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Tess, Chapter 3

This is a story written by 'vickie'

Also see Chapter 2

Tess and Eva woke up feeling fully rested and ready for an exciting day. They had a light breakfast and showered together before sitting down to discuss the photoshoot properly.

Having made entirely sure that Tess was happy about being a model Eva started work on getting her slave ready. Having stripped Tess and leaving just the steel chastity belt in place Eva went to one of her large cupboards to collect the clothes and restraints she would need for the first set of pictures.

The first item Eva picked up was an armbinder made from kid leather. The bright red armbinder was fed up her arms then tightened by the laces and the straps. A further harness fitted from the top of the binder across Tessís chest to prevent any chance of it slipping off. As the laces and straps were tightened so her shoulders were pulled back causing her breast to stick further out in front. Once that was secure Eva went to get the key for the chastity belt.

"Sorry precious but canít have the belt off with your hands free, no telling what you would do. The belt needs to come off so I can fit you in this superb leather corset properly. I think you are going to look sensational, but then I am biased."

The corset was the same bright red leather as the armbinder, it enclosed her breasts and went right down her body. The pure white laces looked stunning against the red leather and having clipped the busk studs together Eva began tightening the corset. She took her time for she needed it to be comfortable and wearable for the whole day. Eventually she had the back meeting so she tied the laces off then put them in a bow out of the way. Next the belt went back on, Tess wasnít happy to see it again, she was starting to feel she needed a break from it, at the moment that certainly wasnít going to happen. Once it was locked Eva waved the keys in front of her nose and said if she wanted them just take them, then she laughed, in fact they both did.

The next piece of equipment Tess had no idea what it was or where it was going, she watched as Eva made adjustments for it to be put in place. It was in the same red leather and looked like a small corset with straps attached to it. Tess was a bit surprised when Eva slipped it over her head and let it nestle round her long slender neck. It felt uncomfortable while lose but then Eva started to tighten it up at the back. Soon Tessís head was held in place unable to look down or from side to side, it seemed very strict and Tess wasnít sure if she liked it or not.

"It will be fine sweetcheeks, you look stunning and we havenít finished with you yet. No gurgling sounds so it isnít too tight but if it gets really unbearable let me know. Still have your skirt, boots and hood to go on yet, weíll leave the hood until we get to the studio though," said Eva.

"Eva I canít go out like this, weíll be arrested," muttered Tess finding speaking very difficult with the neck corset on.

"No of course not sweetcheeks, canít take you out with no skirt or boots on, whatever do you think Iím like?" she laughed.

She watched as Tess tested her restraints and found them completely secure.

"Oh no please Eva donít take me out like this," she begged.

"It is going to be fine my love, no one will see you getting in the car this end, the windows are all tinted so no one can see you in there and once we reach the studio we go round the back and no one is ever there. Promise baby, I wonít let you come to any harm, never, you are just far too precious to me. Please trust me?"

The trip to the studio went off without any problem but Tess was relieved it was over. Eva guided her into the cell and locked the door. She left the keys in the lock and told Tess if she wanted to come out just to unlock herself any time she wanted. They both knew that wasnít possible while Tessís arms and hands were held tightly within the armbinder. Seeing the keys in the lock and just hanging there did bring home to Tess just how helpless she was.

She could only stand and watch as Eva moved about the various items setting lights up and testing to make sure they were working. Then she unlocked Tess and had her sitting, standing and kneeling to check things through her viewfinder but promised no photos until the hood was in place. They had almost finished when the bell rang and Eva hurried off to let Amelia in.

"Hi Amelia, thanks for doing this for me, I have a great model for the slave for you but she is completely new to this and so please be gentle with her." Eva laughed as she showed Amelia where Tess was kneeling.

"Wow that is a stunning outfit and hasnít she got a gorgeous figure. Where did you hire her from Eva?"

"Tess this is Amelia, Amelia this is Tess my slave who is very special to me so please be very careful with her today."

"Tess you look stunning, this is going to be so exciting and is going to be one of the best shoots I have done for ages, just know it. Great to meet you and donít worry nothing bad will happen to you, it will be fun," said Amelia.

"Iíll do my best but as Mistress said I have never done this before."

"Well it will take a few hours and it will be quicker and much easier if you can stay in the restraints for the whole time but if it gets too much let us know."

"Ok, now the hood sweetcheeks, you can hear, just about in it and can see unless I clip the blindfold on and speak until the gag is snapped in place as it will be for some of the time. The hood goes with the neck corset and they fasten together so please make sure it is comfortable as removing it and putting it back on again does take quite a time," said Eva.

The hood was the crowning glory of the outfit. It too had white laces to match the corset and a hole at the top to allow a plume of Tessís blonde hair to escape. It was quite a fiddle getting it on properly and then connected to the neck corset. The final strap done up and Tess discovered she wasnít going to be able to move her head at all, it was held rigidly in place. Speaking was at best difficult but just about possible although it wouldnít be easy to understand what she said. Eva guided Tess over to a full length mirror to show her the finished results. Tess was amazed, she couldnít believe it was she. The corset gave her a terrific figure, the clothes and restraints just looked so right, so professional. Eva gave her a hug and kissed her hooded cheek.

By this time Amelia had changed into her first outfit. It was a shiny PVC catsuit with six inch high heels boots. The boots went up her thighs creating a fearsome looking Domme that towered over Tess.

Tess was then to see a part of Eva she had never witnessed before, this was the photographer. Eva was totally in control, barking out her orders politely and firmly to Amelia who moved and created the scene as instructed. The camera kept whirling clicking for seconds at a time taking several photos in a batch.

"Lay the crop on your slave Amelia, good, now make her kneel, put the crop under her chin, great that is super. Amelia I want that smouldering look in your eyes as if you are going to take this slave to bed, thatís brilliant, great, hold that. It went on and on for about an hour before they moved on to the next piece of equipment.

This time the gag was inserted and they were off again. More instructions from Eva, she moved the lights, then moved her camera and they started acting out the scene, as Eva wanted. Eva took some red lipstick and carefully painted it on Tessís bare buttock to make it look like the crop had done its work, then more pictures.

"Right need a more active slave for this series, sorry sweetcheeks but I am going to add your remote vibe to see if that can inspire you."

Tess was helpless to even shake her head, the gag was very efficient so even though she wasnít happy about this turn of events she really couldnít do anything to prevent it. Tess realised that this was the time she would have to trust her Mistressís judgement and hope she wasnít going to take it too far. The vibe in and almost immediately she started to squirm, Eva picked up a camera and began shooting close in making sure to get the boots, the heels and the squirming slave. She loved the way the drool slid down from her slaves hooded mouth.

"That was excellent, got some fantastic shots for the client. Think we should break for a drink and snack now." Said Eva.

Amelia and Eva looked over the pictures eating some sandwiches and drinking coffee while Tess had to drink some juice through a straw carefully.

"Wow these are hot Eva, Tess is so good through the lens. They are going to love her," said Amelia. "You are doing brilliantly Tess, one of the best slaves I have ever worked with in a shoot."

Tess smiled under the hood, she felt proud to hear these two professional people singing her praises.

Eva and Amelia were very conscious of just how uncomfortable Tess was likely to be in her restraints so they didnít wait about and Amelia dashed off to change yet again. This time it was a PVC corset, long black gloves and thigh high boots with the six inch heels. She looked every inch the Domme as she strutted back down to the next piece of equipment. While Amelia had been changing so Eva had removed the armbinder much to the relief of Tess and restrained her sitting on the floor. The restraint was a flat steel bar that came in three bits hinged either end. Just before the hinge either end there were places for her ankles and slightly closer to the centre smaller places for her wrists. It all folded back to the centre where it was locked off. Tess was now held by the rigid steel bar sitting on the floor, her hands and ankles in a straight line. She was bent over, the corset was making this difficult and despite the chastity belt Tess felt very exposed.

"Wow talk about being vulnerable Tess, you do get yourself into some tricky situations," said Amelia smiling.

The gag had been replaced so what Tess replied was not known, which was probably just as well.

Eva picked up her camera having slightly adjusted some of the lights and was off clicking away, issuing instructions to Amelia then clicking again. This went on for about twenty minutes, Eva stopped and removed the card from her camera and put in a fresh one. Once again Amelia dashed upstairs to change while Eva removed a very relieved Tess from the steel bar. The armbinder was replaced but Tess thought it wasnít done up quite a tightly as it had been and was happy about that.

This time Amelia wore a bright red cloak over her shoulder that shimmered in the light, under this it was a red leather catsuit and matching boots. Her blonde hair had been pulled back giving her a more dominating presence. Instead of the crop she had been using this time she held a red leather paddle that had been perforated, Tess looked at it and hoped she wouldnít feel it.

Tess felt the armbinder being connected to a chain that came down from the ceiling, as Eva was doing this so Amelia was fastening each ankle into a spreader bar. Eva went over to the wall and pressed a button and the chain connected to the armbinder started to pull Tessís arms up behind her in a strappado. Eva was careful not to take them up too high before picking up the camera again and getting the shots she wanted. Amelia moved with grace and speed, she knew that Tess shouldnít be held like that for long and so every second counted. A few minutes later Eva put her camera down and lowered Tessís arms then hurried over to her and gave her a huge hug.

"All done now precious, you were fantastic, quite amazing and I promise Iíll make it up to you later today."

While Amelia changed back into her day clothes so Eva put away the lights and props she had used. She came back to Tess and put her arm round her captive slave who was still hooded and gagged.

"Just waiting for Amelia then weíll be off back to the house, there I have a special surprise for you darling, one I hope you will enjoy after the day you have had. First though I am going to add the blindfold, this is going to be a surprise."

Amelia and Eva guided Tess into Evaís car and strapped her in, the two hugged and went their separate ways. For Tess it has been a long day, she was aching all over, tired and just wanted out of all these restraints. She was glad it was over, and decided she would have to think carefully if she were offered the chance to be a model again. It had been fun but exhausting and she now realised how some of the equipment felt when used on her. She squirmed in the seat, her need for freedom evident, she felt the car stop and heard the engine stop, and they were home.

Eva opened the car door and removed the seat belt then guided Tess out of the car and back into the house, as the door closed so Tess breathed a sigh of relief. Guided by Eva Tess moved along the hallway and then up the stairs very carefully, onto the landing then into a room where Eva sat her down on a chair. Tess felt cuffs being fastened round her ankles then they were connected to her armbinder behind the chair, so confining her to sit and wait.

"Not long now precious, trust me youíll be free very soon now." Tess heard Eva whisper softly in her hooded ear.

Tess sat there for what seemed like ages before she heard her Mistress return. First the cuffs round her ankles were removed, then the armbinder. Tess shook her arms by her sides to get the blood flowing again; they felt almost numb. Then the chastity belt was unlocked and removed and finally the hood was undone from the collar then removed from her head. The bright light caused Tess to screw her eyes up but it felt so good to have that off her head. Next the neck corset was removed and finally the leather corset and boots. Tess looked at Eva who was wearing a short silk kimono and a huge grin.

"Welcome back darling, come with me we need to get you relaxed and all your aches and pains sorted out," said Eva.

Eva and Tess sat in the huge bath of hot scented water, Eva was massaging Tessís neck and shoulders to remove the stiffness and aches. They kissed and hugged one another as they bathed and eased Tessís aching muscles. It was a day that Tess would remember for some time. Eva eventually got out of the bath leaving Tess to relax some more while she prepared a meal for them.

"Slave I hope you have been good without your belt to protect you, I want your orgasms this evening to be special," said Eva.

Tess grinned as she realised she hadnít even thought of pleasuring herself she had been so absorbed in relaxing in the hot water.

"No Mistress, I have been good, promise."

Having eaten and had some wine and now feeling wonderfully relaxed the two made their way to the bedroom. The thick silk that covered the bed felt wonderful as Tess lay on the bed. Naked for the first time in days, it felt good to have the steel belt removed she watched Eva as she slipped off the kimono. Over an hour later the two lay side by side staring at the ceiling feeling utter contentment. Tess had never made love to a woman before, it had been such a loving and gentle experience compared to love making before. Eva had been so unselfish, she felt like life couldnít get any better than it was right now.

"So my slave, how was it for you?" said Eva and they both burst out in fits of giggles.

The following morning after a soak in the bath again Tess was refitted with the chastity belt, she had her doubts still but could also see the positives. Next came the thigh bands that Eva connected together with a five-inch steel chain that had a small bell hanging on the chain. Tess would be heard every time she moved for the time being. Then came her latex maidís dress, black hold ups and the black lockable heels.

"Today slave I have to work on yesterdays pictures and you will clean the house and make a snack for around one oíclock and dinner for tonight. If you need me I will be in my office. However before you start I would like to know how much you enjoyed modelling for me yesterday, was it too much?"

"It was difficult Mistress, I found some of the positions stressful and the restraints uncomfortable but all in all I did enjoy it."

"That is good to hear, I was very concerned that it may have been too much for you at times and I was worried because you were gagged that you may have wanted to safe word but couldnít. From Amelia and my perspective it was a total success, enjoyable and totally successful. I will be adding a bonus to the amount we agreed to your bank account because I am sure the client will be more than happy to pay extra for the work. Tess you are amazing and I love you very much," said Eva as she wrapped her arms round her slave and hugged her tightly then kissed her firmly on her lips.

Tess smiled as Eva let go, she blushed slightly at the compliments then offered a curtsey before walking away to start work. Eva grinned as she listened to the bell tinkling as Tess moved away.

The day was busy for both, Eva went through the photos, got them ready for the client while Tess cleaned the house thoroughly. They stopped for a snack at one oíclock, Tess was very happy to be allowed to sit down to ease her legs and rest her feet. After the snack Tess cleared away and Eva went back to work.

That evening having had a wonderful meal and a few glasses of wine they sat on the sofa together to look at the book of pictures Eva intended to take to the client. Tess was amazed at the quality of the work, it was perfect, every picture had been selected carefully, the lighting just right and the pictures of Domme and slave sharp and crisp. Looking at them now she found it hard to realise that she was the slave behind that hood and the punishing restraints. It excited her, and strangely she found herself longing to do it again.

Sure enough Eva sold the photos to the client who paid a bonus for the quality of the work that would help create an outstanding catalogue and website for them. They also had a new range planned and asked Eva to do the work on that. Tess grinned when told and asked if she could model again wearing a hood, Eva explained that it may be possible but she would have to see what the outfits were like before she could say for sure.

That evening Tess made love to Eva while belted securely, already she yearned to have the belt removed and to satisfy her own urges but that for now was not going to happen. Life goes on, a caring and loving relationship of Mistress and slave, photographer and model, Eva and Tess.

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