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A Change of Clothes

I had done everything Master had told me to do.

I had come to London wearing only an old teeshirt, shorts and trainers, carrying only my one way ticket and the package he had given me, and had come to the toilets in the centre of Hyde Park.

It was early morning, and the toilets were empty. I had stripped off my teeshirt, shorts and trainers and thrown them into a bin, then dashed into a cubicle before anyone found me.

So, just me and the package. I had complete faith in Master, so I knew that I was safe, despite having nothing - no clothes, no money, no tickets, no phone - nothing except the package he had given me.

The thought made me incredibly turned on, but the only 'clothing' I was wearing was the small chastity device Master always kept locked around my cock, keeping me constantly horny.

My orders were to wait in the cubicle until someone had come into the toilet and left. I'd not seen many people in the park on the way, so it might take a while. I sat and waited.

The worrying thing was that the package was quite small. Definitely no three piece suit in there! It was hard to imagine any legal clothing fitting into the small, securely wrapped package I had received in the post a week earlier.

Finally, I heard someone arrive, piss and leave. With a deep breath, I opened the package.

Inside was a small yellow bundle of fabric and a small note. The fabric was a thong!

I stood up and put on the thong. It was quite 'snug' - the rear slid up my arse crack like a cheesewire and the front pouched my chastity device but leaving no spare fabric for modesty. It must have looked like I was quite excited, since there was no way to hide the obvious bulge.

The note had no words on, it was only a map of the park, with an 'X marks the spot' of a small wooded area that Master had taken me to many times in the past.

I was 'fully dressed' and had studied the note, so there was nothing else to do but leave. This made me very nervous, walking out into the park almost naked, but I knew I had no choice - no backing out now!

There was no-one in the toilet, but as I left the building there was someone walking in. I kept my eyes forward, but in the corner of my eye I'm sure I saw him trying not to stare. Once he'd passed, I loooked back and saw him checking out my arse! But he hurried on.

The location indicated by the map was on the other side of the park, but much of it over open country - the thought of that terrified me.

I started by running, but the vibration shook my chastity device painfully. Then I tried running while holding my crotch, but quickly decided that looked obscene. After a while I decided everyone who was likely to see me had already done so, so I just walked. Running was too painful on my bare feet, anyway.

There weren't many people in the park - a few people sitting on the grass, reading or eating. I started by trying to keep as far from them as possible, but I couldn't hide my nakedness so I thought "what's the point" and in some cases walked straight past. I turned lots of heads, but nothing worse than that.

Finally I reached the location indicated by the map. There was nothing there! I rummaged around between the trees, and eventually foun a half buried envelope, with my name on it.

Just and envelope though, no big bag of clothes!

I opened it and read the note. There was an address and what looked like a receipt - nothing else.

I sighed, and treked on. The worrying thing with this new development was that I would have to go out on the street in just my thong, and possibly into a shop and speak to people - I had no idea what sort of place the address was for, but it was on a shopping street nearby.

I left the park and soon found the right street, but I was at the wrong end. I was very concious of wearing just a tight thong while walking down a busy central London street, but I knew the best thing to do was just ignore it.

Only once I got heckled - some guys across the street yelled out, "You forgotten something mate?" and laughed. But otherwise it was fine - except I bet there was lots of whispering I didn't hear.

Finally I arrived at the address - it was a dancewear shop! A bell rang as I pushed the door open.

A man in a cardigan behind the counter looked over his half-glasses at me and said, "Just come off the stage, have we, Sir?"

I nervously handed him the receipt, hoping he would understand what it was for.

He looked at it, said, "Ah right, now let me see," and turned to a wall of boxes behind him. He pulled out a bag from one of the boxes and said, "Yes, a very interesting order this one was. I understand these are popular in Japan, but it's very unusual for us to get an order here."

He handed me a bundle of red fabric, and said, "Would you like to try it on first?"

I had no idea! But I guess it would make sense. "Yes, please," I said, "just to check the fit."

He showed me a changing room, and then said, "Ah, the gentleman who placed the order left this for whoever would pick it up, so I believe this is yours?" and handed me an envelope.

I entered the small changing room and pulled the curtain shut. I first opened the envelope, which contained a note, a ticket and a small piece of red plastic. The note first told me to destroy my thong, then to put on the new item.

I snapped the straps of the thong, which was surprisingly easy, then looked at the bundle of red. It turned out to be a full body suit in a very stretchy fabric - arms and legs, hand and feet, and a hood too!

There was a long zip, which I guessed was at the back. I opened it and stepped in. The fabric squeezed my legs, then squeezed by arms as I pushed them in. After being in the thong so long, it was a strange feeling to have a full body hug, but quite a horny one.

I dipped my head and pushed it into the hood. I was surprised to find there were no holes in the hood - no eyes, nose or mouth. But I could breath fine and see reasonably well through it.

I though it felt tight, but when I pulled the zip up it all got that bit tighter - a gentle squeeze all over. One of the areas of noteable tightness was, of course, my cock in its little prison, now struggling to get free.

I checked back at the note, and could just about read it through the suit hood. It told me to use the piece of plastic, which was a cable tie, to secure the two zips of the suit together. I put the tie through the pulls of the zips, put the one end of the tie into the other end, and tightened it.

Only then did it occur to me what this meant - I was in the back of a shop, having secured a full body suit onto me that I had no means of removing!

I picked up the note and other bits and left the changing room. The assistance said, "That looks like a good fit, Sir." He put me in front of a mirror that I could hardly see, and tugged at a few places on the suit. "I think your friend must know your size very well, I don't think any adjustment is needed."

Little did he know that Master had measured me many time for many different types of suits over the years.

He continued, "So, if Sir would just like to change back into his, er, former clothing, I'll wrap this up for you."

I knew that I had no other clothing, and couldn't remove this suit anyway! I said, "No, that's okay, I'll wear this now. It's warmer than what I had on earlier."

"Very well, Sir. The suit is all paid for, so I hope it gives you many hours of pleasure with, er, whatever you want it for. Thankyou for your custom, Sir"

I left the shop. When I hit the streets, I got just as many stares as when I was in the thong, though there was even more disbelief and dropped jaws.

I got to the nearest tube train station. The note told me to go to a department store that I knew a few miles away, and the ticket with the note was a one way tube ticket to the nearest station to it.

I went into the station and got onto a train. It was busy and a hundred people pretended not to stare at me.

A young boy sat next to me. I could see he was wondering what was going on, but he didn't say anything for a while.

Eventually he said, "Hey, Mister, how come you got no face?"

I giggled. It was a odd question but better than some questions he could have asked. "I do have a face!"

"But where's your eyes?"

"I left them at home."

He thought about it, then he was happy with that.

The train stopped and I left, turning heads everywhere. I entered the department store.

I had no idea what to do here. The note said nothing else. I knew I was trapped in the suit until I could cut the tag securing the zips, so I headed for the hardware department.

I had just picked up a pair of pliers when a camp voice said, "No, I don't think that's what you need."

It was a young guy in a suit with a name badge bearing the name of the store. At first I thought he might be Security, but he was only about 20 and he looked like it was his first day.

He took me by the elbow, and said, "You look like a sporty lad. I think you'll find what you're looking for over here."

He lead me down some corridors and we arrived at the sports department. I started to look at some shorts but he whisked me away, saying, "Come on, no time to lose!"

He pushed me into a changing cubicle and pulled the curtain closed. Then he leaned back against the mirror and said, "So, how about it?"

He had that look of a guy who knows he's about to get laid. He was a cute guy, an attractive guy, a guy I'd like to know better. But what could I do?

He surprised me by poking his finger into my mouth! The fabric was more stretchy than I thought, and it allowed his finger to go in quite far.

He smiled. "Well, if you ever want to get out of that suit..."

I dropped to my knees and stared at his crotch - there was a very sizeable bulge in it! I lowered his zip and a large, hard cock fell out - no sign of underwear. The cock bobbed up, ready for action, veins pulsing and the tip damp with anticipation.

I lowered my mouth onto the beast, engulfing it with the fabric of my head mask, then sealing it in with my lips. I heard him moan as I slid up and down the pole, taking his foreskin with me.

As I sped up, I saw him biting his arm, trying to stifle the cries of pleasure. I could taste the precum leaking into the suit fabric.

It didn't take long until his whole body stiffened, he let out a wail, and I felt the cloth become saturated with his salty sperm.

I slumped back, he slumped down, then he said, "Good boy, you deserve your freedom after that," and upped and left, zipping his cock away as he went.

I looked at myself in the mirror - covered completely in red except for a sticky white patch where my mouth should be.

The lad returned with a pair of scissors, and quickly snipped off the tag securing my zips. He looked me in my covered face and said, "So lets see what we have here then," as he unzipped my head.

He saw my face and said, "Oh. Well, never mind."

A voice called for him, and he said to me, "Quick, get that suit off and I'll find you something else to wear."

I stripped, and he grabbed my chastity secured cock, saying, "Oh nice one!" Then he took the suit and was gone.

I sat in the changing room, naked. I sat for some time, listening to people arriving and leaving, knowing I could do nothing but wait for some clothes to come back to me. My cock was sore from trying to get hard in its prison while I was sucking the guy off.

Something flew over the curtain of the chainging room and landed at my feet. It as yellow. very yellow. I picked it up to find it was some sort of lycra one piece sports suit. When I put it on I looked lke a wrestler, except without the physique.

There was writing on the chest - the name and address of a shop. I didn't know what sort of shop it was, but it was called, "Fetish Fancies".

I left the store, turning just as many heads as my last suits, and dropping as many jaws. My only possible next stop was the shop I was advertising on my chest - although my cock bulge was so obvious in the yellow suit, I don't suppose anyone noticed the logo.

I found the shop nearby and walked in. The smell of rubber hit me as soon as I walked in - the place was full of it, shorts and shortie suit and catsuits everywhere.

I started to browse around the store but one of the shop assistants said, "Hi! We were told you would be coming. We have the suit you ordered right here."

Of course, I had no idea wht he was talking about but I knew I had to go along with it. "Yes please."

He lead me into a changing room and showed me what looked like a full body black rubber suit. He said, "You'll need an hand getting into this."

I'd got into lots of rubber gear before, I didn't need any help. I said, "Just show me the talc, I'll be fine."

Without a word, he left me to it.

I stripped off, and talc'd the inside of the suit. I slid my legs into it, but found it was tighter than I had expected, With some struggling, I slid the suit up to my waist. There was a compartment that conveniently was a perfict fit for my chastity device.

I pushed my arms into the suit sleeves, but found that the fittel gloves were in fact mittens - they were solid, with fixed locations for the fingers, and there was no way I'd be able to use my hands for anything else.

I shouted, "Excuse me, little help here please."

The assistant returnsed, with a look of smug satisfaction, but he helped me get the rest of the suit on. The hood part of the suit had eye holes but no mouth hole, and zipped down the back. Of course, I couldn't work the zips since my hands were useless, so once he zipped me in I was once again trapped.

He said, "You'll probably want this part fitted properly," and pushed something into my arse! It turned out to be a rubber sheath in the suit, so once he'd taken his finger out it was quite comfortable.

He said, "Well, the suit is all paid for, so you're good to go! Have a nice day!"

I wasn't sure what to do, just as I hadn't all day, but he seemed to be telling me to leave, so I did.

I sat on a park bench near the store, wondering what to do. The local kids had all been scared away, because they'd never seen a guy head to toe in black rubber before.

I didn't know what to do next. With no mouth hole, I couldn't even speak to anyone. I lay back and stared at the sky.

It was then that I realised thath they eyeholes in the hood of the suit weren't in fact holes, but were covered in a thin film of something transparent. And that there was some writing on it. And that, after a lot of squinting, I managed to make out an address!

I upped and marched off to the address, which was not too far, but I was suspicious when I found it was a row of houses.

I knocked on the door, and a rough looking, bald man in a teeshirt answered. He said, "Yes?" I couldn't reply. Then he said, "Come!" and let me in.

Just after he closed the front door, he pushed me against a wall and pulled my right arm high up behind my back, quite painfully. He said, "Make no mistake, your Master has told me everything I can do to you, and I intend to do it. Your opinion does not count. You will do what I tell, you, and don't you think about disobeying me."

He dragged me upstairs and pushed me up against a wall. He quickly secure my arms and legs to straps on a wooden cross, and left me hanging there, helpless.

My cock was hard in its steel prison. I thought this guy could probably do anything to me in my current state of bondage, and I hoped he would.

He returned with a handful of things, but his first action was to unzip something at my crotch and expose my chastity device. And then he unlocked it! For the first time in ages, my cock was able to stretch free, and it felt great. I only wished he would have knealt down and sucked it!

But no, he let it point to the sky, untouched. He somehow opened a gap in my hood at my mouth, and pushed a gag into it, then tightened straps around my head. Then he inflated the gag, which filled my mouth to capacity and then some.

He pulled a leather hood over my rubber head and tightened straps. The hood had pinhole eyes, so I could only just make out details. It pushed the gag deep into my mouth.

"Right, here's where you earn your keep."

He took me off the wall, and stood me in front of a padded bar at waist height, held up by four legs. He strapped my ankles to two of the legs, then pushed me forwards until I was bent over the bar, and strapped my wrists down to the other legs.

I was helpless, and very vulnerable with my arse in the air. I could see my cock throbbing, but there was a cut-out in the padding to prevent anything touching my cock, so I couldn't thrust it against anything.

I felt some poking around the rubber sheath in my arse, then he grunted as he thrust his cock straight in. I was used to being fucked, but he must have been a big guy, as it felt like he was going to split me in two and come out of my mouth.

The thrust in and out, pummeling my arse and making my cock flail around, frustratingly hard. He grunted once again, and pulled out.

But it was not over for my arse. I felt something else push in, even larger than before - it felt like a buttplug. It got past the widest point and got narrower, but as he pushed it further it got wider again. There must have been three knobbles on this plug, as I felt all of them stretch me before the base hit my butt.

He released my ankles, but only to put some leather shorts on me. As he pulled them up, I saw that the crotch area had a zip up flap that was currently zipped down, with a hole in the part of the shorts that would be covered by the flap.

He grabbed my cock - at last, some contact! But it was only to push it through the hole, leaving my hard cock poking out of the shorts. Then he resecured my ankles.

He said, "You're enjoying being hard now, but that won't last. I think you'd better soften up quickly, if you know what's good for you."

He started, very slowly, to pull up the zips that would close the flap causing my cock to be sandwiched between the flap and the shorts. That's when I discovered that the inside of the flap and the shorts were covered with tiny spikes, and each on was going to dig into my tender cock flesh.

I screamed into my gag, and struggled against my bonds, but he kept on inching the zips up until the flap was closed. The pain fortunately had the effect of causing me to lose my erection in a second, leaving only my soft cock to cope with the spikes.

He released me from the frame and let me stand up. He took a big padlock and used it to secure the zips and the shorts at my waist. When he let go of the lock, it swung down and bumped against my cock bulge, causing me to flinch as the spikes dug in a little more.

"You're secured in front, " as he slapped my cock bulge, " and behind," as he poked the base of the huge buttplug, locked in my the shorts.

"All your keys are with your Master, so you'd better go back to his house and hope that he lets you out soon."

I caught myself in a full length mirror and saw what people were going to see on the journey to my Master's house. I was covered inskin tight shiny rubber, except for a leather hood secured around my head with no visible holes, a pair of leather shorts with a very large padlock hanging from them, and no fingers on the rubber hands.

I would have to wear this in public for a few hours, and there was no way out of it. That idea started to arouse me, but as soon as any blood started to build up in my cock, the spikes dug in and forced me to think of other things to make it go down.

"In case you're wondering, there's London Transport Oyster Card in the forehead of your suit. You can get through the ticket barriers by lowering your head to the electronic sensors on the barrier.

"Oh, and I wouldn't think about sitting down if I were you, with the size of that buttplug."

He slammed the door behind me as he pushed me out into the street.

So there I was, in full body rubber, gagged, nearly blind, arse plugged, cock in agony, hands in bondage, head in bondage, whole body in bondage, and loving every moment of it.

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