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Strangers on a Train

It was one of those trains that has compartments of 8 seats connected by a corridor. I was glad I found an empty compartment, since I was feeling quite self-concious - I'd left home that morning wearing only a tight lycra cycle skinsuit (and no bike) which is always a turn-on for me, but I was a bit scared my cock bulge would show.

I shut the door of the compartment and slumped down on a seat. Only then did I notice that the compartment wasn't empty - I was sharing it with a shadow!

There was a person sitting opposite me, dressed from head to foot in black - something very skin-tight, and not an inch of flesh was visible. I couldnt even tell what gender it was, or make out any details. It was only the person's slight movements that convinced me it wasn't stuffed.

I'm very into tight clothing, and I'd heard about full body suits, but I never expected to see one on a train!

We sat in silence. I though I had to find out more about this person. I didn't know what to say, so I just said, "It's been quite warm for the time of year, hasn't it?"

A male voice replied, "Yes, I am wearing a zentai suit, and yes, I can see and breath okay, if that's what you really want to ask."

I was a bit stunned, but glad he had broken the ice. "Well, yes," I said, "but I didn't know it was called that. Lot looks like it covers you all over?"

"Yep, 100%." He stood up and turned around to show me. There were 2 zips on his back, running from the small of his back to the top of his head. The two zips were connected, and I recognised the clip that was being used to hold the zips together. It was a serial numbered tag that would need to be cut to get him out of the suit.

I said, "Looks to me that someone wants you to stay in that suit."

He sat down and I think he smiled, it was hard to tell. He said, "Well, actually someone wants to find out if I've removed the suit. I showed the secured tag to a friend through my web cam this morning. It's a kind of game we play."

So he was unable to even unzip that suit without leaving evidence for his friend to discover. This had to be some kind of bondage game.

He said, "Looks like you like that idea." He nodded towards my crotch, where my suit was straining against a huge erection. Perhaps the cockring hadn't been such a good idea. But he must be gay if he was looking at that.

I responded, "You're bulging quite well yourself."

"Ah, I wish!" He stood up, and a tight outline of his cock and balls was clearly visible. "Go on, feel it."

I thought it was unusually forward but I didn't need telling twice. I reached out and touched the shaft of his cock. Very hard. Too hard! It was metal!

I felt around it, and it seemed like his whole shaft and cock head was metal, right to the tip. I felt down, and the neck of his balls were metal but I could feel two real balls squeezed out of the bottom.

He moaned, a very low, soft moan. I let go of his balls, but he said, "No, don't stop. My cock's been trapped in that metal shaft for weeks. My balls are the only part that can feel your touch, and it feels great!"

I kept playing. He said, "Stand up. My cock is doubly trapped but it looks like yours is quite free." I stood, and he ran his hands overy my bulge, which was as hard as its ever been.

He unzipped my skinsuit. I looked shocked, and was going to speak, but he put a finger to my lips. He said, "I saw how turned on you got with my bondage state. I can't do much about myself, but I can bring you some pleasure. Trust in me, and give in to the thrill of public display!"

He was right, and I knew I was going to do anything he told me to.

His fist formed a tight cylinder around my cock through the fabric, and I felt it rough against my sensitive flesh. I hardly noticed as he pulled the suit off my shoulders, and soon my arse was bare.

He said, "Turn around and put your hands behind your back!" I obeyed immediately, not even questioning why.

As I looked down to see my hard cock bobbing in front of me, he pulled my suit off me and used it to tie my hands together behind me. The tie was tight and secure, and felt very good.

He pushed me down so I was lying across some seats, my weight on my arms, pinning and crushing them.

Then he started doing things to my cock. Strange things. Exciting things. Erogenous things. Some with his hands, some with the fabric stretched across his mouth. Some things I have no idea.

I panted hard. I struggled. But I was beautifully trapped, slave to the inevitable orgasm building up inside me. He pumped me and I felt my cum risin from deep within me. I cried out as my cum burst forward in an orgasmic explosion, and splattered all over my body.

As I lay there, exhausted, I heard a distant foice saying, "I think this is my stop."

Perhaps I dozed, I'm not sure. But some time later I realised I was still naked, covered in cum, lying on a public train, and with my hands tied together behind me. And, after that incredible experience, I was still hard and horny!

I struggled a little to see if I could get free of my bonds. Then I realised, once again, that I was not alone in the carriage.

A man was sitting across from me, staring at me. At first I thought that perhaps it was the previous guy who had taken his suit off, but it couldn't be, this guy was bigger built, more defined. And he was wearing leather trousers and a jacket. And his cock was out, and standing proud.

"Welcome, boy!" he said. "You look like you've been having some fun!"

Still feeling so submissive, I answered, "Yes, Sir."

"Ah, that's a good phrase you use, boy. You learn fast! Come here, boy."

I stood, ignoring my aching shoulders, and walked over to him. He ran a finger over my chest, and held it up to my mouth. My cum was dripping from it. I took the finger into my mouth and slurped it up. I have never eaten my own cum before, and it tasted disgusting, but I was so far into subspace I didn't care.

He said, "Kneel," and I did. He needed to say no more, I saw his bobbing cock and sucked it into my mouth. I pumped entheusiastically up and down. He said, "Ah, good work, boy."

I continued, but he said, "There will be plenty of time for that later. We need to get you dressed before our stop comes up."

He was assuming I was getting off at his stop, but he was right.

He turned me around, and shuffled arouond in his bag. I felt handcuffs being secured around my wrists, which were still tied down by my lycra suit. Then I heard snipping, and I saw small pieces of my suit beingthrown across the carriage, until my hands were secured only by the handcuffs.

I said, "But what am I going to wear now? I dont have any other clothes with me!"

He replied, "Are you horny?"

My cock hadn't gone down. I said,, "Yes, Sir."

"Then these will be ideal!" He pulled out a pair of thick rubber shorts, adn pulled them onto me. There was an open pouch in the front, my cock and balls slipped through a hole and into the pouch. He then took from his bag 2 pieces of leather covered with spikes. He put them into the pouch so that the spikes surrounded my cock and balls, then he sipped the pouch shut, tightened the waist belt, and secured them all together with a padlock.

My cock throbbed, but every movement it made jabbed into one of the spikes. It was quite painful, but very erotic.

"That will keep you under control. " He squeezed the pouch, and I winced with pain, but said nothing.

The train slowed down, and he packed his bag. He said to me, "Follow me, but do not come within 10 paces of me. Have you got that?"

I nooded, then he was gone.

I waited, then followed him at a distance. I velt very self-concious, wearing nothing but rubber chastity shorts and handcuffs, but I had no choice.

He left the train and I followed. I had to open the train door backwards. I would have helped an old lady with her luggage, but she seemed to understand why I couldn't.

I followed the leather man at 10 paces behind him. I saw from another direction the original guy with the full bodylycra suit (unless there were two of them?) who was also following the leather man at a distance.

Then I saw another guy who appeared to be entirely naked, holding his hands over his crotch, but not succeeding in hiding everything as I could see his swolen cockhead poking out.

Staring more closely, I could see he had rope around his hands, cock and balls.

And there was another man, wearing only a black leather straitjacket, with a built in pouch over his groin but only 2 straps over his arse.

It seemed that all 4 of us were following the leather man at 4 paces. He never looked back.

We walked through the town (I had no idea where we were) following him, looking like a very strange group - rejects from a circus or madhouse perhaps? We had lots of stares from passers by, and some jeering. But we walked on.

The leather man opened the front door of a house and walked in...

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