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The Reality Of Chastity

John lay on the rubber covered bed, his arms and legs spread to the four corners and secured there by thick padded leather cuffs that were locked to the bed-frame with steel chains. He clearly was going nowhere until someone released him. He thought he had been like this for an hour but guessed it was really something like half that, the blindfold he wore ensured he saw nothing at all. He thought about calling out to Julie but knew that would annoy her and decided that was not a good idea right now.

He had another go at pulling a limb free but as had always been the case Julie had done her job very efficiently. Julie stood in the room smiling, she loved to watch him struggle and know she had him fully under control. She grinned as she saw his penis straining to erect inside the plastic tube that had been locked on now for about six weeks.

Life had certainly changed in that time for both of them. Julie had grown in strength and confidence in her role as Mistress, while John had learnt to be far more caring, loving and attentive. She knew he was desperate to be unlocked and have an orgasm but he still had time to do, quite a bit time to do.

"Well John time to let mr.willikins out for some exercise," she teased as she climbed onto the bed.

John felt her climbing on the bed and kneeling between his spread legs. Julie took hold of the small lock and gave it a tug, the device stayed securely in place.

"Poor mr.willikins does look a tad squashed inside his little house, does it hurt very much?"

"Sometimes Mistress, especially at night or early morning."

"Well I have something that may help you there, only may though, no promises as it could make things worse," she said and giggled happily.

Julie took the key and inserted it into the padlock and it snapped open. She removed the lock then the pin and the sheath. She laughed at how rapidly Johnís penis grew once free from the tube, as she touched it to remove the ring she was sure she saw it twitch as if to shoot.

"There we are precious, all free again. My, mr.willikins looks happy now and I know heíll feel so much better after a good wash and shave."

John felt the ice-cold cloths being wrapped round his manhood and could have cried. The coldness burnt deep inside and his hopes of an accidental orgasm had been quashed. Julie had become a lot better at washing and shaving him, it took her little time now and she was confident John would have no accidents while she was doing it. As she looked down at his hairless genitalia, his red penis so hard once again and shiny, she wondered just how much John was regretting starting this game. Life was going to become much harder for John but she was looking forward to see how everything worked out. All the articles they had read had suggested a minimum of three months initial chastity, which is what they had agreed on at the start. Julie wondered if John had noticed the word "minimum" in the contract she had drawn up, she didnít think so but now was not the right time to let him know.

"John I had a confession to make, you remember when we sat down together to select a device for you, that you picked out this plastic one and then asked me to order it for you. Well after you left for work I started looking at more devices, you see darling I really didnít like the plastic one too much, it seemed so vulnerable. That tiny lock, a small saw on the pin and you would be free in no time, also there was the fact that some of these things have split along the seam and that could be really nasty. Well I decided to look for something more substantial."

She saw John test the restraints again as if he had some inkling that he was not going to like what was coming next.

"Well I decided that steel was the way to go but then I thought that perhaps that would be too heavy for the long times you are locked and turned my attention to lightweight metals. First one up was aluminium, firstly I couldnít find a device that used that and secondly it didnít appear safe to be that close to your skin for long times. Next came one called titanium, now that had real possibilities, it is hard, strong and light and safe against skin. That though was so expensive so I looked on. I wanted you safe and at the same time I had to make sure that it wasnít going to hurt mr.willikins. Well I emailed the firm that made the titanium devices and got a reply really fast. John the guy was so helpful, suggesting different things that we had quite a long conversation in the end."

"Mistress are you saying you have got a titanium device for me to wear? Iím not sure that is what I want," he said.

"John I did what I felt was best for us, so yes I have got one for you and yes you will be wearing it. This guy and myself have gone to considerable lengths to ensure your chastity is both secure and comfortable, I would expect some thanks for that and not an attitude of not wanting to wear it."

John panicked, he knew that Julie was angry with him and she would make the following weeks far worse for him if he didnít apologise right now.

"Iím sorry Mistress, you are right. I wasnít thinking straight Mistress please accept my apologies for my comments and of course my sincere thanks for all your hard work in making this fantasy come real."

Julie grinned, she poured some baby oil onto the soft latex glove in her hand and started the tease session.

"That is better slave, we can do without any nastiness at this stage, there really would only be one winner you know."

Julie laughed softly as she continued to stroke Johnís hard purple penis just slow enough and just gentle enough to drive him crazy with desire.

"Wow slave I have never seen you so hard before, I bet you would love to squirt all that hot cum out of your choked up balls. Well I have some good news for you, I am going to help you empty all that semen so you are nice and empty when I lock you back up again."

"Oh thank you Mistress, you are so kind to me I honestly thought I was going to have to wait for full three months. I really donít think I would have managed it Mistress."

Julie removed her hand and watched his penis twitch and pre-cum run down the hard shaft. She took her cloth and wiped him dry then set about milking him of his semen. She undid the chains at the bottom of the bed and bought then up and over his head so the were in the same place at his wrist chains. John was left lying on the rubber sheet with his bottom stuck high in the air and wondering what was about to happen. Julie took a saucer and placed it under his chin then using more baby oil she started to enter his anus.

"Mistress what are you doing, please.."

"Itís all right just relax and it will be over with much quicker and without any pain. You are going to enjoy this, promise," she said assuredly.

Julie took the plug and eased it into his anus then started milking his prostate. At first nothing much happened then gradually it began to flow from his penis and onto the saucer.

"Mistress it feels like I need to urinate, what is happening?"

"Just relax darling, I am trying to remove all that nasty stuff that is hurting you right now. Just relax and let it happen my love."

It was about half an hour before the flow stopped, the saucer was almost full as she removed the plug and cleaned him up. Julie carefully put the saucer on the bedside cabinet then returned his legs to the bottom of the bed. She grinned happily as she saw his penis stiff firm and hard and knew the frustration would still be there if not increased. Now with no risk at all of an orgasm Julie set about on the tease session proper. More baby oil on the glove and once again she set to work, once she had John panting and begging her to be allowed to cum she stopped. Taking an old make-up brush she gently brushed the knob of the penis as John tried humping the air in an effort to cum. A satin cloth was dragged repeatedly over his tender knob, John was sobbing real tears now and in such a state that Julie decide that it was time to stop and introduce him to his new device.

"There, there love, wasnít that nice, just look at mr.willikins dancing and twitching about there, Iíve never seen him so happy. Well I think it is time to put him into his new home and see how he likes that. You stay right there while I get the ice bag, wonít be a minute," she laughed knowing John had no choice in the matter at all.

John was grateful for the break, he was sure he was about to go out of his mind had Julie continued. He had never known such feelings of frustration ever before. He couldnít understand why he had not shot gallons of cum after the teasing he had just gone through. He was sure it must have had something to do with what Julie had done up his bottom but he didnít know what.

Julie eased the ice pack over the area and held it down firmly. John wriggled as much as he was able to and howled as the ice coldness hit home. Five minutes later his once rigid hard penis was now a cold shrivelled up thing less than half itís once proud size.

"Iíll talk you through this darling as you canít see what I am doing. Now first we have this special ring that sits right at the back over your balls, it is not too tight but it wonít be coming off without my help. Now we have to put this second ring there, that has a tiny connector plug that fits into the first one and Iíll explain this later on. Right now I have the tube, itís a bit narrower and shorter than the plastic one but I am sure you will fit inside just fine. For that we use a stocking, that will enable your full, tiny length to slide into the tube properly just like this. Excellent. I have a little task to complete at the top of the tube like this, now all I need to do it to push the tube into these prongs that sit on the second ring and youíll hear a soft click as it all locks together. See no padlock, this has a special lock made from titanium. There we are mr.willikins all locked up again."

"Mistress this tube, I can feel some jagged bits and the ring also it hasnít been finished off properly."

"It has been finished off, I checked it very carefully at least six times. No what you feel are some points, they are not really sharp but they will remind you not to get too hard and to keep your thoughts pure and on me. They are in the tube and also on the ring. Now the first ring that I put on you is also rather special you see it comes with this control pad, if I push this button like this you will feel pain."

She watched as John tried to curl up in a ball as the shock hit him.

"Shall I do that again only turn the level up a tad?" she asked.

"No please Mistress please I beg you that really hurts. Please donít do that again," John said as he started to cry once again.

"Well ok then, but remember I can do that at any time I need to, I can turn it up from the level three you just had right up to twelve so be careful. Also it is only fair to warn you John, you must never try to handle the control, if you did it would give you level ten and I can assure you that would not be nice at all. Right now that is all done itís my time and I canít begin to tell you how much I need to cum after watching you. So tongue at the ready and make sure you do not disappoint or Iíll hit my control pad."

Five long and glorious orgasms later Julie rolled off John, she was on a sexy high that she felt she never wanted to come down from. She lay beside her slave/husband, she kissed him gently and stroked his face.

"Thank you slave, that was superb. Iím going to unfasten you now, go take a shower then bring us both a glass of wine."

Once free and in the shower John examined his new device, he saw that it somehow had hooked into and through his piercing and knew Julie had really done her research. There was no way out of this without the keys, no cheating like with the plastic one, he did wonder if she knew about the way he could remove his penis using soap and then masturbating before sliding it back in again. He hoped not and thought it most unlikely. The thought of another six weeks worried him, he tried to think how much worse it would have been had he not found that way to cheat though. The points would certainly be a problem, he could feel them all the time and when he tried to get hard they really hurt. Yes Julie had really done her research. All he could hope for was no more sessions like the one he had just had, he was slightly scared as he realised that he honestly had no idea just how inventive his wife could be.

John poured the wine and took the two glasses into the bedroom where he found Julie naked on the bed. She smiled when he walked in and saw the way her nakedness caused Johnís imprisoned penis to try and erect. She just knew he was going to have quite a few problems from now on.

"Come lay beside me darling, I need a cuddle."

As he cuddled Julie, her firm warm body, smelling so sweet and feeling so soft John could feel the points in the tube and ring dig in as his excitement level rose. He closed his eyes and trying to block out the pain as he kissed his special lady.

"Iíll be checking on your new device every evening for a week darling, I need to make sure that all is well."

"I am sure it will be fine Mistress, just the points do tend to hurt somewhat."

"Yes dear I am sure they do but only because you are not in the right frame of mind. Never mind youíll soon learn, after all a minimum of three months to go isnít too long is it?"

"Sorry Mistress, donít you mean six weeks? After all I have done six weeks already," said John feeling real fear.

"No baby I mean what I say, we start again and this time it is for a minimum of three months as agreed. Only this time there can be no cheating, and you will remain totally chaste. Do we understand one another darling?"

"But Mistress, I have beenÖ"

John let out a cry of pain and curled up in a ball as the shock went right through his whole body. He had never felt such pain before and it brought tears that now ran freely down his cheeks.

"You were saying slave?"

John gathered his wits together as he saw Julieís finger on the button again.

"Yes Mistress, this slave apologises for questioning your decision and begs to be forgiven for cheating while wearing the plastic device. I understand that you are fully justified to punish me and am sorry to have disappointed you Mistress."

"That is better slave, but your punishment is only just about to start, the next three months or longer are going to be the real punishment. I can promise you slave, you will learn never to try and cheat on me again ever. Now get between my legs and get to work I have needs and urges too that will be satisfied."

Julie was as good as her word, she did unlock him every evening that first week and check, then she teased, and then she would relock him back in again. After a month John had changed more than she could ever have expected, he would do anything to please her, far more so than when he had been faking it while wearing the plastic device. No this was the real thing.

Three month came round, John was in constant discomfort from the points, just a glimpse of any woman was enough to increase that discomfort to real pain. He had spent his time doing chores, satisfying Julieís needs and whatever he thought might make her happy. Flowers and chocolates were regular gifts, even when courting John had never been this considerate and virtuous before.

John lay on the rubber-sheeted bed, his arms and legs restrained and a blindfold tightly covering his eyes. It had been three months since his last orgasm, in fact a bit longer but at this stage who was counting? He had been lying there for a while waiting for Julie, he was desperate for her to come and remove his chastity belt so he could have his well-earned orgasm. It seemed to him an age since he last came, the milkings had only made things worse, he just had to cum fully this time.

Julie was watching, she smiled as his penis tried to erect, she had milked him only yesterday evening so she knew he wouldnít be spouting the gallons of cum he thought he would be.

"Well slave time for your reward. I do so hope you enjoy this for it will be a while before you do it again. I suggest we go for 4 months next time, do you agree?"

John was so desperate he would have agreed to a year if only she would remove this device and let him cum.

"Yes Mistress, but please let me cum now, please," he begged piteously.

"Good that is settled then, four months."

Julie unlocked the device, she removed the tube and watched as Johnís penis started to harden. She worked fast to remove the deviceís ring before that became impossible and just managed to get it free. The other ring would stay in place. He would feel the tightness of it and it may impede the flow of his semen but at least there were no points to dig in. Using baby oil and her trusted latex gloves she set to work. Soon pre-cum was dribbling from a purple, hard penis that was about to spit out at any time. She stopped and rested, then teased again. After doing this a few times John could take no more so she took him right up to the very edge and watched as his cum dribbled out of his penis and down his rock hard shaft. The ruined orgasm continued to dribble away surprising Julie just how much semen had been replaced from his milking. John was sobbing, he had cum but it hadnít been at all what he had expected. He felt lost and empty weeping uncontrollably.

Julie cleaned him up, he got him hard once again and pushed him deep in her pussy and rode him to three orgasms. For John he felt as if he would cum any second but he was empty, nothing left to shoot. Julie got off and cleaned him up then using ice to shrink him she relocked him up again. John was still sobbing, he couldnít believe what Julie had done to him.

"Slave stop that crying now, its over and you had your orgasm that I promised."

"You ruined it, it was barely an orgasm at all," sobbed John.

"Yes slave, I did that to punish you for cheating when we first started this. Now that can be forgotten and we move on. John this is the real world, the reality of chastity and not one of your dreamed up fantasies that always works out with you having an explosive orgasm. Next time it will be different, well providing you behave."

John slowly came down to earth, he could feel Julie still lying beside him, and she was kissing and softly whispering in his ear while wiping away the wetness from his tear stained face. He felt shattered by what had just happened but knew he must not allow himself to dwell on the past. His resolve though was fresh, he admitted to himself he probably deserved to be punished for what he done even though it was so hard to accept right now. He knew Julie well enough to be certain that she would be making the next four months an experience like no other for them both. To survive strong John realised he would need to turn his mind onto serving Julie better than ever before. Four long months to go; he knew he had to do everything to please the lady he loved more than anything in the world. It wouldnít be easy, he knew she would test him. The device would thwart any erection, the points would hurt and the occasional shock he earned would bring tears to his eyes but he would get there, he would make Julie proud to own him. This was after all what he wanted, what he had asked and begged for, or was that just another distant fantasy?

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