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Second Time Lucky

This is an original story, but makes reference to equipment from the Chasti-Permalock Corporation, which was the inspiration for the story. See their website for more information.

I loved him. I loved him without reservation. I would have given my life for him. And in a sense I did.

We had always been into bondage in a big way, and so when we decided to get married, we both wanted to do something to seal our love. We spent a long time researching on the Internet, and finally decided on getting a device each from the Chasti-Permalock Corporation.

One month before the wedding, we had the devices fitted. Mine was a large looking shining gold metal tube that looked much too big, but when I slid it into my pussy, by some miracle it managed to all fit in. Then, just like they said, I felt drowsy as the nanites got to work. As I slept, the microscopic organisms worked to bond the metal to my body, making the device a permanent part of me.

I woke to find that my pussy had become nothing but a flat metal plate. The sight and the feel of it got me very horny, but I could feel nothing through the metal plate, as much as I banged on it. And the nanites had ensured it was bonded onto me for the rest of my life.

So, despite my rising arousal, my pussy was blocked from access, forever. Except, of course, for my lover. Tom was now waking up to the male equivalent device, a tube permanently fixed around his cock, which would prevent him getting hard or cumming, except when he was with me. The two devices were keyed so that when they came in contact with each other, they would open up and allow us to enjoy our bodies uninhibited, but at other times we were both locked down.

For the next month, we were each as horny as hell (we talked about it a lot), but we didn't try out bringing our devices together, instead we just teased each other and enjoyed the frustration.

Then, on our wedding night, we did what newly married couples do. Our two devices became flexible when they were bought together, and even though no openings appeared, Tom was able to push his shielded cock into my shielded pussy, and finally we both felt the flesh-on-flesh contact we'd been longing for.

The newly flexible metal devices didn't hinder our performance at all, and we had many hours of passion that night, but once we pulled apart, both the devices became solid again.

The next day, we notified the Chasti-Permalock Corporation to turn on the Satellite Stimulation feature. When this was operating, if Tom ever tried to get hard, I would feel it as a gentle pressure in my pussy, and if anything got me wet, he would feel it as a little stimulation on his cock. This would never be enough to give either of us an orgasm (we tried!) but just a nice reminder of our secured status.

We were constantly intimately in contact, constantly horny, and constantly longing for the other's most special secret touch, forever. It was the greatest affirmation of our love that we could ever have made to each other.

They say that when your soul mate dies, you don't have to be told, you just know it instantly. Usually that's just romantic idealism, but in my case it was true.

Tom had gone out to buy some wine, while I finished off dinner at home. As I was taking the chicken from the oven, I suddenly felt a searing pain in my groin, like someone was tearing my insides out. Then a moment later, nothing. Not just the usual lack of sensation or stimulation from my pussy shield, but a cold deadness, like an absence of everything. And I immediately knew.

Tom had been hit by a car, and died instantly. I was devastated, and that day my perfect life fell apart.

Over the following months and years, I got over the tragedy, and returned to something like normality.

Fortunately, we planned for this sort of eventuality when we designed our chastity devices. For the first year, my pussy remained secured and inert (I wasn't thinking much about sex at that time) but after that time, once the device realized something had gone wrong, it started being a bit nicer to me.

This meant that it would randomly stimulate me, which, although very nice to experience, was not always at a convenient time. The first time it happened, I was in a meeting in work, just starting to give a presentation. I had no idea what was happening, and had to rush out of the room. But that was just a light stimulation, which got me horny but stopped way too soon to give me any more.

It carried on, at random times about once a week. Over time they got stronger, and about another year after they started, I had my first orgasm for 2 years, at the back of a bus - I got some very strange stares that day!

I thought about getting back into dating again - Tom would have wanted me to - but what use would I be to a guy? If we got on really well, and ended the night in bed together, he'd get his cock out and hit it against my pussy shield! It would just frustrate both of us.

Well, I experimented - I put on my sluttiest dress and went out to pick up a guy just for sex (or so he thought). His face dropped when I told him I had metal genitals, but he forgot all about it when I went down on him. In the morning, he left happy, and I think he'd forgotten all about it.

As for me, it was a lot better than I expected. I got quite turned on by going down on him, and then when the random stimulation came, it was much more intense. I didn't orgasm, but it was definitely worth the trouble.

So I started going dating again. None of the guys I dated were very interested in seeing me much after they found out about my bondage and had had a good few thrills out of me. But I occasionally, rarely, managed to cum while we were doing it, and that made it all worthwhile, so I just accepted that I'd have to stick with a sequence of one-night stands.

I remember the night I met Andy. It started all the same, and ended all so differently.

I was trying out a new bar, and was wearing a little black dress that turned a few heads. Lots of guys shouted things at me, but the one I noticed had shouted nothing, he just sat at the far end of the bar. I said "Hi" and his reply was very nervous, which I thought was sweet.

We got chatting, and he seemed like a nice guy. He hadn't tried to grope me, or use a cheap line or innuendo, he was just quiet and genuine. I decided he would probably be very sympathetic to my situation, and so I decided to tell him.

I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and told him that I had a chastity device secured into my pussy, which stopped me from having sex.

I was very used to opening my eyes and seeing a disbelieving stare back at me, but this time was different. His face was straining to stifle laughter, and then he burst out, laughing his head off.

I'd never had a reaction like that, never been so hurt by such an ignorant response. I stood up and turned to leave. His arm came out to stop me, and through his choking and his tears, I just made out the words, "Me too!"

Soon he'd calmed down, and was able to tell me that he too was secured in a chastity device, and he too was having such a hard time meeting people who would help.

"She was a strange girl," he said. "We only ever met for sex, I never even knew where she lived. She was into all sorts of kinky stuff, and she almost always had me tied up or chained down.

"One day, after she took my blindfold off, I saw she'd put a metal tube over my cock. She just said it would keep me under control, and she was right. I couldn't get hard with it on, and I couldn't pull it off. I didn't know if it was glued on or what, but it wouldn't move, and it was painful in the mornings.

"I didn't see her for another few week, and I was considering going to a doctor, when she turned up one night. She blindfolded me and tied me down, and somehow she must have taken the tube off, because before long I was shooting my load into her, and having a mind-blowing orgasm, the first for ages. She put it back on before she left, and it carried on the same way - I never saw what she did, but I was only able to get hard and cum once she'd done it.

"Then, a year later, I never saw her again, and that was 4 years ago. I've been to a doctor, but he said the only option is amputation. I've been to a locksmith, but he said there was no keyhole to unlock. So I guess I'm stuck like this for the rest of my life."

We talked on into the night, swapping tales of opportunities lost, our limitations bought us together, and after a while we were talking about going home together - neither of us knew what for.

We had been kissing passionately for the last 10 minutes while lying on my bed. Most new couples when come together would be tearing each other's clothes off, but we didn't have the usual incentive. We were each interested in each other's torture devices, but we both knew that getting naked would probably be a frustrating experience.

Andy took the first move. He had me stand up, took hold of the hem of my dress, and gently lifted it up over my head. He was surprised to see that it left me entirely naked, except of course for the golden round blockage where a normal woman would have her genitals.

He stared at it closely, and said, "May I touch it?"

I said, "Of course, please do - I won't feel a thing."

He stretched his hand out, ever so gently, and touched the smooth metal. He stroked it, like he was caressing my real pussy, but I felt nothing.

As he did this, I unbuttoned his shirt, then his trousers, and soon he too was naked. His hairy balls hung below a short shaft of gold, which was pointing up into the air. He said, "This is actually quite painful, my cock is very hard inside the tube." I had a strong urge to get down on my knees and suck on that golden phallus, but I resisted it, thinking it would be just too frustrating for both of us.

We hugged, tightly and warmly, sharing our sorrow. He pushed his metal cock against my metal pussy, grinding them together, pretending sex.

I put my hand down to grasp his cock and feel his heat, but I felt a small point sticking out of the end. "What's that for?" I asked.

"I don't know," he said, "that's where my piss comes out, but it's always been a hole before." Then he said, "and what's that?" pointing at the tiny hole that had just appeared in my pussy, which usually only appears when I'm pissing.

We stared at each other. Then, without speaking, he put his little point into my little hole, and it fitted perfectly! We heard a grinding noise, and I saw his cock being pulled in towards my pussy. Then, for the first time in so many years, I felt something pushing against my real flesh pussy!

Somehow, his cock was now all the way into me, and I could tell from his face that it was his flesh cock too. The thrill of the touch was so great, I almost wept.

He was able to pull his cock out of me a little, and push back in, and so was able to build up a rhythm. Before very long, he cried out and shot his load into me, and on feeling the splash deep inside me, for the first time in so long, I screamed with my delicious orgasm.

We clutched each other as we fell back onto the bed. He moved to pull away, but I said, "No! What if you can't get in again?" So we lay there, bound together at the genitals.

Soon, he was ready to go again, and it all still worked. We lasted longer this time, and he came first, but he pushed me over the edge a minute later.

After another two times, we both agreed that we'd have to try separating, and just hope the same thing would happen again the next time we put them together. We pulled away from each other, but something prevented our undocking - his cock felt like it was sucking in my pussy! He tugged and I tugged, and he tried to make himself soft, but nothing shifted it.

We tried to get some tools to help, but walking around the house stuck together like that wasn't easy, and when we found them we realized there was nothing we could do with them, it was like our two pieces of metal had melted together.

A few hours ago, I was begging to have a cock in me, and now I was begging to have it out of me!

We both jumped when we heard the doorbell, which was very painful since we were still joined at the genitals.

After many hours of frustration at not being able to separate, combined with many hours of hot sex, I realized that our devices must both be from the Chasti-Permalock Corporation. If something had gone wrong, they would be the ones to fix it. I had called them, and they said they were sending someone over.

We struggled naked to the front door, having given up on trying to cover ourselves, and peered through the peephole, to see a well-built man with a suit and tie. "Who is it?" I shouted.

"Agent Smith, from the CPC. We received a call from this address."

We let him in. He didn't look at all surprised to see us stuck together, but quizzed us about the history of our devices. Then he made some phone calls.

"Well, Miss," he said to me, "can you tell me, when your husband made love to you, did he always... err... climax?"

"Yes, always."

"And you, Sir. Have you climaxed into this young lady today?"

"Many times!" Andy said.

Agent Smith scratched his head. "Well then, I don't understand what's wrong. The original instruction on the female device was to release the male unit once the presence of sperm had been detected. From what you say, it should have done that long ago."

"Oh," said Andy, awkwardly. "I've had a vasectomy, I don't have any sperm!"

"Well, that would probably explain it."

I said, "Agent Smith, there must be some sort of 'back door' in the programming to cope with this sort of thing."

"Actually, in a sense, there is. Issue 7.3 of the FD152, which you have installed, does not have a very accurate sperm sensor. That is, it can sometimes be triggered by sperm from... err... elsewhere."

Andy and I said simultaneously, "Such as?"

"Well... due to the proximity of the cervical and anal passages... then from the... rear may be... appropriate."

I said, "You mean I have to take it up the arse!"

He looked very embarrassed. "Well... it would seem... yes."

Andy said, "So how are we going to get free. I can't help. In fact, the only person here with any sperm is..."

I put on my sweetest voice. "Agent Smith, would you be so kind as to help a young lady out of trouble?"

He said, "Well... it's rather beyond what's in my job description."

I pleaded, "But we've been stuck like this for hours, it would be so good of you if you could help us out."

"I suppose..." And he started taking his clothes off.

He got into position behind me, but he couldn't get an erection. I tried talking sexy talk to him, but it didn't help. Eventually he admitted, "I'm sorry, I'm not used to doing this to women. I'm gay."

So Andy, although very straight, talked sexy to him, and kissed him over my shoulder. It worked, and with the help of some lubricant, I was soon delighted to feel the normally hated pain of anal intrusion. He was a big man, and my virgin arse could hardly take his big cock.

It took some work, but after half an hour, he shot into me, and, just as fast as the little sperm themselves, Andy fell away from me.

The local newspaper publisher agreed that it was by far the strangest advertisement he'd ever printed in his paper. It read:

"Loving couple into bondage and in permanent chastity seek virile man into anal sex for fun times. Heterosexual preferred but small cock essential."

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