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The Wolf

Andy had thought for a while about getting a pet dog, but a friend had told him he should get something a bit more 'exciting’.

He thought about this, and decided that a wolf would make an interesting pet. He asked in petshops, and eventually managed to find a shop on the Internet that would sell him a wolf.

But the website had a warning: "This wolf is quite ferrocious, and must be kept in a strong cage at all times. It will be tied up on delivery, and must be kept tied until it is safely caged."

Sure enough, the wolf was delivered securely bound.

Andy carefully put the wolf into the cage and padlocked the cage door, then untied the wolf.

But the wolf didn't seem to be that ferrocious at all. "It's all hype!" Andy though as he patted the wolf on they head and played with him through the bars of the cage.

He wanted to play with his new pet, and he was sure the wolf was harmless, so he unlocked the cage.

He let the wolf out.

The wolf seemed like a very loveable pet.

They played for a while, wrestling and tussling each other.

Suddenly, the wolf changed temperament and pounced on Andy.

The wolf used all his weight to pin Andy down, and somehow managed to secure Andy's hands together behind him.

The wolf took advantage of Andy's vulnerable state.

Andy was scared, since the wolf was now showing his teeth, so when the wolf pushed Andy into the cage, Andy didn't argue.

The wolf secured the cage door, then ran for freedom.

For hours, Andy was trapped in the cage. He could not free his hands or open the door.

He was woken up by the sound of a window being smashed. He was delighted to see that someone had broken in to rescue him!

The stranger threw off his coat, to reveal that he was dressed all in purple from head to toe. Andy had a sinking feeling that all his problems had not just ended.

The stranger spoke in a low, booming voice: "My Master requires the return of the Superwolf. Where is it?"

Andy said, "That wolf overpowered me and left me here. Then he ran away. Get me out of this and I can help you find it."

The stranger only said, "You will tell me where it is."

He replied, "I don't know."

The stranger tore open the cage door and dragged Andy out.

He ripped Andy's clothes off him, grabbed andy's balls very tightly and squeezed them. "Where is it?"

Andy was in agony and couldn't speak, but he had nothing he could tell the man.

The stranger kept asking as he put Andy through a series of tortures, each worse than the last. The stranger raped Andy's arse.

He then tried to stretch Andy's cock right off his body, but Andy could tell him nothing.

He even forced Andy to suck his cock and swallow his cum.

The stranger pinned Andy to the ground, as he tied him up in the way the wolf had been tied.

The stranger tried one last torture, but Andy could tell him nothing.

Eventually, the stranger said, "My Master requires that the Superwolf occupies a cage in his Zoo of the Bizarre. If you cannot return the Superwolf to me, you will have to go into the cage instead."

The stranger tied Andy up in just the same way that the wolf had been delivered, and dragged him off to his new life in the Master's zoo.

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