the last week. She didn't dare say anything, but I could tell she wanted to beg for that first touch on her clit.

I spread her legs apart and gently blew on her clit, which was already looking engorged. She whimpered. I did it again, then very lightly brushed it with my tounge. She let out a soft moan. Then I started touching her pussy lips, and she reacted again.

I teased her like this for quite some time, gently increasing the level of stimulation. It wasn't long until she achieved that scream that I'd come to know and love.

Tuesday 13th June

Laura said, "I know you're quite into wearing your chastity device and having someone else hold the keys, and I am too, so I have a suggestion - why don't we both give our keys to a third party, so then neither of us will be 'in control'?"

I replied, "That sounds like a neat idea. I'm not sure I'd trust any of my friends to hold our keys. Do you have a friend in mind?"

"Better than that. Do you know Stephen Greyfriar?"

The name sounded familiar. "Isn't that Master Stephen who posts on all the chastity websites?"

Laura was looking excited. "Yes that's him. I've been chatting to him online about our problem, and he says he'll help us out."

"That sounds good. I've never met him but heard good things about him. He has a very good reputation so I'm sure he'd be trustworthy. Where does he live?"

"That's the thing, he's only on the other side of town! So how would you feel about giving him control of our devices?"

"It sounds perfect in principle, but I'd have to meet him first."

"I'm glad you said that, because we've got an appointment with him tomorrow night!"

Wednesday 14th June

For such a famous man, you'd expect him to live in a mansion or something. But no, it turned out to be a semi-detatched house in a normal suburban street. We rang the doorbell.

The man who opened the door was probably in his fifties, but with a warm, inviting face that gave the impression he was much younger. He smiled, in a way that he never does in the pictures of him on the Internet, and invited us in.

We sat on a sofa in his lounge, and he asked if we would like a sherry - we nodded. He leaned over and pulled on a metal rod that was holding a large box closed. The flap of the box opened and a small person came out.

I use the term 'person' in its loosest sense. This figure was dressed entirely from head to foot in leather. There must have been some sort of eye holes and breathing system, but none was visible. I couldn't even tell what sex the creature was, there were no clues. There wasn't even any obvious zip for taking the suit off.

Stephen said, "Sherry", and the person scampered off on all fours like it had been doing so all its life. "Every home should have a gimp, they're so useful. I really don't know what I'd do without it."

I opened my mouth to speak, but couldn't work out anything I could say, so closed it again.

Stephen continued, "In case you're wondering, it has a Doctorate in anthropology. It spends half the time writing books and giving lectures on the affects of the urbanisation of society on adolescents, and the other half gimping for me."

The gimp returned, now scurrying just as naturally on three limbs, with one hand holding a tray of drinks perfectly steady. We took our drinks. It shuffled back into the box, and Stephen dropped the bar down to lock the box again.

Stephen said, "You're quite lucky, Robert. I get a lot of single men contacting me for the opportunity to experience what's going to happen to you, and I have to turn most of them away. One of the things that make you two interesting is that you're a couple, so I'm willing to investigate investing some of my time on you."

I said, "Oh, we're not partners, just friends."

"Yes, I appreciate you're not yet in a sexual relationship together."

Laura said, "When you say 'not yet'..."

Stephen smiled. "This brings us on to the subject of the contract. Its quite simple - you will sign my standard contract which will apply for a fixed term and will tie all three of us to certain obligations. I will be obligated to treat you fairly and respectfully, and to commit some of my time to your needs. You will be obligated to allow various things to happen to you. Many of these will be things you would never have contemplated doing, or never even heard of. These will include, for instance, long term incarceration in a chastity device, various sexual activities done to you and by you, to and by various other people of various genders, some body modifications although nothing permanent such as tattoos, and many, many other things. You will not be informed what they will be before signing the contract.

"Any of us can cancel the contract at any time without any reason being given, but if we do so, everything will cease and we will not speak again. I advise you to read the contract well, and only sign it if you are confident that you want to do this."

This sounded like quite an undertaking, so through the evening we tried to pump him for information about what might happen to us. He wouldn't give much away, but he did tell some stories about previous individuals and couples that he had owned. He refered to owning people, meaning holding their chastity device keys and so keeping control over them.

He currently had seven people in his 'stable', as he called it - one straight couple, one gay male couple, one woman and two men, but the couples were both in relationships with each other, so he said it would be an 'interesting challenge' to own a plutonic couple.

The night drew on, and I got a very good feel for the guy - he seemed to be an honest and trustworthy person. At midnight, he gave us an envelope each containing our contracts. He advised us when we get home to remove any chastity devices we might currently be wearing, and to study the contract with a clear and realistic head. Then, if we wanted to continue, to return on Sunday, locked in any device we had, to discuss any contractual points and then, if we were entirely happy, to sign our lives away.

We left, both cautious and both confident about Master Stephen. We spoke of little else before the weekend.

Sunday 18th June

I rang the bell, and this time the gimp answered. We were shown into the lounge, and after pleasantries got onto talking about the contracts. We both asked for clarification about a few points, and Stephen gave very satisfactory answers.

After some time, the big moment came. Laura and I signed one copy each, then Master Stephen signed one copy each, then, in the box marked 'witness', the gimp put a cross on each contract.

Then Stephen said, "Now will you please put your chastity device keys on the table and then get naked." I knew such an order was bound to happen, but I was still nervous about getting naked in front of him. When we had both stripped and were wearing only our chastity devices, he said, "Gimp, to the dungeon."

The gimp took one of our hands each in his leathery paws, and led us out of the room. The 'dungeon' was upstairs, a spare bedroom converted into an impressive torture chamber, with equipment in every corner and all sorts of devices hung on the walls.

The gimp pulled out what looked like a bed frame on castors, and gestured for me to lie on it. There were various straps including for ankles and wrists over my head to hold me on to it, but no support under my arse - I wondered if this was for 'access'. Once I was strapped in, it pulled out another and strapped Laura in the same way. Then it left.

I looked over to the nearly naked body of Laura, lying there tightly strapped down, and wondered what I might have done to her if I wasn't strapped down too.

Stephen returned, now wearing a long black silk robe. He said, "Slaves, when I am wearing this robe, you will refer to me as Master Stephen at all times. Is that clear?"

In unison, Laura and I answered, "Yes, Master Stephen."

He dropped the keys for our chastity devices into the gimp's hand, and said, "Measure them up."

The gimp skipped over to Laura, and with practiced ease, unlocked and removed her device. It then did the same to mine - I was very hard, and feeling the steel shaft slide off my cock was heaven. It then took out a cloth tape measure and took all sorts of measurements of both of us - height, around waist, waist front through crotch to waist back, and many others. It took out some sort of probe and used it to take measurements of the depth of Laura's pussy - I heard her sofly moan as the probe slipped into her, but it was very thin and probably not sufficiently satisfying.

It turned to me, and took some quick measurements of my cock, which was soft by this time. Then its fingers clutched around my cock head and moved my foreskin around in a very erotic way - in seconds, I was hard again. It then measured my hard cock.

After all these measurements, it scuttled over to a computer in the corner and keyed them all in, presumably remembering all the hundred or so measurements it had taken.

Stephen looked at our chastity devices, then handed them back to the gimp, saying, "A number 3 and a number 7". The gimp quickly resecured Laura's device, then came to me but my cock was still hard. It pinched a small area of skin at the base of my cock, which was very painful. I cried out and struggled, but it held the pinch. Quickly my cock fell flaccid, then it let go and slipped the device on.

It took two small metal devices from a drawer, then clicked each of them over the keyholes of each of our devices. Stephen said, "It's not that I don't trust you, but I assume you have backup keys to your own devices, so gimp has put a secondary lock over each to keep you from temptation."

He continued, "Now the dialators." The gimp showed us two metal rods. Each had a flat base, then a thin stalk coming up from it and a pyramid shape on top. Stephen said, "These are anal dialators or butt plugs, used to prepare you for some of the tasks you will be undertaking in the future. You are to wear one for at least an hour today, at least two tomorrow, and increasing by an hour each day so you will be wearing it for at least eight hours by next Sunday. Only waking hours count - you are also to wear it all the time that you are sleeping. Gimp will now demonstrate their use."

The gimp pulled a lever on the rack near my head, then spun the entire rack that my body was strapped to head over heels until I was facing the floor. I felt something cold being spread onto my arse, then something pushing into my arse. I had never done anything anal before. Stephen had said that there may be some anal activities included in our experience but I hadn't imagined it would be so soon! The device was pushed into me a little, then pulled out, and in again a little more. It was not a comfortable situation, but was not painful - except that it made my cock very hard! Finally, with almost a pop, my arse was able to contract around the base stalk of the device.

I couldn't see Laura, but from the noises she was making, the same was happening to her.

We were spun over again, and the straps released so we could stand up. It was a very strange feeling having a heavy metal weight in my arse, and was constantly stimulating my cock, but I would have to learn to live with that.

I instinctively said, "Thankyou, Master Stephen", and Laura did so too.

He said, "Keep a log of every time you insert or remove the dialator, and do not think of cheating! Now, welcome to my stable, and return next Sunday for your next experience and your next stage of losing control of your own body."

Sunday 25th June

Laura and I had been 'flirting' with each other all week, knowing that neither of us could help out the other. We had spent most evenings naked, and the sight of Laura's bare breasts certainly got me very horny. I was very pleased that, when we were putting on our chastity devices a week earlier, Laura had let me lock mine without the spikes in place.

Wearing the anal dialator all week had been quite an experience. We worked out early on that we wouldn't be able to do the whole length of time with the plug in while just at home, we would both have to wear it to work as well. By the Friday, we had both agreed that we should try to keep the dialator in all day at work, and have the evening free of it. I don't think there was a moment that day when I didn't forget about the anal intruder, the cock bondage, and the contract I had signed.

We arrived at Stephen's place. He answered the door wearing his black silk robe, so we said, "Good evening, Master Stephen" as we'd been directed.

"Good evening, slave Laura and slave Robert," he replied. If you go up to the dungeon and strip off, Gimp will arrange you approriately.

We followed the gimp to the dungeon room, removed our clothes and were strapped into the racks again.

Stephen said to the gimp, "So, did they?" In reply, it swung both of our racks over so we were facing the floor, then pulled our anal dialators out. "I'm glad to see you wore the anal dialator here, I hope you've found the butt plugging an enjoyable experience all week, I will check over your logs later. But today, you will get your proper chastity belts. The toys you have been using so far are adequate to play with, but all my slaves wear a much more high tech, high security unit. But that comes later."

The gimp rummaged in a drawer for some keys, then swung our racks the right way up and unlocked and removed our chastity devices. Once again, it was wonderful to be free and for my cock to be able to stretch out, and it was begging for some stimulation and ejaculation.

Stephen said, "Okay, Gimp, do what you're good at!"

I saw the gimp was doing something with Laura's gentials, and heard her starting to moan. Then it came over to me, and starting working on my cock head, sliding my foreskin up and down. I was starting to get close to cumming when it dropped my cock and returned to Laura. She once again started moaning and a little thrashing, then the gimp moved back to me. After not nearly enough stimulation, it returned to Laura.

This went on and on. Every time the gimp touched my cock, I thought I would be able to cum, but I was never quite able to make it. And from the sounds of Laura, it was doing the same there too.

At last, Stephen said, "This is where you learn that chastity play is not always enjoyable, and you often won't get what you want. Gimp is an expert at stimulating people to the edge of orgasm without letting them cum, and you will both now be locked up in your new devices without the completion that you're both craving. This will make you understand what it means to be controlled."

It was just as well the straps were holding me down tightly, because I would have done anything possible to touch my cock at that moment.

Then Stephen and the gimp left. I struggled in my bonds, hoping that waving my hard cock in the air would somehow give me some stimulation, but I didn't get any. I could see Laura was struggling too.

"God, he's good at that," Laura said. "If I had a boyfriend who could do that to me, I'd never get out of bed. If only he'd finished the job off though!"

I replied, "Yea, he was good on me, too. So frustrating, not being able to shoot my load right now. I'm throbbing so much!"

"Me too," she said. We talked some more about our sexual frustrations. Laura started telling me what she'd like to happen next, but I had to ask her to stop, it was killing me.

After some time in silence, Stephen returned with the gimp scuttling along behind him. The gimp was carrying two sets of steel underwear. Mine consisted of a small, smooth edged box that was somehow secured around my cock and balls. I felt some tugging going on, a pulling at my balls and a band tightening around my cock head. Then the box fixed onto the shield part of a full metal chastity belt - a shiny smooth panel over my crotch, a thin steel bar that fit up my arse crack, and a tight belt around my waist. All these were pulled tight, then tighter, then I heard the click of a lock.

I tried to watch what the gimp was doing to Laura. It looked like the same sort of belt, with some sort of internal shield using her piercing to secure her pussy.

Eventually, we were unstrapped and allowed to stand. All my muscles were aching, but my only interest was in the steel device strapped onto me. I tried my fingers all the way around it, and I wriggled and pounded, but I couldn't get any freedom or even sensation from it.

Laura and I looked at each other. Our chastity devices looked exactly the same from the front - both having a smooth shiny steel groin with no sign of any sex organs. "Yes," Stephen said, "you are both gentially the same now. Your sex lives are mine now, for the duration of our contract, and you should think of yourselves as sexless."

Tuesday 27th June

He knew his stuff. I had been been incredibly horny on Sunday night after we left Stephen's house, and tried all sorts of ways to stimulate myself, but Stephen's chastity belts were impenetrable.

I'd had a chance to take a closer look at the device on me. It had no lock - that is to say, there was no obvious keyhole. It was probably magnetic or radio controlled or something - at least, I hoped there was a way to unlock it! But I couldn't even think about picking the lock because there wasn't any.

The waist belt was tight, but it curved to sit along the top of my hip bones, so was quite comfortable. I tried on a few sets of clothes, and the waist belt didn't show through any, though there were some trousers I wouldn't be able to wear any more because my crotch bulge had increased so much.

The rear of the device was just a vertical bar, like a thong, that sat between my arse cheeks, except for a round hole in it required for using the toilet. This was a bit messy at first, but I got used to it after a while. The extra wideness of the hole part tended to hold my arse cheeks apart most of the time, which was quite an interesting feeling in itself.

But, of course, the main 'feature' of the device was its prevention of access to my cock. I didn't mind so much about any other aspect of this bondage, but I was getting increasingly frustrated with the lack of sex. I couldn't wait until Sunday and the possible chance of cumming again!

Sunday 2nd July

We went through what was becoming a usual ritual of going to Stephen's house and getting strapped up into the bondage frames, and, as ususal, having no idea what was yet to come.

Stephen said, "Now that you are used to your new devices, I am going to start training you properly. To begin with, you are going to be trained to take a buttplug properly. When I say 'proplery', I mean a large plug for a long time. You will come to understand what this really means."

The gimp swung us over in the frames so we were faced downwards, and I felt the cold application of some lubricant onto and into my arse. Then I felt something being push in there - it started wide and got wider, but didn't get any narrower as our previous buttplugs did. Then there was a click and the plug stopped moving.

"This is an intelligent plug," Stephen said. "It has now locked into your chastity device and will not come out. If you want to remove it, press the button on the base of the plug. It will decide whether it will come out or not. It is currently set to make sure you stay plugged an average of 7 hours a day, so if you fall below that average, it will not come out until you have raised your average sufficiently. Next week I will be checking the data that the plug has recorded on your habits, and will punish or reward you, as necessary."

I sighed. I was already turned on by the plug in my arse, and I knew that having to walk around with it in would be worse. Having to also wear a chastity belt while plugged, and not being able to take the plug out, would be a nightmare!

Laura and I were swung around on the bondage frames. But this time, swung a different way so that now I was on my side, looking at Laura who was also on her side looking at me.

The gimp fetched a small box and did something to Laura's chastity belt with it, then pulled the belt away from her body entirely. For the first time in a week, I was able to see her naked, and watch her swolen pussy lips thirsting for touch.

Then the gimp released my chastity belt, and my cock sprang immediately to life. The gimp quickly tore open a condom packet and rolled the condom onto my throbbing member.

Stephen said, "Well, go for it! This is what you want, isn't it?"

Laura's and my genitals were lusting to intermingle with each other, but the bondage racks that we were strapped to were several feet apart, so we couldn't make any contact. I tried stretching my groin towards her, and tried shuffling to see if I could wriggle the rack across the room, but nothing helped. So near and yet so far!

Stephen said, "I can see you need a little help. Gimp!"

The gimp pushed my bondage rack a little way towards Laura, and pushed hers a little towards me. I was now able to poke her pussy with the head of my cock, but only just. Laura gasped a few times, because she was getting some of the contact she needed, especially on her clit, but it wasn't doing me much good at all.

The gimp helped out and pushed us closer together. Finally, I was close enough to be able to push my hard cock into her waiting flesh. Ever since I had met Laura I had fantasised about having sex with her, but I never thought it would be like this.

My muscles ached all over as I tried to thrust my groin in and out, but it was all worth it for the sweet ecxtacy of my cock sliding in and out of Laura's sexy pussy. She moaned and I moaned, and she screamed and I screamed, and, far too soon, it was all over for both of us.

Thursday 6th July

Yesterday I forgot to put my plug in when I went to work. I put it in as soon as I got home, to try to increase my average hours, but the plug must have thought I was way below the target average of 7 hours a day, because it's now midday and the plug is still in there and refuses to come out! It was in all evening, and all night, and wouldn't come out when I woke up this morning, and I've been sitting on it all day so far and it's showing no sign of shifting.

When it first goes in, it's quite stimulating and gets me hard, as much as I can, but then after a while it tends to ache. Now, it's been something like 20 hours non-stop, and my arse feels fully stretched, just an uncomfortable strain every time I move.

I won't forget about the plug again. Ever.

Sunday 9th July

This time, the gimp opened the door and showed us right into the dungeon. There, strapped to a bondage frame, was a nearly naked man. He was hooded, leather convering his entire face with no visible means of seeing or speaking, just tiny nostril holes.

He was otherwise naked, a sizeable cock showing a sizeable erection. It could have been Stephen, he was about the right size and build.

The gimp gestured for us to strip down to our shiny bondage underwear, then put us into two other bondage frames, one either side of the stranger.

Then all three of us were flipped over on our sides, so Laura was facing the stranger and I was facing his back.

I guessed the naked man heard the sound of our chastity belts being removed, because I heard muffled noises from him, and could see him twitching. I wonder if he'd been lying their for hours anticipating this moment.

The gimp efficiently slipped a condom onto me and the other man, then it squirted some lubricant onto the man's arse and spread it around, in and out.

My frame was pushed towards his, bringing my cock in line with his arse. I had never even thought about anal sex before, especially not with a man, but now I was incredibly horny (as I constantly am). It was clear what I should do, and I wasn't going to turn down any sort of sex, however unusual.

I pushed my cock into his arse. At first, I thought that I might have missed the hole as there was a lot of resistance, but then it opened up and let my covered cock slide in. After so long in confinement, the feeling of my hard cock under such pressure and friction was esctatic, and I quickly forgot it was a man's arse I was penetrating.

I couldn't see what was going on on the other side of the stranger, but it looked like Laura's bondage rack had been moved in alongside his. Laura's moans were unmistakable - her pussy was getting filled by his cock.

We three went at it like some strange human machine. We got into a rhythm - as I thrust forwards, the man thrust back towards me, then as I withrew a little, he thrust himself into Laura.

I think the noises each of us were making turned on each of us even more, and so we worked up into a crescendo of orgasm, simultaneously crying out and thrusting as much as our bondage racks would allow.

Once we were done, the gimp collected the condoms, quickly washed us and put us back into the chastity belts. Laura and I were released, but the stranger remained in bondage.

The gimp showed us out. We were never given any idea who he was, but we'd had such a good time, we didn't care.

Sunday 16th July

"You've had it too easy," Stephen said as we were strapped down again. "This time, I'm installing stimulators into your belts. These will give you random sensations - some you will like, others you won't."

Th gimp did something with unlocking and relocking, then we were released.

"There will be no orgasms today. Goodbye."

And we were shown out, both still horny but unfulfilled.

Monday 17th July

As I was walking home from work, I felt a strange sensation in my groin. It started as a gentle rubbing around my foreskin, which was very nice after so long with nothing. It continued, and I started to get hard - it was painful crushing my cock in the narrow tube, but at the same time the rubbing felt wonderful.

I realised that I'd stopped walking along the street, and had both my hands on my groin, trying in vain to control the pleasure and pain that was happening to me.

I was getting towards the point when the rubbing might be enough to make me cum, and, despite the crushing pain, was willing my sperm to shoot - when suddenly it all stopped!

I tried to stop myself crying out in the middle of the street - such anguish at the pleasure being withdrawn and only the pain remaining. I waited, but it didn't start up again.

Once I recovered, I went home and told Laura about it. She said, "The same happened to me in the middle of the afternoon. I felt a very nice rubbing on my clit, and couldn't help moaning even though I was sitting at my desk in work. I rushed to the toilet, then tore my skirt off and tried to do something to increase the pleasure - but then it just stopped, and never started again.

"The feeling was wonderful, but it wasn't worth the let-down of being teased and then having it stop so suddenly."

Thursday 20th July

It had happened five times so far - once daily except for twice today. Different times during the day, but always very sensual and frustrating.

Except for the last one. It started out just the same, but as I was getting hard, I got a sharp sting which I think was an electric shock to the base of my cock. It immediately lost me my erection, but the stimulation kept going and my cock stiffened up again. The second shock was harder.

It kept on going for what seemed like a long time, and I got perhaps five painful shocks before it all stopped. That was real torture, and if I could have ripped the belt off, I would have.

But the knowledge that an erection might be painful was a real turn-on for me! I started to think about it, but had to try to think of something else since I could feel my cock was stiffening. I was too late, the shock was the most painful yet, and I couldn't help but cry out. I hoped there was no-one in the next toilet cubicle at work.

Again, Laura said the same happened. "I was almost crying," she said, "with the rubbing and the zapping. I was so pleased it stopped, but later on I kind of missed it."

Sunday 30th July

Master Stephen chose not to see us last Sunday, so the zapping and the frustration just kept on going. We were both yearning for Sunday when we could get unlocked and hopefully get the long-awaited orgasms we both craved.

But when we were in Stephen's dungeon, strapped down to the frames, he said to us, "I think you've got used to your orgasms too much. This will stop. In future you may occasionally be allowed to cum, but your experiences will become much more like those of my other slaves - less pleasure and more discomfort and pain. I have also been much too lenient with your arse management, so from today you will wear the anal dialators at least 22 hours a day. Use your unplugged time wisely - if you don't maintain a 22 hour average, the dialator will not come out of you. Gimp, since they've already had time with the training dialators, install the standard size."

The gimp scurried around, adjusting the frames and pulling things out of drawers. Then I felt my arse being lubricated and then invaded by something which felt double the size of the previous plug.

Stephen said, "In a few weeks we'll move you up to from the standard size to the large and then the XL. After that we move onto the next set of devices and then it may start to get uncomfortable. Of course, the anal dialators will also join in with the shock treatment you've been receiving, so expect a little discomfort there too. That will be all."

Then we were unbound and we left.

He was right, it got a lot more painful. I trained myself to not flinch when my cock or my arse got a shock while I was in work, but when it happened at home I would curl up in pain and Laura knew what was happening. Sometimes I felt the gentle rubbing stimulation on my cock, which was wonderful until it stopped. That didn't happen often, just enough for me to keep waiting for it.

We didn't see as much of Stephen, but every two or three weeks we would be bound down then released from our devices, so that the gimp could work his magic and bring us so close to orgasm, but rarely over the edge.

Laura and I often discussed why we kept on going with it - were we happier now than back when we owned our own genitals? But we always concluded that yes, being controlled and having pleasure rationed was the right thing for both of us, and we didn't want to go back.

Master Stephen had us get married. I don't think it was legal, but he officiated in a ceremony which he invented. We said vows to each other, but they were all about staying true to our Master and forsaking all others. On the wedding night, no-one had sex.

It also involved renewing our contract with Stephen, for him to keep control of us indefinitely, and we moved into his house. We decided then that we never wanted to be free again - we had found the perfect way of living for us.

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