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A Walk in the Park, Chapter 3

Also see Chapter 2

I waited impatiently in the house, then heard the beep of her car horn and rushed outside. Suzi waved from her car and so I rushed over, opened the car door and jumped into the passenger seat.

“So, let’s see it,” she said. She had told me to wear something skimpy under my jeans and teeshirt. I lifted my teeshirt to show my shiny white Lycra top. But she frowned. “No, all of it. Strip off, I want to see it now.”

I looked nervously around to make sure none of my neighbours were walking past, then took off my teeshirt, trainers and jeans to show my unitard – all shiny white, quite thin shoulder straps so not much top half coverage, quite short legs and very ineffective at hiding the bulge of the chastity device I was still locked into.

She gathered my clothes together, put her hand into my jeans pocket, pulled out my keys, sniggered then left the car. She walked to my house, opened the front door, threw my clothes in then locked it and came back to the car. As she drove off she said, “There, now you have no risk of being tempted to put any of your normal clothes back on.”

I felt very self-conscious, sitting there in almost nothing while she was in normal clothes. And quite nice clothes – she was in a light blue summer dress, halter neck so her back was bare and she was obviously not wearing a bra, her large breasts supported only by the thin fabric of the dress and the little knot behind her neck. I felt my cock try and fail to get hard in my chastity cage, and realised staring at her wouldn’t do me any good.

She drove for a while, then stopped alongside a wood. She said, “There’s a picnic site about half a mile that way. I’ll see you there later.”

Was she just going to throw me out, almost naked in the middle of a wood? It’s what I’d fantasised about but now that it was coming to reality, it was a lot more scary.

“Oh,” she added, “I guess you might want this,” and she took from the glove compartment the key to my chastity device. In amongst my fear I’d almost forgotten the whole point! I pulled my unitard down and unlocked the cage that had been causing me such frustration for the last week. My freed cock took only a few seconds to start to firm up, and by the time I’d given the chastity device back to Suzi I was fully hard. I still felt embarrassed by it and tried to hide it, even though she’d seen it all before. I put my unitard back on to show a very obvious throbbing tent in it, which made her smile.

She said, “Now that you’ve got that back you should make good use of it. I’m expecting to see you covered in your own cum. I’ll be at the car park in half an hour, but if you’re not there I’m going home without you. And if your suit isn’t stained with your own cum, I’m going home without you. And if you don’t look suitably embarrassed and humiliated, I’m going home without you. And if I’m feeling sadistic, perhaps I’ll just go home without you anyway. Good luck!”

She was a lot more strict than I was expecting. I was terrified about being stranded in the wood without any way home, any way to cover up, any way to get into my house if I got there, any way to get any help. I left the car, determined not to be late arriving at the picnic spot. No sooner had I shut the car door than Suzi drove off, a big grin on her face, and left me almost naked and miles from anywhere.

I set off into the woods. I was pretty sure I knew the way through to the picnic spot she was talking about. I marched into the trees and quickly realised the forest was tough on my naked feet and I’d have to go very slowly and carefully. I could see why she allowed me half an hour to get there. A nagging fear in the back of my mind told me I was going the wrong way, and I was destined to spend the rest of my days wandering through this wood, but I tried to ignore it. A few times I heard noise nearby, but never saw anyone.

After 10 minutes I came across a small clearing in the busy wood. I remembered Suzi’s words, that she would not take me home unless I was covered in cum. In my panic to get through the wood without getting lost I’d almost forgotten that, but the though brought life back to my previously limp cock.

I decided to do it differently to last time – I took off the unitard so I was completely naked. I lay down and took the unitard in my hand as I stroked my cock. It had taken seconds for my cock to get back up to full hardness. After its week of confinement, any touch was heavenly. I closed my eyes and teased my foreskin with the smooth fabric of the suit.

I happened to open my eyes when I saw that I was being watched. A deer was standing nearby, watching me. I froze. It froze. I had no idea if it was dangerous, if I was in its place, if it enjoyed watching me, or what was going on. I raised my head, and that was enough to cause it to jump off into the woods. I closed my eyes and carried on working my cock, imagining that all the forest animals were in a circle watching me.

Then thoughts came to me of the picnic site, and how it could be busy and I’d have to walk through it to Suzi’s car and that I wouldn’t be able to do that if I were splattered with cum. I got scared, and though about if I should stop playing and just plead with Suzi to take me home even though I’d failed her demands. Then I thought about how she’d leave me stranded wearing almost nothing. It was that idea that caused my cock to blow its load – a week of pent up cum shot through it and into my suit. I cried out with ecstasy as my cum kept cumming, bringing pleasure while it ruined my only clothing.

I lay there, recovering, heavy breathing. Eventually I stood up, wiped off my cock, then tried to wear the thing I’d been wiping it on. It looked terrible, cum splattered all over the front and back of my suit. The moisture on the white suit made it transparent in places, and I’m sure I could see my balls right through it.

I had no choice but to carry on through the woods, hoping no-one would see me. I realised I had no idea how long I’d been jerking my cock – perhaps Suzi had already been waiting for me and given up and gone home! I rushed, despite stepping on all sorts of sharp forest things, just praying that I was rushing in the right direction.

Eventually, finally, I found a path and a signpost pointing to the picnic site. I was going in the wrong direction but only slightly, so a short way down the path I should find the site. However, the path was more occupied than I’d like and I passed several walkers on my way. Some just gave a polite nod and a “Hello” to me. One couple walked past keeping their eyes very firmly forwards, then once they past the girl said to the guy, “He stinks of cum!”

But soon came the picnic site. There were several cars in the car park and fortunately not many people occupying the picnic tables and they were mostly on the other side of the site. After a quick panic I found Suzi’s car and found her sitting in it reading a book.

I dashed up to the car and pulled on the driver’s seat door, but it was locked. Suzi wound the window down a crack and said, “Did you have a nice walk?”

I said, “Let me in!” I looked around to see if anyone could see me, but so far it was clear.

She smiled and said, “There’s no rush. Tell me about your day.”

I could see she was going to make me do this the hard way. I sighed and said, “I walked through the woods, met some animals, avoided some people, nearly got lost, made it here. Will you let me in?”

“Did you have any fun times with your uncaged cock?”

I pointed to myself. “Can’t you see, I’m covered in it!

She tried to sound innocent. “Oh, is that what that is? Let me have a closer look.”

“Okay, open the door and I’ll show you.”

She opened the window just a tiny bit more. “Just post it to me through here.”

My mouth fell open and I started to complain about how that would leave me completely naked in full public view, but she knew that, and I knew she knew that, and I knew that’s exactly what she wanted and she wouldn’t have it any other way. I quickly peeled off my suit, tried to cover my embarrassment, and pushed it through the crack in the window.

She held it up and sniffed it. “You have been a busy boy, haven’t you! I think we need to do something about that, so open the bag on the roof of the car and put it on.”

I grabbed for the bag, then realised it was too small to hold any useful clothing. And, sure enough, inside was nothing but the chastity device. I hurriedly looked around to make sure no-one could see me, then forced the cage onto my cock, which was fortunately now quite limp, and clicked the lock shut. No keys, of course.

She smiled, a very broad smile, and said, “See you back where I dropped you off. Byeee!” Then she started the car and drove away.

She left me standing in the middle of a car park, exposed to view, not naked but worse than naked, wearing nothing but a metal tube locked over my cock. I dashed for the trees, and tried to work out my bearings. I couldn’t believe she’d left me stranded and naked. I’d never been this exposed and vulnerable. Nor this much in pain. The pain was coming from the raging hard-on inside my tiny cock tube. She knew how to push my buttons, and had got me into a situation which for me was probably the most sexually charged I’d ever been in – not helped by the fact that my cock was locked away and I couldn’t even enjoy it.

I pressed on through the wood, hoping I was going the right way. The picnic spot had been easy to find since trails lead there, but the exact location of where she dropped me off was quite a mystery. I kept spiking my foot on some undergrowth and cursing it. I kept seeing animals, small and large, scurrying away from me. I kept wondering if perhaps my destination was off to the left or the right.

Once I saw someone else running through the forest. I panicked and hid behind a tree. I watched as he dashed past me, but saw he was only wearing a small g-string and trainers, otherwise naked. Perhaps he was just out for a jog, or perhaps he was under someone’s control just like me. He ran on, and the woods fell silent again.

After a lot of guesswork and some corrections for wrong turns, I came out on a road. No idea if it was the right one, no idea if it was the right part of the right one and no idea if I should walk left or right along the road to find out. I thought about that, and decided that all I could do would be to hide in the undergrowth and see if I could see her car drive by.

A few cars passed, but it was a quiet road. I saw a car drive up of the right make and colour. I jumped out and waived my arms. The car sped up and drove away, and as it passed I saw an old man in the driver’s seat looking quite horrified.

Eventually her car drove slowly along the road, spotted me and stopped. The passenger door opened and I got in. She drove away.

“Nice to see you here,” she said. I was surprised to see that she was no longer wearing the blue summer dress from earlier, but was now wearing my shiny white unitard! I asked her about it.

“Ah, yes, that… well, I was sitting in the car, wondering what it was like for you, having to run around naked. There was no-one around where I’d parked, so I thought I might try it, so I took off my dress. Then I thought, the thing that really turns you on is knowing you don’t have a choice, that you have to stay naked. So I…well… look on the back seat.”

I looked and saw hundreds of small pieces of fabric – her dress torn up and unwearable.

She continued, “I understand why you do it now – it was quite a thrill tearing up my dress. I sat there without a stitch on me, and… well… you know how exciting that can be. It was just as well I’d parked far from anyone since I did scream quite a bit when I came!” She smiled, a little embarrassed but I think quite turned on by telling me about it.

“So then,” she said, “after I came down from that little thrill, I got to thinking sensibly and knowing I’d have to wear something. Of course, your Lycra suit was the only thing left in the car, so here I am!”

I look at her wearing it. It was tight over her whole body, leaving no detail hidden. There wasn’t much of a top half to it, just some shoulder straps, and she’d tried to use those to cover her breasts. The result was thin strips of fabric over her nipples but other than that her beautiful breasts were out for all to see. I felt the pain again as my cock tried to stiffen.

I said, “At least you could have put your underwear back on?”

She smiled. Underwhat? I thought it would be more interesting today to go without any.”

She drove on back to her house. I sat there, essentially naked, wondering whatever would happen next. She idly commented, “I wonder if I’ll get pregnant wearing this…”

We arrived at her place and she parked up. She said, “I’m just going to dash in to pick something up for you to wear. I’m a bit worried about car security, so I’m going to turn on the car alarm. It has a motion sensor so you can’t move or the alarm will be triggered. Back in a moment.” She slammed the door and I heard the beep noise of the alarm being set.

At first I was confused what she was talking about. Then it occurred to me, I couldn’t move at all inside the car. My hands were currently by my side, and they should really have been covering my metal covered cock, and now I couldn’t move them. I couldn’t risk triggering the alarm – it would be terrifying to have the alarm sound and everyone rush over to see if I was breaking in to the car, only to find me naked inside it.

I sat and waited. People walked passed, and occasionally glanced in. I don’t think anyone noticed my state. Not being able to cover myself was very humiliating – so much so that my cock started to stir and the cage shifted itself about. Fortunately, not enough to trigger the alarm.

Eventually, after at least 10 minutes, Suzi came out of the house. She was fully dressed in jeans and teeshirt. She came straight into the car, saying, “Sorry it took me so long, I just had a quick shower.”

I sat there, still frozen in place, then realised that she was moving freely in the car and hadn’t turn the alarm off! I said, “What about the motion sensor?”

She said, “Oh that, no, it hasn’t worked for ages. Perhaps I should have mentioned that… Anyway, I got you something to wear. Sorry, couldn’t find anything suitable except for this tartan kilt.”

She handed me some fabric which I held up. I said, “This is a check patterned skirt! Not even that, it’s a mini-skirt!”

She frowned at me. “The proud people of Scotland would be horrified to hear you speak of their national dress like that.”

I put on the 'kilt', which I noticed had a label from a girl’s clothes shop. It didn’t go down as far as my thighs, and I doubt would even cover my hanging cock cage. But, as ever, control was in her hands and protesting would get me nowhere.

She drove on but parked up half a mile away from my house. She handed me my front door keys and said, “You can make it from here, can’t you? I don’t want to go any further, what with fuel prices being what they are. You’ll enjoy the fresh air anyway.”

I watched her drive away once again, and stood there in nothing but a little miniskirt to hide a throbbing caged erection. Once again, I asked myself why I would ever put myself through all this, while at the same time thanking my luck that she was making me do it.

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