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I sit, watching out of my window, nervously awaiting his arrival.

I had met James at a club where I'd seen him tying up other people with elaborate rope work. I asked around and confirmed he was a responsible player and came recommended by some friends. So I contacted him, and now we were going to play.

I look myself over. I'm wearing the tight one piece cycle suit that he had told me to wear. In the zip pocket there is only my door key, he had told me to bring nothing else, no covering clothes, no shoes. Except of course the chastity cage locked around my cock. Three days earlier he had instructed me to lock it on using a security tag and send him a picture, so he knows I have been locked and frustrated since then.

I hear the beep of his car horn and rush out to him. I'm self-conscious that my neighbours will see me wearing such a strange tight suit with an odd bulge but no bike. But no-one is about. I leap into his passenger seat and he drives away.

He is in jeans and teeshirt, looking handsome in his freshly cropped hair, which makes me all the more self-conscious for my odd clothing. But I didn't have to worry about that long.

He tells me to strip naked. I hesitate, then see he is not joking and I pull my suit down, leaving me sitting naked except for a chastity cage. Then he pulls the car over to the side of the road and tells me to lean forward. As I do so, he pulls my hands behind me and tightens what feel like plastic zip ties around my wrists. Then he takes my suit and locks it into the boot of the car.

He has me lean back then takes hold of my caged cock. It swells to the touch through the bars and I moan a little. He checks the security tag, then opens his glove compartment where there is a pair of scissors and an open padlock. He replaces the tag with the lock, and I realise I have no idea where the keys for this lock are.

He drives on. I see people in their cars driving past, as I wonder if they can see me naked with my hands trapped behind me. My cock is filling my cage but there's nothing I can do about it.

He drives the car into the garage of his house and the automatic door closes behind us. Then he takes me into the house, still naked and secured.

In his kitchen, he asks, "Do you like tea or coffee?"

I say, "Tea, please, Sir."

He then makes a single cup of coffee. He walks into his lounge with his coffee, sits on an armchair, points to an area on the carpet and says, "Slaves aren't allowed to use the furniture." I sit where he pointed. We have a chat about the local scene, our experiences, medical problems, likes and dislikes.

He tells me to stand then opens a chest which is full of rope. He pulls some out and starts to tie my hands behind me then moves the tie up my arms to my elbows. Soon my arms feel like a solid mass. Only then does he snip off the cable ties around my hands.

He says to me, "I know you're not into pain. What I'm going to do to you, you may find a little uncomfortable, but I find that sometimes that helps slaves appreciate that they're in bondage from which they can't escape. Don't worry, say 'red' and I'll let you out." He ties another rope to the rope between my wrists, threads it through a hook in the ceiling and pulls on it.

Soon I am standing under the hook, facing the ground with my arms behind me pulled up in the air. He's right, it's uncomfortable but quite manageable.

He says, "On a discomfort scale from 1 meaning no pain to 10 meaning agony, where are you?"

"I'm at 2, Sir." He pulls the rope a little more and my arms are pulled quite firmly upwards. "That's now a 4, Sir."

He ties off the rope and then sits down on his chair, picking up a newspaper to read. I stare at the carpet and think about my situation. He's right, I wish the strain on my arms would go away and I move myself around to try to stop it, but I can't do anything to prevent the pulling. I can't shake off the rope. I'm entirely under his control. I breathe through the pain and feel the submission.

He looks up and says, "How now?"

"5, Sir."

"Good, good. Let's see if we can't remind you quite how helpless you are..." He walks behind me then grabs my balls that are pushing out through the gap in my chastity device. He gives them a squeeze. I instinctively try to move away but that makes them more painful and gives me a flash of pain in my shoulders.

He says, "Are you feeling at all submissive, yet?" He gently pulls my balls downwards. I can't help moving with them to stop them being pulled off, but that means I have to crouch down which puts more pain on my arms. I'm fighting both sources of pain, but it's making me feel so controlled by this man, by my Master. I feel like my life is in his hands to do with as he wants, and I want him to. I don't need to use my safe word, I'm in pain but it's a good pain since it's from him.

"Yes Sir, thankyou Sir for making me experience this. My body is yours to use as you see fit Sir."

I can't see him but I can tell he is smiling. He says, "Where are you at now, boy?" as he gives a sharp tug to my balls again, shooting through my arms.

"Ah! 8 Sir!"

He releases my balls, unties a rope and I feel my arms being lowered. I sigh with relief, and eventually can stand up again. He gets a tissue and mops up the puddle of precum that's been dripping from my cock cage. I say, "Sorry, Sir"

"Don't apologise, boy, it just shows you've been enjoying yourself." Then he hugs me, and we have a chat about the experience. He says he thought I took it very well since I'd not done a scene like that before, and I didn't stop thanking him for using my body that way.

Next he takes me into a bedroom and lies me on the bed face down with my head nearly off the end. With more rope he ties my ankles then pulls them up to my wrists - a fairly strict hog tie. Then everything went dark as he puts a blindfold on me.

This immediately makes me much more sensitive to the sounds and feelings of my surroundings. I hear him walking in and out of the room. As I lie there I can feel the gentle pull on my arms as my legs naturally want to straighten but they're tied together. I struggle a little just to confirm that I'm once again helpless.

He takes my head between his hands and turns it so I would be looking forwards if I could see anything. Then something pushes between my lips and I open my mouth. It is the unmistakable taste of a cock - a hard, thick cock. Its owner says nothing but it slides in and out of my mouth. My tongue licks against its underside but it's fast moving and I only hope I'm doing the right thing for him.

Soon I find his cock pressing against the back of my throat. I've taken a cock all the way down a few times but frequently don't make it. But I am determined to give my all to my Master and let him do whatever brings him pleasure with my body. I manage to open up and take the cock down as far as he wants it to go (which is a long way). He thrusts in and out, receiving my tongue flicks as it goes.

Then he pulls out, I hear a cry and feel splattering all over my face. I have the unmistakable smell of cum all over me, and can feel the blobs congeal on my cheeks. All goes quiet.

After a few minutes, he pushes me over onto my side. I feel some activity on my cock cage and finally after 3 days it's free! His hand slides over it and before long it's hard and straining. Human contact on it feels heavenly. As he works my cock he says to me, "Tell me again those four things you like in a scene."

I can hardly think, his touch is so distracting. But I pull myself together and repeat my former words. "In a scene I like to be kept in chastity, I like to be released and edged but not allowed to cum, and I like to cum. But above all of these, I like to not know which of those is going to happen."

I feel his hand speed up and the kernel of an orgasm building within me. He says, "That's great, but there's one that you missed."

He gets me right to the brink of blowing three days of cum. I manage to say, "What's that?"

Then he lets go of my cock. My cum shoots through it but with no cock contact I hardly feel anything - build up gone but frustration remains. He says, "Ruined orgasm."

He lets me wallow in my ruined submission. I thank him again - I am proud to have submitted to his will even though it was so frustrating for me. He removes my blindfold and cleans up my puddle of cum.

He whispers in my ear, "Slave, do you want me to take control of your cock?"

I can only nod, exhausted, but he understands. I feel familiar steel tightening around my cock and balls.

He pulls me back to lying on my front and I feel steel thumb cuffs being locked on me. Only then does he untie all the rope around me and let me stand.

I drop to my knees and say, "Thankyou Sir, that was incredible."

He smiles, strokes the back of my head and says, "Lets get you home, slave."

Soon we are back in his car, me still naked except for the thumb cuffs and the chastity cage, which I can see is locked with a security tag. He says, "I will be requiring daily pictures to ensure the tag is still in place, slave." He doesn't say for how long, and I don't ask.

Not far from my house he stops the car, then unlocks my thumb cuffs. For the first time in a while I can move my hands and rub my sores. He fetches my cycle suit from the boot but also a pair of white men's underwear. As he drives on he says, "Wear the pants. Carry the suit. And you are not to touch or clean your face until tomorrow morning!"

Soon I dash from the car to my front door, panicking to find my door key, wearing only what any onlooker would call underwear, and not even fashionable underwear.

I collapse on my sofa, thinking through the events of the evening and realising I've taken the first step on a necessary journey from curious kinky boy to full time slave.

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