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We had been sitting in McDonalds for half an hour, and I was dying for a piss. I looked my humblest and most miserable to Toby, but he just stared back, resolute and unyielding.

It was my own fault. When we had been getting dressed that morning, I had put on a pair of rubber cycle shorts, with a chain threaded through holes around the waist. I asked Toby to lock the chain tightly around me, and be cruel about letting me have the key back. I then put on a pair of jeans, and we went out for the day, me being safely secured in my rubber chastity.

Some time later, when I felt the need to relieve myself, I asked him for the key, and as I expected, he refused. I begged and pleaded a little, and still he denied me my freedom. After a time I was getting uncomfortable, and told him so, but he just smiled to himself. He then lead me into a McDonalds, we sat at a table near the window, and he said to me, "Take your jeans off, then go order me a milkshake".

He was asking me to expose my rubber in front of a busy restaurant! Of course I refused, but he just shrugged. I was willing to do whatever my Master asked of me, but that was going too far.

As time passed, I got more and more unconfortable. I pleaded with Toby to release me, but he only repeated his previous command. I couldn't bring myself to submit to that much embarrassment, not even for Toby. But the cost of not doing so was getting painful. I even considered relieving myself in my shorts, hoping that the rubber would keep it in, but the thought was too gross.

Finally, I could see I had simply no choice but to comply. As nonchalantly as possible, I shuffled my jeans off under the table, then picked up some money, stood, and walked to the counter.

I could feel a restaurant full of eyes staring behind me, watching the rubber slip up my cleavage, and more in front, watching the bulge rapidly forming in my shorts. I almost considered running out to the toilet and ripping my shorts off - I wouldn't have anything left to wear, but at least it would end this intense embarrassment.

As I got to the counter and asked for the milkshake, the checkout girl just managed to stifle a giggle. I quickly took it and paid, and as I turned around, the whole restaurant looked away, as if to pretend they hadn't been looking at me.

I returned to the table, where Toby was holding the key out in front of him. I could have taken it, grabbed my trousers, and ran out. But instead of feeling angry with Toby for putting me through such hell, I felt strangely proud that I had done it all for him. As I took the key, I leaned forwards over the table, pushing by rubber arse into the air, and kissed him. To be so wholly enslaved to such a Master was worth any amount of embarrassment.

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