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Tess, Chapter 2

This is a story written by 'vickie'

Also see Chapter 1

Tess followed Eva up the stairs and into a large bedroom. This dress clearly was not made to make stair climbing easy she though. It was no normal bedroom as some of the furniture would have been more at home in a dungeon or playroom. The large bed took pride of place in the centre of the room, it had a firm mattress that was covered with a thick blue PVC sheet. Hanging from all corners was cuffs on chains. Tess looked around the room and felt a slight pang of fear as she took in the scene.

"It looks far worse than it is actually Tess, nothing bad is going to happen to you so please donít worry. I want us both to enjoy this and have lots of fun together. Now lie down on the bed as that belt has been on too long without being checked properly especially as this is your first time."

Tess hobbled over to the bed, sat and then fell backwards and wriggled around so she was lying down. Eva took some rope and started to fasten the dress to the sides of the bed at the top and the sides.

"Is all this really necessary Mistress?"

"Canít have you falling off the bed when you start to squirm, can we?" Teased Eva.

Eva untied the cord at the bottom of the dress then carefully eased it up until it was around Tessís waist. Then she unlocked the thigh bands and removed them from the belt.

"That is much better Mistress, I really am not liking those bands at all. Itís so good to stretch my legs wide apart."

Eva smiled as she caught hold of an ankle and secured it to a corner of the bed then repeated the manoeuvre with the other leg.

"Good thatís much better, I do like things nice and tidy and not flaying about. Looking at the marks this belt has made indicates that it is fitting very well. Nice clear imprint all round, not deep but clearly visible. "

The belt was removed and Eva examined it carefully then took it over to a sink and started to wash it in hot water. The belt clean she dried it with a large towel and put it on a bench.

"Oh my you are wet, look at you itís dripping from you and I havenít even touched you yet. Now then let me see what fun I can have here," said Eva grinning.

Eva went to a drawer and took out a thin vibe then being very careful she pressed it gently against either side of Tessís lips. Tess moaned as soon as it touched and tried to adjust her position so the vibe would enter her but Eva had done a good job in tying her down and she could barely move at all.

"Oh Mistress put it deep inside and turn it right up I am desperate to cum," she moaned as she tried to wriggle come more.

Eva switched off the vibe and put it down on the bed beside Tess.

"I think you need to understand a few things slave, firstly you never tell me what to do for that earns a punishment which you will not like. Also I decide when and if you cum, not you. You need to start remembering your position slave or things could start to get very uncomfortable and frustrating for you. Do I make myself clear?"

Tess looked shocked by what she had just heard, then it slowly started to sink in, that yes she had agreed to become a slave and serve Eva. Tess nodded her head, "Yes Mistress I am sorry."

"Sorry you may be but you do need to learn, I realise that this is all new to you so I will not punish you too severely this time. For begging of any sort I would normally increase your time spent locked in your belt for a further week at the very least, for trying to tell me what to do that would cost you another two weeks before you have the chance of an orgasm. However as I said this is all very new to you so this time instead of 3 weeks you will spent just 3 extra days. I would suggest you think hard on how merciful I have been because it will not happen again."

"Thank you Mistress, you are very kind."

Eva took a wet cloth and wiped Tess clean then dried her carefully. She smiled to her self as she saw Tess was still leaking and extremely excited. Using her fingers she brought Tess right to the very edge three times before stopping. Clearly Tess was not used to this type of treatment, Eva could tell she had never felt this frustrated before and desperate for an orgasm in her life. She wriggled and squirmed in a vain effort to get any type of friction that would take her over the edge but Eva knew her job well and had given very little freedom to her slave. Taking a thick plug with swirls and soft rubber studs on the surface Eva gently inserted it deep into Tessís vagina, carefully she picked up the belt and fastened the plug onto the belt then locked it all in place. Tess watched open mouthed as Eva removed the keys from the belt and went over to a large safe, turned two dials in different directions, opened the door and put the keys inside. The safe door thudded shut and with that so did any hope of an orgasm for Tess.

Eva unlocked the cuffs round Tessís ankles and replaced the thigh bands and then set about freeing her slave from the bed.

"Off you get slave, now you see that puddle you made on my nice clean PVC sheet, you will clean that up with your tongue. If it is done to my satisfaction I may consider removing that straitjacket dress from you."

Not wanting to earn extra time locked in the belt Tess hurried to the puddle and start licking her own juices.

"All of it slave, I want that sheet pristine by the time you are done," said Eva.

As Tess struggled to lick her mess up so the plug deep inside her was busy creating more juices and she could feel them running down her legs. She finished licking the puddle up but then noticed another smaller puddle that she had just created and so set to work on that. Eva watched with an amused look on her face, this was going to be so much fun having a fresh slave to train. Tess slid off the bed and checked for any more but it looked clean.

"Good now kneel down slave and Iíll remove that outfit for you, I have something much more appropriate for you to wear today."

Tess was happy to have the straitjacket dress removed, her arms were starting to become stiff, and she stretched out and smiled at the feeling of freedom. Eva went to a cupboard and removed a hanger of latex clothes and lay then on the bed.

"This is your uniform slave, it has been powdered for you today so please put it on then come down to me and weíll deal with what needs to be done."

Eva walked from the room, she was unsure how well that had gone but hoped she hadnít pitched it all too high. The last thing she wanted was for Tess to panic and use her safe words at this stage. She went into the living room and sat down picking up a magazine along the way. She glanced at the pictures trying to look interested but her mind was clearly not on the magazine.

Tess moved slowly to the clothes, the plug moved inside her stimulating her desires and increasing her need to orgasm with every movement. She too was unsure if this is what she really wanted, it had all happened so fast and now she was thinking she should have taken time to think it through. The outfit was that of a maid, it was a black dress that stopped well above her knees. There was also a white apron and some very thick latex pants. The items fitted well and with no bra she felt the soft latex stroking against her nipples as it rustled with every movement. The shoes that came with the outfit had five inch heels and were secured in place with a strap that had an open padlock to secure it in place. Grateful she wasnít in the corset Tess bent over and locked the shoes in place, checking in the full length mirror she liked what she saw, did a curtsey then made her way down stairs to find her Mistress.

"Feeling a bit more composed now are we?" said Eva smiling as Tess wobbled into the room on her new heels.

"Yes thank you Mistress, these heels and the plug make for an interesting combination."

"Good I thought they would and both are locked on, what a shame," teased Eva.

Tess looked down at her feet, already the shoes pinched a little she had hopes for a sitting down task with little movement.

"I am going to put your collar on you slave, it is quite attractive so can be worn as a necklace without attracting any attention should we go out. Come here and kneel."

The collar was a gold coloured metal, about nine-millimetre diameter came in two parts that was hinged. Eva carefully placed it round Tessís neck and bought the two ends together, they clicked in place. Eva took a tiny screw and with a special tool she screwed it firmly in place joining the two ends together.

"Excellent, now you look like a slave Tess, that collar looks great on you and the clip hanging down the front with the ring going through it can be removed when we are out. Do you like it?"

Tess looked in the hand mirror that Eva was holding for her and smiled, it looked wonderful.

"Yes Mistress it is fantastic thank you very much."

"Weíll leave it like that right now but the screw inside has what is known as a snap off head, turn it too tight and that collar wonít be coming off without† some serious cutting equipment. For now though it is easily removable should you use your safe words."

Eva took a leash and clipped it onto the ring at the front of the collar and standing up she tugged the leash.

Tess followed as Eva led her through the house, up the stairs to a bedroom. Inside she saw a steel bed, wardrobe, bedside cabinets and a chest of drawers. Simple but practical.

"This will be your room slave, it hasnít been used for a while so it needs a thorough cleaning, the bed made up and the drawers freshly lined with this scented paper. Iíll show you were the cleaning stuff is then you can crack on, I have some photo work to do in my office but will be checking on your progress from time to time. No sitting about or there will be trouble, understand?"

"Yes Mistress " said Tess bobbing a curtsey.

Once Tess had managed to get the cleaning equipment up to the room she felt exhausted as the plug was driving her crazy. This wasnít going to be easy but she had to make a start so first she changed the paper in the drawers, she was able to kneel down to do this so take the weight off her feet. Next she set about the furniture with the polish and soon had a nice shine on everything. The windows clean, she then set about the bed using the linen provided. The sheets she found to be satin but had a coating of smooth latex on them. They felt divine and the sweet smell of the latex was very sexy. The pillow cases were covered with the same material all in a pale pink. A duvet covered the sheets and that was covered in a thick black PVC cover. As she looked closer at the bed she could see rings welded to the frame, she smiled guessing she wouldn't be sleep walking while there. Finally the cleaner went over the carpet taking up all the dust and fluff that may have built up.

The vacuum cleaner had just gone quite when the door opened and Eva walked in. She looked about and smiled happily.

"Good, that looks better and it smells nicer too. What do you think of the sheets, think you will like them?"

"Yes Mistress very much so, I am quite looking forward to testing them out Mistress."

"I like to spoil a slave from time to time, makes them suffer more when the nice things are taken away because they have been bad," said Eva smiling.

"Iíll remember that Mistress, and try to be a good slave for you."

"Weíll see how it all goes slave, it is very early yet. Now we need to fill the wardrobes and chests with clothes and they are downstairs. Iíll show you where they are and want you to bring them up stairs and put them in the proper places. Take your time in those heels, no hurry and there is a lot to bring up. Come follow me slave."

After three trips up and down the stairs Tess was struggling as the plug stimulated her right to the very edge of orgasm but wouldnít take her any further. The heels were starting to become second nature to her but they caused her legs and feet to ache. She so wanted to sit on the bed and rest but knew she didnít dare even think about doing do. The latex dress was sticking to her and she was sure she could feel a puddle developing in her panties. She looked at the party filled wardrobe and knew she would have many more trips up and down those stairs to finish her task, it was all becoming too much. Tess slowly made her way to the office where Eva was busy on the computer.

"Finished already slave?" enquired Eva looking surprised.

"No Mistress, please would you remove this plug and the heels for me my feet hurt and I just canít take much more of this plug. It is taking me to the very edge of an orgasm and the frustration is building and building but canít go anywhere. Please Mistress will you remove them just this once?" she begged.

"Slave I thought we already discussed begging not so long ago. Come here and kneel."

Tess knelt down feeling quite frightened as she recalled their earlier conversation. Eva opened a drawer of her desk and removed a ball on a strap, Tess wondered what it was for.

"Open your mouth wide for me slave," Eva said and gently eased the large sponge ball into Tess's mouth the fastened the straps tightly in place finishing with the click of a small padlock.

"There we are slave that should help you complete your tasks as that gag will not be removed until everything is done to my satisfaction. It will also help prevent you from earning more time in that belt by further begging. That is one week and 3 days extra so far. Here take these 3 beads and put them in your pocket, you canít say your safe words so if need be use them. Now I suggest you get back to work before you jaw starts to ache too much."

Tess grunted as she took the beads from Eva and dropped them in her pocket and wondered why she just didnít use one right now to get free of this lot. It didnít make sense, why was she doing this she asked herself? Tess stood then did a very wobbly curtsey and slowly made her way back to her tasks.

The added gag didnít help at all, she tried to slip it out but it was locked tightly in place and so reluctantly took hold of an armful of clothes and made her way back up to the bedroom. Three more trips and she was sure she couldnít do any more. Just as she was pondering if to go back to the office and show Eva the red bead she heard her Mistress calling her. Slowly she made her way to the office.

"I would like a coffee please slave, black and no sugar. I would offer you one but that wouldnít be possible right now would it?"

Tess curtsied then made her way to the kitchen to make coffee.

"You know you really are walking so much better in those heels already slave. Now off you go and get those clothes moved."

Two more trip and Tess realised that she was dribbling from the gag, she couldnít stop it from drooling out and down her cheeks. She wiped her chin with her hand and then wiped that on her rubber dress. Once again she tugged at the leather strap but was unable to get the gag clear of her mouth. More drool followed and she wiped her chin again with her latex sleeve as she carried another bundle of clothes into the bedroom. Tess dropped them on the bed and opened the final drawer of the chest. With those safely in the drawer she made one more trip downstairs to make sure she had got everything before going to see Eva. By now her jaw ached and she was desperate to get the ball out of her mouth but she found that the ache although unpleasant had taken her mind slightly off the plug that was happily doing its job inside her. In spite of her aches, pains and the humiliation of it all she strangely found herself feeling really proud of what she had achieved. Everything was neatly folded or hanging, clothes that she never dreamed she would ever wear, clothes of silk, satin, rubber, PVC, nylon, leather plus the shoes and boots, corsets, tops and skirts, pants and some items she had no idea what they were used for. Now she was really pleased she hadnít given in, now she was proud to have managed the task set her by her Mistress. Yes that sounded good!

"All done slave?" Asked Eva as Tess strode into the office and knelt down.

Tess nodded her head allowing more drool to escape and causing her to blush and even deeper shade of red as Eva giggled happily.

"My someone is in a mess, leaking in so many places slave. Come let me go and inspect your work," said Eva as she clipped the leash onto the collar and led her slave back up stairs to the room.

Eva opened the drawers and cupboards nodding happily as she saw how everything had been neatly placed in position. She couldnít abide sloppy behaviour.

"Very good slave, excellent in fact I am impressed. I feel as if I should reward you for your endeavours slave," said Eva.

She looked across at Tess and saw the delight her comments had caused as her slave grinned round the gag locked in her mouth and a string of drool landed from her chin onto the rubber dress.

"So what is it to be slave, I will remove your shoes or the gag, which one?" she asked.

She saw Tess frown slightly and couldnít stop herself from laughing.

"You surely didnít think I meant your belt did you slave? Oh no that wonít be for a while yet I fear," she said laughing as Tess squirmed in embarrassment at being found out.

Tess pointed to her mouth and grunted as loudly as she could which, showed Eva just how effective the gag had been.

The gag remove Tess massaged her jaw as the ache continued. She had been wearing that for a long time.

"Right coffee for two slave in the living room please."

Eva sat while Tess knelt and enjoyed the coffee.

"Soon we need to go round your flat and pick up what is yours and tell the landlord. Later this evening we will take time out to sit and chat on how your day has been, I am trying to reign in my enthusiasm and not go too quickly. I really do want you to enjoy this as much as I am Tess, this needs to be very special to both of us.

Now I would very much like the services of your tongue sweet cheeks, right now I think I am as desperate for an orgasm as you, maybe even more."

They made their way upstairs to the bedroom and the huge bed with the PVC sheet on it. Eva unlocked the padlocks on Tessís shoes and removed them. It felt wonderful to have them removed and be able to bend and stretched her feet and toes again without them being pinched. Eva stripped off, her firm well tones body was everything that Tess thought it would be. She lay back on the sheet and smiled at Tess.

"Have you ever done this before Tess?"

Tess shook her head, a look of concern on her face had replaced the smile from earlier.

"Up you get between my legs, good girl, now lean forward into my arms and let me cuddle you and you may suckle my breasts. There that wasnít so bad was it. Oh that feels so wonderful slave you are an excellent sucker," she said and they both laughed.

Without another word Tess used her tongue as it travelled down Evaís chest and tummy to her wet clit. Soon Tess was licking around the clit then diving deep inside as if using her tongue to search for hidden treasure as it touched every edge on its way round. It didnít take too long before Eva was breathing hard, panting almost and started to twist and squirm as if trying to get away from the tease. Tess continued her advantage and held on tightly removing her tongue and just teasing the edges again and again. Just as Eva started to breathe a little easier so Tess struck again, this time as deeply as she could, spreading her tongue out to touch maximum area. She could taste Eva and she tasted so sweet so lapped her juices up. Eva twisted some more, begging her slave to continue and not withdraw again but Tess was in no hurry.†

Tess heard Eva mutter some threats and smiled as she continued teasing her Mistress and taking her right to the edge then guiding her right along that very edge. Locked in a steel chastity belt and wearing a plug that was driving her crazy Tess knew she was playing a dangerous game but while wanting to get a little revenge she also wanted to ensure that Eva enjoyed the end results.

Twenty minutes later Eva lay on her back totally exhausted and sated. A huge grin spread from ear to ear and she stared at the ceiling unable to really focus on any anything at all. The tremors had stopped, her breathing was starting to recover as she felt Tess still lapping up the puddle of juices that lay on the sheet and around her.

Tess knelt up and grinned at Eva.

"Does my Mistress feel better now?" she asked.

"Wherever did you learn to do that? I have never cum so hard or so much in my life before."

Tess smiled happily knowing she had made her Mistress happy and hoped that just perhaps she may be allowed to cum herself very soon.

"I donít know Mistress, just did what I thought was for the best. I hope you liked it, shall we go again?"

"Oh no slave, not right now I am still in the afterglow and nothing is going to break that just yet. I am so grateful to you slave, that was truly amazing. Thank you. While I am recovering go and fill that bath up and be sure to add lot of bubbles I think we both deserve a relaxing bath."

Tess liked the idea of a bath, this latex dress was wet and sticking to her and the pants definitely had a puddle sloshing about inside. Eva raised her head and saw the steam rising from the large bath. She slowly sat up and watched Tess as she busied herself swirling the water about to create even more bubbles.

"I would think you must be quite keen to get out of that dress and pants slave. Stand in the bath and Iíll take them off for you."

Tess eased her way down into the hot water and groaned as the warmth travelled into her aching muscles and cleansed her skin. Eva climbed in and sat opposite and the two began washing one another.

"I want to clean you properly and remove the plug, that has been in long enough for now so hands behind your back for me," said Eva snapping on a set of handcuffs.

"Sorry sweet cheeks but I canít take any chances, when you are out of the belt you will be restrained that way I have no problems getting you relocked and there is no chance of you trying to take things into your own hands. Iíll remove the cuffs once we have you all safe again."

The belt came away and then slowly Eva removed the plug. Tess had never felt so grateful for anything before. For the past few hours she had built up a true dislike of that plug but a total respect of itís capabilities. She was in no hurry to use it again. Eva was very gentle as she washed and cleansed her slave, they hugged and kissed as Eva used the wash cloth to gently wash her slaveís belted area. Next came some scissors that trimmed Tessís bush right down low then some cream to remove it totally. Once again she was washed carefully.

"Stay where you are slave, Iím going to get dried and a robe on then Iíll dry your belt off properly for you."

It was getting late when they arrived at the flat, Tess didnít have very much so it only took an hour to pack everything and get it into the car. They both went to get the landlord and tell him he was losing a tenant and then went round with him as he tried to find things wrong so as to keep the deposit. Eva was very protective and argued with the man until he gave the full refund back less one weeks notice. That done they climbed back in the car and off they went to Tessís new home.

Tess felt more at home with her thing about her, she loved the room and looked forward to her time there. After one last check she hurried downstairs to find Eva who was cooking the meal.

They sat in the living room having eaten and now drinking a glass of wine.

"Well Tess, tell me how was your first day as a slave? I want to know everything, your thoughts, feelings, emotions, everything so I can make this work for both of us. Please be totally truthful is it the only way."

"Well Mistress I can honestly say that I have never been so desperate to cum in my life and am sure it canít get any worse," Tess said.

"Trust me it can and will Tess but I want you to look deeper, much deeper than the frustration."

"There were times when I thought I couldnít go on, several times I thought about coming to you and showing a red bead. I wanted to do what you asked so much just to please you Mistress. I felt quite pleased with myself when it was done. My feet ached, my body was wet from the sweat inside the dress, my sex was on fire and I felt total humiliation being unable to control the drool falling from my mouth. However it still all felt so good, I am so grateful to you for not agreeing to remove the plug and shoes when I begged you to. All in all it has been a very special day Mistress."

"Good, I was watching you on the CCTV I have, I could see how you struggled at times but it didnít look like anything that put you in any danger. I canít tell you how much I have enjoyed today. I am so proud of you Tess. I was afraid that perhaps I was rushing you too much but you seemed to take it all in your stride. I have big doubts about you giving me an orgasm but I shouldnít have doubted you at all. It was the best orgasm that I have ever had. One day Iíll return the complement, promise. However I am serious about being your Mistress, we both have our roles to play and they need to be played properly. There are times when you will sleep in your own bed and times when you will sleep with me. I will always decide which it is to be. Tomorrow we have a photoshoot, I have Amelia coming for 10 oíclock to model some Mistress outfits for a firm that I have worked for many times before. Now you have a choice, either you can help or you can take part the choice is yours. If you choose to take part the clothing firm has offered you £300, you would wear a hood locked on so no one could identify you and I would obviously be there all the time to take care of you. The choice is yours and I will respect that decision totally."

"Well what would I have to do Mistress?"

"Nothing much really, you would be restrained but mostly just kneeling beside Amelia and doing slave like things. I would strap you on some of the equipment but only for short periods as we need to get a lot done and that in itself would be good for it would give you a chance to feel what some of the toys are like. I have two scenarios in my mind, one as you as the slave the other without and both will be good with the client. If you would rather not then I quite understand and that is fine with me."

"My face will be hidden Mistress?"

"Yes slave I promise and your safe words will be intact all through the shoot."

"Then yes please Mistress Iíll give it a go and try not to let anyone down."

"Slave you are not going to let anyone down, you will be fantastic and I know that Amelia will be delighted and help you as well. Iíll get you to sign a model agreement tomorrow before we start and the money will go straight in your bank account as soon as we get the details sorted out. Now that reminds me we need to get that done as well, go get them now slave and Iíll instruct my bank accordingly. I also need to know what your place paid you slave so I can get that sorted out as well," said Eva as she saw Tess scampering out of the room walking so much better in the thigh bands.

Two more glasses of wine later and two very weary people lay side by side in a big comfortable bed. Tess lay on her side, Eva lay spooned behind her having placed a protective arm around her slave. Both were sound asleep, both dreaming of what tomorrow would bring and all the tomorrows there after.

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