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The Pool Club

I'd been riding my bike for about half an hour. I glanced down to the big bulge showing in my groin - not from my cock being hard, but from what I had on underneath.

Before I set out from home this morning, I put on a thick metal cockring, and then a metal collar around my ballsack, which was s ecurely bolted in place and kept the cockring on. The only thing I wore on top was a sexy one-piece tight shiny blue cycle suit. All the hardware in my groin showed a great bulge in my suit even when I wasn't hard, and I made sure I didn't take the key for the ball collar or any extra clothing out with me, so I couldn't cover up or remove the bulge while out.

But, knowing I had all this gear on under my lycra and I'd have to keep it on view all day, I couldn't help to start to get hard, and seeing the bulge getting bigger made me even harder, until it started to look obscene. People I cycled past took a double-take, but I'd gone before they could work out what they were seeing.

My cock was definitely getting in need of attention, and I knew a nearby pool by a river which was usually deserted - an ideal place to slip out of my gear (well, the stuff which was removable), take a swim, and then see about relieving some of my frustration.

I found the pool, got off my bike, and checked that there was no-one around. There wasn't, which was just as well since my cock was straining to break free of the lycra and metal which imprisoned it. I lay down and started rubbing my cock through the lycra, which felt great, but I knew I didn't want to cum too soon, or to make a mess in the cycle suit since I'd have to cycle home in it.

I unzipped the suit and slipped it off my body, leaving me naked except for the metalwork around my cock and balls. It felt so good to be naked in the open air, and showing off my bondage tendencies to the world. I dived into the pool - very cold, but very refreshing, and so liberating to be swimming naked.

I swam around for a while, letting my body get used to the water. I heard someone say 'Hi', which frightened the life out of me since I thought I was alone. I looked around, and saw that there was another guy on the other side of the pool.

Shit! I was swimming naked - he couldn't see that yet, but before long I'd have to get out of the water, and then he'd see not only what I wasn't wearing, but also what I was - the cockring and ball collar!

He swam over and started chatting to me about nothing in particular. Man, he was cute! Skinhead haircut, attractive features, and I occasionally got to see some of his body, which looked well built in all the right places. But he looked like he could handle himself okay, and if he saw I was naked, and I started to get hard, he might figure I fancied him, and could be homophobic & start causing trouble.

After a while, he climbed out of the pool. Wow! He was not only naked, but had such a cute arse, and his body was every bit as good as I'd thought. He lay down on the grass beside the pool, face up, sunbathing.

He called over for me to join him. I had a fit of bravery, and thought that as long as he had been skinny-dipping, he couldn't think it strange for me to do so. And as long as I didn't make it obvious that I thought he was gorgeous, I should be okay. I pulled myself out of the pool and walked over to him. I heard a metallic clicking, and realised it was my cock and ball hardware clanking together. I tried to pull the ball stretcher off right then, but it was secured too tightly. It was too late to retreat, so I'd just have to hope that he wouldn't notice it.

I lay beside him, pretending to close my eyes, but really squinting at his body. His cock was small from the effect of the cold water, but looked to have good potential. He looked over to wear my cycle suit lay, and said, "Hey, can I try that on?"

I said "Sure," and he went over and started to pull it up over his body. The lycra stretched tightly over his body - a bigger build than mine - and didn't hide any detail of his form.

He asked, "How do I look?" Well, he looked incredible, but I couldn't answer that! However, other parts of my body were answering for me - I was getting hard, and the metalwear was only making me harder. I could hardly now pretend I was straight!

He just grinned, and lay back down next to me. He started to speak, and I was terrified he was going to say something abusive about me getting an erection, but instead he said, "Who's Darren?"

Darren? I went out with a guy called Darren a few years ago, but surely this guy hadn't met him. I must have looked confused, trying to work out what he was talking about.

He said, "Is it just the ball weight, or the whole cock & balls he owns?" Then I realised, my ball collar had "Property of Darren" engraved on it! He continued, "So would Darren mind me playing with his property?"

Ooo! I just grinned and said, "No, go ahead!"

He put a hand down to cup my tight balls, and with his other hand he started stroking my hard cock, making some comment about the metal gear not coming off any time soon. I reached over to touch his now hard lycra clad cock, but he said, "No, don't, it's part of the Pool Club rules."

I was hardly listening, ecstatic at being able to just lie back while this hunk fondled me, but I asked, "What club, what rules?"

While tugging and stroking me, he told me, "I was jogging past here about and hour ago, and found a guy swimming naked." As he talked to me, my imagination saw his body in just a pair of tight little jogging shorts. "The guy said he recognised me, and he was gay too. He got me to take my shorts off." I was now seeing these two guys naked together (in my mind the other one was gorgeous too).

"He told me that he was in the Pool Club, and I could be too if I followed the rules. He had no clothes, but if I would let him have my clothes, he would make me cum." Ooo that tickled my fantasy about being stranded somewhere naked, I got so turned on at the idea. "I would then be in the club, and had to stay by the pool naked, and not cum again until someone else came along to join the club." I didn't really know what he was talking about, but it sounded very sexy. "I agreed, and after he put my clothes on he gave me a great orgasm and then left." I just groaned, still thinking about him being stranded there naked.

"So, how about it, do you want to be the next member?" What - was he saying he'd do me the honour of leaving me without any clothes AND he'd let me cum at his hand?

I shouted, "Oh yes, yes!" and as I did I felt the rush of cum shooting through my cock and all over my chest. And with the rush, relief, and exhaustion, I fell asleep.

I woke up some time later, and looked around to find he'd left, as had my cycle suit. My bike was still there, but wasn't much use with me naked, and I'd deliberately not packed any other clothes. I really was stranded naked, with no option but to wait until someone would come along whose clothes I could exchange for sexual favours.

And already in the distance I could hear the ring of a bike bell...

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