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On the roof

woof! wish I could experience that
To have someone like that do that to me. I came all over my keyboard!
Very hot. Too bad its imposible in the reality
I would have loved to Cum all over myself but I let Master Cum on me and that will do....
i wish someone would chastise me permanently
fucking awsome
please someone chastise me i want to be your slave
Very Hot WOOF

Shadow Games

i want an invite.....
if you ever organse something like this give us a line on rubberpal (ukrubberlife109)


wow, wish i had the gear to do this, as well as the audacity and someone to hold the key
Wish it was me all locked up like that!!
Does that locking butt plug exist anyplace?
yes the but plug exists! (I had been searching for a site check tolly)
damn love to be locked up like that too
Just the fantasy I have - great!
who wants to do this to me i have a collection of male chastity devices


would have been fun if one of the guys had joined the program
i'd lock you up for good you kinky bitch


You have outdone yourself!
Very very Good, i wish we could trade places
Hot fucking story Sir. WOuld love to be locked up like that
Lucky Fucker
Outstanding! Starts slow but ends as this unexpectedly intense bondage scene. More, please!
Awsome story!!
Wow - very horney
Xcelelent story and original bondage...
PLEASE add more!!!!! This slave wishes this would happen to it!!
That's fab!
i love this, from tight bondage to extreme bondage. i very much would like to see more Sir
How about a foced enema to liven things up?
enslave me please Sirs
GREAT story!

Gag Gift

Oh my cock just aches from this story. I can't wait for an update!
Wonderful story. Wonder what will happen in the future.
Wonderful story - my locked cock is giving me some pain just now.
Fantastic story. Pity I am locked up and denied!
Very nice indeed. Good work!
If only it was me wearing the belt and denied........
Great story, looking forward to an update
Being gay I hope you write a version for two men
Do you plan to extend this story? It's wonderful!
I love it. And now she should lock him up, too!
lock me up too please SIR
where can i get a slave like that i want to be your master

My Master, my slave

if only such permanent, secure, devices existed that would cause no inconveniences in welfare
Oh to dream of such a realtionship
Happy Master - eventually the odds will allow double sixes. Poor slave: never to cum.
Unhappy Master wants grateful slave for bondage life. Email
make me your slave chastise me pemanently master


oh yeah, 7 years in a cb, that'd be hot, but you'd need a full belt or a lori's to do that long, no?
awesome how you have pictures!

The boy

I've been somewhat in his position, and som eone decent to serve is hard to find
I am in a similar situation, there simplsnt anyone wanting a young man to serve them in my area.
Master in Florida Keys wants grateful slave for full support and 24/7 tied
I am definitely a decent Master who cares about his slave.
I have a double wide home on a canal in the Fla Keys for my slave to live in and swim at.


Haha, what a bummer.
An unfortunate way to achieve permanent chasity.
Hi!fhgc! pdqix uiufy xilox zmfoj
[URL=]nbciw qzfwh[/URL] [URL=]wyyqx knpjy[/URL]
Hi webmaster!
There's still hope!
lucky bastard pemanent chastity

Her Secret

Wow great story. Loved the twist. Great how both characters got what they deserved. Thank you
Wow! This was real justice. Fantastic! I love it.
This is what HELL must be like!

The BJ Boys

I need to swim more often. 8-)
could be the new swim training tool try a buttplug not a float
shame the boy wasn't made to wear a speedo with a cb3000 underneath like my master does to me. talk about embarassing
Gave me a hard on too - wish I had a master to make me swim in bondage gear. Mike Perrins.
I want that rubber suit!
Totally hot and horny story, :)
What is it that has never happened to me at hte pool or gym,

The BJ Boys on Holiday

Make me want to take scuba lessons!
what a shame the suits are not real would love one

Laura's keys

Great story!
Great Story, Hurry up the next part
Great story , hurry up with the next part
Very nice...more please!
Exciting story. i wait with baited breath for the next installments!
Great, altough I like the best the first part, she as keyholder and teasing
shit story line
Love it! Encore!
Great. I'm so glad that a guy and girl are sharing everything. Super!
Lovely, really...romantic, sexy, pervy, and voluntary. Well Done!
Good story, but who was the mystery man ?
Great story hurry up whith the second part
wish my girlfriend and i were in their place

A Change of Clothes

Wonderful! It's great to have a new Mortice story.
mortice you have got to stop teasing us with these lovely letters im wanking myself sore
Fantastic Mortice
I LOVE this story. It reads so interesting & you must write continue of this story. :)
Thanks again for another great rubber bondage story!
Great - but we must have more!
if only it were real!!!
good story, kept me on edge.
what i would give to be that slave
Fantastic story mortice!!
id want a rubber sheath on and b hard than the spikes, such a hot story

Strangers on a Train

British trains sound way hotter than Amtrak! Can't wait for part two.
O! I like this story. It's so interesting. I too can't wait for part 2. A.F.
Gr8 story - lookin forward to part 2
bring on part 2
Mortice, what a very, very, naughty boy you are. Yummy x
Fuck yeah, this story is amazing.
Fuck...Please write more of this sort...just messed my pants
nice love the zentaipart

Sex on a Train

The twist at the end is O. Henryesque. Wonderful!
I've clearly been riding the wrong trains. 8-)

The Wolf

fantastic story and great pictures though would suggest a different ending if Andy could not give back the wolf he should have been put in the wolf suit and made to take its place ...Patrick
If you write and photograph another story and need someone else to end up as Andy did above please contact
Fantastic. Agree that Andy should have been transformed into the wolf as his punishment :)
great story and ending if you want another then is yer skinhead dog woof!
use me as your toy
poor Andy. All he wanted was a bit of company and he got abused. :(
Great Story .... Wish I coul be in next one
Great story....Andy should have not let wolf out...his punishment should by to become the wolf.
Hello! great idea of color of this siyte!
I'd pay to get a wolf like that
Bondage Master needs slave to punish and subjugate. contact

Metal Mia

good one
One of the best I've seen!!!!!
Cool -- thanks a lot.
Wow! Great story. Many thanks!
Truly a controlled female, giving her what she truly desires but not giving her release.
Excellent Story, loved it!!!!
Excellent - definatly one of the best!
Wow! Great story. Many thanks!
5 Star Story, GOOD WORK
Wonderful ^_^
A VERY nice story! Well told and excellently paced - JG-Leathers
Ah, but chastity is supposed to inhibit orgasm, else what is the purpose
very good story
A very good read, with different slant
chastity has nothing to do with orgasm, it's about control, wish there was a belt like that for men
Great story. I wish it could be done for a man, too!
Excellent, one of the better ones I've found. Thanks for sharing.
i wish i could control Mia great stiry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the Chastity Dungeons

Glen0330 - Great pics and story. I wish it were me in that belt with that rod up my ass being forced to service the Chastity Devil and his Master.
sheerturbo - great story and pics, wouldn't mind being the chastity slave myself
petem - i'll get into my wetsuit and go hunt for the keys in the moat!
Patrick - Fantastic very horny please continue would love to see what happens to the hapless villager in lycra
Liked pictured stories a lot! Thanks!
great story
i like to suck and get fucked
Would love to be locked up like that, cock and ass under Masters lock and key!
i need that
fuck i would love to be a leather hooded chastity slave for real
you can lock me up i will suck your cock master
i would love to be treated like that by my Wife
could only wish Torment Devil was a Woman!
Thanks for the story and the pics. That must have been a fun project. I wish more chastity fans would do the same.
ideal story & ideal pictures makes (ideal)^2 story
i wish i could spend my life like that justin
oh to be the slave and forced into submission
Hi mortice..I like it..I torment my husband like that sometimes...Jane
i wouldnt mind being the slave. i might go to close to the castle wall and get capturd and get into the chstity device
to be a a slave in a leather hood and be under masters control. i'd love it
verynice-- I like the steel belt-- plastic is just not secure enough!
i wouldn't mind being stuck in chastity and in a leather hood under leather
i would love to be the one locked upused in any way
I need a master to treat me like this.
I really wish someone would do that to me ...
Ian, oh how i wish i coud be the slave,bound,restrained,fuked and abused!
wow im rock hard thanks guys
whoohoo that made my afternoon!
nice i would like to swop places .
oh god! I'd love to be locked in chastity like that. Email me at
Any chance of the slaves update Mortice?...Jane
great story. i was straining my own chastity device reading about the slaves torment.
plz do it to the girl plz
do it to the little girl
absolutley fab stroy and pics wish it was me
wow, amazing pic and story, i wish to be at the seme situation,
it make me wet over and over again
I'm very hard&willing to obey by servring you
Warped beyond belief....! brilliant!
I would love to be the chastity slave!!!
Great story! Made me horny...The relief onky comes from serving Master.
If you are looking for a female key holder check out
he deserved all he got
ware is the castle wall i wana be captured
Hello! great idea of color of this siyte!
Very nice point of view! Respect!
Good site!
Thanks to Oprah, Obama camp claims biggest crowd yet
canI get put into one permanently
love 2 put my cock up him.
amazing, more please!!!!!!!!
loved the idea of a chast slave putting a chastity on another victim
brilliant picture story, am hard in my cb3000 and need a cum myself
I want to be in chastity like that.
lo maximo !!!!
A brilliant story, and a lucky boi, to be kept, in such a state, and position.
Cool horney storry, whish I could join for a "game"
Made me horny as fuck my dick was like a rod
another fucking hot story - I have a raging hardon
You sick fuckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Enjoy Hell perverts!
I wish I had a Torment Devil for myself! ;)
great would love to be the devil
bondage slave needed, Master will supply full support, food, a free place to live for obedient slave
oops, that wanted bondage slave needs to email
That bondage slave needed for full support Master must like bondage 24/7.
That Bondage slave may also email for another full support bondage master. :)
Great story - nice to have pictures with it - very hot!!
Great story! i'm way too horny though - good thing my cock's locked up - Master would be very upset
i want to be treated like that , pemanent chastity 24/7/365


why can't i be so lucky.
I can't wait for Part2!
I'm pretty much straight but this story did it for me;)
looking forward to part two .
PART 2!!!!!
Very good. Love the concept. One day????
wish i could find a chastity belt like that MMMMMMmmmmm
that's what I call happy hunting
hey this is john......was just curiou about hot thew belt will continue to work i mean if it only opens once for each user there must be something different for his real Master right?
Great rock hard reading story
Too many condoms in this story. Fiction is already safe sex. Why ruin it?
i wish i had a mistress to treat me like that

Big Brother

Good story. More attention to Alex and Li's relationship would have been even better.
Sweet, perhap a follow up about what happened after?
Would have cum...if not for my own cb :'(
Don't care about Alex and Li, but continuing with Alex and Emily would be great!
I would have cum with the guy & im straight!
emily could hold my key anytime

Second Time Lucky

very funny! Comedy is always welcome!
interesting chasti-permalock tale. though i enjoy chastity tales, i prefer happy endings...n this has a comedic twist to it..
Plot reminds me of the Three Stooges. Why is small cock essential? Unclear.
Loved it thany you for a very good read
would it work if the guy got sperm in his ass??
Funny very funny
I liked the ending
the small cock is esseential so that it is easier for them to take in the arse.
the sweetchastity site is for sale (a long time ago)

Securing Sarah

Hmmm... interesting. Apparently she's not really clear about the point of being locked up. It's good, Mortice. I like; there's fewer stories about women in CBs than I for one would like.
Are you going to finish this story?
When is the NEXT chapter Mortace?
C'mon...It's time for more...
I like it. I hope that there are a LOT more chapters coming soon.
Mortice says - just added chapters 5 and 6
How about...confiding in her best friend...going to a the beach
..A family party (with up-tight sister-in-law)
Wow! Mortice its ace! I need a woman like that!
Great stuff. Question: Do the U anchors for the shield go through the inner or outer lips?
Mortice says - just added chapters 7 and 8
great story, I can't wait much longer for the rest
It's the middle of August...Where are Chapters 9 & 10??????
great story, but when does it go further, pleaseees
may I have some more?
Please, I can't wait that long. please continue
Please, can you continue this SOON.
I really injoyed the story but wish it was me in that chastity belt and i am a cross dresser
great great story - pls go ON!!!
more please
Excellent, would like to be that girl, Sarah.
What a AWESOME story! Drip wet here. Would love to find a master like that!
When is this going to be finished?
soo hot, i wish i could get myself off. please keep writing
please add more! This is a great story!
Please, continue this story!
Top Banana
brilliant story just shot in my plastic panties ill lick the spunk out later
im now going to put on my leg irons and handcuffs and wank myself silly
Excellent Please Continue
Are you going to add more to this great story please?
reading this came in front of a webcam, broadcasting for a chatfull of ppl, steel vibe on clit
Great story, will there be more? I certainly hope so, soooooooo hot.
exelent story wish Sarah was my slave


in the very first paragraph, you refer to chuck as she Totally unacceptable
damn, this is great
cool idea. can you make it longer?
grat idea, but yes I agree could be longer
longer, please. as to the gender thing, the Dom/me is referred to as He at one point, though i chose female.
Very cool, just needs some adjusting but the possibilities are endless!
Needs further development.
great! I got an hard on reading the story!
mark gasped as the large dildo/buttplug finally went all the way into his cock, don't want the dildo in there :D but a great story it is
errrr - my sub turned in2 a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
just getting started?
Could be longer with a few more options, but is a GREAT IDEA
gangbang included and cum on face
butt plug should have HUGE
it's great - a story about me and the one i would so like to be dominated by! PLEASE make more!
Could be longer ?? Size does not always matter;-) Gr8! work thank you for adding it to the site.
i'm amanda and i havea slave named max : )
we i like it
include rubber bondage
very nice. thank you
*groan* That is spot on!
what wonderful story
I think it was silly. The main word "mummification" never came up in the pre-written story.
i like these type of stories where you can put whatever names you want into it.


absolutely amazing story - youre the best
enjoyed it, but where is the next chapter????
Really fabulous, but you leave me begging for more!
Love it! Great story. Hope to hear more of this!
fantastic story, sounds like the best sort of party
% Star Story, LOL great ending
awesome story, i've been naughtly 2day!!!
Excellent story well told
nothing surprising could see the ending oh well
nothing surprising could see the ending coming oh well

Public Sufferance

One of the sexiest stories I have ever read!
I'll take 2 months pleaseeeeee
write a sequel
Superb! Can't wait for the next installment
I may dumb a whole truck load of trash!
Horny. Just as well I'm locked in a cb2000, or I would've cum:)
Super Geschichte!!! Wie wäre es mit einem zweiten Teil?
Write a sequel
write a sequel
what about adding rubber hip boots to the outfit.
i like humililation
think you should be made to piss and shit IN your clothes
hard from the very begining
stiff stuff
VERY stiff ;-)
I wish all Science Fiction films had that kind of erotic feelings.
Fantastic - the suit should be made available for all!!!
you people are weird
Great Story, more please
a suit like that is worth dropping litter for
I'm gay and into being dominated, so I wish the dominator had been a sexy young man wearing rubber under his business suit
Sequel - Make him cum in the suit
give him a chance thru the hole in the front,let him cum
I'd would like to wear such suit for a YEAR.
I agree ...write a sequel
really do need more of this
Lekker geil
i would love to wear that suit for life with out parole
Last Name
I vote sequel as well, very very nice story
incredible. awesome story.
truely horny... what next?
makes e want to litter all over town
sounds like a good sentence
i say sequel
Ich würde diesen Anzug gern für immer tragen müssen.
Love to meet your girl friend under similar condition - Hum . . . . . . . . . . .Ah!
highly erotic,ive just done a month in The Curve so i can imagine the "sufference"
I wonder what level 6 is like. great suit
Ok, I'm gay and that's even hot!!
would drop litter any time to be in that suit
i have just become the worst litter lout ever.excellent story
what do i have to do to get a life time sentence ??
Want humiliation? want to be tied and gagged daily?
Want to wear a hood with a dildo gag all the time?
Fantastic! What a wonderful suit! Although I can't see it doing much for the littering...


Sounds like fiction - but could just be true...
Say Kat: My e-mail is at I llike catsuits too!
excellent story, just where do you find a girl like that anyway?
more.... more... more....
Wow, great story. Combines many fetishes I share. Would love to meet a woman like that!
i must meat that woman or you i dint really car as long as catsuits are involved
omg....i have used that chain collar/padlock/zipper tab trick on my dresses and suits for years. cllrdndcffd
This is an amazing story even after coming back to it after seeing it for the first time a long while ago.
One of the best rubber stories I have ever read. A+++++
beautifull story, wish i were Kat and i'm a male

Scenes from a Mall

Are you going to write the next chapter. It leaves you just hanging without an end.
Excellent Story .... anything with cuffs in is always good !
I'm going to try this ^
What a story. Read it just before lunch & couldn't keep my mind off of it. What a turnon!
Please, next chapter!!
hey mortice. anytihing u put in here is ohhhh so sexual

The Gimp

this was another great story.....keep up the good work
Very nice,very good,very hardening,do not think i could last a
Love the gimp stories,,,,,gagged, bagged a rustling mass of rubber and moaning is my life.
you're so sick. Me too.
Excellent gimp story
Excellent story. i live for rubber and enjoyed its power.
sick and twisted mind you have. keep it up!
Man I wish I was that Gimp
great story, mortice
DAMN MOFO! This story was tight as hell
Sydney guy wants to be a gimp. Email me at
love to live the Gimp role, email me
wow, where can i find gimp supplies?
One of the best gimp storys i've heard in a while
youre all fucking sick...but it takes all sorts, i guess.......
written by a true love of Kink!!!
would like to become a gimp for a nite
I Am A Gimp! Add Me
I'm more fascinated by the rack scene . . . I have to wonder how long I'd last
your all sick bastards
Enthralling, riviting, deliciously kinky, from The Mistress
love to be the gimp
this is an amazing story, id love 2 be the gimp!!
would love to be the bound ginp in that story , being fucked and used
Would like to be the gimp master!
wish i could be a gimp - neil
after this.... what's left? bet it'll take 400 gimps to get him off soon
wish there was someone in the us to turn me into a gimp-
I want to be that gimp
mortice need to start a gimp farm soon so we all can join
Class story I which it was me that was the gimp and with the remote butt plug whoa!! A tightly laced neck to ankle corset would set this of nicely..
What an incredibly exciting story! It makes this one want to be a gimp.
Lucky Gimp
makes you wana rap your self in rubber
Haha niiiice..... *smirks*
this is not my scene but im randy now
wanna b a gimp master-
I want to be the gimp!!! Fucking Hot story!
I would relish in being a gimp pet -
Fuckin' hot.
Weird ass people.
This is cool.
I'm just adding random comments.
Theoretically you could add many, many comments.
Is the max really 100 characters? Then, let's type a whole bunch of shit and put it on here! Hahaha!
Gimp! Gimp! Gimp! Gimp! Gimp! Gimp! Gimp! Gimp! Gimp! Gimp! Gimp! Gimp! Gimp! Gimp! Gimp! Gimp!
I want to be Dave the Gimp
Really great story,but for me I like female gimps better!
Great style and interesting, new varistions.
were do i sign up to be a gimp
cool story
i want to be locked up in a chastity belt
Seems an ideal marriage to me except a bit low on discipline
wish it was me

Fancy Dress

very mean, his pal should find a boltcutter and set him free . then head over to his mother in laws and set things right with his bitchy wife . . .
Not likely, He should find out where she got that suit and get one for himself!
I want to be that guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
me too
Very lucky guy, I wish it was me.
She must really love him, to do that to him. Well done!
where do you find a wife like alice
what was the SEX like when they got back togeather?? Bet it was great!
He's a good sport to put up with her ideas.
i would love to find a wife, or girlfriend that would do that to me
very horny id love to be encased in suit like that with limited air
love to be encased in that for hrs wish i could find out where she live
where can one volunteer to replace him?
Fucking freak
As usual, be care what you wish for, you might get it, and find something better is on offer ...
yes please love to be encased in that suit
would love to have a suit like that, would be in it almost all the time
excellent story
mmm fab story would love to be him.
I hope she spent the two days fucking other men. The girl could at least have pissed in his mouth.

A Cautionary Tale

that story sucked. needs a twisted end of wife forcing the husband to serve her
indeed wife now HAS the upper hand he should serve her now
Dam shame you had no surprises here, he will get bolt cutter, free himself ,playing dumb and trapping his bitchy wife ,she deserves it . . .
needed more to it
yeah i know really. put in something about her controlling him at the end
Mortice says: Interesting, this is the only story with mostly negative feedback. The reason for why it is how it is is because it's trying to express a basic idea. Any story to follow from it would be one of the usual chastity stories that there are many of across the web. I like to concentrate on unusual ideas, and this is one of them
i like this storie, leaves the male with nothing. hehehehe
Not one your best stories. Needed a lot more description of belt.
I like the story. Needs more info on belt. Maybe a twist where she returns to add options to belt. Plug, thigh bands. Humiliate with a matching chastity bra. Overall, I like the permanent chastity trap scenerio.
Wife should demand he buy a webcam on be ready for distance training the following day. He would have to use increasing in size ass dildo and then sucking on them in preparation of meeting her new boyfriend. They would supervise him using the phone and webcam. He would be fucked or prepairing himself to be fucked.
Poor man still we women are B*****ds
nees more, great start.
this is john don't let them get you down i thought it was a good one :) i like my mind taking it from where it leaves off not leaving it up to someone stupid messing it up
i love that woman and woulding to be her slave
I'm sorry she left him and destroyed his stuff, but locking him up is great!
I also wish she hadn't destroyed his stuff, but cementing his belt is great!
Good story. Looking for more. I wish she hadn't left.
I think his wife did a great job I keep my husband ? slave in a chastity device i love it ;
Batman69: what type of Liq epox was it that remained OK exposed to air for days until mixed?
As a male, I admit I am turned on by idea my boyfriend would do that to me
especially if he got me drunk so I would not realize he locked me up
with such a trap :)
I tried sending you an email & it bounced, does your email address work?
Mortice said - yes I think my email addr works, - try it again
Got your reply, tried to reply & my reply bounced back :(
had a rough idea for a story in it for you :)
Do you have a different email address I could try please?
odd - try morticedeadlock at gmail dot com
This is like leaving messages in newspaper adverts :)
Creative though :)
Sent you email to other address, no bounces :)

A Week in The Shop

Where do I send my resume?
An absolutly brill story mortice, can't wait for more
great story would love to fill in for Andy
where is this store?
all of the above applies to me
might try that on my assistant in our shop
You have a fantastic horny imagination, what must life be like living with you?????
Absolutely wonderful story - where's this shop? :)
Great story! However, showing accompanying pics would have helped a lot.
where can this boy apply for a job like that one?
woweee ive cum yum yum
I'd like to visit the store!
Excellent story. Even though I'm straight, it got me hard as a rock.
more good wanking material
bondage shop
any jobs going
I have come back to re-read this story 3 times now. Sooooo horny
Shit this was good!!! :)


extremely hot, great jackoff tale
Creative in subject. Even better when one realizes that segment of the population such subject matter apealsto. seems though to be an excerpt of amuch larger woek. My curiousity would ask as to the point of the larger work. interesting and provocitive all the same
well done, it takes a lot to make a jaded person like myself think something is fucked up!
this absolutely rocked..nice, dark, definatly sinister and very appealing..somehow...
Good more please
shot a huge load while reading it
I think its sick, how mean can people get!!!!!
I liked it, but then I'm a sick fuck. But harmless.
good,good,good; more please

A to B

An excellent story, hope we're going to hear about the rest of the year.
Recommended by the author, enjoyed by the reader, Understand and enjoy the same sense of eroticism when wearing tight gear in public, Thanks Donxx (Chaddo)
More details of interior confusion(?)) he felt with those T-shirts and other clothing.
fantastic real stuff of fantasy. I love this site
One of your very best. Public transportation will never be the same!

On Any Given Sunday

it was a pretty good story
Great story!
Great REMINDS ME of one night in Paris
Greg (and/or Brad) should have Tod in chastity device himself, to be let out only perioodically andd then, only to be fucked by Greg (and/or Brad). Would make the story even juicier.
Enjoyed & look forward to the next chapter.
Tod needs to be locked in chastity, too, but under Mary's control.
john here very good but thought tod should have been locked in at the end :)
I agree, Tod needs to be locked up, but definitely under Mary's control.
Yep! Tod locked up by Mary!! Great story
keep Mary locked up for longer periods wish she was in my control

A Common Problem

o what a fune story - luv doctors and nurses and rubber and
address -PLEASE !!!!
good story
I just wish this could happen to me.
i love teasing & denial and wicked Ladies.. Bravo
This is a good story. I would love to be in his shoes.
soooo good!
incredible I am Jealous
Excellent story, it made me hard
if i was allowed to cum, I would so definitly do so, how about a sequel?
why can't i be that lucky
Wish I were the lucky slave!
just what the doctor ordered
wonderful but a whole year !!! just what the nurse "ordered"
incredible. am writhing as i type.
I like it a lot but I wish there was an alternative to painful needles!
give me Alicia's adress please i need permanent chastity

The Pool Club

mmm what a great hot situation!
very good story. just enough, nice, nice, nice
What a great story. I lived every minute of it. The thought of being left abandoned and naked......mmmmmmm!
Hot story, mmmm
nice story
good fun
Sexy & hot fun! Great story!
Good Story....


a fine story
sprayed cum into my speedos at the thought of those cum-stained boy's cycle shorts
cum and cum in my face
Liked the story! Makes me appreciate cumming all the more.
just cum into my new hom briefs
i cummed in my jockey shorts with the thaught of the boys thight cock cumming all down his shorts im still hard from GLEN 15 FROM CA USA
e mail and come over
great story, wish it was mein hat outfit
wish i was the slave!
Wicked story i wud av made ur day x s a s
Does your email address work?

Chastity Slave

It's very exciting! I wanna be a chastity slave too
it was great. please let me become an 24/7 chastity slave.
Chastity slavery is great. I have to wear a chastity belt for 30 days and then get relief occasionally. the frustration is also great
forced wearing of chastity belts is great. i frequently have to wear one and know that it could be up to 25 days before relief. such frustration - its horny
My chastity belt has allowed me to concentrate on total service to my master...
I am allowad out once each week for his pleasure the hubby locks me back up I await eachnight to be unlocked BUT he wont
entre chaque rapport sexuel chaque devrait porter une ceinture de chastete en permanence jour et nuit sans possibilite de l'enlever par lui meme. si un homme decide de ne plus faire l'amour il devrait faire souder les cadenas de sa ceinture de chasteté et la garder a vie. c'est ce que j'ai fait il y a maintenant 5 ans
great story
I want to be chained to the bed posts where I service you with my tongue until you are finished with me
"Uplifting" store. How does one find a Master such as He?
I never tire of reading this story... it's such a delicious idea
I just need to find a master
mmm i wish it was me in the story ..
I would love to be that chastity slave, only with a female master
I think this is the first story of youthat i ever read, and i still think it is the best.
Die...brilliant Idea...
I wish I was the slave and you used a die that never would show a 5 or 6...
How i need to be treated - awesome
poor bastard!
Im single i wear a hose clamp around cock & balls works too. Any comments?
i wear a chastity but i need a key holder mistress to totally dominate & enslave me

The Virgin Sadist

ooh, overstepping boundries. very good as a fantasy. nice one.
Wild and very sexy, but also cruel
Oh my God, I'm shocked, excited, wow - Mistress Max

The Pick-up

hey mortice. anytihing u put in here is ohhhh so sexual
this is john it is a damn good lesson to learn bad he had to learn it from a straight dude
True but then on the other hand str8 men are much more fun they can really rip you open if you know
….if you know how to play them.. Where were I when this happened?!?!
Very good. Someone in my town was treated likewise. carefull out there

The Pissing Machine

yikes....that's arousing
amazing story.......... must dash
Fantastic story, so horny and well written - wish I'd been there!!
So you were there that night mortice?
is this true, if so who can i talk 2??
this is A GOOD STOPY!!!!!!!!!!!


needs a shit load more
Too brief a "squib" to be considered a story.
put me to sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
poor lass, what a let down.
female chastity belts
didn't even realise there was a story
She should get the key!
way too short, really boring
too many females in this story


different is this to be continued ?
Mental bondage, you are free to assume yourself controlled
where is the story can t be this crap . .
This textius not a story. It is realy quitre. pathetic


Great story!
exciting reading thanks
So far from very lame.
so far, so good..................
what was there was great, but it ended too soon!!!
Last Name
ummm ok sure
I would love this to continue :)
how does one get into one of them car crashes , MMMMMmmmmmm]
What can one say other than you came out in Rubber!
complete b*ll**s
vulcanised for life!
Lucky devil totally rubbered - enjoy
An interesting idea, although I suspect I have seen it more fully developed in another author'story.


This story turns me to granite--every single time. Thanks!
I love it! What a great story, thank you. :)
What a turn on !!!
Hopefully the children’s area was up stairs in this particular 'family restaurant'
Delightful torture! Tiby was correct throughout.

It's a dog's life

when can i join you?
IT was really great wish it was me
very cruel. i love men so i would not ever do that
awesome i wish i was a doggirl
It's not cruel, the doggie wants it sweetie x

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