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A Common Problem

Chapter 1

"Bowling? Really? It's an unusual injury to get from bowling."

The doctor didn't sound convinced, but I thought I might be able to get away with it. "Er, yes, bowling."

"And so how often do you go bowling?"

It wasn't going to work, but I thought I'd try to bluff it through. "Um, well, about... once in a while..."

The doctor sighed, took his glasses off, and leaned forward at me. "Mr Jones, I have seen the X-rays of your hand and the physiotherapists report, and I can say that in all my years of looking at hand pain problems, symptoms like yours have never been attributable to a bad technique at bowling."

Rats, found out. "Er, well... perhaps it's something else then?"

He looked at me, and knew exactly what I was hiding. "Really, Mr Jones, I think you and I both know why you have developed this pain in your right hand. Come now, we are both adults."

I felt ashamed, and looked down. "Yes, you're right, it's... it's..."

"Mr Jones, are you a compulsive masturbator?"


"Good, now we've found out what the problem is, we can try to find a solution. It's quite a common situation so there are several things we can try."

I was surprised that he took it like he sees it every day. I felt a little relief - perhaps it wouldn't be as bad as I'd expected.

The doctor checked some paperwork. "It seems that you are at quite an advanced stage, which limits the number of options. Basically we can treat one or other of the organs involved - either your hand or your penis. The question I have to ask you is, do you have a wife?"






"People with your problem who have a partner often opt to have their hand put into plaster. This stops them from using the hand for eating, typing, driving or anything else, but at least it doesn't prevent them from having sex with their partner. As it seems you don't have a sexual relationship, then plastering your penis will be a much more appropriate option."

What? Plastering my penis? Was he serious?? This sounds strange, I really didn't know what to expect.

The doctor continued, "Right then, could you lie on the table and remove your trousers and underwear."

That shocked me - I hadn't expect anything to happen quite so soon. This could be embarassing... I pushed down my jeans, but I couldn't take off the rubber one-piece suit I had on underneath without taking my teeshirt off as well. I took off my teeshirt, then had to go back to my jeans to find the keys to the zip on the suit.

All this time, the doctor tried to look like he wasn't watching me, but I could see he was getting impatient. He buzzed an intercom and asked a nurse to prepare a 'plasti-cast' treatment.

As I was struggling with the rubber suit, the nurse came in. She looked quite shocked when she saw me, but managed to say, "Do you need some help with your... clothing?"

"Ah, no thanks," I replied as I struggled to free one of my arms from the suit's arm.

Eventually, I managed to peel the rubber suit off, blowing clouds of talc everywhere, leaving me naked. I sure would not have worn that today if I'd know I'd have to strip off!

I heard the nurse giggling, and saw her turn away, trying to stifle a grin. And then I remembered the heavy ball stretching weight bolted firmly around the top of my scrotum! Of course, I didn't have the right type of spanner with me to loosen the bolts to take it off.

Now incredibly embarassed, I asked the doctor, "Erm, you wouldn't have an allen key spanner here, would you?"

The doctor rolled his eyes, then looked dowm at my balls trapped in the weight. He asked, "Have you worn that for long without any discomfort?"

I answered, "Yes." After all, I'd been wearing it all morning, which is quite a while.

"Well then, we'll have to just work around it then."

I lay on the table, and as the doctor prepared a mix of some powder and liquid, I tried to imagine what he might be about to do. I could only guess it would be a plaster cast, like on an arm, but on my cock! How strange it would be for my cock to be in a cast - would I still be able to feel it? Would the head poke out of the top? What would happen if I got hard?

The doctor coughed. "Um, I can't do it like this." He pointed, and I looked down to see he was pointing at my rock hard erection! He said, "The penis really needs to be flaccid for this part of the process."

He turned behind him, grabbed a book, and handed it to me. "Read this, it should take your mind off things, and I'll use a light anaesthetic spray to make sure the process doesn't re-stimulate you." The book was an encyclopaedia of gastric ulcers, and was very effective at taking my mind of anything erotic.

Meanwhile the nurse took a hanger from a cupboard, picked up my rubber suit, put its shoulders around the hanger, and zipped it up, smoothing down the sleeves as though it was creased, although it couldn't possibly have been. After hanging it up, she kept looking back at the suit, smiling - perhaps there's a rubber convert there?

As I read the book, I heard a spraying sound, then heard the mixture being slopped around, and some of it put around my groin, and I think my cock was moved around a few times, but I tried not to take any notice for fear of the embarassement of getting hard all over again.

After quite a while, which also involved what looked like a sun lamp shining on my groin, the doctor said that he was finished, and I could now see what he'd done.

I was horrified! I looked down at where my cock used to be, and all I saw was what looked like a perfectly smooth mound of some white rubbery plastic material, with a short thin tube coming out of it.

The doctor was very casual about it. "The catheter tube is where your urine will now come out. Your penis should be quite comfortable inside the plasti-cast, and shouldn't give you any problems. You should avoid any stimulation which might cause an erection, since you may experience some discomfort if your penis tries to become erect inside the cast."

He looked at me. "I should point out that the plasti-cast is bonded to your groin, so you really should't attempt to remove it. Remember that as long as your penis is inside the cast and you're not masturbating, your hand will quickly recover from the strain you've been putting it under."

But I hardly heard what he said. I was rubbing my hands over my new groin. The incredible pain I was feeling must have been due to the force of erection my cock was attempting inside the cast, but from the outside I couldn't feel a thing. Except I could still feel the weight of the ball ring pulling on my balls trapped inside the cast.

I so wish I'd cum before I came out to the doctor's surgery. I was so horny, and I now had no way to satify my lust. I'd been cumming at least three times a day for as long as I could remember, I just couldn't imagine surviving without it, cock constantly hard and balls constantly stretched. I would somehow have to just control myself for as many days as it would take until the doctor would remove the cast.

In my frantic lust, I hardly heard the doctor say, "Just make an appointment to come back in 6 months to review your progress..."

Chapter 2

The first few days were the worst...

It was now the fifth day since the doctor had put a cast over my cock and balls 'for my own good'. Well. he was right in that the pain in my right hand was starting to subside, but at such a price!

Over the last five days, I had been constantly putting my hands down to my groin, only to feel the completely smooth surface of the cast. From the inside, I could feel my cock constantly trying to get hard, but no sort of coaxing or pounding from the outside gave me any sort of stimulation where I needed it. And there was never any release from the pull of the weight around the top of my balls, which I had so foolishly worn that day.

Now I was slowly starting to become accustomed to not having access to my cock any more. I think I was getting used to having to sit down to go to toilet, and not having the usual bulge in my trousers, and all the other day-to-day strangeness of my situation.

But if not being able to cum for the last five days had been difficult, whatever would it be like by next week? Or next month?? The doctor said he would review my situation after 6 months - that's nearly a lifetime!

I had been sitting at home, watching the television. In fact, I had no idea what was on, since my mind was distracted by thinking over my situation, as my hand had moved down to my smooth crotch.

The phone rang. I answered. A female voice which at first I didn't recognise said, "I got your number from your medical files."

I was stunned, and confused - who was she?

But before I could speak, she said, "I saw what the doctor did to you last Thursday. You must be very horny by now!"

Ah! It was the voice of the nurse who assisted as my cock was encased. I stammered, "Yes, I am!"

"Mmm good. And you must still have that heavy weight around your balls, too? I don't see many of those at the surgery."

What an odd conversation! I asked, "Why have you called me? Is there any problem?"

I'm not sure if she even heard me. "I bet you'd love to take a good hold of your cock right now. I bet you're as hard as you can get right now, aren't you?"

She had a sexy voice, and sounded like she was turned on now. "Y-yes, I am hard, and it's getting quite painful."

"Mmmm!" It was more of a moan than anything else. "...and I bet you think I've called you up just so I can talk dirty to you and turn you on."

"You're doing a very good job of it!"

"...but you'd do anything right now, just to be able to spring free of your prison, and give me a damn good fucking, or get me sucking you off, anything so you can shoot your load!"

"Oh yes, anything!"

"Well, I'm here to help you out! If you're a good boy, then perhaps I'll find a way to give you a little relief. But only if you're very good."

Wow! I had no idea what the was talking about, but if she could deliver what she was promising, I wanted to find out more. "What can I do for you?"

"Be here tomorrow at 8pm, 17 Crown Street. And wear your suit."

And then she hung up. Suit, what suit? Was I supposed to turn up in my funeral suit? Or my birthday suit? But then I remembered, in the surgery I had been wearing my rubber one-piece suit under my normal clothes.

Wow! So this woman I had hardly met, who obviously has a big kink for helpless horny men, wants me to arrive at her house dressed in rubber tomorrow, for who knows what!

By this time I was curled up on the floor, with the agony of an incredibly hard cock trapped in a tiny prison, just begging for even the slightest stimulation so it could explode its load of cum. I kept pounding at the cast, but it was never any good.

And I didn't even know her name.

I think I had done it right. I was standing outside her house, wearing a long trench coat over my rubber suit. Had she meant that I should wear nothing except the rubber? Or that I should wear it under normal clothes? I had no idea what sort of a relationship we were going to have, but I didn't want to start off by disappointing her.

It was five seconds to 8pm... 2 seconds... I rang the doorbell, nothing if not punctual.

She opened it, almost before I rang. There was the same slim blonde girl I'd seen at the surgery, but this time she was dressed in a short, tight fitting black PVC dress, unzipped just far enough to make the most of her cleavage.

She beckoned me in, shut the door and then took my trench coat from me. She showed me into what was a remarkably average lounge for such a kinky girl.

I thought I should break the ice with something trivial. "You know I'm Robert, but I don't know your name yet."

She looked me up and down. "No, I don't think so. You're not a Robert. From now on, you're Pup. And you can call me... Alicia."

Then she walked over to me, and put her hand on my groin. "So how has your 'situation' been? Keeping nice and horny?"

"Yes, I sure have. It's been so difficult not being able to touch myself, I've had to stop looking at attractive girls so I don't get turned on."

"Well, not any more!"

"Ah. you mean you're going to let me get out of this cast? Great!"

She smiled, "No, I mean you can look at an attractive girl now - me! Right, Pup, let me see it," and she pulled down the zip of my rubber suit.

I pulled the suit off, to leave me naked except for the cast. She rubbed her hand all over the smooth cast, and the flesh around it. Having her touch my skin there was very erotic, but I could feel nothing when she touched the cast. She just kept stroking it, making soft moaning noises.

This was just too much. I said, "So, can you take this thing off?"

"Yes I can."

"Great, so lets get on with it."

She stopped stroking, and looked directly at me. "Are you turned on now?"

What a question! "Of course I am!"

"Are you really turned on? Just how horny are you?"

"I'd do anything just to get some stimulation on my cock right now!"

She smiled an even broader smile. "Good, because you being horny makes me horny. When I know you're so turned on you could explode, that makes me feel the same."

I don't think she realised it, but as she was saying that, her right hand had been rubbing small circles into her dress just over where her pussy lay underneath.

She said, "Here's the deal - I can get that cast off you, and I can put it back on. And I will, when I think the time is right, when you'vd been a good Pup. But until then, you have to do what you're told."

Wow! I'd played around with bondage and suff, but she sounded like she wanted a sex slave. She was a great looking girl, but I didn't know if I wanted to get into anything that heavy with someone I hardly knew.

I asked, "What would I have to do for you if I agree to this?"

"Agree? You don't have to agree if you don't want to. You can just leave now, go home, stay horny, keep the cast on for the next 6 months, and never know what might have happened."

What could I do? There were a million questions I wanted to ask her, but I didn't think she'd answer any of them.

Aster a moment, she smiled and said, "Well you appear to still be here."

I smiled, realising she was right. "Yes, I appear to be."

"Great. Well, I think we should celebrate your entry into sex slavery with an orgasm!"

"Yours or mine?"

"What do you think?"

She unzipped her dress entirely, revealing her breasts with a ring in each nipple, and entirely shaved groin. She pushed me down to my knees, put her hand on the back of my head, and pulled my face into her pussy.

For the first time, but not for the last time...

Chapter 3

Two weeks had passed since the first time I went to Alicia's house - if that was her real name. I had seen some post addressed to her, so I knew her first initial was 'J'.

And my name wasn't 'Pup' either, but I kind of liked it. Somehow, having different names when we're together makes clear that we're leaving the mundane world outside. In her house, I am a sex slave, and I do what I'm told.

If someone had offered me this lifestyle, I would have turned them down. But knowing she has control over when I'm ever going to cum again gives me the drive to want to please her. And what she requires of me is usually something that turns me on, which makes me want to cum, which makes me want to please her even more.

Not that it was always easy. Like now, turning up at her place wearing the rubber suit again, now under a leather trench coat she had me buy, except this time I had been wearing the rubber suit for four days, ever since she locked it onto me on my previous visit. I'm turned on by rubber, and love wearing it, but I never would have worn it this long if I'd had a choice. But not having the choice makes it all the more erotic!

She let me in as usual, this time wearing a tight red PVC catsuit, and I knelt down to kiss her boots, as I have been taught to do.

She took my chin in her hand as I was kneeling, and made me look up to her. "Well, Pup, how has your four days in your rubber prison been?"

"It's been difficult, but very worthwhile. I've developed a few sores which I've had to rub some cream onto, but otherwise it feels just like a second skin."

She smiled again, in that way that I now knew meant that she was getting turned on by the idea. "Mmm very good, Pup."

But I was looking forward to getting out of it. "I hope I don't have to wear it too much longer."

She pretended to look outraged. "Pup, that's not a hint,is it? You should know better that to try to influence me like that. You may ask properly."

"Please, Mistress Alicia, may your Pup be allowed release from the bondage that you have allowed him to be secured into?"

"You may," as she used a bunch of keys to unlock the padlock securing the suit zip. "And you'll need a shower, too!"

"I'm done now", I shouted from the shower cubicle as I turned off the water. I couldn't step out and dry myself, because Alicia had handcuffed one of my hands to a conveniently placed ring embedded high up into the shower cubicle wall. It was not easy trying to wash with one hand - at one point, I slipped over, but didn't fall far as my weight was taken by my handcuffed wrist.

She opened the cubicle door, and first stroked the smooth mound which used to be my genitals, checking for signs of wear or interference. Of course, I had tried using the shower on the cast, and humping against the wall, and numerous other things, but none of them did me any good.

She towelled me dry, then unlocked the handcuff from my wrist, leaving them dangling in the shower, ready for next time.

She lead me over to a long table I'd not seen before, and had me lie on it. It had restraints fastened onto the surface, which she secured around my hands, feet and neck.

She said, "I don't want you to see any of the chemicals or equipment I'm going to use," as she put a blindfold around my head.

Chemicals? Equipment? What ever was she going to do to me? I heard her walk away and return a few times, each time accompanied by the sloshing and chinking sounds which must be the chemicals and equipment.

"How long has it been now, Pup, about three weeks? You told me how horny you were the first time you came here, so you must be fit to burst by now!"

She was doing something around my crotch, but it was hard to tell what. Was she just trying to frustrate me further?

She carried on in that low husky voice she uses when she's getting turned on. "It must have been so hard for you, seeing me naked and having to pleasure me so often, without having any relief yourself. Oh, by the way, I've taken off my catsuit, so if you weren't blindfolded, you could see me naked again."

I started to feel an unusual warm sensation around the top of my groin. She said, "You might start to feel a little sensation."

It got hotter, then started to burn. Then I started feeling the heat in my balls, then on my cock. It got hotter, then a prickly feeling came all over my cock and balls, and the burning got worse, all over every surface of my genitals.

What sort of torture was this? I can see why she tied me down - I was thrashing around, trying hopelessly to get this stuff off me. She said, "When they do this in the surgery, they use an anaesthetic, but I think it's much more fun this way!"

Eventually the burning subsided. I could feel her rubbing something into my genitals - but, for the first time in three weeks, I could actually feel my cock and balls! She must have somehow got rid of that cast - I was free!

I felt a pull on my balls - she was tugging at the ball weight which had been trapped there for so long. She was pulling hard, but it felt so good to be able to move them at all.

Some metallic rattling and more pulling, and then I felt my balls at last free of the weight. Just to make the point, she knocked my cock and balls around - but it felt so good to be free!

Of course, I was hard by then, for the first time in three weeks. Up to then, she had been avoiding touching my cock directly, but now she started gently stroking it. "Now he's out of his prison, I bet he wants to play."

It felt so good to be free. "Oh please let me cum!"

"Not so fast, I'm going to get my fun too."

She stopped stroking me, and then I felt something tight being pulled over my cock. At first I thought it might be some other form of torture, but then I realised that it was a condom!

When it was on, I felt her climb onto the table, then I felt the pressure of my cock pushing its way into her pussy.

She started moving up and down on my shaft, ever so gently, just enough to give me a sense of what's to come. She started saying, "I bet you're so horny now," and, "You so much need to cum", and, "You must be right on the edge now."

And she was so right! I replied with, "Please let me cum," and, "I'll do anything if you just push me over the edge."

I have no idea how long she kept me going, but it felt like hours. We were both gradually getting more and more turned on, she was varying the speed of her thrusts faster and slower, getting ever closer to that climax.

And finally, after three weeks leading up to an orgasmic climax, I screamed, she screamed, and I shot what seemed like gallons of cum pumping out of my cock.

I felt so exhausted, I hardly noticed her climbing off me, then doing something with the chemicals and equipment. I tried to say, "No, please don't put the cast back on," and when she was doing something to my balls, "No, not the weight again," but I was so exhausted that I fell asleep as it was happening.

When I woke up, I was still lying on the table, but free of the restraints and blindfold. My first reaction was to put my hand down to my crotch, where I felt the smooth cast back in place.

I stood up, and Alicia came over and kissed me. She said, "Did you enjoy that?"

"It was fantastic!"

"And I'm sure you'll look forwards to doing it again, but as you can see, that's not going to be any time soon."

I saw my ball weight sitting on the table. "Thanks for not putting that back onto me."

She gave an evil smile. "Don't thank me too soon!" She put her hand down to my crotch, and as she pressed on the lower part of the cast, I could feel the pressure on my balls - it must be a thin part of the cast. But as she pushed harder, I felt a stabbing pain at the top of my balls.

"You see, I just swapped it for a different device. The spikes on the inside of your new ball ring will be much more fun!"

Before I could speak, she put her hand on my crotch, over where my cock should be, but I couldn't feel it. She moved her hand around, stroking the parts of my flesh that could still feel it. She said, "There's another nice surprise for a naughty Pup in there, too."

I loved the feeling of her fingers there, it always turned me on. But this time, as my cock started to swell and stretch, I got another stabbing feeling. This felt like needles drilling right into my cock - it was painful!

"Yes, that's right, your cock is surrounded by spikes as well, so you'd better try not to get too horny unless you like the feeling."

I was doubled up with pain, the needles ramming into my cock was agony. How could I survive with this permanently on my cock, until she let me free again. And when would that be? Another three weeks, or longer? Only Alicia knew.

Chapter 4

How could I have imagined that a simple trip to the doctor five months ago would have made me into a sex slave for a beautiful woman.

I no longer had control over my sexuality. She controlled when I was allowed to orgasm, and all the time I wasn't, my cock was kept not only trapped inside a cast around my groin, but also trapped inside a ring of spikes which ensured that if I ever tried to get hard, the pain caused by the spikes would quickly take my mind off whatever was turning me on.

And I loved it! I used to think I was into a little bit of occasional bondage play, but I had no idea how fulfilled I would feel by serving a woman like Alicia, and having no choice but to do so in order to earn my own sexual release.

It never stopped. She would keep finding new things to do to me, new tortures for me to endure for her pleasure, new ways to tease and frustrate me. And her latest was worse than ever.

"Well done, there's a good Pup", she said, as I kissed her boots once again. "So how has it been with your new 'attachment'?

I moved carefully as I got up off my knees. "Well it's been very unusual, but I seem to have survived it."

She smiled, and put her hand on my arse. "You've spent lots of time with a buttplug in you before, following my orders. It shouldn't be that different."

"But at least then it wasn't permanent."

Four days earlier, Alicia had freed me from the bonds of the cast, and let me cum for the first time in a month. But when she replaced the cast, she put a buttplug into me, and extended the cast over my arse so I couldn't take it out. The hollow tube in the plug, and the catheter in my cock, ended in a set of secure valves to control my body's needs.

I asked, "May I use the bathroom now, Alicia?"

"Ah yes, how is all that going then?"

"It's strange having to get used to only using the toilet at home. It's been mostly okay, but I did make the mistake of going out for a drink with some people from work one evening. I was bursting to take a piss, but there was nothing I could do about it until I got home."

She smiled, that broad, cruel smile I had got to know so well. "So you won't be doing that again. I love how my control over you reaches so far into your life."

There was a pause. I repeated, "So, may I use the toilet here?"

"Umm... well, perhaps just this once, you may."

"And... the keys?"

"Ah, they're in the same place as in your house."

I went to the bathroom, where I found the same bunch of small round keys as in my house, and in both places they were secured by a short thick chain to the toilet. I sat on the toilet, pulled the blue key down to my groin, and put it into the small keyhole in the front of the cast. I then relaxed the muscles which mould normally cause me to piss, and a jet came out from another hole just below the keyhole. I had to wait for it to finish completely before I could move, since the key would not come out unless the valve was closed, and the key was chained to the toilet.

Pissing was not so bad, as long as I was at home, but each morning I had to hook up an enema bag to one of the valves and empty myself through another valve, all while I am sat on the toilet since the key chain is so short.

I returned to my beloved Alicia. She asked, "So, have you got the letter yet?"

"The appointment? Yes, the six month checkup is in two weeks. If the doctor decides my hand is cured now, I guess he'll take the cast off. Will that be the end of our play?"

She looked as evil as ever. "Don't you worry, I've made some adjustments that I think you'll like..."

"Well, this is odd." The doctor scratched his head. "Your medical notes clearly state that this appointment is to review your progress in the plasti-cast with a view to removing it in another year. I don't recall writing that, and these casts are usually only kept on for six months, but if that's what the notes say, I must have had good reason at the time."

I looked over to where Alicia was sitting, now looking so innocent in her nurse's uniform, although I knew she was naked underneath it. She was trying to stifle a big grin - her amendments to the notes was going to keep me in my poor cock in this cast for another year.

"However, I have some good news for you."

Alicia looked up, surprised, not knowing what the 'news' was going to be.

The doctor continued, "We've found the plasti-cast is not very hard wearing, and would usually have to be replaced about every six months, but recently the dura-cast has been developed, based on a different technology, which is much more hard-wearing and so you won't need to come back as often."

Alicia looked shocked. She said, "Doctor, there's someone to see you in Reception."

The doctor looked around to her. "I didn't hear the intercom."

"Umm... they said it was urgent."

"Oh, very well," and the doctor left the room.

As soon as the door closed behind him, Alicia came over to me. For the first time, she was genuinely worried. "I'm sorry, little Pup, I don't know anything about this dura-cast, and that means I don't have the necessary chemicals and equipment to remove and replace it. If he puts you in that now, you're stuck in it for a year!"

A year! It's been quite an experience not being able to touch my cock, and only being able to cum about once a month, but a year would be a whole different thing.

The doctor returned, and Alicia dashed back to her seat. He said, "There was no-one in reception wanting me!"

Alicia replied, "Oh, I'm sorry, I must have been mistaken."

The doctor had me undress and get onto the table again. Of course, Alicia had insisted that I wear the rubber suit again, so the doctor had to wait impatiently as I peeled it off me.

The doctor applied the anaesthetic, then went about removing the old cast, commenting that it was hardly worn down at all considering it had been on for six months.

Alicia stood behind him, looking over his shoulder. I could see a look of tension and anxiety on her face as the doctor revealed all the hardware she had added inside the cast, but her hand seemed to have absent-mindedly moved down to her crotch, where it was gently rubbing her.

The doctor found the ring of spikes around my cock, and on my balls, and the buttplug and tubing. He said, "I don't remember putting all these here before, is it some part of a different treatment? Do you want me to take them off, or leave the on under the new cast?"

They were put there by Alicia, and they were a part of her control over me. If they remained under the new cast, then I would be constantly tormented by her for the next year.

I looked over to her. Her hand was now furiously rubbing at her crotch through the thin uniform, and her face was a mixture of pleasure and anguish.

I took a deep breath, and said, "Please leave them all in place under the new cast."

Alicia bent over and cried out with an almighty orgasm, as the doctor sealed my fate for the next year.

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