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Original Sin

I had played with the domme several times and got to know her well. We'd mostly been doing restraint scenes and she'd been sending me submissive tasks to perform. She'd asked me what I thought of scenes involving pain and I said I'd not tried it, so she incorporated it into some of our play and I found it very hot.

So she said she would work out a 'proper' pain scene for me. That got me scared but aroused, and I wasn't even sure why. Pain is painful, isn't it?

This is what led me to be standing in her bedroom, tearing my clothes of just after she'd given me the command, "Strip!"

I stood in front of her, naked, and said, "May I say a few words, Miss?" She agreed.

I went down on my knees in front of her. I was taller than her but this was a time I should be looking up to her. I said, "Miss, I just wanted to ask you to be gentle with me. But also, I wanted to ask you to challenge me. I don't know what you're going to do to me today and that scares me. I fear, but I want to give you my fear and let you use it to control me. If you demonstrate your power and control by pushing my boundaries, it will make me a better and more devoted slave to you."

She smiled and kissed my forehead. "Don't worry, my slave. I will look after you today, and I will make you fear. What's your safeword?"

"Banana, Miss."

"Lie face down on the bed with your arms out sideways."

I could see she'd laid out leather wrist and ankle restraints and chains running over the bed. No buckles here, just padlocks. I lay face down and she strapped each limb in and clicked a lock to secure it, then tightened the chains. My arms were out horizontally connected to a chain running under the bed, not stretched but with very little slack, and my legs were pulled out to the bottom corners of the bed, making my arse feel very vulnerable. Then she blindfolded me and all went dark.

She moved her arms across my body, possibly warming up my flesh, possibly using some balm or lube. Just her touch thrilled me and my cock stiffened underneath me.

Then I felt a sharp twinge as some finger nails dug into my back. She said, "Yes I'm going to challenge you today." The nails slowly moved down my back. "You're going to experience feelings you won't recognise." As they moved they created a streak of pain. "These are experience you used to call pain." It felt like they were getting deeper as they moved. "But you will learn to call them pleasure." I bathed in the pleasure of the pain of her scratch.

My back was a patchwork of proud trophies of scratches from previous scenes, and it was that which taught me what pain could really mean when given by a dominant to a slave.

She leaned in and whispered to me, "Are you okay, my slave?"

I pulled myself together enough to make a sentence. "Yes, Miss, very floaty and happy, Miss."

She stood and her voice got more stern. "Right, slave, I am going to ask you a series of questions, which you must answer honestly. If your answers are to my liking, no harm will come to you, but if I disapprove then you will be punished. Do you understand, slave?"

"Yes, Miss."

She stroked my back again, and I could feel where she touched the scratches. "Now, little slave boy, I understand some boys waste their time in playing with their cocks and making a mess all over the place. Did you ever do that before you met me, slave?"

I gulped, I could tell this was going to be a tough session. "Yes, Miss, sorry Miss. I have touched myself in the past."

"Well I hope it was worth it, because now you will be punished for it!"

I heard her arrange some things, then the familiar 'snick' of a lighter. She rubbed my right shoulder and said, "Are you ready for this, slave?"

I took a deep breath and said, "Yes, Miss." I could smell burning. Then I felt a pain drilling into my right shoulder. It was instant but intense. It made me try to pull my arms inwards to defend myself but the chains were quickly pulled taught - there would be no defence.

"And," she said, "if naughty boys have to touch themselves, I consider it is only acceptable to do this when they are an adult and understand what they are doing. Say, at least 21 years old. How old were you when you first made a sticky mess, slave?"

"I was 9, Miss."

"9! That deserves punishment in anyone's books. Prepare yourself, slave."

I knew I could do nothing to prepare myself except to wait for the inevitable. I waited. Then waited. I let out the breath I had been holding, then felt that searing pain, this time on my left shoulder. I pulled at my arms and heard the solid clunk of the chain hitting furniture and stopping my movement. Never did I feel more helpless, never before did I understand the need to accept the pain as a gift from Miss, take it and ask for more.

She said, "The wax makes a pretty pattern on your flesh, and we've only just started."

This continued for some time. She asked many other question - how often did I cum, did I look at porn, had I ever eaten it, did I put things up my arse and so on. To every one she knew what the answer would be but decided it deserved punishment.

She broke me down. Constant pain from the wax on my back, arms, ass, legs. Constant punishment for sexual inpropriety, in her view. I found myself wishing I hadn't cum so much, then realised her brainwashing was working - I was conforming to her opinion, losing my identity. I found myself thinking, "Yes, this pain is deserved punishment. I have been bad and need to be punished, and afterwards will obey everything Miss says to the letter."

She said, "Finally, my slave, one last question. Be honest with me. Now that you understand how I feel about slave boys indulging themselves and making a mess, I want you to tell me when did you last make yourself cum?"

I had no choice but to tell the truth, and I knew I would regret it. "Sorry Miss, this morning Miss."

She gasped and then left the room.

All was silent for a while. I got scared that she was really mad at me. Receiving her punishment was so painful, but having her ignore me was so much worse. I considered crying out to her, but knew I should trust her.

She returned then unchained my feet. "Up on your knees," she said. With my arms and head still tethered to the top of the bed I bend awkwardly so that my arse was in the air. She grabbed my cock for the first time, and lubed it up. For a moment I got excited that perhaps I was getting a reward, but it would be a reward for the worst betrayal of her ethos I could imagine. But then I felt various cold metal parts moving around my cock. Then the click of a lock.

"You, young slave, have deserved a punishment worse than any wax. I was planning on locking this chastity device around your cock, expecting you to say that the last time you cum was the day before you met me, but clearly if you just cum this morning then you need much more severe training than that. So I've installed the punishment spikes inside this device. Each time you try to get hard it will remind you of the pain you've had this evening."

She continued, "Don't worry, slave, this device won't be on you for ever. It's quite simple, I've given you 23 drops of wax this evening. That accounts for 23 of the times you've cum. Since you were born, up to today. I promise you that once you've received as many drops of wax as you have times you've cum since you were born then you will be free of the chastity device. If you're very good I may release it on special occasions while you're tied down, but that won't be often and not for long."

She unchained my hands and helped me to slowly get up. I stood in front of her, then dropped to my knees again and hugged her. I said, "Thankyou Miss for teaching me your way. I will be a good slave to you and take your punishments as you see fit."

All that time my cock was hard in the chastity tube and three sharp spikes were pushing into the top of my flesh. It was agony. I breathed through it and I didn't care.

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