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The Chastity Belt

This is a story written by 'vickie'

Brian was in tears as he sat on the concrete steps of the patio, he knew he was in big trouble and it was basically his own stupid fault and now he had no idea how to put things right. It was he that had pestered Ann his wife to buy the chastity belt, she had said it was a ridiculous idea and had refused to consider it for ages. Eventually he had worn her resistance down until she had agreed to go with him to be measured.

All that was eight months ago and now he wished he had listened to her arguments and not continued to badger her the way he had. To be fair to Brian he had been right, he had said she would enjoy the control, the power it gave her and she certainly did. Little did he realise then, just how much she would enjoy that power and control. This present setback had been his own fault too but the need to be unlocked and have an orgasm had over rode all rational thought.

This story really started 3 years ago when Brian first met Ann at work. The two got on well together and started dating. Within 6 months they were married and thanks to an inheritance that Ann received they had their own house in a very quiet and desirable part of the country with no really close neighbours. The house was high on the hills and had panoramic views of the wonderful Yorkshire countryside.

Brian had always been excited by stories of men being controlled by strict women and so when he had seen the website of chastity belts available to order an idea had started to ferment in his mind. The more he read the more excited he became until it got to the stage that he simply just had to have one. At first the idea of telling Ann scared him, but it was a nice kind of fear that he carried around with him for a couple of weeks. Then one evening after they had both been drinking wine he presented the idea to Ann. He wanted them to go together to the makers so he could be measured for one. He explained to Ann that he wanted to be forced to wear the device under Ann’s control and only freed when she wanted to have sex.

Well as can be imagined, even after a few glasses of wine the idea came as quite a shock to Ann and she turned it down. She couldn’t understand why he would want such a thing. The idea however did spark some interest in her but she kept that to herself. Brian was devastated, he had been building himself up for this for what seemed like months. He begged and pleaded with Ann but nothing would move her. It was weeks later after a few arguments, showing Ann lots of websites and having done masses of reading on the subject that she finally gave in. She had toyed with him long enough she felt, now reality was going to replace the fantasy. Brian at this stage was ecstatic.

They went to the supplier having made an appointment where Brian was measured for a full belt. It was called a sports totally secure design. The firm was new and had only been making belts for a very short time, however each one was very special to the owner of the firm and was made to perfection. The owner, Jamie explained that the belt would be made in hardened and tempered stainless steel, impossible to cut without special equipment. The locks were of his own design and impossible to open without the keys, basically once locked in Brian would be there until Ann unlocked him. Jamie asked to make sure that this was what Brian wanted and that no pressure was being put on him to wear one, Brian assured the guy that it was his idea and he was looking forward to wearing the belt. The measurements were taken, the money paid and they were told it would be two weeks before they could collect.

The next two weeks were hell for Brian, he was so turned on by the whole idea he felt he was either having sex with Ann or performing a hand job in the toilet. He had never felt so turned on in his life before. He had also noticed a difference in Ann, she seemed to be more demanding of him, insisting he did his fair share of the work around the house and garden. He liked that, well he liked the idea of it if not the actual work part. Ann for her part enjoyed teasing her husband explaining that very soon he would truly be her slave. She would giggle happily as she saw him blush and have secret doubts that he was doing the right thing.

They drove to the workshop together, Brian was a bundle of nerves and excitement as they had pulled up outside the building. Ann looked across to her husband, she wondered how long this desire to be chaste would last. Time would tell its tale. They went in together and were greeted by the craftsman of the belt and were taken to a fitting room to try the belt on. In front of them both lay on a desk a stainless steel chastity belt; it truly was a work of art. Ann picked it up and together they looked at it, both admiring the quality and the craftsmanship that had gone into making it. She felt more than a flutter of excitement thinking how sexy it was going to look when locked in place.

Jamie watched happily as Ann continued to inspect, she fondled it as he explained how it all worked. She could see how secure it was going to be. Brian, she guessed, would regret his persistence in time. Nothing else left to do but to make sure it fitted. Brian stripped right off and was told to stand with his hands on his head and feet two feet apart. Embarrassed like never before he stood there, his pubes shaven only that morning and his penis sticking out rigidly.

Jamie turned to Ann and explained they had three options to bring that erection down which they had to do to have any chance of fitting the belt in place. The first was to allow him to masturbate, the next was to use pain and the last ice. Ann opted for ice. The waistband was put in place, the guard hanging on a steel thong connected to the back of the waistband. Ann had put on thick gloves and now held a large ice pack against his penis. The freezing cold shock had stunned Brian he had tried to back away but she grabbed hold of other dangling bits and pulled him back again. It didn’t take very long until his penis had shrivelled up to far less than half his erect size. Jamie showed Ann how to lubricate the sheath properly and a trick of using a stocking to feed the now small penis into the equally small sheath.  The shield was pulled through his legs and the sheath connected to that then everything was locked in place with special locks.  Brian would remember that feeling of helplessness that overcame him as he stood there locked in the belt for the first time to this very day. He was allowed to pull his pants up and put his shirt back on again then told to walk about while Ann was given the keys and instructions.

They all then sat down and had a cup of coffee, and chatted for a while then it was time to go home. Brian squirmed in his seat all the way back home, it was kind of comfortable but much more restrictive and tighter than he had expected. Once home he had gone upstairs to the toilet only to discover he had to sit down. This hurt his male pride a little and it wasn’t too easy to clean up again. When he came down he mentioned it to Ann who laughed seemingly to like the idea that he would be sitting to pee. He fired up his computer and went to a few of his favourite sites about chastity but soon discovered that while he could get very excited reading stories that was where it ended. He couldn’t masturbate any more. Come bedtime he was in quite a state, he needed that orgasm badly.

He tried to persuade Ann to go to bed and make love to him but she just laughed and said he couldn’t even if he tried but he could give her a few orgasms before she went to sleep. This was a far more dominating part of Ann that he had seen before and it frightened him a little, she was changing fast. That night he had to give Ann several orgasms before she kissed the top of his head and thanked him then rolled over and was about to go to sleep. He was in quite a state by then and begged Ann for the keys to his belt, she kissed his damp face still covered with her juices and refused. She tried to explain that it was far to early to unlock him, doing so now he would never get used to being locked and after all that is what he had begged for. She gave him a cuddle then rolled over and told him to go to sleep.

The next morning Ann seemed bright and cheerful, she said she needed to check the belt to make sure it was ok but would need to restrain him first as she had to be sure that he gave no trouble having the belt refitted. This was a new idea, Brian had wanted to be tied up many times but hadn’t dared ask. She explained that she was going to take her responsibilities very seriously, if they were going to do this it had to be done properly. The inspection went without a hitch, everything was fine but Brian was a tad disappointed when she locked him back in again without giving him any chance to even get hard let alone have an orgasm. Ann unlocked the handcuffs and the ankle cuffs connected to them by a chain and put them away. Where had she got them from he wondered?

This as it turned out was to be the start of a long period of total chastity for Brian. He found it much harder to take than he had expected. Ann often teased him to within an inch of his penis gushing out all the pent up desire that had been building up. It never quite happened though, she seemed to know just when to stop, she would watch it twitch before applying ice and relocking. Things were getting far worse than he could ever have imagined, he had to have an orgasm some way or he would go out of his mind.

That afternoon he went on his knees before her and he begged her to unlock him but again she refused. So pent up with frustration and the feeling of helplessness of his position he had stormed out of the house in a fit of temper and into his workshop in a desperate effort to try and remove the belt that had by now become a plague in his life. For a while he tried cutting the belt but the metal was much harder than the saw blade and so it barely scratched it. He put the lock in vice grips and tried pulling it off but it wouldn’t move. Tears flowed down his cheeks as he realised just how helpless he was. All he wanted was to be unlocked. This real world was not what he had dreamed of while reading the stories and chatting in rooms. Long ago he had decided that once free he would never ask Ann to put it on him again. His first spell of chastity had been more than ample. Then he remembered seeing something on “You Tube” website about bumping locks open, his hopes raised as he tried to recall how to do it. He was sure he had it right but the lock wouldn’t open, so he tried using a piece of a metal blade inside the lock to see if that would help. It was then it happened. He had been pushing hard, heard a sharp crack and his hand came away from the lock still holding the metal he had poked in. However not all of it was there, it had snapped and left a tiny bit inside the lock. A huge chill of real fear ran down his spine, he threw down the remaining bit praying the other bit had fallen out. He couldn’t see into the lock so just hoped that nothing was still was there. Feeling totally defeated he slowly made his way back into the house. He had given it his best efforts and he was still locked up and now realising his only way out was to persuade Ann to unlock him.

After a long discussion she finally agreed to unlock him and allow him to have an orgasm on the condition he would go back into the belt after he was done. At this stage he was a beaten man, he would have agreed to anything just to have the belt off and to ease the frustration that had become so unbearable.

Ann tied him spread on the bed she did a good and thorough job, she was not taking any chances. She told him she wanted to make love to him, to feel that passion that had built up as it exploded from him into her. He was overjoyed, at last, at last he would be free. His tears of joy soon turned to tears of fear when Ann announced she couldn’t get her key to work. She checked it again but it did no good the key wouldn’t go all the way in. He sobbed as he explained what had happened that afternoon and asked if she could see anything in the lock. At first she couldn’t see anything, he could tell she was starting to get angry that her way had been barred by the belt too. She got small flashlight and looked closely and thought she could see a slither of steel wedged into the lock. Ann was furious by now, she insisted that she wasn’t going to go without because of his stupidity and made him bring her to orgasm several times as she rode his face again and again.

That night he cried himself to sleep, he was starting to think he would never be able to get erect and make love to Ann ever again. He woke up to the by now familiar feeling of his penis trying to get hard within the confines of the small tube and failing. Ann was already up and chatting on the telephone as he entered the living room. She finished the call then looked coldly at her husband still wearing the chains she had put him in last night after releasing him from the bed.

Unlocked from his cuffs, washed and fed he sat out on the patio out of the way of his still furious wife. The concrete steps were cold, his tears still flowed, fear like he had never felt before overcame him. Within the confines of the belt he could not understand what was happening, why was his penis still trying to get so hard? This was real, not fantasy and was scary. Even now the belt tormented him, as he looked up to see Ann standing by the patio doors looking at him.

She smiled at him for the first time in ages, holding her hand out to him to join her. Ann gave him a hug, saw the flicker of discomfort as the belt held firm. She at last began to feel sorry for him, her anger sated at his stupidity she felt slightly guilty at not unlocking him earlier. Gently she wiped his tears away and said they had to go to see Jamie to see if he could help.

Jamie looked as concerned as they both did on their arrival. He had never had this happen before and was not sure he could help them. They went through to the fitting room where Brian undressed except for the steel belt. Jamie got on his knees with a small torch and looked inside the lock. He confirmed what Ann had thought, there was something inside the lock. He went to his workshop and came back with a pair of long very thin tweezers. The next twenty minutes Jamie used the torch and the tweezers to try and get the lock free again but it was wedged in too tightly. They had coffee and tried to think through the problem. Jamie explained that cutting the belt off would be difficult and very dangerous, as it was so tight on the skin. Bolt cutters or shears just wouldn’t cut through the steel it would need grinding away. The heat that would generate would burn and one slip of the wheel could prove fatal. It was not an option. Cutting the thong would be pointless and create more problems than it would solve so that too was ruled out. Brian’s hopes of freedom were rapidly diminishing. Brian suggested drilling the lock out but Jamie was quick to dismiss the idea as far too dangerous. One slip as he pressed down with the drill was all it would take for the drill bit to slip from the steel of the belt lock to Brian’s flesh, it wasn’t a chance that Jamie was prepared to take.

Brian stood again, Jamie had got a small hammer in his hand and was tapping the lock all round to try and cause enough vibration to free the slither of metal. Every so often he would stop and try the tweezers again then resume with the hammer. Despite the fear and humiliation the hammer was creating a vibration deep inside of the tube and he could feel each and every tap and it was hurting he wanted out so badly. Suddenly Jamie held up the tweezers, his smile was one of total relief and joy as he displayed the slither of metal. Brian burst into tears, he sobbed like he hadn’t done since his early school days. Ann wrapped her arms round him and tried to assure him that everything was fine now.

Ann had left the keys at home in her worried state she had forgotten them, he would have to wait a while longer. They sat with Jamie and had another coffee and thanked him for his help. While Brian paid the bill so Ann looked on so many thoughts passing through her mind that even a modern computer would struggle to cope with them all. She had really enjoyed holding the keys to the belt, she liked her more submissive husband that was attentive to her needs and really cared for her. She was determined that she would not give this up lightly. She did however realise that she had to be careful so she continued to think it through as they drove back home.

Once home Brian couldn’t wait to be unlocked, he was somewhat surprised by Ann’s reluctance to see if the key would work. Eventually they agreed, he would be secured down on the bed and then Ann would try and free him from the belt at long last. Ann checked every knot twice, she was taking no chance at all, that belt would be going back on again. She added a blindfold made from a black satin scarf that was tied tightly over his eyes. The loss of sight only seemed to increase his other senses as Brian squirmed and struggled to test the ropes. He was secured.

Ann went to the safe, pushed in the 6 digit code and opened the safe door. She removed the two keys and took them back to the bedroom. Climbing up on the bed she sat astride his helpless body. For a while she kissed, licked and teased him. He moaned in pain and begged for release as fresh tears wetted the cloth over his eyes. Ann inserted the key into the lock, much to her relief it went all the way in and turned twice. She removed the lock, the shield pulled away from the waistband and she slid the tight sheath off his rock hard penis. She had never seen or felt him this hard before. He gave a deep sigh as he felt his penis able to stand firm erect and proud again. He had seen and felt far more than he had ever wanted of the belt and right now never wanted to see let alone wear it again. That choice was not going to be his ever again. Ann gently wiped his penis down, she handled it so carefully as if it was about to explode. She kissed it then licked it up the full length and heard Brian give a moan and tug on his ropes. Turning round she slowly mounted his penis, she had never known herself to be as wet as this before. Her juices ran down her thighs. Using the muscles inside her she clenched and unclenched as she squeezed his enormous penis. Brian let out more moans as she slowly began moving up and down. It was so slow and yet so erotic as she felt the pulses inside him deep inside her pussy. She bent forward and took a nipple in her mouth and sucked, then she bit down nipping it, he struggled begging her to make him cum. Then she speeded up, in seconds she was riding him hard. Then it happened.

The “explosion” was just that. Huge amount of semen burst from his penis with enough force that it actually hurt her as it entered her tight pussy. It didn’t slow her down one iota as she continued to ride him until she had milked every scrap of semen from his body. The relief and intensity of the moment had been such that as she removed the wet blindfold from his eyes she saw he was out cold. At first she was concerned that it had all been too much but after a few minutes he began to return to her once again. They kissed and she cuddled him, never knowing before just how much they really loved each other. Sated like never before Brian felt his flaccid penis flop out of its present temporary home and lay still on his thigh. Ann rolled off him and snuggled up to her helpless man thanking him for the best lovemaking she had ever known. The power of his ejaculation had been enough to create multiple orgasms for her.

It was an hour or so later before either of them had started to recover and get there senses back.  Ann slid out of the bed and took the sheath of the chastity belt away to clean it and lubricate it again. As she entered the room Brian saw the sheath in her hands and knew what was about to happen. He begged her not to relock him, he promised he would never ask her to lock him ever again. He had had enough to last a lifetime. Ann kissed him gently, licked his tears away as they ran down his cheeks as she carefully inserted his penis back into the sheath and locked it back in place. She returned the keys to the safe and locked them away.

Back in the bedroom Ann lay be the side of her husband, lover and mate never happier. She promised not to make him wait as long next time, they were both still learning how to handle this powerful tool she explained. She apologised that she had been so unthinking and promised that it would never happen again. She told him of the spark that all this had ignited deep within her, a feeling so wonderful she would never be able to let that feeling go. It was the control that he had given her that had caused that spark, it was a gift she said was priceless. She freed him from the bed, they hugged some more, a new trust between them bonded them together.

Man and woman, wife and husband, Mistress and slave, and lovers like they had never known before, this was their future.

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