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She came out of the bathroom, naked. Gorgeous. Far too gorgeous.

"You don't understand," I said. "This isn't going to work." But she moved her supple, slender body over to the bed I was sitting on.

She sat and looked up, those fuck-me eyes drawing me in. In her lowest, quietest, sexiest voice, she said, "Don't you find me attractive?"

And just for a moment, I was taken over by her, and forgot the impossibility of my situation. "You make me so horny." And then I winced with pain as my cock stretched itself up.

I couldn't possibly reject her, but I couldn't accept her either. I had no choice but to explain why I couldn't succumb to my insatiable desire for her.

I lay back on the bed, and wept as she unbuttoned my jeans.

I said, "I can't because my Master wouldn't approve," as she revealed the gleaming chrome chastity belt locked unrelentingly around my groin.

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