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Leisure Centre, Chapter 1

This is a story written by 'ZentaiSkeleton'

Dan was a fitness fanatic who liked to work out every day, using the local leisure centre he would either just swim or some days a combination of swimming and gymnastics. Whatever sport it was he was always in Lycra, and more often than not travelled to and from the leisure centre in Lycra and t-shirt or hoody, he would have loved to be barefoot too, but more often than not was in flip flops or crocs.

Dan had been into gymnastics, swimming and running since childhood, he had been introduced to them all by his childhood friend Adam. The two of them when they were younger used to spend most of their time barefoot and in Lycra. They kept it up to a lesser degree as they got older having to hide more and more the sports they did until in their late teens the peer pressure got so much they both quit gymnastics all together. After a year of so Adam was really missing being in the gym and the bit of dance that he did as well and decided, "To hell with my so called friends," and he returned to gymnastics and resolved he would do more dance too that he had repressed in himself for so long, but he couldnít convince Dan to return - he was still having trouble coping with the changes within himself and his feelings.The situation stayed the same and due to Adamís parents work he ended up at a different college in a different town to Dan and that was the last they saw of each other.

Until fate intervened and they ended up at the same university, where they shared a corridor in halls and eventually shared a flat together. It was at university that Adam persuaded Dan to once again take up gymnastics but also trampolining and dance, this was the very first time Dan had been back in a leotard for several years and he felt quite self-conscious but soon would be found doing all sorts of sports in Lycra around the campus going to and from gymnastics, dance and trampolining in just his leotard and shorts and barefoot and on occasion even going to lectures still in running tights and sometimes barefoot. This carried on throughout university with Adam and Dan wearing Lycra more and more and caring less and less what others thought, their friends where mostly sporty and just accepted it. On graduation the two went their separate ways but vowed to keep in touch which they did and met now and again at gymnastics displays and the like.With the two of them moving around quite a lot for work they never expected to end up in the same town again but didnít give up hoping.

Due to work, Dan had just moved town yet again and was desperate to find a new centre to continue his training. He asked around and it seemed there was only one centre in town that had both a pool and gymnastics centre in the same facility, but he was told it was a bit strange which intrigued him and he decided to go check it out.

Dan had to wait until the weekend to have time to visit the new centre, he made sure on the Friday night as part of his normal weekly routine that he was 100% smooth and got an early night. On the Saturday morning he put the speedo leotard swimsuit on followed by some three-quarter pants and a hoody, grabbed his swim stuff and slipped on some flip flops to go to the new centre. On the way he worried a little about the reaction he would get to his choice of swimwear but decided he may as well start as he meant to go on.

When he arrived he asked about the facilities and was offered a guided tour by the young fit guy sat behind the desk, which he duly accepted, he thought it strange that the guy behind the desk was in Lycra, he had never been to a leisure centre where the staff wore it. Dan was even more surprised when every staff member he encountered on his tour and indeed his guide where all wearing Lycra uniforms and all barefoot, this is indeed a strange centre he thought, but did make him feel more comfortable about the leotard swimsuit.

Dan went to the locker room and slipped off his flip flops, peeled off his hoody and dropped the three-quarter trackies, taking his drink and goggles he preceded into the pool area, noting the two fit young lifeguards where both in full Lycra skinsuits and barefoot, he got in the pool and did his usual swim routine. After his swim Dan put his trackies and flops back on but being a warm summers day left the hoody off to let his swimsuit dry a bit, the staff all saw him as he left in partial Lycra and his flip flops, wondering how hard it would be to have him wear just Lycra and be barefoot on his future visits.

Dan couldnít wait to get back to the leisure centre but next time he wanted to check out the gymnastics facilities and this presented a problem, under his own self-imposed rules he was self-locked in chastity every Friday night until work Monday morning and depending on the device he used this included a butt plug. As he wanted to try the weekend adults only class this would indeed be an issue for him. How could he do gymnastics with the chastity device on himself? So he decided he would have to wear it to the centre then remove it and re-lock it after gymnastics but before he swam, so that is exactly what he did and was very pleased to find the locker room empty. He had chosen to use the pool locker room knowing he would be swimming next, so he unlocked and headed in his leotard, shorts and T-shirt up to the gymnastics centre.

He arrived just in time for the beginning of the adults only session and as this was his first time had to do the paperwork and thatís when the Lycra clad staff member informed him all men were required to wear the provided leotard in the gymnastics facility and only the leotard so he would have to change and loose his shorts and t-shirt. He was so glad he had unlocked himself, but still really self-conscious of being in just a leotard as much as he loved being in Lycra and the fact him and Adam had once or twice trained in just leotards he still felt very exposed. As he was stripping and changing he thought "This centre got stranger every time I visit".

During the session Dan asked an instructor for help and had a 1 on 1 stretching session, it was during this session he found out a bit more about the place and how it operated, it sounded like a dream job to Dan but he was warned it was more than a job.

Dan was still thinking of the conversation he had had with the warning ringing clear in his ears that is was more than a job, when he got to the pool locker room carrying his shorts and leotard and still wearing only the leotard provided by the centre. He was so absorbed in these thoughts that as he stripped down in the locker room and proceeded to lock himself back in chastity and slip the plug in his ass, and slip into the leotard swimsuit he failed to notice the pool attendant working in the corner of the locker room, however the attendant had clearly seen Dan, or Lycra Boy as he had become known amongst the staff, put himself into chastity and plug his ass. As Dan was finishing zipping himself into his hydrasuit the attendant slipped out of the locker room. As Dan walked out onto the pool deck he noticed the two attendants talking and looking at him, he dropped into the pool and commenced his workout, feeling the water flow over him and the swimsuit. He noticed when he stopped between his sets the attendants keeping an eye on him.

Dan carried on with these workouts each morning, arriving at the leisure centre going to the pool locker room, thankful that it was a weekday and he wasnít locked, stripping down to the leotard and shorts, even though he knew the shorts would have to come off but he couldnít yet face the walk through the centre in just the leotard, barefoot yes but he felt he still needed the shorts. He got told off by his instructor every time he did it. On the Friday of that first week Dan again had a 1 on 1 stretching session with the same instructor, and had a bit more chat with him as he complimented Dan on his improving flexibility and asking him more about his love/hate relationship with Lycra and why he didnít just go barefoot all the time or at least on his way to and from the centre.

Dan explained how since he had taken up gymnastics at a young age he had always preferred being in Lycra and barefoot, but that during his teen years he had dropped the sport and had to conform to peer pressure, but his long-time friend Adam had persuaded him to try again at university and then getting a job in his home town had found it hard to allow himself to be himself. But he had gradually gotten back to gymnastics and swimming in the leotard suits and going more barefoot.

When the chance of a job move came up albeit on a short contract Dan told the instructor he jumped at the chance, knowing it meant a new start in a new town and other than when he was at work he could be himself, in Lycra and even at work he was allowed his Vibrams when he wasnít down on the plant, so could still be near enough barefoot. Eventually as the session was nearing its conclusion they had a little more discussion about the sports centre jobs and how Dan thought spending all his days in just Lycra and barefoot would be excellent. He noticed but didnít dare ask that he thought the instructor might be locked in a chastity device himself under his Lycra, but again Dan was warned this was more than just a job and that concluded his session, so off he wandered down to the pool locker room, carrying his shorts as his instructor had convinced him to risk it.

As soon as he got there he was eyed up in his leotard by the two fit pool attendants and feeling brave Dan asked "Like what you see?"

Tey both replied "Yes, indeed." At that Dan noted they both seemed to get almost a shock and hurriedly said they must get back to work.

Dan thought nothing of it as he turned to strip off the leotard and lock on the chastity device and insert the plug in his butt as this was a long weekend and his rules made him extend his wear time. Then he slipped into the leotard swimsuit, he again noted that the two attendants were watching him and whispering when he entered the pool. He thought, "I really must make an effort to get to know these two more".

After he had completed his workout he got out of the pool and decided he would have a chat to the two cute attendants and see what they thought of their job. They said they loved it and found being able to spend all day in Lycra and bare feet to be excellent. They commented that it was nice to get different outfits for the different jobs they did and that they didnít see many guys swimming in such great suits as his and as fit and smooth as he was. Their next question though really shocked Dan and made him blush, when they asked him how it felt to swim locked in a chastity cage and plugged under his female swimsuit. When Dan had recovered his composure he had to relate the same story he had told to the gymnastics instructor to these guys, they told him yep itís a great job for a Lycra boy but it is much more than a job. At that Dan decided it was time to leave and do his run home before he got to cold so he thanked the guys and headed for his locker.

When Dan got to and opened his locker he got the biggest shock of his life Ė gone were his clothes and more importantly his chastity device keys and inside he found a note:

"Hi, we know you would like to spend all your time wearing Lycra clothing so we have helped you out by taking your other clothes. You should not arrive at the leisure centre wearing any clothes other than Lycra any more, and you should be bare foot and wear your butt plug. To assist you to do this, we have taken the keys to your chastity device. You will not get them back until we are convinced you have adapted to your new lifestyle. When you arrive at the centre, come to reception and tell them you are reporting for inspection. Signed, the leisure centre staff"

Dan was stunned and caught off guard for a moment, he thought back to the conversations he had with the staff and realised they had discussed him amongst themselves, and he knew it the pool attendants had taken more of an interest in him. Well he had two choices Ė go and try and get his clothes back or do what he had really wanted to do since he moved but had still been too scared to do and run home barefoot and in just the swimsuit and just hope no one noticed the bulge, even though only a few people knew him.

So that is what he did Ė he walked through the leisure centre in the still wet swimsuit and locked in his chastity device with his ass stuffed. Luckily the plug he had used with the chastity device was relatively small by his standards. He managed to run along the canal and get home without incident in fact he quite enjoyed running barefoot but wasnít so sure of just the swimsuit.

Now he was safely home he had time to think more of the experience of the morning, in one way he was glad it wasnít a workday, but on the other hand that meant by his own rules he had to remain locked until Monday or by the leisure centre staffís rules remain locked fulltime, he was now torn between using his emergency key or following the instructions in the note. The note had also said he should arrive in nothing but Lycra and always barefoot, he did wonder whether they would approve if he turned up in his three-quarter tights and maybe a rash shirt rather than the swimsuit, but then he thought what would he really want to wear to run to the sports centre. Hmmm he thought probably his crop top and briefs set or the swimsuit but would he dare run in them if he hadnít been forced to today, but then he reasoned it hadnít caused him a problem on the trip home.

As it turned out Dan decided not to visit the leisure centre on Saturday or Sunday, but decided he really must visit on the Monday and thought he could get away with unlocking himself when he got back before he went to work Tuesday. He decided to wear some three-quarter tights over the top of the swimsuit and worked up the courage to leave home and run to the leisure centre and to his surprise he got there again without incident. As he approached the desk he wondered if this was all a big joke and when he told them what he was there for they wouldnít know what he meant, but he approached the desk and told them he was here for his inspection.

Dan was asked to wait for a little while and was then directed down to the pool locker room, where the two fit pool attendants were waiting for him, they told him from now on he would do as he was told and the first instruction was that tights where not allowed, only the swimsuit would do. Next he was to strip and have his chastity device and plug checked, after which he could have his gymnastics leotard and told to go and do his class, but to report back to the pool staff afterwards. After Dan completed his class he went back to the pool and was put back into his swimsuit for his workout in the pool but not before the pool staff swapped the lock on his chastity device, "Just in case you have a spare key at home," and afterwards he was given his tights back and told not to wear them again or there would be penalties to pay.

So this was to be his inspections, he was going to be forced to confront his inner demons about wanting to be barefoot, wanting to wear only Lycra, and wanting to be locked. Well he could do nothing about being locked and plugged now and it seems if he wore anything other than his one piece swimsuit there would be trouble, so for the next week thatís what he did ran to the centre every day in the swimsuit and barefoot, reported for his inspections and followed the same routine as the first day. All seemed to be going well and pleasing his inspectors. On the next Saturday it was a glorious day and Dan had decided he should really get a long run in, he was so used now to being in the swimsuit he never even gave a thought to what he would wear and just went out the door as if he was going to the sports centre. When he got home he felt much more awake than when he had left and saw himself in the mirror realising with a start what he had run in. For a moment he couldnít believe it and thought he must of already removed his tights but then the full realisation of what had happened hit him. The sports centre staff had reached so deep into his hidden desires and released them that he couldnít think straight anymore. It certainly made his Sunday trip to the sports centre a lot easier he didnít even have to think about stepping out of the flat in the swimsuit he just did it, and his inspection went without a hitch, even telling the sexy attendants as he now saw them that he was off for the next 9 days as the plant was on a shutdown. This gave them an idea but they didnít let on to Dan, but they did relay the information to their boss Adam.

Monday morning rolled round the first of Danís 9 days off and he duly visited the gym stopping in for his inspection, where he got a bit of a shock. They told him that as he had now been locked for three weeks he needed to strip and be unlocked and then take a supervised shower before being re-locked and carrying on with his session. This seemed quite straightforward. He wasnít sure about being watched as he showered but what the heck, they even gave him the shower gel and told him it was safe to use everywhere and to make sure he covered every inch of himself with it. Dan was quite happily showering when he noticed what he thought was a lot of hair on the floor and his hand instinctively went to his head. Sure enough there were clumps of hair coming out along with his eyebrows. He no longer had any hair on him what so ever! He thought this time they have gone too far and started shouting at the attendant who was supervising his shower, who simply said, "Is this not what you really want deep down? To be a smooth barefoot Lycra boy?"

With this statement something in Dan awakened and he realised that, yes, he was at his most comfortable most relaxed when he was barefoot or close to it and in his Lycra. Being locked and plugged for the previous weeks really hadnít been that hard, and he felt free on his long run so he thought, "Yes, this is what I want," but was still scared to admit it to himself and the staff that he now saw more as friends.

He was brought out of his thoughts by the attendant saying, "Right, enough shower time. Youíre smooth now and will be forever. Now itís time to put you back in chastity and plug your ass." He came at Dan not with his usual chastity device but with something much smaller and metal that looked a lot more secure and also had the buttplug attached so he had no chance of leaving it out. Almost reading his mind, the attendant said, "This will stop you getting erect in any way shape or form and your new asslock is bigger than that toy you have been using and we will also know if itís not inserted in you. You must come and have it checked after your swim session to make sure everything is ok before you leave."

Dan went and did his gymnastics session, the instructor was very pleased with his progress and suggested Dan try some routines and maybe enter some competitions. He also asked Dan if he would be interested in a contortion class. He jumped at the chance to try after which he went and did his swim and reported for his inspection before leaving.

"Ah, Dan," said the attendant, "we were not impressed with your outburst earlier and were warned you would be punished so here put this on. Itís a zentai suit. If you have never worn one, the zipper goes at the back and you will find individual toes, full fingered gloves and a hood as it is a one piece suit that will cover every inch of you but leave nothing to the imagination. There, it looks great on you. Now, lock the zippers. Good, good. So now you are secure you can leave the swimsuit here, we will take care of that. Now, you cannot train tomorrow, you must wait two days before you come back, so your punishment is to cope locked in zentai."

At home Dan couldnít eat through the suit but found he could drink plenty but that presented a bit of a problem and he found the first time he had to use the bathroom he had to wet himself and then get showered, meaning he had to wait for the suit to dry. This really was a punishment! The suit itself was great and he loved the feel on his smooth skin but it was a tad inconvenient. The next morning Dan woke late and found the post on his mat including another letter from the leisure centre.

"Hi, we are pleased with your progress at the leisure centre. We would like to consider you for a job at the centre, if a vacancy should come open. However, we do require all our employees to share in our lifestyle choices, and you will need to prove this to us for us to consider you. To this end, you should take all your non-Lycra clothes to a charity shop. Yes, everything, including shoes and socks. You make keep one pair of flip-flops for when footwear is unavoidable. Your wardrobe should only consist of Lycra clothes, nothing else.

We are aware that the factory you work at issues you with overalls and work boots. You may wear them at work, but must travel to and from work only in Lycra and barefoot. We will be conducting random inspections of your flat to ensure there is no inappropriate clothing present. If you would like to be considered for work at the centre, let us know at your next inspection and lose your non-Lycra clothing at the soonest opportunity. Signed, the leisure centre staff"

Was Dan really ready to embrace the Lycra lifestyle and lose all his casual clothing? What would his workmates make of him arriving barefoot and in Lycra? Would it mean arriving in just the swimsuit if he ran from the leisure centre? What would the people in the charity shop make of him? He thought about all the possibilities and pitfalls but just kept coming back to the feeling of freedom Lycra gave him, and decided as soon as he was free of the zentai suit he would take everything to the charity shop.

On his next inspection he was released from zentai and put through a seriously tough gymnastics workout with lots of new stretches, and after his swim was allowed to leave in the swimsuit. He told the staff that, after the zentai, he felt naked in it. They replied, "Well, maybe next time we ought to see you in crop top and briefs then."

As soon as Dan got home he changed quickly into the Lycra he was going to wear to take his clothes and before he could chicken out he took the bags to the charity collection. He was particularly sad to see his toe shoes and crocs go but he knew that if he was to be barefoot then he would have no need for these so off it all went.

Once it was all gone and he was home he just couldnít wait. He decided he would go back to the leisure centre and accept the offer. With the lingering thought of what had been said that morning and thinking it might help appease for the extra Lycra he had worn, he went in crop top and briefs. It scared him senseless but it was another barrier he needed to break, especially considering on his travels abroad. He had seen some guys run in very similar outfits and barefoot, even for cross-country.

On his arrival at the centre he went straight to the pool and they were impressed. He told them he accepted the offer and had disposed of his clothes, upon which they said, "Wait for further instructions in the post and should a vacancy arise we will be in touch."

Dan had a quick dip in the pool while he was there and the water flowing over his smooth toned tummy felt quite strange when he couldnít feel it on his nipples as well but he liked it. Afterwards he ran home and promptly plopped down on the bed and took a nap.

When Dan awoke he was thinking about what he had agreed to. Knowing he had another 5 days off yet before he had to face his work mates and was wondering if he would get away with going to work in tights and his under armour shirt or if he would be forced into the swimsuit. Either way knowing he was probably still going to be bald and have no eyebrows he was going to be the butt of the jokes and no doubt be called gay on several occasions.

The next five days flew by with Dan doing a number of sessions at the leisure centre, going in both the swimsuit and two piece, and being told by the gymnastics instructor that the contortion lessons would begin the next week.

The next Wednesday Dan returned to work and went with the tights and under armour shirt he managed to get to the locker room and get changed into his coveralls and boots without much incident. Everyone just thought he had taken his running a step further and so far no one seemed to notice his hairlessness, but with the remainder of the week and Dan having his time split between the plant and the office people really started to wonder about him and why he was always in Lycra, always barefoot and what he had done to his hair and eyebrows. Behind his back the whispers and jokes started and the stares as he walked about the office, then the ribbing started directed at him.

Things took a turn for the worse the week after Dan was called into the bossís office and he was thinking, "This is it, they are going to fire me for being in Lycra," but as it turns out his boss was really supportive, being a barefoot runner himself. He was quite proud of Dan for pushing the boundaries but unfortunately he still had bad news that the plant wasnít doing so well so he had to let people go by senior managers and as Danís contract was due to run out he could not renew it. So Dan would not be working past the end of the week. His boss did say he could keep the flat for one month to give him chance to sort things out and wished him well, but that was it Ė jobless again as he was just getting settled in and enjoying life once more.

The one bright thing he had to look forward to though was the start of the contortion training. When he arrived at the leisure centre and got changed and went to the gym he found out all about it and it seemed now he had plenty of time to practice and since he was already doing gymnastics he was reasonably bendy so he managed ok. Having more time than the other students he got some one on one training with the instructor and was soon getting into some pretty small boxes even if they were huge by the trainerís standards.

He even managed to arrange a second session for the next day and was feeling adventurous so arrived in the crop top and briefs. He knew he should change but the instructor was in reception and he said, "Letís see how you manage in those," and persuaded the head gym instructor for this course to let Dan try in this outfit and he managed the next size box down, which was only 2 feet square.

"Hmmm," said the instructor, "If you want to be really good youíll need to get into something even smaller but thatís good for a guy." Dan went and had his swim then ran home and enjoyed a relaxing nap then went for dinner and had a good nightís sleep.

The next day he had a day off from his training but new he had another two days of contortion training to follow, and in the morning post he found the following letter from the leisure centre:

"Congratulations on being provisionally accepted onto the leisure centre staff. To fully join the team you have one last task to fulfil. You will be delivered a small steel cage and some other items. The cage is a little smaller than you've got into during contortion training but we think you'll manage. Someone will come to pick up the cage sometime in the 24 hours following midnight following the day of delivery. When they arrive, you must be suitably prepared, or they will leave without you and you will have lost your chance to work at the centre.

Your preparation is as follows: you must unlock your back door, strip naked, then put the steel collar around your neck. You will notice this collar has no keyhole - it cannot be removed once closed, so make sure this is what you want before closing it. Then you must put on the supplied blindfold and ball gag, then put on the zentai and use the small padlock to secure the zips. Then get into the cage and use the large padlock to secure it shut. Let your toes poke out through the holes in the front and use the toe cuffs to secure them. Then put your hands through the holes in the back and use the thumb cuffs to secure them.

"As long as you comply with all these instructions, we will take you to your new job. Signed, the leisure centre staff"

Dan found this strange as there were no other signs of a package or anything. He knew it would have to be around 2 feet square to be of similar size to his training box, but he knew that when the time was right it would arrive, so off he went to his contortion training. This carried on for both days training and on the Friday he was getting into his 2 foot square box quite comfortably.

Early Saturday morning he was woken by a knock at the door. Stumbling out of bed, still in his crop top and briefs, he was met at the door by a courier with a box for him. He signed for it and thought it must be the cage and supplies they intend to have him secured in.Dan opened the box and found inside it the supplies that the letter stated he would find, noting there were no keys in the box. He had already decided he was going to go through with the job offer Ė what choice did he have Ė so he found the collar and without giving himself a chance to chicken out locked it around his neck.

He then decided he would leave the rest until later and run to the centre first and have a swim. All the staff at the centre saw the collar and knew he had accepted his destiny that they had been preparing him for. They knew he would accept and little did Dan know that they had made sure his contract didnít get renewed.

Once Dan got home he couldnít wait but he knew he must so he gave himself a good enema knowing he could be in the cage for up to 24 hours and made sure he was well hydrated. Around 10pm he started his preparations, making sure his back door was unlocked and the cuffs and locks where in easy reach of the cage, then he put the gag and blindfold, on slipped into the zentai suit and locked it. He then enjoyed the feel of the suit for a short while and then began the process of fitting himself into the cage.

This was quite a task but after a couple of attempts Dan managed it and he got the cage locked, then locked his toes together and after a bit of wriggling around got his thumbs locked. This was it now Ė if it wasnít for real someone would eventually find him dead here so he just hoped it was for real and he would be picked up and delivered to the leisure centre. He was now seeing how this was more than a job but he had no idea what awaited him at the leisure centre.

Dan managed to dose off even though he was confined in such a cramped cage. He kept waking up and dosing off again, wondering just how long they would keep him caged before collecting him and then how long it would be before he was released Ė if he was going to be. He had no idea if it was the leisure centre he was going to or somewhere different or what exactly was about to happen to him. He must have dozed off again as the next think he felt was his cage being lifted and moved and then sliding into something. What he heard next worried him it sounded like the clank of a second cage and the click of a huge lock Ė had he just been locked inside a second cage?

More to come soon.

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