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Metal Mia

Part 1

The Sleaze thrashed away at their instruments. In the unlikely setting of a church hall, the band of four guys pumped out their own noisy thrash metal tunes to the few hundred teenagers in the audience, mostly guys. They were getting into the music, but it wasn't the music they were there for.

A girl walked slowly onto the stage, moving to the music, clearly a part of the show. She appeared to be wearing nothing but a short, black PVC trench coat and black stiletto shoes. She was very attractive, her long black hair flowing over her coat.

She stopped in front of a microphone as the music quietened, then she put her hands inside her coat as she took a deep breath. She screamed into the mike as she threw her coat wide open.

Underneath it she was wearing nothing but gleaming metal - two globes over her breasts, a chastity belt over her groin, and numerous chains connecting them across her body.

The crowd went wild! The band kicked the music into a loud song that the girl screamed some words to, but they could hardly be heard over the cheers, wolf-whistles and hooting from the crowd.

She threw off the coat, and strutted around the stage as she sang. The lyrics were all very sexual - oral, sleazy, masturbation, sex in strange places. She gestured with her hand on her groin, she mimed actions with other band members, she sucked on the mike stand. When she turned around, the audience could see her bare arse, framed by the two chains, one either side, holding the chastity belt firmly in place.

The night went on, the songs got harder. Some of the audience hoped she'd shed some of her metal clothes, but she never did. Eventually, after two encores, the hall fell quiet.

Part 2

Mia was in her dressing room. Which was, of course, the disabled persons’ toilet of the church hall. Still in her shiny metalwear, she was washing off the layers of slutty makeup she'd put on for the performance.

There was a knock on the door, and Mia opened it. "Hi, Roger," she said to the beer bellied hall manager.

He said, "There's a guy asking for you at the door."

"Another groupie?" she sighed.

"No, something a bit different. He's older than most, and he asked for Ms Falconer, not for Metal Mia like the kids usually do."

"Oh, that's odd, perhaps he's from the tax office," she said, only half joking. "I'll be out in a moment."

She picked up a short black dress and slipped it over her head. It was only just long enough to cover her metal underwear, but given what she'd been doing on stage it would be hard to get embarrassed by anything.

She packed her other things, and as she was leaving the toilet, a tall man of about 30 appeared at the door. "Ms Falconer?" she asked.

He was reasonably attractive, not stunning, but very clean-cut, wearing a suit and polished shoes. He was nothing at all like the usual greasy teenagers who came to see her after gigs, but there was something instantly appealing about him. He wasn't the usual sort of guy she would go for, but as soon as she saw the warmth of his eyes and his smile, she was hooked.

They stared for a moment, then he said, "Would you allow me to buy you a drink?"

She smiled and said nothing, but they left together.

Part 3

They had been sitting at the bar, chatting and drinking together, for an hour. That is, she had told him lots about herself, but he had not said much about himself.

Something occurred to her. She said, "Most guys who ask me out after a gig ask me about my chastity belt and the other gear, but you haven't mentioned it."

He smiled and said, "And what do you tell them?"

"I tell them that my ex-boyfriend bought it for me, but he took the keys when we split. I haven't been able to find a locksmith who can unlock it, and I'm getting more horny all the time."

"Is it true?"

She giggled, "No, of course not, but it's a good story. The guys come in two types - half of them are turned on by me being trapped against my will, the other half lose interest once they get the idea they can't fuck me."

"I see you're still wearing it now."

She realised her short dress had ridden up, flashing some steel. She pulled it down, and said, "Yes, I keep it locked after a performance. It is kind of nice to know I'm secured - not from attackers but from myself. It doesn't matter what I get up to with anyone I meet at a gig, I'm not going to get an orgasm out of it - it just keeps me horny and frustrated, which is a very nice feeling."

He smiled, but there was no look of surprise on his face. "Do you only wear it for gigs?"

"No, sometimes I wear it when I go out clubbing. I'll chat a guy up, and take him around the back of the club, then he gets a real shock when he slips his hand up my dress and hits metal. But I usually suck him off anyway - it gets me so turned on to swallow a guy's cum but not be able to cum myself. Oh shit, I really shouldn't tell you that!"

"Don't worry, I'm not going to make you suck me. Unless you want to. But can you not cum with what's locked on you now?"

Exactly as he said that, she got a familiar buzzing, but it came as a surprise. "Oh, that's strange, You're right, I cheated tonight - even though I'm locked up, I could still cum. I slipped a radio-controlled vibrator into my pussy before I locked up, so I can tease myself with the remote in my coat pocket. But it just buzzed me, there must have been interference or something."

"That sounds like fun, but it's definitely cheating if you can play with yourself while locked up."

"Sometimes I put in a dildo instead of a vibrator - that can drive me crazy if I sit on the wrong part of the bus!"

He stood up. "Well you won't have to get the bus home tonight, I live just around the corner."

"Oh, you're very confident that I'll come home with you!"

"But you will, won't you. If only to keep yourself away from your keys for a little while longer?"

She looked as his smile, and knew that he was right. "Okay, just let me go to the toilet."

She walked away, then thought that she shouldn't leave him with her coat, or he'd take the remote control for her vibrator and start playing with it. She grabbed her coat and left for the toilets.

She sat on the toilet, trying to piss. The vibrator got in the way, but she was usually still able to do it. But suddenly, her vibrator started up. Low power at first, then getting more stimulating. She grabbed for her coat and the remote, but the buttons weren't being pressed. She even took the batteries out of it, but the vibration in her pussy kept on going.

It was just getting to the point when she was turned on enough to think that if it kept going, she would eventually orgasm, when it stopped. She growled and banged her groin, but it didn't restart. She considered using her remote to finish herself off, but thought the night with this new man would be more interesting if she just let herself stew in her horniness.

When she returned to him, he showed no sign that he had been involved in her mysterious stimulation. They left.

Part 4

As they entered his flat, he pointed to a door and said, "Go in there, take off anything you can take off, and lie on the bed."

She was undecided if this order was rudeness or sexy domination, but she did it anyway. She took off her coat and dress, to reveal the shiny steel groin cover, breast covers, waist belt, chains and several padlocks that kept her safe from herself and others.

She lay on the double bed, then saw that at each corner there was a leather strap attached to a chain attached to a post at the corner of the bed. She was turned on by the idea of him strapping her down, so she put her arms and legs out to meet the straps.

He returned, still wearing his suit, just the shoes and tie removed. He stood at the foot of his bed, and for several minutes, just stared and her prone form. Then he said, "Ms Falconer, will you do as I ask of you?"

She smiled and said, "You don't have to..." but he interrupted her.

Once again, a little more sternly, he said, "Ms Falconer, will you do as I ask of you?"

She decided she definitely liked his sexy dominance. "Yes, Sir."

"Do not move." He crawled onto the bed, and lightly kissed her ankles. He moved up her body, kissing her shins, knees, thighs, stomach, shoulders, arms, elbows and hands. Then he kissed all over, everywhere else, except her lips. His teasing kisses of her nose and chin were so frustrating when she only wanted him to thrust his tongue deep into her mouth. She grabbed his head, and went to kiss his lips, but he pulled away.

"Ms Falconer, I asked you not to move."

She felt a little ashamed, but said, "You could always use these straps to tie me down?"

He sighed. "How do I know if you're obeying my request for you not to move if you're strapped down? At times I will want you to struggle, and then you will be secured very well, but now I want to test your will power and obedience."

She lay back. He was right - to go out without the keys to a chastity belt was easy since you had no choice, but to control yourself when you're not belted is much harder.

He kissed on, and each kiss was a tease and a challenge to her. At one point his head hovered over hers, their lips only millimeters apart. Her lust told her to thrust her tongue into his waiting mouth, but her submission won and she held back.

"You learn quickly," he said. "You deserve a reward, but remember not to move a muscle."

He went to her coat and pulled out the remote to her vibrator. Her eyes opened wide, but she knew to say nothing. Then it hit her, a hard vibration deep in her loins, after so many hours of lusting after it. She tried to stifle a moan as the mechanical cock pounded her pussy.

He had started the vibe on a high setting, but quickly turned it down, he didn't want her to peak too soon. But even on the low setting, he could see she was struggling not to struggle, every tense muscle in her limbs rock hard, fixing them where they were, resisting temptation.

She hardly noticed as he connected each limb to the strap attached to the bed. When completed, he said, "You may now move and speak."

Suddenly her arms and legs thrashed about wildly, and she let out a long, loud moan. It was a sight to see her tethered arms and legs trying to move everywhere but going nowhere. She tested her bonds and found them to be quite secure. She stopped moaning, and said, "Please, turn up the vibrator, just a little. I just need a little more, please!"

He smiled. "You're so beautiful when you're helpless and so horny, it would be such a shame to bring it to a close so soon. Perhaps I will allow it if you're a good slave for me."

"Yes, anything, please. Master."

He unzipped his suit trousers, and pulled out an average length but very hard cock. Without another word, he climbed on top of her, one knee either side of her head. She needed no further clues, she strained her neck to suck his cock into her mouth.

He controlled her vibe - when she wasn't trying hard enough, he stopped it, but when she did something really nice with her tongue on his cock head, he gave her an extra buzz.

He fucked her face as she sucked him. As he felt his cum flow out of his balls, he whacked the vibe onto full power. Her orgasm struck her just as his cum hit the back of her throat. If his cock hadn't been gagging her, she would have screamed the building down.

Part 5

She didn't know where or if he slept, but he came into the bedroom in the morning to undo her straps. She rushed to the bathroom, then came back and kissed him.

She said, "I have a project I have to work on for college, so I have to go. I can walk home fine from here. It was a wonderful night. Will I see you again?"

"Yes, you will," he said, enigmatically.

She looked down at her metalwork, still secured on her, and saw that each lock had a small plastic tab attached, with a different number on it. "What are these?"

"Don't worry, they're only plastic security tags. You can easily cut them off to remove the locks."

She looked puzzled, but it seemed harmless.

He put her coat around her naked shoulders. She reached for her dress, but he said, "Don't you think it would be a more interesting journey if you had nothing but metal under your coat?" She smiled, dropped her dress, and felt the rough fabric against her arse.

"Oh," she said, "I don't have the remote for my vibrator."

He said, "I'd like to keep it, for a little while. To keep you from temptation."

"But you know I'm going to unlock the belt as soon as I get home."

He fixed her with a stare, and she couldn't help falling into his deep blue eyes. He said, "Yes, I know." And she complied.

Part 6

Home! It had been an interesting experience for Mia, walking around with little under her long coat. She'd actually stopped off at a supermarket to buy some things, just to prolong the experience. But also, she was thinking about her night, and the strange man, and the experience she'd had.

Her first thought after she'd shut her front door was to go for the keys to her steel clothing. Well, her second - she needed the toilet more urgently than she needed to touch herself.

On the way, she spotted a small package that had arrived the previous morning but she'd not opened. She grabbed it, then opened it while she sat on the toilet.

The note read:

I hope you enjoyed our night together. I know you did. And you know it was because you had no control.

You can have that feeling again. Give me control, and you can experience giving up power over your body, for real.

Put your chastity belt keys and the keys to your other metal underwear and chains into one of the addressed envelopes, and post it to me. Then go to the bank, open your safety deposit box, get the backup set of keys, and post them in the other envelope to me, in a different postbox.

Don't unlock the belt. I will know if you have, since you will have to cut the security tags I added to the locks.

Give up. Give yourself up to me. Do it now.

How did he know? About the safety deposit box? And she had had this package in her hand yesterday morning, so he had known what to write and knew that she wouldn't open it, even before they had met!

But, more to the point, how did he know that it was exactly what she needed, and that she was going to obey him to the letter and give up control of her body, like she'd never done ever before?

Part 7

Ten days! It had been over a week, and she'd heard nothing at all from him apart from a letter saying that he'd received the keys, that she should wait to hear from him, and that she should not try to contact him.

Of course, when she bought the remote control vibrator that was trapped in her pussy, she thought she was being clever by buying one that would only respond to her remote control and none other. Since he had that remote, she had the frustration of a dildo without the pleasure of a vibrator.

And that frustration was considerable. Hardly an hour went by when she didn't try some new way to stimulate herself, all of them pointless.

She was awoken by a mild vibration inside her pussy. It quickly increased intensity, until she had her hands on the belt, clawing at it any way she could to increase the pleasure towards a climax.

The phone rang. She swore at it and ignored it, but it kept ringing. The vibration slowed down, until she thought that perhaps he was calling her. When she picked up, the pleasure rose again.

"Hello," she said, and again several times, but there was only silence. She knew it must be him. She said, "Please..." and again, "Please, Master, please let me cum."

The vibe continued, but not quite enough intensity. It was maddeningly frustrating. She said to the still silent phone, "Please, I'll do anything, Master. I beg you, please let me cum!"

She only heard the word "Sunday," then the phone and the vibrator went dead. She screamed, the scream of the unfulfilled.

At that moment, she hated him more than anything. The next day, she though over the whole experience, and she loved him more than anything.

Part 8

Sunday, at last! It had been a tense few days, knowing that she was counting down to some sort of release, though she didn't know what kind.

She had no idea what to expect. She could only think to wait in all day for a visitor or a call. She tried to keep herself busy with housework, but she couldn't concentrate on anything.

Finally, a call. The voice, for it was her keyholder speaking, said, "In a few minutes you will hear the honk of a car horn outside. You are to get into the back seat, as naked as you can be."

She knew it wouldn't be easy. Exposed metalwork in public was certainly never easy, but she knew it was a test, and one she could achieve.

She heard the horn, and before she could think about it, threw off her dress, grabbed her door keys, and dashed out of the door. Then she thought, realised, and left her shoes and socks by her door.

The car was a taxi! She had been expecting to be in the security of his car, but this was some stranger driving. But she had no choice, so she made a dash for the back seat.

"Wow, lady," the driver said, "Are you going to a nunnery or something?”

She replied, "Er, well... just drive."

Fortunately he knew where they were going, and before long, the car stopped.

The driver said, "Just as well I've been paid already, ‘coz you don't look like you have any pockets anywhere!"

Mia muttered a reluctant thanks, and dashed out of the car as her boyfriend’s front door opened. She almost dived through the door, and into his arms. She hadn't expected a passionate embrace, but she melted into it, a release of her tension of the last week.

He said, "That's an interesting outfit you have there, is it a designer label?"

She playfully hit him on the arm. He was in a suit, as usual, but looking somehow more handsome than usual, more manly, more attractive, more boyfriend. But no, this was just some guy she was playing bondage games with. Wasn't it?

He handed her a glass of white wine, and they talked about the weather.

Part 9

It was a converted bedroom, with a bed still propped against the wall, but she didn't know that. She had been wearing a leather hood with a built in blindfold for two hours, so when she had been taken into the room and he had called it his torture chamber, she had built her own image of chains and thumbscrews hanging from the walls.

But her mind was now on other things. First, it was on the strange contraption she had been mounted into. Her body lying horizontal face up on a board, her ankles were strapped wide apart, and her arms pinned behind her. Her head was craned back and strapped in place.

But she almost forgot her discomfort when she felt the chain of her chastity bondage being lifted from her body, and a sweet draft of fresh air against her most sensitive parts. Soon she was truly naked!

The first feeling for a week against her pussy was a wet scrubbing, then the scratch of a razor as someone cleaned and shaved her.

Then he said, "You should find this interesting..." and she knew it probably meant uncomfortable and frustrating.

She wasn't wrong. Something, clearly mechanical and quite big, was pushing its way into her temprarily virgin pussy. But ever so slowly. This was no thrust, it was a gentle press, but relentless. And just when she thought she would split in two, it started its way out.

Meanwhile, the thrill of flesh on flesh - he was squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples. Then, something limp and fleshy against her lips. She sucked it in, and it soon got harder. Her pulled back, strapped down head was ideally positioned for face fucking.

She got no thrill, only frustration, from her lazy pussy intruder. She tried to compensate by sucking hard, in the hope it would be somehow transferred. Eventually, she felt a splash into the back of her throat, salty fluid that she swallowed, and then he pulled out.

He switched off the trusting device, but left it at full extent inside her. Her bondage was too tight for her to be able to pump herself onto the dildo, so she was left helpless once again. Over a week without an orgasm, and now free of chastity, but still no release.

Part 10

It was an age. It was longer than she could count, and still the dildo remained fixed within her, the most frustrating of hard members, as she was strapped down tight.

She felt some shuffling, perhaps him coming back into the room, and then the pussy intruder swiftly removed. He started to talk to her, while he touched her.

He told her about her new chastity belt, while he lightly touched her labia lips. He told of its high security magnetic locks, as he tickled her clitoris. He told her about the electronic stimulation features, as he rubbed something fleshy against her most sensitive regions. And he told her about its remote control orgasm capability, as he thrust himself hard into her damp and needy pussy.

He talked on, hardly making sense, about electronic control, and stimulation limiters, and punishment modes, as he worked himself hard in and out of her. She felt used, just a repository for his cock, as he thrust hard, probably bruising her, and not caring. And she didn't care - it was what she'd been lusting after for a week - for longer than that, for all her life.

He slapped her clit as his thrusting got climactic and that drove her over the edge. She screamed through the hood as waves of orgasm crashed over her body, hardly hearing his pumping cries as he too climaxed.

It was over. But not over yet.

After a lot of deep breathing, and then shallow breathing, he said, "It's all true, you know. The chastity bondage system I described is what you're going to be wearing by the time you leave. Your last device was a toy compared to this."

Part 11

It was the same routine, but with an unexpected twist. She was on stage, throwing off her coat as she screamed into her mike.

But now, fans of her chastity equipment would see something new. Her groin was clasped by gleaming smooth steel, no ugly padlocks to spoil the lines. Her chastity bra now had nipples - prominent spikes jutting from her smooth, shiny, authentically shaped breast coverings. Around each thigh she had a tight band, connected to her waist belt and connected together with chain. Chains also led up to her smooth steel collar.

In the spotlights, it was blinding. And it drew a gasp from the audience.

She sung her usual set. But the innocent audience had no idea what she was going through. During her song ‘Soapy tit wank’ she felt a constant electronic tickling, right on her nipples. Not enough to be painful, but never light enough to ignore.

But that was nothing compared to when she sung ‘Make me, baby’. The song had a long simulated orgasm sequence, but as that part of the song started, the electronic gadgets around her clit and pussy started up, so it turned out her moaning song was not entirely simulated. But the gadgetry would never let her cum, it was just a tease.

Part 12

Another lecture, this time about the 18th Century garment industry. Mia had not heard from him in over a week, and she was missing him. His touch, his control, his tenderness, his punishments, all of him.

But he was all around her - she never forgot him. It had been a month since he had installed her latest chastity devices. They were all comfortable, but she was forever shuffling as she sat, or checking her collar or adjusting her bra.

She felt an itch, and went to scratch it, but her fingers hit metal. But then she realised it wasn't an itch on her right nipple, but some very low level stimulation. After so long with no touch, it was a very welcome stimulation.

It continued for several minutes until the other nipple started up. She'd not heard any of the lecture, her concentration being fully on the nipple tweaking she was receiving and how sexy it made her feel.

And then - it was slight but it was there - some movement deep within her pussy. Her hand instinctively moved down to her skirt to help it out, but then she remembered she was in the middle of a lecture theatre. Then her clit started too.

She could leave and go to the toilet to fully enjoy the sensation. She could try to shuffle and increase the stimulus. But no, she decided to just sit still and surrender to the feeling.

She stifled a moan as the sensation pulsed across her breasts. She tried not to move as something tickled her G-spot. She didn't curl up and cry out as electric shocks fired across her clit. Outwardly she looked fully composed, but inwardly she had fully submitted to the torrent of physical stimulation coming down upon all her pleasure centers.

She let it flow over her, like a waterfall of touches and tweaks. It consumed her entirely. She sometimes thought she might have been starting a long, drawn out, incredible orgasm, but she was never sure, and the sensations kept on and on at sub-orgasm level.

Then a new touch, but this time on her shoulder. "Mia, are you okay? You've been staring at that picture on the wall for half an hour, and everyone else has gone."

It was Jenny, Mia's friend. They were back in the lecture theatre - Mia felt like she'd been on a long journey. The stimulation had stopped, though she didn't know how long ago that had happened.

Mia was in a daze, but Jenny helped her home, asking no questions.

Mia was transformed that day in that lecture theatre, and by many other events that followed, all by giving up control to that mysterious man. And she knew she would never want anything different.

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