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Tess, Chapter 1

This is a story written by 'vickie'

Tess hadn’t been in the north of England for long, she had moved up there on a promise of job training with her present employer. When she received an invitation to go to a party given by an old school friend of hers she decided it would be a good way to hopefully meet some more people.

At the party her friend introduced her to Eva and they spent the whole evening getting to know one another. Eva explained that she was a photographer of fetish clothing for various companies to help them compile their catalogues. This seemed to excite Tess far more than she could understand why it should and so when Eva invited her over to her studio and a meal afterwards Tess happily accepted.

Tess really didn’t know what to expect. Eva has explained that she had a bank of models that would wear the latex, leather and PVC items, but for Tess this was a whole new learning curve. She had to admit to Eva that she knew nothing about fetish clothing or BDSM and bondage but for some unknown reason the idea both excited and scared her, it was this mixture of feelings that was the attraction.

Accepting a lift home gave them more time to chat and get to know one another better. The apartment wasn’t that far away and the sports car soon had Tess in front of her front door. Tess got out of the car and waved as her new friend drove away.

Sleep didn’t come easily to Tess, she was too excited and somewhat confused by her feelings towards her new friend. She had always thought of herself as straight sexually but now was having second thoughts. It was a strange feeling, she somehow felt safe and trusted her new friend totally. She tossed and turned for the rest of the night before finally drifting off to sleep as the sun started to rise.

The alarm woke Tess up at eight o’clock, it was late for her but still gave her loads of time to get herself ready for Eva. After breakfast and then a shower she went to her small wardrobe to see what she could wear. The pink cotton blouse and cream skirt always looked good on so she settled on them. As she drank a coffee she was looking on her laptop to try and find out more about fetish clothes and BDSM. She was astonished at just how much was on there and freely available. Some she quickly clicked off, they looked awful but other sites held her attention and a fascination of what they were about. She wondered what clothes Eva had in her studio, even secretly hoped she may be allowed to try some on. The idea of wearing a latex dress gave her butterflies and had caused her to blush a deep pink. The knock on the door made her jump, so involved was she in what she had been reading that she has lost track of time. She quickly turned the laptop off and hurried to answer the door.

Eva looked fantastic, she wore a tight black leather skirt, black silk blouse and a finely tooled black leather waistcoat. Black stockings and knee high boots that must have had a five-inch heel on them completed the vision. Tess stood, mouth wide open unable to say a word.

“Hi, remember me? We have a date,” said Eva happily.

“Oh yes sorry Eva, just that outfit, it looks stunning. It completely took the wind out of me, I am so sorry do come in and I’ll get my bag.”

Eva smiled happily, she had selected the outfit to do just that, she wanted to make a statement and a firm impression on their first real meeting. Soon they were in the car and off to the studio.

“Tess we’ll go to the studio first, we can have a good look round then we’ll see how we feel, we’ll either go out for a meal or you can come back to my place and have dinner there.”

Tess smiled happily, it was so nice to have these decisions all made for her, today was going to be fun and she hoped everything she had dreamed about. It took about half an hour to reach the studio, Eva drove the car round the back and into the parking spot that was always reserved for her.

“Right hope you are ready for this Tess, the clothes are not quite what you will find in Marks & Spencer in there. If at any time you feel you have seen enough and want to leave just let me know and I won’t be offended, I realise its not for everyone.”

They got out of the car and Eva walked to the door and used her keys to unlock and open the steel door, inside she pushed some buttons on a keyboard to turn off the alarms then switched on some lights. Individual spots that highlighted their respective area quickly picked out items in every part of the huge area. It looked like the room had been sub-divided into three parts. The first contained row upon row of clothes on racks, the second area featured various strange looking devices some large and others small that Tess couldn’t quite work out yet. However it was the final area that she stared at right now for there was a steel cage with the door standing open as if inviting it’s next visitor to enter. The aroma in the warehouse was of latex and expensive leather that Tess breathed deeply, her mouth wide open and blinked several times for this was something she was having trouble comprehending.

Eva looked at Tess and burst out laughing, “I’m sorry I should have warned you more what to expect, it has that effect on most the first time. Come let me show you around,” she said gently.

Tess couldn’t resist touching almost caressing the latex and leather clothes, Eva took random ones off the hooks to show her more clearly what they were like.

“Feel this one Tess, feel the latex, so smooth and silky and it looks great through the lens.” Said Eva holding a long blue latex dress of Victorian design with a high neck, long sleeves and white latex lace round the collar and end of sleeves.

Tess touched the dress and could feel how soft the latex was and a shiver of delight ran though her. She could smell the strong odour of the latex without holding it to her face, it was an amazing dress.

“We used it as a maid’s dress with this long white apron, the last model to wear this loved the sound it made every time she moved. I had trouble getting her to take it off in the end,” she laughed.

They moved down the first row pulling out various hangers with different clothes on them, some latex, others satin a few were leather or vinyl. All the latex and PVC ones were polished to really shine.

I just can’t take all this in Eva, this collection alone must be worth thousands,” said Tess.

“Yes luckily clients paid for most of it, once their work is done they have no use for it so donate it to my ever growing collection. If you see anything you want to try on just say so,” said Eva.

“I just love clothes but have never seen anything like this, I wonder perhaps could you select something for me to wear. Would you mind?” asked Tess.

“Not at all, now let me see, right yes you go over to that cubicle and start undressing and I’ll be over in a few minutes,” she said smiling.

Tess had just her bra and panties on when Eva came into the cubicle. It was more a dressing room judging by the size of it. Eva put a pile of clothes down on a table then smiles at Tess.

“Have you ever worn a corset before Tess? She asked.

“No never but often wondered what it was like,” she replied.

“Well you are about to find out, sorry but you’ll have to lose that bra as this corset has its own.”

Tess blushed and hesitated as she removed the bra in front of Eva, she had never done anything like this before and it certainly felt alien to her. Eva gave a reassuring smile as she held the corset in readiness.

The corset was long and made from extra thick latex. It laced up the back and had  a busk front with a hook and stud arrangement. Eva guided Tess’s hands through the straps at the top and into the body of the cool corset. Tess gave a shiver as the cool latex touched her skin. It felt like nothing she had worn before that was for sure. The busk was done up and Eva started to clinch the laces at the back. Slowly it started to constrict and narrow Tess’s waistline as the back was drawn together.

“I won’t do it too tight but it has to be tight enough for you to get a proper feel of it. How are you doing, can you feel it getting tight yet?” Asked Eva.

“Phew yes, I don’t think it can go much tighter than this surely,” said Tess.

“Oh trust me it can and quite a bit tighter too but I think this will be enough for now. If you are enjoying it, perhaps later when your waist has adjusted we may tighten it a little more. So now I tie this in a bow and tuck it under this flap then pull this zip all the way down to hide the laces away. The zip can be locked to stop the wearer from tampering with the laces but we won’t do that this time.”

Tess ran her hands over the smooth latex enjoying the tightness of the garment.

“Right now lose those panties I have these black latex bloomers for you to try, however first  we need to sort out some stockings as they clip onto the bottom of the corset.”

Tess slid her panties down a little then discovered a problem as she tried to bend over to remove them.

“I think I need some help, I can’t seem to bend in this corset is so tight and stiff,” she said.

The stockings soon in place Eva had already slid the pants down and so held the bloomers out for her to step into and pulled them up.

“Good now how does that feel so far?” she asked.

“Feels strange but in a good way, what comes next?” She asked.

“Now the dress, this is a full length proper maid’s dress in black latex and is going to look absolutely gorgeous on you of that I am sure. Now step into the top here and feed your arms into the sleeves and I’ll pull it up and over your shoulders for you. Great now the zip and you’ll start to get the real feel of wearing latex. Let me see you now,” she said.

The dress was ankle length and quite heavy as it was extremely full, Tess walked a few paces and heard the swishing sound of latex against latex. The odour filled her head, she couldn’t believe she was wearing this amazing outfit.

“Wow hold on no swirls yet we haven’t finished with you, I think you need some boots. Go and sit on that chair and I’ll sort a pair out for you that I think you can manage,” she said.

The boots were knee high, laced in the front with four inch heels that while not quite as pointed as the ones that Eva was wearing they would still be a challenge thought Tess.

“Great now give me your hands and stand up.”

Tess stood and wobbled a little but soon got her balance working well.

“Ok try and walk over to that wall and back for me,” said Eva.

Tess walked over and back rolling her hips as she walked as if on a catwalk and they both burst out laughing.

“You are a natural for those heels, I thought you may have problems perhaps I should have taken you higher,” said Eva.

“No these are fantastic, not really comfortable but certainly wearable,” said Tess grinning.

“Good because you can stay in that outfit for the rest of the day, see how you get on,” said Eva. “Right now come on let me show you some of the props we use.”

The next part of the room was dedicated to strange looking bits of furniture, cuffs hanging from the walls, hoods on mannequin’s heads, miles of ropes coiled ready for use. Then the furniture, Tess recognised a Pillory, a strange seat like they use at the gynaecologist, benches, a huge cross that had straps fastened all over it, then there were other things that she had no idea what they could be used for. In the corner against the wall stood a large wardrobe cupboard that Eva was heading towards.

“In here I keep things like armbinders, straitjackets, some hoods, restraint clothing that sort of thing. Most of these things are easier to show you how they work when you see some of the pictures rather than talk you through them.”

“It looks like a torture chamber, are you sure people actually wear this stuff willingly?” Asked Tess.

“Yes some do it for the love of wearing it, others like most of the models get paid to wear it. If you want to try anything on just say, don’t worry I’ll remove it as soon as you say so,” said Eva smiling happily.

“What is that Eva? Is it what I think it is?” said Tess pointing to a steel belt complete with chains and shield on a shelf in the cupboard.

“That’s a chastity belt, they are made to measure so not sure if that would fit you, it may do. They can be great fun, quite an experience wearing one so I am told,” she said.

“Oh so you have never worn it then?”

“No not my thing, I’m a top or Domme and like to do the tying and locking on others. Tell you what we’ll take the belt with us when we go and perhaps you can try it on later but I want you to get a feel of those latex clothes first,” she said.

“Couldn’t I wear both, not that I want to you understand,” said Tess blushing.

“No latex and steel don’t make good partners, the latex tears too easily. Don’t worry though there is loads of stuff that works great with it for later,” said Eva laughing.

“Not sure I would like wearing that chastity belt anyway, I mean does it actually work?” said Tess.

“Well hopefully we’ll be able to find out later,” said Eva grinning. “There are a few additions to the belt like these thigh bands that restrict the length of step the wearer can take, also these plugs that stimulate the wearer but won’t allow them to come to orgasm. This one works remotely so the Domme can tease the wearer and know that she will be getting really frustrated and can do nothing about it. I used to have a submissive who would visit me from time to time and we played with it, she thought it was great fun to wear. Anyway as I said we’ll take that with us when we leave just in case you feel brave and your curiosity gets the better of you,” said Eva.

“I have never even seen stuff like this let alone worn it Eva, this is blowing my mind right now. I want to try it all yet wouldn’t dare, it somehow scares me,” said Tess

“It’s to be expected, I’m never going to push you into doing anything you don’t want to do remember that, if you want to go on this journey I’ll be there for you all the way but if this really isn’t something for you then that is fine too. I honestly do understand,” said Eva looking really serious and sincere.

“Thanks Eva that means a lot to me, I’d like to try a few things later perhaps but right now I am loving this outfit even though things are starting to heat up a little,” she said smiling.

“Good now this next part is where my cage is, it has been designed so that it can be used by someone for any length of time as it has its own washing and toileting equipment inside. My submissive used to love this place, would spend a whole weekend in here if I let her. She said she always felt safe in here, away from others that hurt in the real world,” said Eva.

“Do you still see her Eva or is that not something you wish to discuss?”

“No we don’t see one another any more, she met a male dominant and fell in love with him and they got married. It hurt at the time but I was so happy to see her settled and knowing she was safe with this guy. He is a really nice guy and thinks the world of her. I went to their wedding, it was a totally Dom/Domme/sub wedding with slaves as pageboys and bridesmaids etc. Anyway since then this has stood empty except for models but perhaps one day who knows,” she said smiling.

Tess walked over to the cage, it was bigger than it looked from afar, the bars were about an inch thick and spaced just four inches apart. She looked over her shoulder to Eva then walked slowly into the cage and looked through the bars, she shivered, it really was so secure if that door was locked.

Eva held onto the door and watch as Tess walked around the cage.

“Right want to see some photos before we leave here?” said Eva.

“Yes would be great thanks,” said Tess walking out of the cage.

They walked up some stairs to a second floor where Eva had her office and workshop.

“Right take a seat and I’ll get some coffee, this is a book of some of my work if you want to take a look,” said Eva handing Tess a huge book.

Inside Tess saw photo of girls tied up in various poses, all wearing the most fantastic clothes. There were a few with girls that were naked but not that many and they were very discrete in what they showed. Tess was astonished at some of the poses, they looked so uncomfortable and a few almost impossible. She started to see how different things were used and how they kept the model safe and secure while at the same time producing a fantastic image. She found herself getting really hot as she looked through the pages asking Eva about each one. At one stage her hand went from the book to between her leg, Eva noticed and smiled.

“We mustn’t forget that chastity belt, it may come in useful,” she said smiling.

Tess went bright red blushing and took her hand away quickly.

“I’m sorry Tess I didn’t mean to embarrass you I am just teasing. If this makes you sexually excited then I find that the greatest compliment you could pay me for my work. I know it makes me feel that way when taking the pictures and preparing the models. I can see the image I want in my head and work really hard to get it just right. I am so lucky in having a good bank of models, they know I will never abuse them in any way and will take care of them while they are secured. I think that makes a big difference to them. I have one model that doesn’t want her work to appear in a certain media and I could have sold it to that media for a huge amount but never have and never will. If I did then that trust we have would be shattered and never be able to be mended again. It wouldn’t just be that model I would hurt, it would be all of them as word would get round. But regardless of that if I give a promise then I always keep it, always.” She said.

Tess smiled then sipped some coffee, she was getting hot in more ways than one. She had never felt like this before, it felt so strange and yet so right. They went through countless photos, laughed and talked as they went. Time just flew by but eventually Eva looked at her watch and said, “Right let’s get going round mine for something to eat. I have something all ready just needs to be heated through and served. As my maid you can have that honour,” she said laughing.

They stood up and went back downstairs and while Eva was picking up a few things she noticed Tess go off to the dressing room to collect her clothes.

“I have a bag here to put your clothes in Tess, just bring them here.”

“I was going to get changed before leaving here.”

“Why you look tremendous, no stay as you are you’ll be fine,” replied Eva..

“Well if you are sure, just not used to going out wearing this latex.”

“Trust me Tess, you look fantastic and I’ll be with you in the car and we pull right into my property so nobody will even see you. Come on lets get going,” she said holding out her hand.

Picking up a large hold-all that she had filled with things she took Tess’s hand and they left the building. Being outside in the sunshine was scary Tess thought but it was also nice feeling the soft damp latex as it swished about as she moved. They chatted and laughed all the way to Eva’s house, they both found chatting so easy in each other’s company. The house was huge and set back off the road in its own grounds. Eva stopped at the gates and pushed a button to open them then drove down the driveway to the garage.

“It is huge Eva, makes my tiny flat look ridiculous,” said Tess.

“Too big for just me to be honest but I do love the privacy it gives me. Come, let’s get inside and I’ll show you the kitchen and explain what needs doing.”

“Oh you were serious about me cooking dinner then?” asked Tess looking surprised.

“Yes you are dressed as a maid, you need to feel what it is like to wear that outfit and do what a maid does. Come on it will be fun and as I said dinner is all cooked it just needs heating and serving.”

While Tess dealt with the meal so Eva got the wine ready and watched while chatting to her new friend.

“Right we’ll eat in the main dinning room through that doorway and second door on the left when you are ready to serve. I’ll be waiting in there.”

Tess felt a little self-conscious as she walked the food from kitchen to dinning room but was feeling very comfortable in the dress and tight corset. Her feet ached a little in the high heels but generally she was coping well. Having served the food she sat with Eva and they ate together and drank the wine.

“I would guess you are feeling quite warm in that outfit by now Tess, the sun makes this room warm at the best of times. Would you like a hand out of it and take a shower while I get your next outfit ready?”

“Another outfit, what have you in mind?”  Asked Tess wondering what she could be letting herself in for.

“Trust me, you’ll love it. Now follow me and I’ll get that outfit off you and leave you to shower while I sort the next outfit. We can also try that chastity belt if you want, just to see if it fits, I can’t think it would but you never know.”

It took a while to remove the dress, corset and things then Tess stepped into a large shower and enjoyed the warm water running over her skin and started to relax. Eva went back downstairs and collected the bag with the things in it and set to work. Tess turned the shower off and dried herself and applied some powder then with a large towel wrapped round her she went to find Eva.

“Hi feeling better?” asked Eva as she saw Tess walk in the room.

“Yes thanks I was sweating in that dress and corset but it was fun to wear. So what is next?”

“Ok now this is a special outfit that is quite restrictive but also comfortable. It is very important Tess that if at any time you want me to stop just say the word RED and I promise we’ll remove everything straight away and you can get dressed in your own clothes if you wish or go back to the rubber outfit. Do you understand? I don’t want you to feel you have to do this, its just you and me and it is going to be enjoyed, are you ok with that?” she asked.

Tess took a deep breath and nodded. “Yes ok I’ll give it a go.”

“Right first we’ll try this chastity belt, see if we are lucky or not,” she said picking up the stainless steel belt and moving towards Tess. “Now the waistband seems to fit all right, it should be quite tight and then we pull this shield up through your legs and your lips will protrude through this slit here. It’s ok it’s not sharp or uncomfortable. There now this guard clips onto the waistband and we now fit this over the slit like this and it all fastens here at the front. Now this is the key, I’ll do the belt up but will give it to you to keep for the time being so you can remove this if you want to - no questions asked.”

Eva turned the key a few times then removed it and handed it to Tess.

“Wow that seems to fit you perfectly, I am truly amazed. How does it feel?” asked Eva.

“Very tight but somehow it also feels comfortable and sexy. Do these things really work then?”

“Oh yes without unlocking you there is no way for you to touch yourself to masturbate, have sex or for a lot of people even have any orgasms. Right now let’s put these bands round your thighs and they connect to the belt like this. These restrict the length of step you can take and also prevent hands from getting even close to what is under that shield. Good that’s done, so now can you cope with that?” she asked.

Tess felt the steel shield and took a step or two stumbled and smiled. “Woe this feels unreal. Not sure about these bands but for now I am fine. How long can this be worn for?”

“Well in theory it is designed to be worn 24/7/365, however I always feel it should be removed at least every other day for a good clean. It’s easy enough to use a shower nozzle and that would keep you and the belt clean but I still like to remove it and check that everything is all right and give it a good clean.”

“Just image not being able to have an orgasm for weeks or months, that is a delicious but scary thought,” said Tess.

“Well no reason why we have to remove the belt today, you can go home in it if you want to and we’ll meet up again tomorrow and you can tell me what you think then,” said Eva grinning.

“I may just do that, not sure about these bands though, they really restrict my step and I think I’ll be falling over in them,” said Tess.

“You would get used to them and if you want the full treatment then they stay but as this is your first time I’ll remove them before you leave if you still want me to,” said Eva. “You could also take the key with you just in case if you wish.”

“No that wouldn’t be right, here take the key I have total trust in you Eva I am sure everything will be fine,” said Tess as she handed back the keys to the belt.

“Ok I’ll put them on this table for the time being, if at any time you want this off just say so or come and get the keys yourself. You can have too much of a good thing you know,” said Eva laughing.

“So what next?” Asked Tess.

“Well next is this red satin number, but it is a little different from just a normal dress. It has a full length zip from top to bottom which makes it easy to fit on. The bra is incorporated inside the dress and that has to fit properly to feel the full effect of the dress. The cups are a little tight but they seem to fit you all right, now arms in the sleeves and I’ll sort out the back for you.”

The satin dress was lined in black super soft PVC, the two materials together felt thick but very sensuous against Tess’s skin as Eva connected the zip at the top and started pulling it all the way down. By the time it reached the bottom around her ankles Tess was starting to wonder if she would be able to walk in it.

“This is what we call a hobble dress, you can see why, I’ll just snap this zip shut so it won’t keep riding up and we’ll move on to the next part of your outfit.”

Tess watched as Eva picked out two leather cuffs out of her bag then taking each wrist in turn, she buckled them firmly in place and added tiny padlocks through each buckle. Taking one wrist at a time Eva took more small locks and connected the cuffs either side to the rings on the chastity belt that were sticking through neat apertures on the dress.

“Excellent, now my love you are helpless, move about and see what you think. Remember your special word if you feel this is moving too fast too soon. I’ll have that lot off you in minutes promise.”

Tess smiled nervously and tried to walk, Eva stood close in case she needed to catch her friend.

“Hey this is an amazing dress Eva, it feels terrific. The bra feels a bit strange but it is ok and I know you are right there is no way I could get out of this without your help.”

“How does that feel? Scary that you are comfortable with or something you want to stop?” Asked Eva looking a tad worried.

“No it’s fine, as I said I trust you and this is an experience that I never imagined having. This material feels sensational, did you make the dress yourself?”

“No it was made by a client in Germany, I used it on a shoot for their catalogue, it went right on the cover and they were so pleased with the results they gave me all the clothes we used plus a bonus. I am told that after they released the catalogue sales went through the roof and they really struggled for a while to keep up with demand.”

“Looks and feels so sexy and yet so restrictive. Will the PVC lining be ok with the steel, I would hate to see it torn?”

“Yes it is fine, that’s a special type of PVC and can happily deal with the steel belt. Sorry you are not getting free that easy,” she said laughing.

Tess laughed happily as she looked down at herself in the dress.

“Come over here and take a look in this big mirror and tell me what you think.”

“It’s so sexy, is this really me Eva? If my hands were not secured I think I may be putting your claims about this chastity belt to the test.”

They both laughed happily as Tess pretended to struggle to reach between her legs with her chained hands.

“Right now we need to add something else and to do that I will undo the zip for a while. This connecting chain is also not needed so we’ll remove that from the thigh bands for a minute. I need to get these panties on you over the belt. I have a feeling you may be leaking like a tap down there soon and while it would be impossible to spoil the dress with your juices, I think you may enjoy the feel of these. The pants are made from the same special soft plastic that the dress is lined with, it is ten times tougher than normal plastic. It won’t tear so we have no worries about the belt ripping them to shreds. I hope the elastic isn’t too tight but as you’ll discover very soon it needs to be quite tight.”

Eva replaced the connecting chain on the thigh bands and then zipped the dress right down again.

“You look quite fantastic in that outfit Tess, my shutter finger is itching like crazy,” laughed Eva.

“Oh not sure I want my photo taken like this Eva,” said Tess looking frightened.

“Don’t worry, it’s not going to happen. I only take photos after a model release form has been signed and everything agreed. I wouldn’t dream of taking advantage of the situation,” said Eva firmly.

“Thanks Eva, sorry I didn’t mean that I didn’t trust you its just I was a little scared and very camera shy.”

“No problem, anyway we now need to show you the other delights the dress offers, I think you need to sit down for this.”

Eva helped Tess over to the sofa and they sat down, Tess tugged with her restrained hands as she sat but knew they were not going anywhere. As she sat down so the dress became tighter round her thighs and legs.  She wondered what other surprises Eva had in store.

“Good now are you sitting comfortably?”

Tess nodded and tried to smile but wasn’t sure where this was all going. Eva picked up a small remote control pad and pressed a button. Instantly Tess felt the bra inside the dress come to life and begin to vibrate slowly. Tess let out a shriek in surprise then started to laugh.

“Just gentle to start off with, but soon we’ll find out if you can orgasm by just using your breasts, some can and they say it feels amazing.”

“This feels so strange, never felt anything like this before,” said Tess her hands trying to reach her breasts but falling short by quite a way.

Eva watched as she increased the vibrations, she saw Tess try and get her hands to her breasts and crotch again but they wouldn’t reach, she tugged hard but they held firm, the bondage was secure. Tess moaned, she could feel the need to masturbate already, it had taken a minute or two at the most as she tried to grind her legs together in the hope it would be felt at her clit. Soon she was lying on the sofa, frantically trying to push herself over that edge, the harder she tried the more frustrating it became. Then the vibration stopped. Tess was panting hard, she was bathed in sweat and not looking too happy.

“You turned it off, I was so close, so close. Please do it again, increase the vibes so I can come that was amazing,” said Tess. “I could feel a volcano bubbling and just about ready to erupt!”

“We’ll try this, I’ll add to your bondage and see if this helps,” said Eva grinning.

She took a short strap and fed it through Tess’s arms at the back and looped it round her elbows and pulled it quite tight.

“What are you doing, I can’t escape I don’t need more bondage I needed more vibration, please Eva, please,” she begged.

“This pulls your shoulders back and pushes your breasts forward and further into the cups, her we go,” she said.

Once again the bra started it’s magical work and soon she was writhing about trying to have a much needed orgasm but whatever she tried it was never going to be enough. Tears ran down her cheeks as she squirmed about from the sofa onto the floor. A warm ache filled her sex as the vibration increased slightly, then it stopped. Tess screamed in frustration as more tears ran down her cheeks and onto the floor.

“Well you play there while I make some coffee and do a little job that needs doing. I have set it on auto-random mode so who knows you may get lucky,” giggled Eva.

“No, no please Eva, please get these straps off me and take the dress and belt off, pleeease,” she begged as the machine started again.

It was about half an hour later when Eva returned to find Tess in quite a state. She was wriggling wildly about on the floor. Eva took the remote and switched it off.

“Wow you look shattered, did you manage to orgasm?” asked Eva.

Tess as panting hard, her face was wet from tears and sweat, slowly she was returning to this planet. Eva bent down and put her arm around her captive and hugged her tightly.

“Poor baby that was quite an ordeal for you. I shouldn’t have done so much first time I am sorry. It’s ok you’ll be fine in a few minutes.”

She stayed holding her for a few minutes then gradually she helped her to stand and to shuffle over to a chair and sit down.

“Sit there and don’t try and move while I get some coffee for us,” said Eva firmly.

Eva held the cup up to Tess’s mouth and let her sip the contents. It tasted good and she was thirsty after her ordeal. Slowly she was able to start putting her mind back in order and all she could think of was when could they do that again.

“Ok now I am going to remove this elbow strap then release you hands so you can drink the rest of your coffee. I just hope this wasn’t all too much for you,” said Eva.

They sat and drank the coffee, Eva smiled as she saw Tess’s hand go down to her crutch and feel the steel barring her way.

“That was amazing Eva, will you undo this dress now and remove the belt please?” asked Tess smiling.

Eva noted there was no colour called out, she knew it safe to continue.

“No not yet, we need to talk for a while. I assume that you didn’t manage to come then?” she asked.

“No it was so frustrating I got so close so many times. I was sure that next time it would happen but it never did. I know the first thing I’m going to be doing when this lot comes off for sure,” said Tess grinning.

“Just suppose we leave the belt on until tomorrow, I pick you up as I did today and bring you back here and we’ll have some more fun, how does that sound?”

“I don’t know Eva, I have never felt like this before. That dress, the bondage and the belt pushed buttons within me that have never been touched before. I would love to come back tomorrow but I so want to pleasure myself right now like never before,” said Tess.

“Tomorrow the orgasm would be better, that I will promise you. I’ll tell you what we’ll do, when you are ready to go you take the keys sealed in an envelope. Now if you really can’t wait then you are free to tear open the envelope and free yourself of the belt, however it would please me greatly if tomorrow you can hand me back that same envelope still intact. So the choice is all yours. What do you think?”

Tess smiled and nodded her head, it was quite a challenge but she would do her best.

That evening back in her flat Tess undressed down to the belt, she longed to touch, longed to have that elusive orgasm that has been denied her all day. Carefully she looked at the steel belt that she now wore, she tried getting her fingers under it but it was on too tightly for that. She tried twisting and contorting her body first one way then the other to see if there was a gap she could penetrate through; but she couldn’t. Quickly with an idea in her head she moved to her bedside drawer and took out her vibrator and plugged it in to the socket at the wall.  As her finger found the switch she felt that reassuring vibration through her hand. Holding the machine against the belt she was astounded to feel almost nothing through her steel armour, only just a faint rumbling. Her nipples were still slightly sore and very sensitive from the earlier attention of Eva’s wonderful dress, gently she applied the vibrator around her breast, then over the top touching the nipple. She felt the desperate need to tear this belt off once again, it was more than just a need though, more like a necessity. Soon sweat covered her body as she squirmed about pushing the vibrator anywhere she thought it may do some good, but all it did was to send her frustration up several notches until tears ran freely down her cheeks so desperate was she to satisfy those urges. Her juices fell freely onto her hands causing the vibrator to slip from her grasp and fall to the floor. She was breathing hard, half-sobbing, half-laughing with joy, she couldn’t understand her feelings at all. She wanted to rip the envelope open and unlock the belt but even more she wanted to please Eva and continue on this fantastic journey.

Slowly she began to compose herself a little, on very rubbery legs she walked into the bathroom and stood under the shower and turned on the cold tap. The sting of the water hurt, it took her breath away but eventually with the nozzle in her hand she managed to put out some of the flames of her sex. Shivering she dried herself, put her warm nightie on then a thick towelling dressing gown over the top and made her way to bed. Next to her bed on the side table she saw the envelope, still sealed and for the one hundredth time she wondered  if she should tear it open. Thinking of tomorrow and Eva she removed her dressing gown and climbed into bed to try and get some sleep.

Sleep wasn’t to come easily, she was exhausted but the frustration and excitement of the day was still fresh in her head and body. Her mind was asking so many questions that she couldn’t think straight. She tossed and turned, as she tried to get to sleep but deep down she knew it was unlikely. Why did she allow herself to go through with all this she wondered?  It wasn’t normal for people to do these things, wear those types of clothes and especially wear a steel pair of panties. Why did it feel so good back in Eva’s house when she was helpless in the dress with her hands chained to her sides? Why did she trust Eva the way she had, she could have done anything to her she was so helpless? Again the same question came charging forward, why had it felt so good?

Tess was still getting ready when Eva knocked on her door, she smiled at seeing her new friend and welcomed her inside.

“How did last night go Tess?” asked Eva.

“It was an adventure, still trying to sort all this out in my mind though,” she replied smiling happily.

“Yes I was worried when I thought back how far we went yesterday, I was concerned that it had been too much for you. I hope it hasn’t put you off all this. I am sorry if it has as I so wanted it to be the most exciting journey you have ever taken,” she said looking a bit worried.

“Don’t worry it was brilliant, just takes my brain a while to take it all in. I’ll be fine and can’t wait for today,” she said smiling happily.

“Ok, I’ve bought a dress with me for you to wear. It’s a little different to anything you may have in your wardrobe but I hope you like it,” said Eva smiling.

“Do you want me to put it on now or wait until we get round your house?” asked Tess feeling a little nervous of what Eva may have got in the bag.

“We will do it now, you’ll need my help to get it on properly. First the envelope, may I have it back please?” she asked.

Tess picked up the envelope and handed it back to Eva who examined it carefully and seeing it intact grinned.

“Thank you for not opening it, you have no idea what that means to me right now.” Eva moved forward and hugged Tess closely.

Tess removed her clothes while Eva took the outfit from the large carrier bag. It was a thigh long deep blue thick latex dress with quite a few twists. Firstly it was lined with satin so the wearer would feel the soft satin against their skin. Secondly it had a locking zip at the back that connected to the reinforced collar that would prevent her from looking downwards too easily. The hem of the dress was also reinforced and by pulling silk cords that were fed through the hem it could be made tighter to reduce the ability to walk to a mere shuffle. First Eva set about reapplying the steel thigh bands and connecting them to the belt once again. The chain connecting them together was just four short inches long. Next the dress was put on, the long satin sleeves sliding down her arms as the body of the dress fell downwards slowly slithering against her skin. Tess looked confused as she saw the ends of the sleeve, they were thickly padded and sealed shut and from them came strong wide ribbons of the same blue satin that lined the dress. The zip was pulled up and connected to the collar and immediately Tess began to feel the power of the dress. Eva was busy feeding the ribbons though loops sewn into the waistband of the dress, then pulling them tight until Tess found herself hugging her own body tightly. The ribbons were soon fastened together, the hem of the dress reduced slightly before locking on the four-inch heels that were the same blue as the dress. Tess wobbled slightly but managed to gain her balance again.

“This is a straitjacket, I can’t wear this outside,” said Tess.

Eva grinned, she hadn’t expected to have Tess secured so easily.

“Excellent, almost done my treasure we just need this silk scarf to add to this vision of beauty like this,” she said folding the deep blue scarf into a triangle the wrapping it around her head, under her chin then tied round her neck at the back. The feel of the silk caressing her neck and sides of her face felt wonderful to Tess as she struggled to take all this in.

“Right now walk carefully over to that wall and back for me please,” said Eva.

With her legs restricted and her arms tied up it wasn’t easy to accomplish such a basic task but she managed well.

“Brilliant you never cease to amaze me, now we cover this lot up from prying eyes with this cape then we can leave. I always think that silk and satin make for a really sexy feeling, do you like how it feels?” Eva asked.

“It feels so sensuous, I can feel the satin against my skin as it tries to slide around. The thick latex is already warming up and the sweet latex aroma is so sexy. I’m really not sure about going out like this even with a cape on Eva.”

“Oh please, just for me. You’ll be all right I’ll be with you every inch of the way and it is just a short walk to my car. It will just start the day off as I want it to go on,” said Eva.

Tess took a deep breath, the soft satin caressed her body and she could already feel her clit waking up and wanting its freedom. She smiled as the latex rustled when she moved. It felt so good.

“Ok then, let us get this over with before I need those plastic pants again,” she said grinning.

Eva picked up the flat keys and Tess’s purse, had one quick check round the flat to make sure it was secure before opening the front door and guiding her caped and helpless friend down the pathway to the car. The long latex cape rustled loudly as Tess tried to shuffle along on her restricted legs and high heels, that and the soft rustle of the silk around her head and covering her ears excited her even more. She thought she felt pussy juices run down her leg. Getting into the car did require some help but she soon got the hang of it and was happily seated, belted up behind the tinted glass of the posh sports car. Eva rushed back and locked the flat door then into the car and they zoomed away.

“You look amazing sitting there Tess, can’t even start to tell you what it makes me feel like having you like that. The stuff that dreams are made of I guess,” she said. “You must be pretty desperate to have that belt unlocked too I would think.”

“It’s strange, I hate this belt yet love it at the same time. Does that sound crazy to you?”

“No not at all, later on if I unlock you and let you come you’ll love it even more I promise,” she said smiling.

“You did bring the envelope with the keys in it didn’t you?” asked Tess looking slightly worried.

“Oh damn I knew there was something else, never mind always tomorrow or perhaps next weekend,” said Eva giggling happily as she glanced at the horrified expression on Tess’s face. “No it’s ok just teasing, I’ve got them here, really just a matter of if you can persuade me to use them or not.”

“Think I’ll burst if I’m not unlocked very soon,” said Tess seriously.

“Oh I don’t think so, it is early days yet, you really have only just started to feel the power of wearing a belt like that. By the time it comes off you’ll be begging me to remove it and when I do you’ll have orgasms like never before and be begging me to lock it back on again.”

“I really can’t see that but I will admit that yesterday and today I have felt feelings like those I have never felt before. I honestly can’t thank you enough for what we have done so far,” she said.

They pulled into the driveway of Eva’s house and she stopped in front of the garage, the door opened and she drove inside. Eva got out and then went round to free Tess of her seat belt and help her out of the car.

“First I need to clip this leash onto the front D ring on your collar of the dress, then we can see about getting you out of the car and into the house. We have a busy but fun day ahead and I am a bundle of nerves as I have some big questions to ask of you. Come on let’s get in the house,” she said holding the leash and helping Tess out of the car and to stand up.

Inside the house they went into the kitchen where Tess sat down on a chair while Eva got some coffee sorted. Tess wriggled as if trying to find a way out of the dress or even just getting her arms free but her bondage was secure. Eva glanced over and smiled, she knew just helpless Tess really was.

“You won’t escape my love, my last sub thought she could and made a wager against it. Poor girl ended up wearing that belt for 2 months because she failed. It is so deceptive, looks so feminine yet is very secure.”

“I’ll not be making any wagers then, it feels really good to feel the latex, the satins as they slide against each one and against me. Without this belt on I am sure I would be pleasuring myself like never before.

“Now then my precious I need to get this over with so here goes. I have thought about this long  and hard and I would love you to give up your flat and come and live here with me as my submissive. I know its very early days yet and we have just met really but to me it just feels so right. Also I want you to give up that job you don’t like and come and work for me as my assistant,” said Eva holding her breath and looking almost frightened of what Tess may reply

“Wow I’m not sure Eva, I don’t think I could live trussed up like this all the time and I know nothing about photography,” said Tess.

“Ok let me explain it a bit better before you decide. Firstly you wouldn’t be trussed up like that all the time, there is too much to do around here but there would be lots of playtime and I promise that I would always take great care of you. As for the job, I really do need an assistant, I’ll pay you whatever you are earning right now and add ten percent, however that money will go straight into your bank account as there will be no real need for you to touch it. You will live here and that will cost you nothing. We start off on a 6 month agreement, you have your safe words intact, just say red and it all stops, we talk and if it is not working for you then you can walk out any time with a full 6 months money to tide you over. The work will be mostly placing lights where I want them, setting the scenes up, booking models, chatting to clients and things like that. We’ll take it gently as you learn how to become my submissive, we’ll have time outs when we are equal. You will have lots of time and no pressure at all to get an understanding what all this Domme/slave relationship is all about. Tess you have such a lovely gentle way of chatting to people, my clients and models will love you. To be honest if I thought you were not up to what I want then I wouldn’t make this offer as my work and lifestyle is that important to me. Please say yes, or at least say you’ll think about it for I know it would give us both the trip of a lifetime.”

The room went quiet as Eva picked up Tess’s cup and held it to her mouth so she could take a drink.

“Eva I have never fallen in love with another woman before, it is a wonderful warm feeling that is making me feel so alive, loved and cared for. I long to make love to you and obey your commands, I really would love to accept your offer but I am scared that I would let you down. I am so new to all this, it’s all happened so fast and I don’t want to ruin it for you,” she said softly.

“I feel much the same, I want you here so badly it hurts, I want you as my submissive to enjoy our lives together. I know that you could never let anyone down and you certainly won’t ruin this for me if you agree. Yes there will be problems but we will overcome them as they arise. It won’t be plain sailing, we both have to understand that, no love affair ever is, but providing we love one another as we do any problems will be overcome. I will insist on just two rules to begin with, firstly that you will call me Mistress at all times and second that you use those traffic light safety words whenever you need them. It would break my heart to know that you were not enjoying what I want us to do and that you did not tell me. You really are so precious to me, I give you my solemn word that I will always take great care of you.”

Tess looked deep into Eva’s bright kind eyes and smiled, she really had fallen for this wonderful, exciting woman like she had never fallen for anyone before. She smiled nervously and murmured, “Please Mistress may I have some more coffee?”

Eva wrapped her arms round Tess and hugged her tightly, she kissed her passionately and tears began rolling down Eva’s cheeks

“You really have no idea how happy you have made me, here finish your drink, we need to go upstairs so I can check on that belt. I have a feeling this is going to be one more amazing day for us both,” she said.

Read more in Chapter 2

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