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On Any Given Sunday

Why not be a bit different, for a change.

Tod had been going to the same bar each Monday night for a while, and usually wore the same sort of clothes each week. But today he had decided to be different, and wear a polished steel collar around his neck. It gave a hint of his fetish side, which he didn't usually show in public.

He'd got the locking collar a few years ago, and thought about perhaps wearing it all the time - it had a concealed lock so just looked to the untrained eye like a steel band. But reality and his embarrassment got the better of him, and he hardly wore it.

But tonight he would wear it. It might turn a few people off, but perhaps it would turn a few on.

He took it and its keys out of his bondage drawer, unlocked it, snapped it around his neck, and threw the keys back into the drawer. It would be more 'interesting' wearing it out without the keys.

He put a black top on, and looked in a mirror. He could see the logo of the makers, Avalon Designs, etched into the front of the collar, but to most people it just looked like an ornate pattern. He was looking forward to getting stares and comments at the bar.

After three hours, he'd had a few stares but not many comments. His friends just seemed a bit confused by it, and one other guy called it 'faggy' under his breath - Tod decided to ignore him.

Then his friends had had to go home early, leaving Tod on his own. He decided to hang around a while, just to see if anything interesting would happen.

He noticed that a girl over by the bar was staring at him. She was gorgeous - a slim body squeezed into a rather short black mini-dress, and long blond hair. When she saw him looking at her, she started walking straight over to him. He could tell by the jiggle of her breasts that she couldn't have been wearing a bra, which made him wonder if she had anything at all on under the dress.

She came up to him. "Hi, I'm Mary."

Tod had almost expected her to be coming over to tell him to stop staring at her, but no, it seemed this beautiful girl actually wanted to talk to him.

He had to think of something witty to say, and quickly. "Hi, I'm Tod. I don't think I've seen you here on a Monday before." Oh well, not very witty.

"Yea, I couldn't think of anything better to do tonight. I hate Mondays."

"I always find Sundays quite boring."

Then she smiled, a distant smile Tod couldn't quite understand. "Oh no, I love Sundays!"

"Why's that?"

She looked at him, and for a moment, just stared. Then she said, "Perhaps I'll tell you later."

There was a silence, and he was about to make another dull comment, when she said, "That's an unusual collar you have."

Aha, so she had noticed it. "Thanks, it's from Avalon Designs."

"Yes, I recognise the logo and the craftsmanship. What I meant was that it's unusual because Avalon only make one inch and two inch height collars, whereas that looks like a one and a half inch one."

"Wow, you know your collars."

"Hehe yes, you could say that I know Avalon's stock... intimately. So do you wear your collar all the time?"

"No, just occasionally."

"And who has the keys to it? With your girlfriend or wife?"

"Just in a drawer at home." Tod thought that Mary must be quite into the sort of bondage gear that Avalon make, if she' asking about my wearing it full time with someone else holding the keys. Or was she just angling to find out if he had a girlfriend?

Mary put her arm out, and put her hand around the back of his head. He was surprised, until he realised that she was feeling the back of his collar.

She said, "I was just checking if it was a three pin or a five pin lock. I see you went for the lower security."

"Yes, well, I didn't think high security to be that much of an issue, as I'd probably always have the keys."

"Oh, so didn't you plan on wearing it full time? Those things are really designed to be worn full time without the wearer having the keys. You should find someone to give the keys to."

Did he mean her? Was Mary asking for Tod's collar key? Tod thought she must really be into the bondage scene to be suggesting that. But perhaps she didn't mean that at all.

He was about to ask, when she shocked him. She said, "What sort of underwear do you wear?"

That wasn't a question he was expecting, but it was a chance to show off his unusual side. "I don't wear underwear, I prefer to hang free."

But perhaps it was a rhetorical question, as she didn't seem to hear his answer. She said, "I bet you can't guess what sort underwear I'm wearing."

His imagination started running away with ideas. "Um, nothing?"

She smiled, "No, in fact quite the opposite. Do you want to find out?"

That confused him - what was she talking about?

She saw his hesitation, then took his hand, put it onto the back of her thigh, and pushed it up her leg inside her dress.

He was amazed that she would let him grope her! He moved his hand around her bare arse, trying to find the g-string, or whatever it was that she was trying to show off to him. Then he found, along one cheek, a flat metal chain! He followed it up, and it led to a hard rubbery bar across her back at the waist.

By this time, he'd forgotten that they were in a public bar. His fingers followed the bar around her body, pushing her dress away where necessary. It went right around her waist, quite tight, and had two chains running down the back, and a slat piece at the front.

He could only say, "Wow! I've seen pictures of these - it's a chastity belt, isn't it?"

"Yes it is, and before you ask, no I don't have the keys!"

He could see a twinkle in her eye as she said that. "So how do you take it off? How do you have sex, or... you know...?"

"When I'm locked up in this, I can't have sex - well, not in the normal way - or even 'pleasure' myself. But not being able to do it makes me want to do it even more!"

"Where are the keys to it? Have you thrown them away? How long since you... did that?"

She laughed out loud. "No, I didn't throw them away! They are being looked after by a good friend of mine, who lets me out for a little while once a week to have some fun."

"Ah, so that's why you like Sundays!"


He looked her up and down, with a new admiration. "It's very sexy, seeing and feeling you in that device, knowing that you can't even get yourself out of it."

She pressed her hand right against the groin of his jeans, to feel the hard cock hanging free inside. "Right, do you have any handcuffs at home?"

"Um.... yes I do... why do you ask?"

"Because you're going to be wearing them all night, along with your collar."

He just looked confused again.

She grabbed his erection. "Well, we are going to sleep together, aren't we?"

And so they did.

As soon as they got back to his apartment, she had him strip off and then she handcuffed his hands together in front of him. She said that if she had to remain secured into something, then he should too. And then she pulled off her dress to show the gleaming steel chastity belt secured around her waist and down over groin, protecting her sex from any interference, by her or anyone else.

She loved being trapped in it and kept horny, and she got most horny by making others horny. So she sucked him off, and let him fuck her in the arse - she was never able to cum from it, but sometimes she got so close.

And he loved stroking and kissing her around the edges of her chastity belt shield, seeing what effect it had on her. He would tie her down to his bed, and love to watch her squirm.

They lay in bed, arm in handcuffed arm, having spent hours making love, he having cum and she left wanting. She told him all about her chastity belt, and her regular but brief freedom from it...

She had known her friend Greg for years. They had been inseparable friends in high school, and had been soul mates ever since. She was even 'best man' at his marriage to his boyfriend Brad.

They talked about everything, even sex, and he knew that Mary was very kinky. He knew that she was turn on by the idea of having her sex locked away from her, and it was no surprise to her when she asked him if he would 'look after' her keys, if she got a belt. He wasn't into the kink, but he was happy to help - if anyone was going to take her keys from her, he wouldn't trust anyone more than himself to make sure she was safe.

So Greg took her keys. At first, she would come around to Greg and Brad's house every few days, to be let out of the belt, have a wash, and have some 'relief' (Greg left her to sort that out for herself) and then get locked up again.

After chatting to her a lot about it, Greg got to understand her feelings about her belt, and understood that she really wanted more. So he started suggesting that she spend longer in between release times, and he suggested putting some handcuffs or some other bondage on her, and perhaps he should limit her time unbelted.

After a few months, they came to the current arrangement. She was let out once a week, each Sunday. Greg and Brad were both big football fans, being followers of the home team, the Atlanta Falcons, and watched the game each Sunday afternoon. Mary would go visit them, and at the after the first half, Greg would unlock her belt and let her wash and shave herself - but she was not allowed to play with herself at that time.

After the third quarter, he would take her into the spare bedroom, and put her in some sort of bondage. She might have one hand handcuffed to the bed, or her legs spread wide apart, or be blindfolded and gagged. But she would always have at least one hand free, and be out of the belt. She would spend the time fingering her pussy, doing all the things she'd longed to do during the last week in captivity.

As soon as the game was over, Greg would go into the spare bedroom and put Mary's chastity belt back onto her before releasing her from whatever bondage she was in. She always complained that she wanted more time, but really she always loved that he didn't listen to her.

Getting locked back in was one of the sexiest parts of the whole experience, even if she'd had a great orgasm just before. Sometimes she liked to live dangerously by keeping herself on the edge of cumming right to the end, when she could hear the roar of the crowds from the TV when the game was over, and she could hear he jailer coming down the corridor to re-secure her.

Tod listened with awe as she described her erotic Sundays. "Wow," was all he could say.

Mary said, "I've had my belt nearly 2 years now, and I've only been released on a Sunday while in bondage for over a year. So, on any given Sunday, when the game ends and the crowd roars, you can think of me getting my hard-earned orgasm before getting locked up for another week!"

"Wow - I can see where's the best place to be on Sundays!"

"So this is the guy I've heard all about!"

Mary smiled, "Yes this is Tod."

Greg put his hand out and Tod shook it. "Brad is in the den watching the game. The Jetsons are beating the spread, and might make it all the way to the Superbowl this year. You go on through, and I'll see to Mary."

Tod would have loved to watch Mary being unlocked, but he let Greg sort her out, knowing that later on he'd see more of her than he ever had before.

Tod sat in the den, where another guy, presumably Brad, was watching TV. Tod said 'Hi', then Brad said 'Hi', then they watched in silence.

Soon Greg came in and sat next to Tod. He said, "Tod, you know that Mary's situation is under my control? I decide when she is released, and for how long, and what sort of situation she's in while she's released."

"Yes, I understand that."

"And that if you're going to come into this, you are also going to have no say over what I do to you, and for how long."

Tod gulped. Mary had told him that would be the situation, and at the time he'd been excited about it, but now it sounded quite daunting. "Yes, I accept that."

Greg put his arm around Tod. "You see, there's something you should know. I love Mary, as much as any gay man could love a woman, and I would never let anything happen to her."

Greg's grip tightened on Tod's shoulder. "Mary has got closer to you than she's got to any man in recent months, and when she's close to someone, she's vulnerable to getting hurt. You will make sure that doesn't happen, won't you?"

Tod could see he was serious about looking after Mary. "Don't worry, Greg, I have only Mary's best interests at heart."

Greg smiled. "Great, buddy. You want a beer?"

End of the third quarter, and the Jetsons were up 11 points. Greg had gone out a few minutes ago, then returned. He gestured to Tod, "Right, your turn."

Greg took Tod into the bedroom, There, they saw Mary lying out on the bed. Naked. For the first time, Tod saw her truly naked, no chastity belt, just a hairless pussy surrounded by the pressure marks from having been trapped so long inside the shield of the belt.

But she wasn't completely naked - she was stretched out on the bed so that her hands poked out between bars at the top of the bed, and between them were a pair of handcuffs. So even though Tod could see from her face that she was begging for some attention on her pussy, she could do nothing with her hands.

Tod was snapped out of staring at Mary by Greg saying to him, "Right, strip off". Tod couldn't get his clothes off fast enough, as he visualised thrusting his already hard cock into Mary's hungry hole, while she lay there trussed up.

However, as he removed his briefs to reveal his straining erection, he heard a ratchet sound behind him - Greg was unlocking another pair of handcuffs. He said, "Right, Tod, sit at the end of the bed."

Tod realised his hopes of free access to Mary's body were not going to be completely accurate. He sat kneeling on the end of the bed, between Mary's legs facing her, while Greg secured both his hands behind him to the bars at the bottom of the bed with the handcuffs.

Tod was trying to work out what he could do to Mary if he was chained to the opposite end of the bed from her, and hoping that Greg had made a mistake and was going to move him somewhere easier, when they heard a noise from outside. Greg said, "That will be the start of the last quarter. I'll see you when the whistle blows," and he left.

Mary had her eyes closed, and was softly moaning, "Do me now," and, "I need it so much."

Tod could see her gleaming pussy only a few feet away, but he couldn't see how to reach it. He tried thrusting his groin forwards, but he couldn't get his cock anywhere near her since he was held back by his hands secured to the bed.

Mary's foot found his knee, then traced along his leg and up his thigh. Her toes started tickling his balls, then moved up to rub his foreskin. The stimulation turned him on even more, and drove him to find a way to give her the pleasure and release she had been waiting for.

Tod leaned forwards. Even with his hands secured to the bed behind him, he could get his head down enough, and lean forward far enough, to be able to touch her pussy. He poked his tongue out and ever so gently touched her left labia lib.

She screamed. It was like an electric shock, like a spontaneous orgasm. A touch, for the first time in a week. She yelled, "Yes. yes! Again, please more!"

He touched the right labia lip with his tongue, then nudged her engorged clit with his nose. She thrashed about, screaming and pulling at her handcuffs.

He continued to work on her, licking and poking, inside and out. Whenever she wasn't thrashing wildly, she was trying to massage his cock and balls with her foot. Eventually she let out the shattering cries of an orgasm, for the first time in a week, and shortly after said, "Do me again!"

All the time they could hear the cheers from the TV whenever one of the football teams made a touchdown. Eventually, they both heard the long, sustained cheering of the end of the game, and knew that Greg would be in at any moment to end their fun.

Mary said, "I have to cum again before the belt goes back on. Give it all you've got!"

They could hear Greg's footsteps from the corridor, as Tod worked her pussy and flicked her clit every way he knew how. As Mary heard the door opening, she once again screamed out with her last orgasm of the day.

Greg, probably used to her, methodically lifted her spent body to get the chastity belt back around her, then pushed all the parts in place and snapped the lock, securing her for another week.

He unlocked her wrists as she was coming out of her post-orgasmic daze. As he went to unlock Tod, he looked down at the sheet, and said, "Oh, you didn't get to cum then?"

Mary answered, "No, but he will when I give him a big reward later!"

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