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Trevor's Toys

This is a story written by 'vickie'

What have I done? I know one thing for a fact, I am in serious trouble and the only person I can blame is myself. Perhaps I should explain.

Five years ago I was single, a little wild and just met someone very special. That someone was my wife to be Christine. We just clicked, couldnít get enough of each other and that has not changed to this day. She knew about my wild ways and over time she has managed to deal with them brilliantly. She was happy to try most of my ideas and together we started having fun.

Our agreement is that we will try anything that appeals to any one of us and if it doesnít work out we agree to just move on. Simple but effective. A long time ago Christine became my Domme when at home. At work I have a fairly high powered job and a lot of people rely upon me getting it right for their livelihood. I always found it fantastic to be able to just turn off and let Christine make most of the decisions while I obey and worship this very special lady. We have a playroom filled with bondage equipment that has been built up over time that we make good use of and enjoy. It was after one weekend session in our playroom that I bought up the idea of chastity play. At first Christine wasnít so keen but over dinner and a couple of bottles of wine I convinced her to at least look at it and consider the fun and control she could have with it.

A week after that evening she said she had looked into it and thought it could be fun and she was happy to give it a try. However she wanted safeguards at the start, her choice of belt or device and total control as to how and when it was used. I had no objections to any of this for I trust her and her judgement implicitly and without question. She said she was not happy about using a plastic device as they split and could cause injury, wasnít happy at using a steel device that was plated and said that medical grade stainless steel would be used. Because of the nature and the degree of security of the device she said that we would both have three chances to stop this becoming a part of our lives. The first was at the end of the first day, the next at the end of the first week and finally at the end of the first month. If we both agreed that we liked it then control would pass over to her from then on. I thought about this and it all sounded very sensible and I agreed.

Well, nothing much happened for quite a while, in fact I thought she may have reconsidered it and had decided not to proceed. She did take me to the piercing studio and held my hand while my penis was pierced with a Prince Albert. That took a while to heal and also be stretched using a special ring that increased in size as it was turned round through the piercing. It was fine and I can honestly say that it caused me no problems at all, so much so that I often forgot it was there.

One Saturday morning as I was laying in bed cuddled up to Christine she suggested that I went down to her and use my mouth. I slide down the bed and dived under her nightie and began kissing her thighs and worked upwards. This was quite a common occurrence and Christine loved the way I would delay her orgasm for a while then when she was just right I would make her come and come and come. I set to work and soon she was writhing about, her hands grabbed hold of my hair and ears pulling me right into her pussy. Fifteen minutes later she lay exhausted on the bed, wet with sweat and enjoying the after glow of several huge orgasms. My face was covered with her juices; I licked my lips and drank her juices down. I cleaned her up with my tongue as gently as I could before laying down myself next to the love of my life. She told me that was amazing and I looked down at my penis standing rigid and it felt as hard as steel desperate to have an orgasm myself. She grinned and told me to get washed and under no conditions to take care of my erection myself.

I came out of the bathroom feeling more composed only to find Christine waiting for me with cuffs in her hands. She very efficiently cuffed my wrist together behind my back and connected a leash onto my collar. I was led down the landing to our playroom and I was starting to get excited again. Once inside she soon had my ankles chained to the floor about two feet apart, she then removed my robe and the cuffs. Seconds later my wrists were chained high above my head. Christine added a ball gag doing the strap up tight and forcing the large ball deep into my mouth.

"The time has come my darling, the time for you to begin your chastity training with my little device. The rules are simple, tonight you will have your first chance to stop this from going further. If you agree to continue your next chance will be next Saturday and your final chance in one monthís time. After that my precious it will become part and parcel of what we do and you could find yourself wearing it for long periods. Iíll explain how that will be worked out later on then and give you time to think it over."

I could only watch as she picked up a tray and carried it over to a small table beside me. I looked down at the tray and itís contents and felt a little apprehensive but tried to smile round the gag. Christine looked at me with a huge grin on her face, she was clearly excited and enjoying the control she had over me.

"First I need to get rid of that awful hair, it would ruin the effect."

Minutes later I had been trimmed and shaved so not a single pubic hair could be seen. I had never felt so naked before and was having second thoughts but clearly Christine loved it and so it continued.

"Now I need to shrink you down a fair bit to have any chance of getting you into this tube. I have had long discussions with Lori who makes these devices and she has helped me no end. She has explained how to measure you, how to get the right size and device to suit us, what I am likely to find once you are locked and lots, lots more. She even explained how to shrink you down to the right size."

Wearing a thick glove Christine picked up a bag of ice and held it firmly against my manhood. At first it resisted the cold but all too soon it started to shrivel up until it was tiny. I couldnít see that well what she was doing but it felt as if she knew how to get the device fitted quite quickly. I felt this hook like object pass into my piercing; the tube slid down my small shaft to join up with the ring that had been forced to nestle behind my testicles. Christine used her key to lock the two together then again to lock the Prince Albert device into the tube. She looked at my encased penis and grinned.

"There we are all locked up and no way out until this evening just before bedtime. Any pain let me know, any loss of feeling let me know that is important."

Christine then put a blindfold over my eyes and I heard her walk out of the room. I had no idea where she went but when she returned she no longer had the key. She removed the blindfold, put her arms round my neck and kissed my gagged mouth that special way only she can. It resulted in my first aborted erection, I gasped in pain as some points seemed to be sticking into me as I tried to erect.

"That was Loriís idea darling, she said you would find the points stimulating at times. Donít worry they wonít damage the skin at all, just remind you who controls your erections from now on."

After I was released I spent a while examining the tube, admiring the finish and workmanship and wondering if I would soon be cursing the person who created it. We spent that day as normal, shopping, housework, relaxing and things like that. Come bedtime I was once again chained as before and the device removed and everything checked very carefully. Christine asked if I was prepared to wear it again, this time it would stay on for a week, I agreed.

The next week wasnít without its problems, at work I found the device no real trouble at all. It was inconvenient to have to sit on the toilet to empty my bladder but as Christine made clear she had been doing that for years. The evening we played and enjoyed ourselves and even though I would have welcomed the chance to pleasure myself or better still have sex with Christine I was still coping quite well. Christine once again chained me in that same position, she removed the device and for the first time in a week I got hard, it was fantastic! I was shaved, cleaned and inspected for any damage.

"Well Trevor a week has come and gone and no problems, it seems that the device is not doing any damage. So tell me how is this going for you, are you happy wearing it?"

I replied that it was working better than I had expected and it was a constant reminder all day and night just who owned me and that I loved that feeling very much. When asked I agreed to continue wearing it and was warned that it would be on for a month and then I would have one final chance to back out.

Christine put on some soft latex gloved and covered her hands in baby oil and started to masturbate me. I was in heaven. I was soon rock hard again and right on the edge of coming when she stopped. I begged her to make me come and she started again but once again she stopped just in time. After many more times when I was close to tears she stopped and removed her gloves. My penis was rigid and trembling almost as I rocked in my chains in the chance that I may just manage to shoot my come.† The ball gag was put in place and she cleaned up my penis then came the ice. I howled in disbelief sure that she would allow me to come just once at least. I was sobbing as the ice started to do its job and my penis began to shrivel up again. The device was refitted, I was blindfolded and once again I waited for Christine to hide the key.

That evening I tried to explain to Christine how I felt about not being allowed to come and how frustrated I was getting. She said she understood but thought it was best that I understand how bad it can be before I commit to being locked at her discretion. I thought about what she had said and agreed and thanked her for being honest with me.

The next two weeks were difficult, I had problems sleeping as I was constantly trying to get erections, something the device wouldnít allow and the points punished. I seriously thought about sitting Christine down and telling her that this was too much and I needed out but I didnít want to let her down and so battled on. I think it was the longest month of my life. I was counting the hours and minutes by the time it was over. I had gone five weeks and was more than desperate to get my freedom and an orgasm any way I could. I tended to Christineís every need and desire those last two weeks, doing anything she said just so not to upset her and give her reason to punish me. I had even spent time looking for the keys, I never did find them. Then the big day came.

"So dearest time to deal with a few problems I guess. I think weíll have you hooded but your mouth will be free so you can talk."

I was chained up as before and a latex hood pulled over my head and zipped up at the back. I was plunged into a sightless world. At last I could feel her soft fingers unlocking and removing the device. Almost immediately I started to erect and this time no wicked points to dig into me, no pain just the ability to erect. Again Christine shaved and cleaned me, checked me over to make sure there was no damage at all.

"Well happy to say you look fine even if a little drippy right now," she laughed.

"Please can we have sex darling, I want to make love to you more than anything right now?" I begged.

"No dear but I am going to ease your problem and I have a feeling you will quite enjoy it."

I felt her soft rubber clad hands covered in oil begin to caress my hard penis. As last time she took me right to the edge then stopped, again and again until I thought I was going out of my mind then it happened. Once again she took me to the edge but this time she carried on and I exploded is the right word, yes exploded like never before. I shot my come in great long spurts time and time again, I screamed in pure ecstasy. When the spurts finally stopped I felt exhausted and hung in my chains while Christine milked the last dregs of come out of me. I had never experienced anything like it before and knew right there and then I wanted to do it again and again in the future. Christine released me from my chains and took the hood off and helped me to the shower room where she joined me as the hot water beat down on us as we hugged and kissed time and time again.

An hour later we sat in the bedroom, a glass of wine in our hands and chatting.

"So my darling how has this past five weeks been for you?" She asked

"It has been the most frustrating time I have ever known yet also the most exciting. The device is certainly secure, comfortable most of the time but never misses a chance to punish me should I try and get hard. So tell me darling how has it been for you?"

"At first I was slightly unsure but as time has progressed I have enjoyed the control and attention so much that I never want to give that up. It has been so special seeing you on your knees begging me to unlock you and knowing that only I have the power to do just that."

"I find it quite scary and it is only because I have total trust in you that I agreed to being relocked the first time. You really are someone so special to me darling, I love you more every day."

"So dearest let me explain where we can go from here. If we both agree to continue then I will lock you up again, then you will be given a dice to throw. The number that shows is the time in weeks that you will stay locked. However it is no real fun to know when you will be released, so during that time I have the power to increase that time should you do anything to upset me, just as I have the power to reduce that time should you please me greatly. Sometimes I will tell you how much time is involved, some other times I wonít. While locked you will rarely know exactly when you are going to be unlocked. All I will say is that I am only allowed to add a maximum of one week at a time. I can add hours or days at a time but always the maximum of a week for a single offence. I will be fair and never abuse my power for that is a very precious gift you have presented me with, it would be something I would value above anything else."

"I like the idea of not knowing, however we need to decide how long I am able to stay unlocked after I have finished a session too. I also want to know if and when we could have sex again, I miss that so much darling it is so difficult to cope with."

"Like it has always been my love, it will be up to me and I can promise you that if you agree before we lock up you will have sex again. The reason I just masturbated you was simple; you wouldnít have lasted more than a minute if we had had sex. That my love would have been no fun for me."

I hugged her tightly and we kissed and snuggled one another for ages. We lay naked on the bed, the sex had been fantastic but I was tired.

"Well my love it is time to decide. If you agree I will lock you up right away and you will roll the dice, if you decide that is not what you want then we shall go to sleep, the choice is yours."

"What do you think darling, do you really want this?" I asked.

"I have written down my decision and will show it to you after you tell me what you want, that way I am not putting any pressure on you to decide either way. Remember we both have to agree or it will not happen so the chances are against."

I thought back to this evening and that spectacular orgasm and the sex we had just had, It had been fantastic there was no way I could turn the chance away of doing that again.

"I am happy to continue my love, now please let me see what you have decided."

Christine turned a piece of card over, neatly written in her hand was the single word, continue!

"So it is decided Trevor, you are to be locked once again so please make your way to the playroom."

Really all I wanted was sleep but I had agreed and knew it was right we should keep to Christineís rules. I made my way to the playroom and knelt before the chains that would soon be holding me prisoner. I wasnít there long before Christine followed. It only took about ten minutes to have me chained, gagged and blindfolded so that Christine could lock me up in the Lori tube. I admit to giving a shudder of fear as the ring was eased over my testicles to nestle snugly in place. Then the ice to shrink me down was put in place, now if I am honest I was wishing I had decided against it. The tube and the PA fixing followed and finally I heard the two clicks as the keys were turned and once again I was secured sexually and full of fears and doubts.

Christine stood up, her face was a picture of happiness as she took my head in both hands and kissed me passionately many times. This was clearly exciting her far more than I had expected. She removed my restraints and I rolled the dice which luckily landed showing a three. So just three weeks locked I thought, thatís no too bad I can manage that as I have been there before.

"So slave you struck lucky this time, a minimum of three weeks locked but I wonder just how long it will actually turn out to be."

At first I couldnít understand then it dawned on me about what she had said earlier about adding time on if I did things wrong. Well I would have to make sure that I didnít do anything wrong then I would be out in just three weeks and have another fantastic orgasm like earlier today.

During the first week Christine, who I must now call Mistress picked me up on a few things so I knew that three weeks was not going to happen this time. That first week seemed longer and thanks to her teasing was more painful. She demonstrated just how easy it was for her to cause me pain as the points dug into my tender skin. Donít forget that just because I was going without, Mistress certainly wasnít and had no intention of doing so. She had me giving her orgasms every day often several times a day. I used my fingers, her vibes, and my mouth in fact anything she wanted in the hope that she would come quickly and the pain I was feeling inside the tube would go away.

We had just started the third week when Mistress called me over and told me she wanted to come and in spite of my brave efforts she was missing my penis. My hopes raised, I think I even grinned expecting her to remove this cursed tube for long enough to enable me to ease the frustration that had built up. Mistress took me to the bedroom, I was told to strip. It took me just seconds to get my clothes off, like a small kid at Christmas I had never been so excited. She went to a drawer and took out what I thought to be a vibe, I was confused as I heard her say she needed my penis. I watched as she knelt down and slid the fake penis over my steel cage. I looked down and couldnít believe there was a penis, it looked so real, I remember tears running down my cheeks as I realised I was just going to provide the power, not get any rewards.

Mistress later told me that using the fake penis gave her the best sex she had ever had. She said it was bigger than mine and felt amazing and that we would be using it a lot more in future.

Well we got to the end of the three weeks and it was no surprise that the key didnít appear. I dropped hints half hoping that she may just have missed the date but that only earned me more time locked for begging she said. Four then five weeks all passed and still no key and I was going out of my mind with horniness. When alone one morning I tried to get my penis free of the tube but that only caused pain and it was never going to happen. I looked at the locks and they looked so complicated, there was no way I could get them open without the key. I knew Mistress had taken the keys to work with her and they were in her office safe so no point in even searching the house. It was then that I had the dumbest idea of my entire life.

You have to realise how desperate I had become, I was having problems focusing on anything other than getting free of that tube. I knew that I couldnít escape it, it had to be unlocked so I decided to write to Lori and see if I could get a spare key. I explained that we had lost a key and that my wife was so busy at the moment she didnít have time to write herself and had asked me to write and get a fresh spare key to my device. I read the email through; it seemed all right. I then read it again and before I could back out I hit send. My hands were trembling when I realised what I had done. If Christine ever found out I would be in big trouble.

Well that evening I was sitting on my computer, I kept checking for emails in the hope that Lori would reply saying the spare key was on its way. Nothing arrived, in a way I was relieved and hoped she had seen through my plan and just deleted my email. Sleep didnít come easy to me that night, what with the frustration and the worry and taking care of Mistress I couldnít relax, all this because of a small tube that was locked on my penis.

So we come back to the start of this story when I said that I was in serious trouble. What happened was that Ms Lori did see right through my plan but instead of deleting the email she forwarded it to Mistress. In her email she explained that she would never send a key unless she was sure it came from the owner of the device and she asked for confirmation of authenticity before sending the spare key.

I was sitting by my computer when Mistress strode into the room, I could see something was amiss. She stood right in front of me handing me a piece of paper and demanded an explanation. I started to read the email and my blood just froze. I of course apologised profusely and begged her to over look my stupidity. She shook her head sadly

"If you think you are frustrated now you will realise long before I unlocked you that you really donít know what true frustration is yet."

I increased her anger by saying that we agreed she could only increase my sentence by a week for anything I did wrong. I think it was the cold way she looked at me that hurt and scared me the most.


Yes five months three weeks and two days later and at last I was unlocked. However before then a lot happened that you should know about. It was about six weeks into this long imprisonment and I was going out of my mind with horniness, Mistress was teasing me every day and then often she would slip the sleeve over the device and use me to bring her to glorious orgasms time and time again. I could feel only pain and the frustration as it racked up notch after notch. I realised that I wasnít going to cope with this, during that week after my stupidity Mistress found things wrong with everything I did and I was adding time by the hour. I had no idea how long I was in for but it must have been many months unless I could talk to her and sort something out. The only way I was ever going to be free was by the key and the key was kept by Mistress in her safe at work.

I fell to my knees in front of Mistress and begged to talk about what was happening. She listened to my inane chatter for a while smiling as the tears ran down my cheeks.

"Slave you agreed to this, I have no intention of breaking that agreement so you are going to be locked up for a very long time. However you do seem to have forgotten something quite important and that is not only can I add time on but also if you please me I can take time off. I suggest you give that some thought and see what you can do."

Of course that was right I had forgotten this and so I started to throw myself into pleasing Mistress every opportunity that I had. I gave her massages, pedicures, bathed and pampered her. I rubbed her feet, cooked, cleaned the house, in fact anything to please my Mistress. I found that the time was not being added at anywhere near the same rate as before and very often time would be deducted. I was so engrossed in doing this it also helped take my mind off the build up of sexual tension that was with me all day and night unending.

It was after three months that Mistress said I needed draining, I wasnít sure what she meant but hoped the device was going to be removed for me to have an orgasm, I thought I had actually done it. As I knelt in with my nose touching the floor, the device still secure I felt a latex covered finger enter my anus. Twenty minutes later a small saucer of liquid that had dripped out of my penis was pushed under my nose and I was told to drink. I felt empty yet still totally frustrated with no fight left I lapped up the contents of the saucer.

After five months three weeks and two days Mistress announced I was to be unlocked and allowed an orgasm, I sobbed in relief. I was chained as before, hooded then finally the device was removed. I did wonder if I had lost the ability to get hard but as soon as her latex covered hand touched my penis I started to get hard again. This time there was no point sticking into my skin, it felt strange. She used more oil began to masturbate me. Mistress skilfully edged me many times then finally she allowed me to come. It was like before, I just kept on shooting streams of semen through the air, could feel each pulse as her hand worked its magic. I was panting hard when she stopped, I had never felt so relieved before it was as if a huge weight had been lifted from me. I felt weak yet ready to go again. Mistress cleaned me up the left for a while leaving me with the afterglow of an exhilarating explosive orgasm. As I came back to earth I felt Mistress relocking the device back on me. I begged and pleased with her to give me a break from it, to have sex again but I heard the loudest clicks ever as the locks were engaged.

"I am sorry slave but not this time. Consider that your punishment for trying to get keys for your chastity device. If you behave next time will be different."

Mistress removed my restraints and handed me the dice, I took it from her and rolled the dice along the floor. Mistress smiled showing me what I had already seen, I had rolled a six!

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