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A Week in The Shop

Chapter 1

I don't think it was my skill at adding up that got me the job!

Not that I got it because I slept with the boss either. I have slept with the boss, but that didn't get me the job.

I got it because I'm young, fit, handsome, and love getting into fetish gear. And that's not just my view, my boss Mike told me so.

Well, why not? You go into a fetish shop, and who do you want to see selling you the goods? Someone who looks great in them and is obviously very into the gear.

Well I'm 23, I regularly go to the gym to keep my body toned, and I like nothing better than being secured in something tight, secure and rubbery.

So let me tell you about a typical week in the shop...

Monday, 9:45am

"So, Mike, what will it be today?"

"I put out a little something for you in the first changing room, Andy."

Mike always selected something for me to wear. I consider it a perk of the job, to wear some different kinky gear each day. So far he'd never picked out anything that I refused to wear, although in principle I could ask for something else. And some of Mike's choices had been pretty extreme, especially considering I had to do a full days work in it.

I found what he had chosen - a full body harness. It looked a bit too innocent, so I expected something else was going to be involved.

I stripped off and put the harness on. It was a traditional leather design, with straps over the shoulders and under the arms, buckling onto a ring at the front. There were two straps leading downwards, the front one to a cover over my cock, and the rear one down between my arse cheeks and then connecting to the bottom of the cover.

The cover had zips at the side, and I found when putting it on that it had an inner leather panel with a hole for my cock and balls, then the front leather zipped up over it.

I put it all on, then went out to show Mike. As I expected, he said, "I'll just have to make a few adjustments here."

He tightened all the buckles, then pulled out a box of padlocks that I had seen many times before. He locked the buckles on the top half of the harness, but not the waist or rear straps.

But then he said, "Would you mind just stepping over here," and I knew all would become clear.

He led me to a piece of equipment I had been in a few times before. My ankles were put into the holes in a wooden pillory, then I was bent over forwards and my hands secured in another pillory at ground level near the first. This left me rather unstable, with my arse sticking in the air.

Mike undid my arse strap, and started lubricating my hole. "I got in a new set of pager plugs, because the last ones didn't seem to have a very strong buzz," he said as he pushed a large plug slowly into my arse.

I let out a small yelp as the widest part when past my sphincter, but once it was all in it was filling but comfortable.

He said, "Same arrangement, once you feel the buzz, come out to the front desk." He took a small box from his pocket and pushed a button on it. Then I felt the buttplug start vibrating - it was sure stronger than the last one of these I'd worn.

He held down the button as his other hand unzipped the cover of my crotch and felt how hard my cock was getting. "I see you're enjoying that! Have to do something about that then."

He stopped the buzzing, and fetched a triangle of leather, then put it inside my crotch cover before zipping it up.

I cried out, "Aargh," as the hundreds of small spikes pushed into my hard cock, pressed in place by the tightening zips.

Mike got some more locks, used them on the crotch cover zips and waist straps, then buckled and tightened the arse strap to hold the plug in, and locked that too.

He let me out of the pillory, and I stood up, trying to tend to my sore cock but there was nothing I could do since it was now locked up.

Mike was pleased with the arrangement he had chosen. "You'd better make sure you don't get too horny through the day, and I'll try to help by not buzzing you too much." And, as if by way of demonstration, I felt a quick vibrate of the plug which was now locked in my arse.

Monday, 10:40am

I was just trying to reach something from the top shelf of the storeroom, when I felt the buttplug kick into life. I steadied myself to stop falling off the ladder, then went out to the front desk.

Mike said, "This gentleman is interested in secure harnesses, so I thought I'd show him our life model." He patted and slightly squeezed my crotch - I tried to stop myself wincing at the spikes digging in.

I said to the guy, "Well this one sure is secure, and has a few other features installed at the moment too."

He looked me up and down a few times, smiling. "That looks great, though actually I was looking in particular for something that could be worn for quite a while under clothes without it showing."

He was right, the locks on the buckles rattled when I walked and would be visible under clothes. "Can I show you our low profile secure harness range?"

I lead him over to a rack of harnesses. "Instead of standard buckles, these have secure buckles which work like the ratchet on a handcuff. You push the end of the strap into this hole, and you can keep pushing it in to tighten the strap but you can't pull it out again. Squeeze the button on the secure buckles, and then it won't move either way. Turn the key in the lock, and then you can pull it out."

He looked through the rack. "That sounds like just what I'm looking for. I see this harness just has a cockring in the lower strap - do you have any which are more covered up down there?"

"Yes, we have a chastity option, if that interests you?"

I could see his face light up at the idea, so I pulled one off the rack. "As you can see, this metal tube will safely house your cock, holding it down between your legs. You won't be able to pull out of it once the straps are suitably tightened."

"That sounds perfect, can I try it on?"

I showed him the changing room, and a few minutes later he came out, still fully clothed.

He said, "I've got it on under my clothes, and it feels very comfortable and secure. I had quite a job getting my penis into the tube, it wouldn't go soft enough. I'll buy this, and keep it on for the moment." Then he added, "It's a pity I have to keep the keys, or I'd keep it on much longer."

I said, "That's no problem, you can leave the keys with us for the day if you like. We close at 9pm today, so just make sure you come back by then or you'll be stuck in it!"

His smile was beaming. "Thank you, I'll do that. Only, I'm leaving the city this evening so I'll be back before then."

I said, "That's no problem. Go pay at the front desk, and I'll go put these keys somewhere safe."

Monday, 5:15pm

The man with the harness returned.

As I saw him come in, I went to get his keys.

He said to me, "Thank you very much for keeping the keys for me. It's been exiting wearing this all day knowing I can't escape from it."

I said, "That's no problem, we're glad to be of service."

"I would consider posting the keys back to my home, so I could stay locked in this a while longer, but I'm not sure I could wear it for that long, and I'm not sure I trust the post not to lose the keys."

I heard Mike shout, "Combo trick!"

I said, "Ah yes. If you like we could use a combination lock to secure the keys onto the harness. Then once you get back home you can call us and we'll tell you the combination."

His eyes lit up. "So I'll be fully secured until I make that call. Great!"

I went to find a combination lock, and set the combination to something I could remember.

When I returned, he had unbuttoned his shirt to show the centre chest ring, so I put the padlock through the holes in the top of the keys, snapped the lock shut around the ring, and spun the dials.

"There you go, nice and secure! Be sure to call before 9pm, when we shut today."

"Thanks very much. I'm sure I'll want out of the chastity harness before then."

He looked me up and down, then said, "Have you really been plugged and in that harness all day? You must be getting really horny in there!"

He squeezed my crotch cover, and the spiked dug into my cock, and once again I cried, "Aargh!"

Tuesday, 9:35am

Mike said, "You might need a bit of a hand getting into today's outfit."

I went into the changing room, to find what looked like a leather body suit with short arms and legs. However, it seemed to have lots of straps, buckles, and lacing. What's more, it had a leather cock-like tube poking out at the groin, with a thin rubber tube on the end and a small box along that.

But looking inside it, I found that there was a built in buttplug, and the leather cock sheath was lined with rubber.

I pulled it on, not quite knowing what to expect. I lubed up and inserted the plug in my arse, and put my cock in the rubber lined sheath.

I showed Mike, who started buckling up the straps and tightening some of the lacing. He said, "Breath in," then tightened some lacing around my waist, which made my waistline considerably smaller. And, of course, once the laces were knotted, my shape would stay that way for the rest of the day.

He tightened up laces in various other places, to make the whole suit very tight, and in some places quite hard to move around in. Mike said, "I'd usually lock you into your suit, but with this one there's no need as there's no way you could get out of it yourself. You'll hear it tick each time any fluid goes past it."

I asked, "So what's the tubing and the box for?"

"Ah," said Mike, "did you notice the hole in the end of the plug? Well, the tube from your cock goes round to the plug, which will give you a piss enema! And the box on the tube is a counter, which tells me the amount you've pissed into yourself."

He continued, "So get drinking, because I'm expecting to see a good few litres in you by the end of the day."

All I could say was, "Show me to your water!"

Tuesday, 11:50am

A man had been browsing the shop for a while, looking at cages. He called Mike over to ask about the details of one of the cages we have on display.

Mike answered him with, "Let me demonstrate it with the assistance of my house slave!"

He told me to get the padlock keys from behind the counter, then unlocked the cage.

This cage was vertical, designed for standing in, with three horizontal platforms made of sheet metal, which went right across it at various levels. When the cage was opened, half of each platform moved away with the door and the other half stayed in the cage.

The platforms had cut-out notches to hold body parts - two for ankles in the lowest platform, one for waist and two for hands in the middle platform, and one for neck in the top one. Each platform could be moved up or down by turning screws.

Mike opened the cage and had me stand in it, each body part sitting in its appropriate notch. Then he closed the cage, and the two halves of the platforms came together, preventing any chance of escape. He padlocked the cage, just for effect.

Mike explained that the waist hole in the middle platform was much larger than my waist, only because of the corseting effect of my suit. Also, the platform height should really be adjusted to the occupant or the requirements.

The hole in the top platform was half way up my neck, but Mike decided it wasn't positioned right. He adjusted it so that my head was being pulled upwards. I couldn't even stand on tiptoe because my hands were trapped in the middle platform.

"There," said Mike, watching me straining, "doesn't that look an appropriate situation for a slave?"

Mike explained to the customer, "I have a meter showing how much this boy has pissed, so I might as well put it to good use. I'll release him once he's pissed, say, another 200 millilitres, but lets leave him caged until then."

I needed to piss, so I let it go, and the others heard the ticking of the meter clocking up the piss running into my arse.

Mike went out to the storeroom, and came back with something he fixed onto the cage just by my head. "There you go, you can suck on this to get drinking water to help you piss."

I couldn't see anything happening below the level of the top platform, but I felt someone grab my sheathed cock and start rubbing it up and down.

Then I heard the customer say to me, "If I keep going with this, you might get an extra few millilitres through your meter!

Wednesday, 9:25am

"That's a big suit!" I said as I looked at what was waiting for me in the changing room.

It was a full rubber suit, with feet and hands. I'm sure it would have had a hood too, except that Mike doesn't like me being hooded while trying to talk to customers.

It had a long zip up the back, and a separate one for arse access. But at the front it had what from the outside looked like a large cock and balls in hard rubber. There was a hole on the inside to allow my cock and balls to fit into the oversized shape on the front of the suit, but since that was hard rubber, there would then be no access to the flesh inside.

What's more, the suit looked like it had large nipples, but I recognised them as snakebite suckers. They would no doubt be used to pull my tits while I was wearing the suit.

I put lots of talc into the suit, and managed to squeeze myself into it - quite tight.

When I was done, Mike came over to check me out. As I expected, he put a padlock onto the main suit zip, and then made sure the suit's nipples were sucking hard at my nipples. Then he bent me over, pushed a buttplug into me, and locked up the arse zip too. He also rubbed over the artificial cock and balls on the front of the suit, but I couldn't feel any stimulation fro it.

I said, "Well, it feels nice and snug, at least. This will get me in the mood - Tony's coming over to see me tonight, and you know what sort of stuff he's into."

Mike just said, "Oh, really..."

Wednesday, 8:25pm

Mike came over to me, closing his mobile phone, and said, "I have a surprise for you!"

Mike's surprises were usually something to worry about. I said, "Oh, what's that?"

"I've just been chatting to Tony about him coming to see you tonight. I described what you're wearing at the moment, and he says it sounds great."

"I see... so...?"

"So he's told me I need not bother unlocking you from your suit tonight, he'll just take you as you are!"

I was stunned. The suit and the plug had already got me horny, but with my cock trapped in this hard rubber cock I couldn't do anything about it. Now I've got to have hot sex with Tony tonight while still trapped this way?

Mike added, "He says that I should unlock your arse and take the plug out, since he plans to use that, but he doesn't need your cock so he doesn't mind that being inaccessible. And you don't mind, do you?"

"Well, if that's what he wants, who am I to say otherwise."

Thursday, 9:55am

I didn't need to change this morning, since I was already still in the rubber gear from last night.

Mike said, "So did you have fun last night with Tony?"

"Yea, sure did. He loved the suit - of course he added a hood too. It was very kinky for me not only not being able to grab my cock, but knowing that not even the guy I was with could get at it."

"Mmm great - must have made you horny!"

"Ooo yea, and I still am." Then I added, optimistically, "I hope I won't have to stay stuck in this suit for too long."

He only said, "I bet you do!"

Thursday, 11:55am

Two men came in to the shop, and I could tell immediately which was dom and which sub. They were both in leathers, but the one in front looked quite casual, whereas the one behind looked like he had been told to keep himself smart, and was wearing a locked leather collar.

The dom said to me, "I'm looking for something interesting for a cage for my boy. He has a small one he sleeps in already, but I'd like something a bit different."

I replied, "Well we have a range of cages available. Would you like to browse our selection?"

"Yes, certainly." Then he turned to his sub. "Boy, show your gratitude for this man's kindness."

The sub ran around to stand in front of me, then got down on his knees. He bent down and started licking my rubber feet.

Mike came along with a catalogue, and started showing the cage section to the dom, while the sub worked up my legs and started licking my hard rubber cock and balls - such a shame I wasn't in anything more accessible!

After a short while, Mike said, "Andy, the gentleman would like to see the 69 cage in use. Could you get it ready?"

I left the sub as he was licking my locked arse zip, and found the cage.

It was horizontal, nearly as long as a person, and about a foot tall. The top opened and hinged to one side. Both the top and bottom had lots of straps on the inside of the cage.

The dom started strapping the sub into the bottom of the cage, lying down face up with his hands strapped down but his knees in the air and his feet strapped either side of his arse.

Mike strapped me in the same way to the top of the cage, but with my head near the sub's feet and vice versa.

Once we were both fully strapped in, they both lifted up the top of the cage with me strapped to it, and put it down on the rest of the cage, so lowering me onto the sub. I heard the rattle of a padlock being added.

My head was pushed right up against the sub's groin, and his against mine. I did what seemed natural, and poked around with my tongue.

I heard Mike say, "My boy would enjoy this much more if the suit he's wearing didn't prevent any access to his cock."

The dom responded, "Oh, well my boy has a hard cup inside his leathers at the moment, so he won't feel a thing either.

But nevertheless, they left us to it as they went off to discuss pricing.

Thursday, 9:15pm

I had been horny all day, still locked in the suit along with the plug Mike had locked back in. I felt the buzz of the plug, so went over to see what Mike wanted.

He was standing over by a restraint chair we have on display in the shop. He said, "Would you like a seat?"

I sat, and he started buckling me into the chair, at my wrists, upper arms, ankles, thighs, waist and neck.

He said, "You've been a good boy, in your rubber enclosure all day, so here's where you get your reward." He took out a small key, and put it into a hole right in the top of the cock shape at the groin of my suit. Using it he was able to take the top off the cock shape. He poked his finger down inside it, and for the first time in 2 days, my cock felt some contact!

He then took out a strange looking piece of equipment - a box of dials connected with wire to a cylinder of brushes. He pushed the cylinder down inside the suit's rubber cock shape, and I felt the brushes slide down the side of my cock.

He turned a dial and the brushes started to move up the side of my cock! They then moved down, then up again, slowly rubbing my cock and giving it the stimulation it had been missing.

He picked up a hood, and as he put it on me he said, "I have to do some paperwork for a while, so I'll just leave you to enjoy yourself. Now, open wide," and he pushed the large gag of the hood into my mouth.

The hood was tight leather, with a big gag, blindfold, and pads over my ears to muffle sound - very constricting.

He must have adjusted the controls again, because I felt the brushes slow down. They were now enough to stimulate, but nothing like enough to make me cum. Then the buttplug started buzzing away, switching on and off at random intervals.

And there I sat. Completely helpless, unable to move a muscle, cock and arse both constantly stimulated, horny as hell, no idea how long I'd been here, and no idea how long was to go.

Then, after what felt like hours, the brushes felt like they were a little faster. They slowly got faster, more and more stimulating, getting me closer and closer to cuming.

As the brushes were going full speed, as I was panting and yearning for a climax, I felt a touch right on the tip of my cock. I had no idea what it was, but it was enough - I shot my horny load. I've no idea where it went, and I didn't care, I only knew the cum was pumping through my cock.

As soon as I finished, I felt the plug and brushes stop and then my hood being unstrapped.

I finally saw the dazzle of light and the freshness of direct air, then saw Mike's face. He kissed me.

I said, "That was incredible! How long was I in there for?"

"Glad you liked it. It was about three quarters of an hour. Bet your suit has got a bit sweaty by now."

"Yea it has, I'll be glad to get a shower. If I'm going to be allowed out of the suit, that is."

Mike smiled, and said, "Well..."

Friday, 9:47am

Mike said, "I thought I'd been a bit hard on you recently, so today you can have something a bit easier to wear."

In the changing room, I found a rubber mini kilt and just the chest straps of a leather harness. Of course, nothing to wear under the kilt.

I put them on. The kilt was just long enough to cover the end of my cock which was freely hanging down inside it.

When I went out to show Mike, he looked under the kilt and smiled, then added, "We just have a few more things to add." Here we go again!

He had me lie on a couch, then fiddled with my cock and balls for a while. I could feel something tightening around them. Then he said, "One more thing," and then gently pushed something up my arse, which felt like the pager plug I had been wearing most of the week.

"There you go, you can carry on now".

I checked under the kilt. A heavy shiny steel ball weight was firmly clamped around the top of my balls, which had a hinge connecting it to a heavy shiny steel cockring around the base of my cock and balls. A short chain came off the hinge, the other end of which was padlocked to the end of the plug.

Mike pointed out, "The plug isn't locked into you, but if you take it out then it will be left dangling between your legs, so I'll be looking out for that."

Friday, 2:15pm

I saw a guy looking at a rack of gags, so I asked him, "Would you like any help?"

He said, "Yes please. I'm due to be a submissive at a party next week, so I'm looking for some appropriate equipment."

He looked like a cute guy, and so I though I'd push him for a bit more detail. "And what sort of party would that be?"

"Ah, well..." He looked embarrassed. "I'm going to be sucking off all the other guys there."

I couldn't help but smile. "Ah right, well... would something restraining be in order then?"

"Oh yes, essential!"

I would like to see what this guy would be like in some good restraints. "Could I recommend a straitjacket then, for good all-round security?"

I showed him a rack of straitjackets, and he selected one in leather with lot of extra securing straps. He asked if he could try it on, so I lead him through to a changing room.

I said, "It's best if you take your shirt off first." This is partially true, although also I wanted to see his chest. And I wasn't disappointed - nice firm abs and a six-pack stomach.

I put some of the straps for the jacket down on the floor on the other side of the room. Then I slid his arms into the jacket and started buckling him up. As I did so, he kept making the groaning noises which I knew meant he was enjoying himself.

I went to get the other straps. I had put them down in a place so that I would have to bend over to get them, and so show him my arse.

As I turned back, his eyes were bulging out of his head. He said, "Wow! What have you got on under there?"

"What, this little thing?" I said as I lifted my kilt to show him my now hard cock with the hardware bolted on.

He said, "You're just lucky that I'm well secured now!"

I smiled, and said, "I'd better finish strapping you up then," as I buckled and tightened the other straps. He wriggled, just to confirm he was really trapped.

He said, "I saw some gags earlier, with big holes in the front."

"Ah, a wise choice," I said. "Would you like to try one on?"

His smile answered that question, so I went to get one. When I returned, he was already obediently knelt down with his mouth open.

As I put the gag in his mouth and buckled it behind his head, I said, "This is a cock-sucking gag - the ring in your mouth is designed to allow a cock through, and prevent you from biting it or stopping it."

I finished, and stepped back to admire his helplessness. I thought I would ask him a question he couldn't answer: "Now, what did you say you were going to be doing at this party?"

He moaned a bit, which could have been an attempt at an answer, then he leant forward to the bulge that was sticking prominently out from my kilt. "What's the matter, you want something in here?"

I stepped forward and lifted my kilt. He dived straight down and pushed the ring of his gag over my cock.

I grabbed the back of his head, and fucked his face as his tongue lapped all over my cock.

He was very good, even though he didn't have the use of his lips. Soon I felt I was about to cum. I grabbed his hair, pulled out of his gag, and rubbed my cock into his hair as I came in thick creamy spurts.

I caught my breath, then dried my cock off on his hair. Then I unbuckled his gag.

As soon as he's stretched his jaw, he said, "Wow, that was fantastic."

I pushed my hand down his jeans, and said, "Wow, you're wet! You must have enjoyed it as much as I did."

He only said, "So, do you want to come to a party next week?"

Saturday, 9:40am

The jumble of steel I found in the changing room, I knew very well. It was a custom made full stainless steel chastity belt, with rubber lining in some places. It had a tube which housed my cock and kept it pointing downwards, so getting hard in it was quite uncomfortable. It had a waist band which locked on, and a thin bar which went down between my arse cheeks to prevent anything being inserted there.

It was designed for lnog term use, and so there was no good excuse to ask for it to be removed. I had often worn it over a weekend, and a few times worn it for a whole week without having the keys. It was very frustrating, but that in itself was a big turn-on.

I expected Mike was putting this on me today because he wanted me to wear it over the weekend, so it was no surprise when he said, "You don't mind being locked in it for a while, do you?"

I was also locked into a shiny steel collar which matched the belt, with a big padlock in front.

The only other thing I wore was a pair of nipple clamps connected by a chain, and some boots.

Saturday, 10:30am

I heard Mike laughing on the phone, then he called to me, "You'd better take this call."

I took the phone, and a voice said, "Hi. Back on Monday you sold a chastity harness to a guy."

I had to try to remember. "Yes, I think so."

"And you locked the keys onto him with a combination lock?"

"Oh yes, I remember that! Do you want to get out of it now?"

"Well, actually no. I'm not the one who bought the harness. He's still happily locked into it, quite comfortable and very horny. I've been keeping him horny for a few days now, and it's great that I know he can't go play with himself when I'm not around."

"So how can I help?"

"I'd like you to tell me the combination, so I know, and he knows, that I can set him free any time I want."

I laughed, "It sounds like he's getting good use out of our gear then, always nice to know. The combination is 147."

"Great, thanks. I'm not actually going to free him for a while yet, but it's nice to know I could do eventually."

Saturday, 3:40pm

The shop door opened, and in walked a couple who could not possibly have come to the shop by public transport.

A tall, slender woman entered wearing a shiny black PVC catsuit and black patent leather high heels came in, holding a riding crop in one hand and a lead in the other.

The other end of the lead was attached to the collar of a very fit, muscled man dressed entirely in rubber from head to foot, who was following behind her. The zip over his mouth in the rubber hood was closed, and there weren't any obvious eye holes, so he may have been walking only when pulled by the lead. His hands were handcuffed behind him, and his cock was in a rubber sheath in his suit, currently erect.

The woman seemed to take no notice of the man, just tugged him along behind her.

She approached Mike, announcing, "I need something new to keep my slave under control. What do you have."

Mike was about to answer when she saw me and shouted, "Oh, what a divine little thing!"

She trotted over to me in her heels, with her slave trying to keep up. She stroked my cheek with the end of her crop, saying, "And what do they call you, boy?"

"My name is Andy, Madam."

She moved the end of the crop down, to hook the chain between my nipple clamps, and gently tugged it. "Well, Andy, you really are quite charming!"

Her eyes drifted down to my chastity belt. "And I see you are kept under control, like every good slave boy should be. Do you find it secure, boy?"

I had to smile at her put-on air of dominance, but I was happy to play along. "Yes, Madam, it's quite secure. I can't do anything when I'm locked up in it."

She said, "Let me see," and she put her hand behind the main shield of my chastity belt, to where the cock tube is. When she found one of my balls, she dropped the lead in her other hand and examined both my balls as they hung either side of the tube.

"Mmm yes, you are an interesting one," she said as she teased each ball. I'm not into women, but I couldn't help being turned on by that being done to me.

She stared me straight in the eye as one hand moved down the cock tube to the grille at the bottom, where it found some pre-cum dripping down. She wiped it up on her finger, then very deliberately licked the finger, while still staring at me.

"Mmm!" she said. "Is it for sale?"

I stared her back, and answered, "Is what for sale?"

She laughed a little and broke off the stare. "Everything has a price, but I meant, can I buy one of these metal belts for my slave."

"Yes, Madam, but we would have to take measurements and then order it to fit him."

While still looking me up and down, she shouted, "You by the counter, measure my slave for one of these things."

I could see Mike fetching his tape measure, while probably wondering if it would be possible to measure the guy while he's completely encased in rubber.

With one hand, she pulled my nipple clamp chain towards her, and then put the other around the back of my neck, gently stroking it.

She whispered to me, "I could use a good obedient slave like you. Come to my house on Sunday, and bring the keys to your belt. If you're lucky, you won't get them back."

I replied, "I'm sorry, Madam, but I'm gay."

Her face dropped. "Oh, what a waste!"

Saturday, 10:20pm

"Another week over," said Mike.

I replied, "Yes indeed. You go, I'll lock up the shop."

"Thanks." Then he smiled and said, "So you don't mind me leaving with your chastity belt and collar keys, then?"

I sighed. It would be another horny, frustrating weekend, but I'd enjoy getting free on Monday. "No, that's okay, I'll just stay locked up. It's not as though I had any plans for my cock, after all."

As he left, Mike said, "Great, see you on the 7th then."

"Okay, bye!"

As I heard his car drive away, I thought, what did he mean by 'see you on the 7th'? Then I realised - Mike's just gone off for 2 weeks holiday! And he left with my chastity belt keys!

So now I'm doomed to stay belted, collared, horny and frustrated for the next 14 days. After all that time, when I'm finally released I'll explode!

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