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Shadow Games

A shadow party? I had no idea what one was, but my friends Anne and Dave invited me. They wouldn't tell me anything about it, and when I said, "See you there," they just laughed. But, why not? Anne and Dave had taken me to some quite strange things in the past, some quite kinky too, but always harmless. So I was anticipating an adventure as I rang the doorbell of an innocent looking suburban house.

A tall man dressed all in black opened the door and let me in. He said, "I am the Shadow Master. Go in there, take off your clothes, and put on a shadow."

He's the who? Take off my clothes? I said, "What?"

"I said, I am the Shadow Master. Go in there, take off your clothes, and put on a shadow."

That didn't help. "I'm sorry, I don't understand."

"Follow, and you will understand." He was pointing towards a door, so I followed his finger.

The room contained a number of boxes, some of which were full of clothes and had people's names on. I took the hint, took an empty box, wrote my name on it, and started stripping off. But how far? I peeked into the other boxes to see if the owners had taken off everything, and, sure enough they were full of thongs, bras, jocks, and some strappy thing, which might have been underwear.

So, with my boxer shorts in the box, I wondered what was next. What could a 'shadow' be? After looking around I found that what I thought was a dark corner turned out to be full of clothes. Well, possibly clothes. I picked up a... something and started to put it on. It was black and slinky, it felt like sportswear or swimwear or something. I found some long legs, and slid mine into it. It had feet, and lots more fabric, even after I'd pulled it up to my waist. It had arms too, with gloves on the ends.

But even after my arms, legs, and chest were covered, there was more fabric to put on. So I pulled it over my head. It covered my head entirely, except for a gap at the back of my head. I put my hands to my head, to find no eye or mouth holes at all, and even though I had fabric over my face, I could still breathe well and see reasonably, although it made everything look fuzzy. I felt around at the gap down the back of the suit, and found a zip. I pulled it shut, but it was difficult as it pulled the suit very tight - I thought I must have the wrong size. But once I'd closed the zip and tried moving in it, I started to understand why someone would wear it.

After only a few minutes, it felt like a second skin, touching my body at all points and giving me a constant pressure all over. It was very sensual, and quite erotic, and was getting me aroused. I could feel the bulge of my hard cock through the suit, I just hoped it didn't show too much. I spotted a mirror and took a look at myself, but didn't expect what I saw. I was a shadow of my former self, just a black figure with no normal human detail at all. So alien, so interesting.

I returned to the Shadow Master. He took a padlock from a box, opened it with a key from his pocket, then did something with it on my back. He took another lock, this time with a key already in it, and used it to lock a zip I hadn't noticed over my crotch. He threw the key into a box with a lot of other keys. I checked and found he had used the first lock to secure the main zip, which would stop me taking the suit off. I was about to complain, when he stared at me and said, "There is only one rule you must know: do not come before the line." Before I could ask what he was talking about, he pointed to another door, and I went through.

The room was full of shadows! Everyone there was wearing an identical suit to mine, with the same locks. There must have been about 20 of them. The only particular details I could make out were that about half were female.

Someone came over and started chatting to me. I think it was male. It was very strange, chatting to someone when I couldn't see any details at all - no smiling, no blinking, no facial hair, no skin colour, nothing. His voice sounded familiar, but I had no way to tell who he was. And I guess he had no idea about me either. There was a certain charm in being completely anonymous - I could say whatever I wanted.

He reached out and grabbed at my crotch! I looked shocked, but when I realised he couldn't tell, I asked what he was doing. He just said that's what people did when they got on well. I could see his stiff cock through his suit, so I touched it, then I realised his rubbing had made mine hard too! Once I started feeling precum through his suit, he pulled away from me, saying, "Just remember the rule - don't come before the line!" I looked away for a moment, and when I looked back, he was gone. There were many people just nearby, but I had no way to know which one he was.

I approached a guy who was standing by a wall, but it turned out that someone else was standing near a light, and I was trying to talk to his shadow! I started talking to a girl - when she spoke I realise it was my friend Anne who had invited me. We chatted for a while, then we rubbed each other's genitals for a while.

Then the Shadow Master came in and announced, "Prepare for the Shadow Line." He held out the box of keys, and everyone put a hand in and took out a key. I saw them each try their key into the lock at the crotch of someone else, and if it didn't fit, try another. If it did fit, they each lay down on the floor, one putting his or her hand into the unzipped groin of the other. I took a key and joined in as people tried keys in locks, both standing and lying, until eventually everyone was lying somewhere on the floor forming a line of shadows.

I lay there with my hand on someone's hard cock, and with a girl's hand on mine, wondering what would happen next. Then the Shadow Master called, "Begin!" The hand on my cock squeezed, and slowly, tantalisingly, moved up and down my shaft. I couldn't help but moan, and almost forgot to give the same treat to the cock I was holding. After a time, the room was full of moaning, twisting bodies. One by one, people cried out in orgasmic ecstasy. I felt my hand get suddenly wet as the cock I was wanking shot its load, and moments later I succumbed to the orgasmic pleasures.

Once it seemed like most people had orgasmed, the Shadow Master pointed to one girl who was still being played with and said, "We have a winner!"

She said, "No, please, just a few moments longer!" but the person rubbing her had stopped, and others were holding her own hands to stop her finishing herself off.

The Shadow Master started unlocking people's suits, and one of the first was the guy I'd been rubbing. It turned out to be Dave, who had invited me! But I was still suited, so perhaps I wouldn't let on it was me. What was once a room of shadows quickly became a mass of human flesh and facial expressions - it was like seeing a smile for the first time!

And what was the 'prize' for the winner? As each suit came off someone, it was put onto her, locked on, and the key thrown back into the box. As everyone was getting their boxes and getting dressed, she was getting larger with more and more fluid-soaked layers wrapped around her. And she would be left to try to use her chubby fingers to try each of the keys in each of the locks until she was free.

Well the shadow party was quite an experience, and one I want to repeat. Who knows, perhaps next time I might even try to 'win' the shadow game.

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