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A Walk in the Park, Chapter 1

I couldn’t really believe what I was about to do!

I was sitting naked in a public toilet cubicle with my clothes spread out over the floor. Cock in hand, I was wanking and about to blow my load all over my clothes.

I’d worn short light blue jogging shorts and a white teeshirt, chosen specifically because once they were sprayed with my own cum they would be unwearable. The idea that when I leave I will be unable to wear the clothes that I wore when I arrived was fuelling my raging hard-on. Of course, I had alternative clothes, but knowing what they were and that I’d have no choice but to wear them was feeding into my exhibitionism fetish.

With one last goodbye to my dignity, I blew my load – great gobs of cum landing all over my clothes. There was plenty to shoot as I’d not cum in 3 days, so the showering of my clothes kept on cumming until I was spent.

Then I realised what I’d done, and said, “Oh, fuck!”

It seemed like a great horny idea earlier, but now, post-orgasm, the reality came to me of what I’d done and what I’d have to do. My clothes were sodden and stinky, and in the cubicle there was only one item of clothing which I could possibly wear. I unzipped my bag and pulled out a shiny blue Lycra unitard – the sort of thing you see on workout videos but never in public.

I cleaned myself up, put my ruined clothes in the bag then pulled on the unitard. Normally I’d think it was a horny piece of fetish wear but now I could only think of how ridiculous I would look wearing it outside. It was tight all over, and did very little to cover my crotch bulge.

I took a deep breath, put my bag over my shoulder and left the cubicle. I washed and dried my hands, not making eye contact with any of the other men and not wanting to know if they were staring at me.

I left the toilet block and out into the park. I immediately headed for an overgrown areas with trees rather than the open lawns, thinking it would be easier to hide myself. Unfortunately there was clear lawn all around the toilet block so I had no choice but to walk in open ground with lots of other people walking past me. Most took no notice of my strange appearance. One girl saw my unitard and smiled, then looked down and saw the bulge. Then her eyes widened and she looked straight ahead. But once she passed I looked back and saw her checking out my arse and giggling. I’ll never know if she found my look attractive or ridiculous, and I’m not sure it matters.

I made it to the area of trees, but it just as populated. I knew I had about quarter of an hour’s walk through the park before I could get to where I parked my car and drive home to safety. There was no way I was going to avoid people all that way so I just walked through the crowds. I got lots of stares and a few wolf whistles – it was very embarrassing, but I think that’s why I was doing it.

After what seemed like ages I realised I was only half way there. I thought about perhaps if my other clothes had dried off then they might not look so gross now, and I could at least put on a teeshirt to cover myself. But then I realised that, no, that was not the point of the experience, and if I chickened out like that I’d be very disappointed with myself later. I spotted a nearby charity clothing bin and, to ensure I didn’t cheat later, I posted my bag with the soiled clothes into the bin where I couldn’t get them back. And, as additional ‘punishment’ for even thinking about cheating, I took off my trainers and posted them too.

I walked on, already regretting my actions, picking carefully through the grass to avoid stepping on stones with my bare feet, and knowing I no longer had even a bag to hide myself – I felt very naked.

Somehow, having lost more of my potential cover, having almost nothing still with me, my confidence grew. I was no longer bothered by the strange looks I got, and started to enjoy the exposure.

I cut through a line of trees, and beyond them I found a little clearing surrounded by trees. I decided to lie down on the grass for a while and enjoy the sunny weather. I closed my eyes and thought about what I was doing – out in public, almost naked, having ruined and then thrown away the only normal clothes I had. My cock started to get hard at the thought, and tented my unitard. I moved a hand to touch the bulge in the fabric, and it felt so good!

There was one thing that I mustn’t do now, and that was to mess up my unitard. It was the only clothing I had. If anything happened to it, I would be truly naked in public. Even though that would be a terrible situation to be in, the idea still got me very hard. I stroked my bulge, knowing I mustn’t get carried away, but being unable to stop the pleasure from touching my hard shaft.

Cumming now would be a really stupid thing to do. If I stroked too hard for too long, it could get very messy. No backup plan, no way out. Why is it that I find something so stupid to be so horny as well? I thought about the exposure and helplessness, while I grabbed my cock through the fabric and tugged as hard as I dare. I was in a vicious cycle for which there was only one possible outcome. It came thick and fast, shooting up my cock in pulses of pleasure.

“Oh, fuck!”

Once again, post orgasmic, I recognised my stupidity. I looked down to see a damp line on my unitard from my cock all the way up to my left nipple, white gobs of cum soaking out through it.

So my dilemma now was what would be the least embarrassing way to get myself out of this situation. I could just throw the unitard away, then perhaps tell people I’d been kidnapped or on a stag night out or something. That wouldn’t work. I tried to roll down the top of the unitard to cover the stains and go topless, but there was much too large an area, I would have been in danger of falling out of it.

So although the final option was unworkable, it was still less unworkable than the others. I walked out of the clearing, sodden unitard clinging to my chest.

I hid behind trees and dashed through the undergrowth. Fortunately it wasn’t too far from the car park. My car was parked away from the trees so I’d have to make a dash through clear ground.

I sprinted to the car, then reached down into my pocket to pull out my car keys. Only to realise that I had no pocket and no keys. The keys that were safely stowed in the side pocket of my bag, the one which is now in the bottom of a charity clothing bin!

“Ok, fuck!”

After a quick panic brainstorm, I could only think of one next step. A friend who had a spare set of keys for my car lived not too far from here. I could go and ask her for them. But I couldn’t possibly go wearing a cum stained unitard. But it would take hours to walk home and my door keys were in my car.

I had no option but to knock on Suzi’s door and hope she didn’t laugh too much at me.

Story continues in Chapter 2

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